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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 222


Chapter 222

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 222: The Collection and the Brother-in-law

「This is......」(Touya)

「What do you think? They're quite good, right?」(Boulange)

The place where Ferzen king has brought me to is his collection room. Weapons are being lined up on the pedestals and cramped on the walls.

Starting with swords and spears, there are also bows and axes, greatswords, daggers, katanas, sickles, chains and others. Each and every one of them has been made using a special metal with some kind of enchantment.

There are too many;both I and the Knight King are at a loss for words. Those should normally be in the armory... normally.

「This fellow is an ax that a hero from 500 years ago, the Dragon killer (Dragon Slayer) warrior Buckram, had used. It has been enchanted with the flame sphere 《Fireball》, and they say that it has been very useful for Buckram who couldn't use magic」(Boulange)

The King of Ferzen lifts a red ax and says that. This ax looks like it's has experienced a lot

「The King of Ferzen likes weapons, don't you?」(Touya)

「Woops. I will be troubled if you misunderstand, but I don't like weapons. I like the way of life of those heroes who, after mastering those weapons, have accomplished great deeds」(Boulange)

I see. And, are you saying that all the weapons right here are the mementos of such heroes?

「I become excited in a way not suitable for my age as I think of the heroes who fought with those weapons by taking them in my hands. I like such heroic stories. As a child, I've always been dazzled when I read them」(Boulange)

He is thoroughly not a person fit to be a magician. I've become worried whether this country will be alright even though they're a foreign country.

「I believed myself to be a hero when I was a kid and didn't doubt that. Getting caught up in the moment, I'd then entered without permission into a forest where magic beasts lived and recklessly picked a fight with a tiger bear. This is compensation from that time」(Boulange)

The King of Ferzen is slightly sneering at himself and points at the wound on his own cheek. A tiger bear... Ah, that's a bear with tiger stripes. If I remember right, Yae had defeated those on request from the guild. Did he have such an enemy in his childhood? He surely had a reckless personality.

「Honestly, I am envious of the sovereign king. Defeating a dragon, bringing down a golem, slaughtering a devil. Continuous adventuring. I also would've loved to live such life if only my big brother didn't die」(Boulange)

If I have to say either, it was a natural way of life that I've started as adventurer though in my case.

「By the way, the sovereign king uses some kind of strange weapon, right? Can you show me that one on your waist?」(Boulange)

The King of Ferzen is looking at Brynhildr hanging on me. I'm not really hiding it, so I pull it out from the holster and show it.

「It has the same name as our country. I call it Brynhildr. It's a weapon which can be used for either long distance shooting or close range fighting, and it's a weapon I've made myself」(Touya)

I change Brynhildr into its blade mode in front of King of Ferzen. Was he surprised at the sword blade which had suddenly extended? His eyes became round.

「Did you make this by yourself?... Ummm, I cannot believe it...」(Boulange)

「The Sovereign King of Brunhild is also first class as a weapon craftsman. I've also received a sword made by the Sovereign King which I have now」(Reinhardt)

Having said so, the Knight King of Restia pulls the sword from his waist and puts it on the table. It's the crystal sword that I've made and that looks like the holy sword of Restia.

「Oh! This is wonderful! This sword is full of dignity...」(Boulange)

Both of them have been made using crystal material, so there's no other country yet that has the technique to manufacture them.

「You've said it that you received it, but...」(Boulange)

「Yes. As a present for my coronation. I've always been carrying it ever since. It's extremely sharp and it's also surprisingly light. It's only weakness is that it makes you feel as if you'd win against any magic beast」(Reinhardt)

Actually, he has probably done as much as only trying the sword though. It should easily cut anything aside from an advanced Fraze, so he can probably defeat anything as long as his attack reaches it.

