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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 224


Chapter 224

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 224: Completion of the Bridge, Curry and Rice

「The son of the previous chief of the golden association (Gordian)... It wouldn't be strange for that guy to succeed after his father, and even establish the organization anew...」

Is the purpose of those guys really the revival of taboo magic and artifacts? I feel it's quite strange for some reason.

The previous association may have had such an idea and moved correspondingly. However, it feels that the new golden association (temporary) is working for a different purpose... Well, it's only my intuition though.

I am being troubled so the Emperor of Regulus starts to talk.

「There's nothing that can be done even if we discuss things that aren't clear here. However, I believe that it's better to keep in mind that a person like that might be out there」(Zephirus)

「You're right. Ferzen will keep its eyes open. I'll contact you if I learn something」(Boulange)

Then, I'll hand out about three gate mirrors to the King of Ferzen for urgent communications if this is how things will go. He'll then be able to send letters to Brunhild, Regulus, and Restia as well. Of course, I've also handed out gate mirrors to both the Emperor of Regulus and the Knight King of Restia for them to be able to pass messages to Ferzen.

It was princess Elisha who has unexpectedly snapped at the gate mirror. She has sent papers from one gate mirror to another time and time again with her eyes glittering. What is is my sister-in-law doing...? Well, she did come here to study magic engineering since she is attracted to that field.

「Well then. Now that I've gotten the permissions of the four countries, shall I quickly make the bridges?」(Touya)

As I mutter my thoughts, the King of Ferzen dubiously looks at me and starts to talk.

「It's late to ask now, but can you really build the bridges? You said some time ago that it will take three days ...」(Boulange)

Ara? He really didn't believe me after all. There are many monsters in Rondo sea where Einlash island is located, but the flow is relatively gentle. I plan to raise cliffs in several places from the bottom of the sea, make them the foundation, transfer parts of the bridge from Babylon and connect all of those.

The bridges are quite long, so I suppose I should also prepare several spaces the size of a plaza as a place for taking breaks on the way exactly like a service area on a highway. If each country stations knight and guards in those places, they should be able to keep up the public order and defend to some extent. Ah, should I also make a restroom or something similar?

Speaking truthfully though, I want to run trains through them as well, but that idea is probably still premature. Though I plan to leave enough width for that in anticipation for the future.

For now, should I at least build the foundation today? I also have to do something about the magic beasts on the island while [Workshop] is assembling the bridges.

I suppose I also can't go and kill them like the time when I've founded Brunhild. There's a large number of them too.

Shall I throw several of them into our dungeons and send the others to the nest of the dragons, the Drachen island? The dragons seem to be a bit troubled with food. Increasing the number of magic beasts on the island will prevent them from searching food in the nearby countries. More than half of the dragons got hunted by our knight order though, so they may not be that worried.

Alright. Shall I proceed while feeling that way then?



「I can't believe it......」

The rulers of Ferzen, Lail, Rodomea, and Restia that have gathered are looking at the bridge continuing to the direction of the sea as far as a normal eye can see with open eyes and have ended up leaving their mouths open.

This is the third day since that meeting, and I've completed the bridges, following the schedule perfectly. Everyone has gathered on the bridge on the side of Restia for its debut.

「Regarding the raw materials, I've strengthened those that have been offered by the countries and then used them. They are considerably sturdy, so I believe they should be fine to a certain extent towards both natural disasters and time-related deterioration 」(Touya)

「For how many years will it hold?」(Audrey)

「I can't say for how long it'll hold exactly, but it should be around a thousand years or so」(Touya)


The Statewide Governor of Rodomea freezes after asking a question.

Speaking of its appearance, the stone-made bridge is drawing a great number of simple arcs, but its firmness and toughness are guaranteed. I'm confident that it won't break even if the magicians over here will be firing strong [Explosions] at it. I've thoroughly strengthened it after all.

Next, I take everyone along and transfer them to the rest area. There, I've created large spaces which look to be thrusting out to the left and to the right from the bridge and established other structures like roofed arbors, restrooms and benches.

「Rest areas such as these have been built every several kilometers. It might be okay to sell food, drinks and other stuff here. If you install guard stations, the travelers should be able to relax and rest here too」(Touya)

「Certainly. Travellers and traders will be paying money to cross over it, and it'll be pretty much unlikely for dangerous elements like thieves to get in. However, those travelers and traders might still get into quarrels with each other」(Boulange)

The King of Ferzen nods. Everyone takes along their own guards and tour the rest area. I've more or less placed soil here and planted flower beds and shrubs as well albeit small in size. Nature is necessary after all.

Finally, I transfer us to Einlash island.

「Please look below. You see those nailed stone stakes, right? Those are the boundary marks. The spaces between the stone piles designate the national borders. This island, having been transferred from Restia, has been divided into four equal parts. It became like this after the equal division of the areas」(Touya)

I project a map in the sky and show them an image of the whole island. They are free to make towns and villages on their respective territories, and it's fine for them to decide on what to do. Or rather, I will not butt in more than that. Them making separate towns or all four of them making a huge city is alright too. It may even play the role of the flourishing free trade center.

「I heard there were many ferocious magic beasts on Einlash island though...」(The Lail King)

The King of Lail Kingdom asks while anxiously and restlessly looking around. He's a small fat old man having a pure long white beard. He must've had his blood mixed with dwarves. When saying dwarves, they have an image of being stubborn, hearty, heavy drinkers, and skilled with their finger, but I feel this king is the complete opposite of that. In other words, I've heard that he is mild, delicate, can't drink, and clumsy.

