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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 215


Chapter 215

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 215: The Clock Tower, and a Celebration for the Promotion

「I guess that's how it's going to be for now」(Touya)

「No, that thing is quite splendid」(Naito)

Naito-ossan, having stood next to me, is viewing the clock tower in front of our eyes while stroking his chin.

We've installed a big clock tower in the central plaza of the castle town. Only great aristocrats have something like clocks, so they can determine the time when the bells are chiming. Yet I've decided to build this clock tower on this occasion because some people would probably miss the time and others would like to know it in detail.

Its reference was the Big Ben from London. Was its official name Clock Tower... ah, or was it Elizabeth Tower?

I've only installed a huge clock which I've found in [Warehouse], but the clock dial is being enchanted with light magic. That magic is glowing even at night similar to a fluorescent paint. It's written in Ancient Paruteno Language, but it's not that troublesome because it's similarly divided into 12 parts.

will know the time if they glance at the tower even if it's not ringing because there are clock dials in all four directions of the tower. Its only fault is that people won't be able to know the time if they're directly under the clock tower, I think?

It should be fine for it to become the symbol of this town like it did in London.

「Oh, this is once again a splendid clock tower」(Alba)

「Ah, Alba-san. Yaa, Alma is here too」(Touya)

「Oh it's been a while! Touya-sa... your Majesty」(Alma)

「Touya is fine. It's been a while」(Alma)

I turn around and see that Alba-san, a MIsumido merchant, and his daughter Alma are standing there. Their fox ears are twitching.

Alba-san comes to Brunhild constantly, but it's unusual for Alma to come.

「I came to deliver steel materials today. Alma's school is on a long-term holiday, so she said she would like to come to this country with me...」(Alma)

「I see」(Touya)

Alba-san is paying me a percentage of the commodity sales from articles like baseball tools and from things like the Begoma up to the Kendama that I've thought of (accurately speaking, it's not that I came up with them though) with steel materials. Those steel materials, which become materials for the frame gears, won't be a problem even if I have them.

「Also... it's about the request from the other day...」(Alba)

「Did they fall for it somewhere?」(Touya)

「In Ferzen」(Alba)

I see. Ferzen Kingdom, huh? It's probably correct.

Rare metals like Orichalcum and so on are being used in every part of the frame gears. The amount won't be that much when compared to other materials if we take them out from the frame gear, but the quantity is still fairly considerable. Converting the amount into swords will mean that we'll be able to make ten of them.

What the people who have stolen the parts of the frame gear will probably do first is to disassemble those parts to know their structure. They will then undoubtedly try to build one by themselves afterward, I think.

Therefore, I've made a daring request to Alba-san and had him circulate a large quantity of Orichalcum (Although I've said that it's large, it's amount is just for making one frame gear) on the market. Of course, it's something I've put out in order to search for the buyer. We've set-up a fake trading company without letting them go through Alba-san's.

Precious metals like Orichalcum don't appear so often on the market. Furthermore, it will reach a considerable value even if it does.

We're spreading a rumor that some person is saying that he only wants to sell Orichalcum. We're also making appropriate reasons to refuse people who say that they want to buy it but only a small amount.

The amount that majority of the people are usually requesting is for about one sword. Orichalcum is not only valuable but also difficult to process. I don't know if we're selling it at a low price, but we're still setting a price much higher than the market price. As such, there are almost no customers who want it that much.

A customer who shouldn't be coming yet still comes with saying that he's wants everything we have despite our high selling price would be the most suspicious person.

「The side who has made the purchase is called the Lao Workshop. I've checked it, but a workshop like that doesn't exist. The orichalcum has just been sent to Frezen, though I couldn't pursue it from there......」(Alba)


「That country doesn't have a merchant guild. Everything is being managed by the mystic chamber of commerce and industry」(Alba)

Mystic chamber of commerce and industry. It has been said that all Ferzen magic users, artisans, and merchants are being managed single-handedly by an enormous guild. I guess even Alba-san can't intervene since they are companies that are only domestic to Ferzen, unlike the merchants guild.

(TL: yup, only a merchant will think of angering the strongest country for profit lol)

「Then, that means Alba-san doesn't know who's the buyer of the Orichalcum...」(Touya)

They are probably in the gray zone just from the fact that they have introduced themselves as a workshop that doesn't even exist. I think they have a considerable financial ability though since they have bought the materials... It'll be the whole Ferzen Kingdom if I consider it at a larger scale, and it'll only be personal assets if it's on smaller scale... Either way, it will almost always be an untrustworthy person.