The King of Ferzen, who's enviously looking at the crystal sword in here, took this opportunity and cut into the conversation

「How about this, Your Majesty The Sovereign King? Could you also make one for me and consider it as a gift in itself?」(Boulange)

Hmmm. Well, there are already quite a number of people who already know about the crystal materials and it's not like anyone can possibly make it even if I hand over one more weapon here. At most, it will only increase the collection of the King of Ferzen, I think.

「I don't mind. Then, what you would like me to make?」(Touya)

「Really!? Let me see... A sword would be best after all... Can you also enchant it with something?」(Boulange)

「I can, but I'll be troubled if you ask for a lot of them」(Touya)

Making it too strong is probably a little bad after all. It'll become a terrific weapon if I enchant it with ancient magic. Well, his magic power will probably be exhausted with one shot and he'll collapse. However, designing it in such a way that several people can use that weapon will make it possible to fire it continuously.

「Maybe something against poison or paralysis... Can you grant it with magic that can remove those abnormal states?」(Boulange)

Poison and paralysis? It's an extremely dangerous talk. I think [Recovery] will probably be alright.

「I can, but is this really okay?」(Touya)

「Ah, this is fine. The sword's width should be... That's right. It should feel like this sword ’’Gandal’’ which a wandering hero approximately 410 years ago swung;he could created sandstorms with it...」

It seems he would start a lecture about the sword he has taken out as a sample, so I've decided to manufacture the sword without delay.

I take out crystal materials from [Storage], and transform them by copying the ’’Gandal’’ sword with [Modeling]. I copy the sword parameters but change the design of the handle part and its details. The Ferzen Royal Family crest has to be placed on the surface of a sword. The shape should be good like this. After that, I finish it with [Enchant] by applying [Gravity] to reduce its weight and [Recovery].

The Ferzen King confirms the weight, and I adjust it as he says that it's too light. I've thought it would be fine for it be light, but he has talked about that he couldn't enjoy the response of holding the sword if it doesn't have a certain weight. I don't quite get it.

「Ummu. There is no problem with this. It's a splendid sword」(Boulange)

「Placing your hand on the handle of the sword and pouring magic power will invoke [Recovery]. However, it takes a considerable amount of magic power, so its weakness is that not anyone can use it」(Touya)

「I see. Let's try it」(Boulange)

Eh? Try it out?

The King of Ferzen picks up a golden dagger from his collection, exposes his left arm and lightly cuts it. Soon his face turns white, and large amounts of sweat flow from it. The expression of agony shows on his face.

「T-this is a dagger w-which a ch-chivalrous thief, Alejandro, has u-used you see. I-it has been enchanted w-with poison. U-u-using this sword, Alejandro...」(Boulange)

「The explanation is fine, so hurry up and use [Recovery]!」(Touya)

It's not good! This old man is a fool!

[Recovery] activates as he pours magic power immediately into the sword I've just made, and the expression of the King of Ferzen easily returns to normal.

Instinctively, the knight king and I sigh a breath of relief. We both would definitely be considered criminals if he died here. For now, there are Ferzen and Restia guards inside the room. Or rather stop him, you guys.

「Umu. I'm certainly recovering. It seems I am alright」(Boulange)

「Please pardon me for a moment... What did you intend to do if your magic power wasn't enough?」(Touya)

「I am also a member of the royal family. It seems I fair well if it's only about the amount of magic power. Besides, I would've probably been healed by the sovereign king if it wasn't sufficient, right?」(Boulange)

Of course, I would! Did he even not considered that I might not have applied magic on him who has fallen down or that I've not applied [Recovery] on the sword?

I've just been shown a bitter smile when I turn my head towards the Knight King of Restia. Certainly, this person doesn't seem to be the one who can express himself without doing something.

「Nevertheless, asking for an abnormal state recovery magic... Are you in any danger of being served with poison?」(Touya)

「Ha? Well, there's a saying that ’’prevention is better than a cure’’」(Boulange)

The King of Ferzen has vaguely tried to mislead us, but I've somehow felt intuitively that it was a lie. It seems he somehow feels that his life is in danger. Is there something going on?