I still haven't met dwarves, but it seems quite a few of them live in the Lail Kingdom. Apparently, their personality adheres to the image I have on them for the most part. I want to meet them at least once.

「I've eliminated almost all of the magic beasts on Einlash. The ones that are left are species which are not very much of a threat」(Touya)

「Eliminated...say, how did you...」(The Lail King)

「I've forcefully transferred them to the island of dragons. About this time, they've probably been turned into delicious food」(Touya)

The King of Lail became speechless due to what I've said.

There may be some problems reflected on the ecosystem now that the magic beasts have disappeared, but it's probably much better even if it's just the threat to the lives of people that is gone. By the way, I've also summoned a Kraken to the Rondo Sea, and he's eradicating dangerous magic beasts in the sea.

「Fumu. Well then, we have the representatives from the four countries gathered on this occasion. Shall we also decide on the matters like the toll fee and small rules now? It won't take that much time」(Audrey)

「Ah! Then, I'll take out a table and chairs and excuse myself since I'm an outsider」(Touya)

「My apologizes for making you feel that way」(Audrey)

I fetch a table and chairs from [Storage] while telling the statewide governor who's lowering her head not to mind it. Four people sit down on them and start talking about their agreements on the tolls and making a town together. Now then, I have free time for a short while, but there's also no way I can leave everyone behind and return home even if I have some time for myself.

Oh, that's right. If I remember correctly, I've been keeping the dragon meat, among the other things, in my [Storage]. It's about time for lunch, so let's kill time by preparing meals for everyone.

I take out cookware, ingredients, and a table that will be the cooking stand. It's a standard, but shall I just grill it on a skewer?

I cut the dragon meat that I've taken out into appropriate sizes and skewer them alternately with vegetables. I season them with salt, pepper and arrange them on plates. In order to grill the meat, I take out a BBQ stand, put charcoal inside and light a fire. Putting a wire mesh on top of it then completes the preparation.

After that, I take out a different warm meal, karae which is the specialty curry of Misumido, and prepare it as well. I'm glad I had our household head chief, Clair-san, to make it. I had her cook it just one month ago, but it's still hot because I've placed it inside [Storage] beforehand. Or, don't they say the curry will become even more delicious if you lay it down for a day?

Well, at any rate, this is the collaboration of Ishen and Misumido, the completion of the curry rice. I've also prepared both sweet and medium-spicy flavours because the karae of Misumido is considerably hot with just as it is.

Lastly, I prepare water jugs and fruit waters... Will this setup be okay? It would be great if there were pickles as well.


「Touya-dono, Touya-dono」(Reinhardt)

I turn around and everyone is looking here, starting from the knight king

「It seems you are making something delicious, but is that?」(Reinhardt)

「I've thought of making a lunch for everyone. It's grilled dragon meat with curry and rice. Have you reached an agreement?」(Touya)

「Rather than saying that we've ’’reached’’ it, it's more like we've made a prompt decision after becoming interested in what you're doing. Well, it's just an outline. However, I have never heard of a food called ’’curry rice’’」(Reinhardt)

「It's something I've completed with the rice from Ishen and karae from Misumido. It has a mild flavor, so I think even those who are bad with spicy food can eat it」(Touya)

Saying so, I put sweet curry on the rice plate. I then hand over the first portion with a spoon to the guard of the Statewide Governor of Rodomea, the female Knight Commander Limitt-san who has come up.

I didn't hand it to the person herself because I've heard that Limitt-san fulfills the role of poison testing as well. The food has been handmade by a king of another country, but she still has to follow protocols even in that regard.

Limitt-san eats one share of curry with a spoon and immediately smiles.

「It's delicious. I've eaten Misumido karae before, but this one isn't as spicy as that, and it's easy to eat. I like this one more」(Limitt)

「Everyone, please. There's a lot of food, so the guards should participate as well」(Touya)

I bring out many tables and chairs from [Storage], securing the seats. Everyone serves the curry with their preferable spiciness, while I continue grilling the dragon meat skewers that have been placed on the wire mesh.

「Muu! This is delicious!」(Boulange)

「It's true. It leaves behind a moderate spiciness~」(The Lail King)

「Umumu... I would like to eat even in our country」(Audrey)

「Touya-dono, the recipe to make this dish...」(Reinhardt)

「It's not difficult, but the rice can only be obtained from Ishen as of the moment. I intend to produce it regularly in our country from this year as well」(Touya)

It seems the rulers could come to like curry and rice as well. I received a considerable number of rice bags from Ieyasu-san as thanks for the last battles, but I still want to start the cultivation of rice in our Brunhild too as soon as possible.

Everyone also wants to eat those curry rice with a different level of spiciness, so everyone has splendidly gotten second servings. It won't be problem though since there's more than enough for everyone.

Above all else, it seems they've been pleased with the grilled meat skewers. Well, I've merely screwed, seasoned and grilled the food. Umm, it's also not like I've made the curry as well.

I give the recipe of the curry rice and distribute the ingredients like rice and spices to each country since they've said that they also want their families to eat the curry rice as a souvenir. They were quite happy, and this should increase the requests for rice and species to Ishen and Misumido. Curry is terrific.


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