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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 219


Chapter 219

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 219: The Subordinate God, and the Spirit World

O~ssu, it's Touya!

I feel like saying something like that as my hair becomes platinum blonde and extends until my waist all the while having divine light pour out from my body. I suppose it's better for me not to be ruffled by that.

Speaking of the old man standing in front of me, a similar thing is happening to him as well, but his light looks muddied albeit it being a golden one too. It's similar to ’’dark gold’’. Suddenly, a large suspicious eruption happens.

「Sheyaa!!」(Old Man)

The old man, who looks like a skinny praying mantis, begins shooting divinity from his palm, but I catch that attack with my palm in the same way. The next moment, everything in the vicinity of the reception hall where we are in is completely blown off. Both the walls and the floorboards of the golden castle tower end up being scattered with us at the center of it all.

Kohaku and Yae seemed like they would fall from the rustling castle, so I've suspended them in the air.


The monkey wearing gold clothes falls headfirst downstairs along with the wreckage. Monkeys fall from trees as well... No, he's falling from the castle.

Me and the old man... While me and the subordinate god who revealed his identity are floating in the air, we continue glaring at each other.

Huh? Right now, I'm floating without using either [Fly] or [Levitation]. Is this an effect of the divine power?

While I was thinking how mysterious it is, the bearded praying mantis old man opened his mouth.

「What the heck are you bastard...? Are you a lower grade god or subordinate god that came from the World of Gods to catch me...?」(Old Man)

「I'm neither, and that's not my role. Or rather, why not be obediently caught? Don't you think it's bad for you to selfishly come down here to the ground? To make it worse, haven't you have also interfered from the backstage, causing chaos in Ishen?」(Touya)

「Shut up! Can you understand the pain we receive from boredom day after day? The thirst of emptiness neither me or any other god can get used to!」(Old Man)

Ah~, does it mean the ones who are even below lower gods don't have any position? Karen-nee-san is the love goddess who governs over affection and love, and Moroha-nee-san is the sword goddess ruling over swords. In other words, is this guy unemployed? A neet?

「I just haven't put out any serious effort yet! I will become a god with a fitting position and power that everyone will worship...!」(Old Man)

Even his remarks smell of a neet. Isn't it fine if he turned into a Neet God or something?

In the end, does that mean that this fellow, who was dissatisfied towards the World of the Gods where his abilities hadn't been recognized, came down to this world, and was trying to secretly transform the world?

Moreover, he would've used it as a present for getting a job... Rather, this is how it has turned out after him thinking that he should become a lesser god. Truly bothersome.

「In any case, the things that you did have in fact violated the rules of the World of the Gods, don't you agree? I think it will be better for you to just obediently surrender though」(Touya)

「Hmmm, I can feel it. Your divinity is still inconsistent. Perhaps, you are a newbie god. It wasn't long since you had become a god, right? Did they think that a guy like you can capture me?」(Old Man)

「No way, because that's is not my duty...」(Touya)

I was about to correct the words of the subordinate god when the scenery around us suddenly warped.

I did notice it afterward, but my surroundings have already changed into a world filled with sparkling light beads circling around in a milky white space. That space that is both beautiful and mysterious is spreading out limitlessly in all directions. There's no ground or anything resembling it, and we're drifting as if we're in a void filled space.

「This is......」(Touya)

「This is the spirit world ~nanoyo. Us using divine power in here won't influence the ground ~noyo」(Karen)

Karen-nee-san appears next to me like a wind. Did Nee-san transfer us here? Ah! What about Yae and Kohaku!?

「No need to worry about those two. I've transferred them to an ally camp after canceling the hypnosis. I didn't overlook them」(Moroha)

This time, Moroha-nee-san appears in the same way. Seeing that makes the subordinate god start retreating while showing a surprised expression.