「More than that, I've wanted to discuss one thing when I've heard that the Sovereign King of Brunhild will be coming, frankly speaking」(Boulange)


Does it by chance have any relation to the stolen frame gear? As expected, the mastermind is in this country. Does the king know that? Or did he feel some omen or signs that he would be poisoned?

「 know~...say, I am turning 42 this year, but I'm still unmarried」(Boulange)


「I had no fiancee when I was young because it had been decided that my older brother would succeed the throne, and I also wasn't interested in marriage. Not to mention, I couldn't find a worthy partner so I've ended up postponing it since it's troublesome. But... Well, should I call it a late visit of fate? Or rather, perhaps I should call it a fateful encounter...」(Boulange)

It feels gross seeing a brawny, muscular old man who has exceeded 40 years being bashful. In the end, what he is talking about?

「Are you planning on getting married by any chance?」(Reinhardt)

「Yeah, oh well, that's right」(Boulange)

It was the knight king who threw him a lifeboat from the side. Ah, so that's what he meant. He was indirectly expressing it, so I didn't understand what he was trying to say. Or rather, it feels gross as well to see the old man being bashful while also having a grinning face....

「Congratulations on that. Then, what is it that you want to discuss with me?」(Touya)

「Ah, ummu. That, how should I say this? But.... Can you wait for a moment? It will be faster if you two meet」(Boulange)

The King of Ferzen relays a message to a guard who immediately starts running. What does he mean by ’’it's faster for us to meet each other’’?

I hear a knock on the door before long, and a woman dressed in a pastel blue dress appears after the king permits her to enter the room.

Is she the same or a little older than me? I would say she should be about 17-18 years old. She has a beautiful silver hair that is cut short, and I can feel a strong will from her pupils. ...Huh? Where did I meet this person.......?

「I am glad meeting you for the first time, your majesties, the Sovereign King of Brunhild and the Knight King of Restia. I am honored to meet you」(Elisha)

「Ah, ahem. She's my fiancee, Elisha」(Boulange)

Oi-oi how many years of difference do they have.....? It's probably around 24-25 years. I can only see them as a parent and a child when they line up though. Say, is the King of Ferzen a Loli...?

「I'm especially indebted to Sovereign King of Brunhild for taking care of my younger sister. I'm happy as I've really wanted to meet with you by all means」(Elisha)


My thoughts have been cut off by that woman, Elisha who's smiling radiantly. Younger sister? Eh?

「My self-introduction is late. I am Elisha Reah Regulus. Is Lucia doing well?」(Elisha)


I see! I've been thinking to whom she's similar to, but it has been Luu all along! I've been told there's a person who has been studying abroad in Ferzen. It must've been the Second Imperial Princess of Regulus!

I was dumbfounded at the unexpected encounter. Ha... The Princess of Regulus and the King of Ferzen.... They are well-matched with regards to their standings, but... this pairing has an image of a crime no matter where you look at it....

Though it may not be a line someone who's marrying a 13 year-old girl, her younger sister, can say.

At least, our age difference is no more than four years apart. That's probably safe. That's what I want to hope for.

...Huh? Wait a minute. That means Elisha-san will become my sister-in-law... Then that makes her partner, that muscle beard old man, my brother-in-law, right!? Eeeh!?

「Is there something wrong?」(Reinhardt)

My brother-in-law, the knight king, calls out to me who has become preoccupied.

「I... am happy to just have brother-in-law Reinhardt and brother-in-law Juutarou...」(Touya)


I had absent-mindedly muttered that in a voice nobody heard.

Ah, come to think of it, don't I have the Crown Prince of the Regulus Empire as brother-in-law too?

Well, it's because that person's presence is so thin! Let's see. He's brother-in-law Lux... If I am not wrong.

Oh my god. I can't remember his face. He's an extremely good guy, but it's amazing in a certain sense that he doesn't leave any impression.

For the time being, I should apologize to brother-in-law Lux in my mind.


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