「The Love Goddess with The Sword Goddess!? W-why in such place...!?」

「You've been troubling the ground doing whatever you wanted, so it has been decided that we would come to capture you, you know? It looks like you've managed to dodge our eyes very well thus far, but it's time to pay for your wrongdoings」

Moroha-nee-san pulls out a sword from her waist. It's nothing special, just an ordinary steel sword. However, it's a different story when the one holding it is the Sword Goddess. Even an ordinary steel sword becomes a divine sword.

「There are various rules with regards to using the power of gods on the ground, you know? Yet you've broken them, haven't you? Or rather, you mustn't even use it when you're jobless ~nanoyo」(Karen)

「Gunnnu......!」(Old Man)

The subordinate god grinds his teeth at what Karen-nee-san has said. Basically, each of my elder sisters is making sure not to use any power except those that are connected to either love or sword. It seems there are tentative rules, but I've heard that my position is becoming something complicated.

I'm not a god yet I do bear the power of god. If I'm not a god, then the limitation doesn't apply on me. It's probably being seen like that.

It seems that I'll be able to join their group if the God of the World acknowledges me by stating that I myself am a god of something. First of all, I don't feel like becoming one.

「Now, it will be easier for us if you obediently let yourself be caught. According to what we heard, there seems to be no room for extenuation though」(Moroha)

「The sentence is to be reincarnated as an inferior being for around 100 million years ~nanoyo」(Karen)

「Fuc, don't joke around!!」(Old Man)

The subordinate god shoots divine power again, but Moroha-nee-san moves faster than him. She cuts the right arm that has been reached out from the elbow with a single stroke.

「Guuuuuuu!!」(Old Man)

Blood, which should be flowing, doesn't come out from the arm that has been cut and drifts in space as it is.

A god is a god despite the level. In the end, is he really an immortal existence? In that case, this guy did become an old man due to how he feels, though he may have only wanted to be an old man. It has been said that there are fellows who want to focus on their superficial looks.

「I will cut your neck if you make it any more difficult. You might be reincarnated as a god again if you properly compensate for your crimes, but do you wish to disappear?」(Moroha)

Even gods don't seem immortal even if they're eternally young. There's a saying though that says curiosity killed the cat, but boredom kills even a god. Even gods may die. Probably.

「If I am going to be reborn as a lowly creature, then allow me to struggle until the end! Haa!!」(Old Man)

「Muu?! That's not going to happen!」(Moroha)

The moment I've realized that a dazzling light was suddenly shot from subordinate god, Moroha-nee-san's sword cut him from the head right into two. Ouah. There's no blood flowing out but the image is intense.

「Kufuu, it won't go like this way next time...」(Old Man)

「Next time, you say?」(Moroha)

「Moroha-chan, his arm!」(Karen)

Karen-nee-san shouts nearby as the subordinate god laughs while falling.

The drifting arm that has been chopped off disappears from this place with a blur and the body of the subordinate god that has been slashed breaks down like a sand before long.

「Kuu. This guy has turned out to be a cunning one」(Moroha)

「......Not good ~noyo. His divinity has been severed ~noyo」(Karen)

「Eh? What happened now?」(Touya)

I ask the two people, not really understanding what has just happened.

「See, this guy has shifted most of his divinity and divine power into his right arm and has transferred to the ground as an offshoot. Moreover, he has also erased his divine power once again, camouflaging as something else」(Moroha)

「In other words, we are back where we've started, and it means we'll be redoing everything from the start ~nanoyo」(Karen)

What a pain. I can't believe that he has managed to escape despite him being cornered by us thus far.

He has erased his divine power, so we won't be able to sense him or [Search] for him due to us not knowing what form he has mimicked as well.

Is he like a lizard with a tail that has been cut-off? If that's the case, his real body is the part that has been chopped.

「In any case... Touya-kun? What is this appearance ~noyo?」(Karen)

Karen-nee-san draws back a little after looking at my form. That reminds me, I'm still concealing myself with a mask, so I might look strange.

「I've disguised myself since it would be bad if my relation to Brunhild has been found out. Hmm, aside from that disguise, what kind of appearance is that? Why has my hair color changed all of sudden and grown like that?!」(Touya)

「Fumu. It was probably altered by the divine power after your awakening. By the way, you might not have noticed it, but your eyes have also become golden, you know?」(Moroha)

Eh?! I take out a mirror from [Storage] and look into it. Upon doing that, I've ascertained that even the color of my eyes has changed into golden.

「Will that return to how it has been?」(Touya)

「I believe that it will return back if you suppress your divine power ~noyo. You can control it now, right?」(Karen)

「O~to, it's for the best not to do it here, in the spirit world. Right now, nothing is approaching us since we are releasing divine power, but spirits or mystical beasts will come right away should they grasp that a human is here. Them coming here right away will be troublesome」(Moroha)

Is that so? I will then pass on suppressing my divine power as Moroha-nee-san suggests.

My smartphone starts to vibrate all of a sudden. I take it out now, having set it into silent mode earlier. It says on the screen that there's an incoming call from Kami-sama.


『Yaa. Is it Touya-kun? It appears that your divine power has completely awakened, hasn't it?』(Kami-sama)

「There are no side effects or something resembling them to it, right?」(Touya)

『Unnya? It's not like you've turned into the god, so there shouldn't be any problems in particular, I believe. However, it had been me who brought your body into the World of the Gods and repaired it, so your divinity has likely ended up having the same quality as mine』(Kami-sama)

Does even divinity have quality or something similar? Ah, but the divinity of that subordinate god has dark signs.

I try looking at my elder sisters. Karen-nee-san's golden divinity seems to be mixed in with a pale pink color here and there, and Moroha-nee-san's has hers with a little bit of a sky blue color mixed it. Is that a difference in quality?

『Fumu. What should be done about that? One will completely become my dependant when it comes to having the same quality of divinity... Oh well, that's fine, isn't it? I won't have any problems with that if it's Touya-kun 』(Kami-sama)

「What is Kami-sama talking about?」(Touya)

『Touya-kun has a power of a god while being a human. I have to clearly define your position at the World of the Gods, you see. It's like I can neither appoint you with a rank of a God of something nor make you into a subordinate god as well on the other hand. As such, I've decided to make you as my dependant』(Kami-sama)

「In other words, we will be a family ~nanoyo」(Karen)

Karen-nee-san explains it to me as I wrack my head, not really understanding the meaning. I see. Hey! Please don't eavesdrop on the content of the telephone.

A family. Saying that I'm a family to the God of the World... Sounds nice, right?

『It's okay not to think about it too deeply You already have two elder sisters, so it's fine to consider it as if you've managed to get a new grandfather』(Kami-sama)

Well, that's a pretty high hurdle. Ah, that's right.

「Anoo, don't you happen to know about the whereabouts of the subordinate god that has escaped?」(Touya)

『I don't.... His presence has turned completely into the grains of sand. Moreover, this is not my job. Looking at it from the other side, it feels like I would be told something by the surrounding gods if he was found... 』(Kami-sama)

I tilt my head once again about what Kami-sama is talking about, so Moroha-nee-san secretly whispers to me.

「It's about whether the cause to descend to the ground will stop being just. That's because even I'm acting as a helper to Karen-nee-san on the surface」(Moroha)

Eeeh, does it have that kind of reason? Wait a minute, don't tell me...

I then glare at Moroha-san with scornful eyes, so she vigorously swings both her hands as if she's panicking.

「It's different, different. It's not like he has been let loose on purpose. There is no way that we would've mixed official business with personal affairs to that extent」(Moroha)

Really? Oh well, it appears to be true judging from the incident this time Hm? So does that mean that some gods still try to descend to the ground?

『In any case, that's how things are, so I will be relying on you from now own. Talk to you later』(Kami-sama)

Aah, I've been hanged up before I could retort.

Yep, shall I try testing whether I can do something when I'm in this God Mode in the meantime? I've found out that I can use magic without chanting, but it's scary to not grasp those abilities perfectly.

I think about these matters as we leave behind the spirit world.


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