By the way, that Orichalcum is only genuine on the surface, and its interior is just iron scraps that have been adjusted with [Gravity] to have the same weight. If one ought to do a golden plating, why not make it an orichalcum plating? Furthermore, I've left gems with same price value as with the Orichalcum in between those iron scraps.

It's not like I can pass Orichalcum to a thief even if it's nothing but harassment. Having said that, I didn't think it's a good idea to cheat on them and get their money in the end. Yet if I think about it deeper, didn't those guys steal the parts of a frame gear from me? I suppose it would've been fine even if I didn't put those jewels in.

Is this the act of the leadership of the Ferzen Kingdom? Or is it just a single organization of some sorts behaving this way? This is what bothers me. Above all, it's the country where most of the refugees from Yuuron have come to.

「The Ferzen Kingdom is a country famous for their studies of magic and artifacts. In fact, they're famous enough that the east is named as [The magic of Ferzen and the sword of Restia]」(Alba)

Oh right. That reminds me, a strange visual obstruction magic was used when the parts were stolen. Was that also Ferzen technology?

A country superior in magic technology. I don't think they have the technology to make frame gears though....

Well, it doesn't mean that the Ferzen Kingdom is a bad guy though at this point. However, it seems very probable that there's a culprit who has snaffled the parts of a frame gear of our country, or there's an organization in all likelihood that's definitely in the Ferzen Kingdom.

「Alba-san, please let me know if there are any strange movements in Ferzen. I will express my gratitude」(Touya)

「No-no, such a thing. I'm already grateful to earn such profits, and I'll incur divine punishment if I ask for more than that」(Alba)

「Is that so? Though to tell you the truth, I have a flask that can preserve cold or hot drinks for a long time」(Touya)

「I would like to hear more about it in detail, please!」(Alba)

I fetch a thermos flask I've made from [Storage]. It's not difficult to make if there's a person who can use wind attribute magic since it's just making a vacuum inside a double container. Well, I think its performance falls behind when compared to the thermos back on earth though.

I explain the structure while drawing on the ground. Before I knew it, Naito-ossan was also looking at the ground and listening to the explanation. Only Alma had a bored-looking expression, so I opened [Gate] and sent her ahead to Yumina's place.

I gave a few thermos with different sizes as samples and a flask split in the middle so that Alba-san can also understand the structure. At that time, Naito-ossan said he wished for one so I gave the ossan my part.

Oh, that's right, Naito-ossan wants this sort of water bottle since he has a lot of outside work. I feel regretful that I haven't realized it sooner and reflect on it.

I've then sent the steel materials stocked in a few of Abla-san's wagons to Babylon [Workshop] with [Gate] after giving him the bottle, and say goodbye to both people. It seems Alba-san's going to visit his shop branch in Brunhild. Naito-ossan has an inspection of a construction site to do as well.

I suddenly recognized several familiar faces in downtown when I'm about to return to the castle with [Gate] so I've called out to them.

「Hey. Are you fine?」(Touya)

「Eh? Ah, Y-Your Majesty!?」(Ropp)

The youth Ropp turns around in surprise, dropping the spear he is carrying. His three companions react to him and open their eyes widely upon seeing me. The only one that didn't show any reaction was the white mouse riding on girl's fluffy head. It has stopped in a panic since it has been trying to get to her lap.

It's those rookie adventurers during the time of the incident with the slave ship, the group of four: Ropp, Fran, Claus, Ion. The white mouse riding on top of Ion's head is also my summoned beast.

「Was that guy of any use?」(Touya)

「Yes! Snow senses when magic beasts are approaching us, and gives us warnings when he sees through traps」

「Hee. Not bad, you」(Touya)

The white mouse stands on top of Ion, the magician, and twitches his whiskers. ...Oi, didn't he just scratch his head as if he's embarrassed? This mouse is really clever, ain't he...

However, has he really been named ’’snow’’? Maybe it's because the name of the species is ’’snow rat’’.

「We were promoted to purple thanks to the discovery yesterday!」(Fran)

The swordswoman, Fran delightfully reports to me. Hee. They are quite fast. Doesn't that mean that they've graduated from beginners with this?

Promotion points basically don't accumulate in case of dungeon explorations because it's not a request. However, adventurers will accumulate points in case they contribute to the updates of the map data by discovering hidden doors, new magic beasts, stairs to lower levels, etc.

Guild Card Ranks go up with Black→Purple→Green→Blue→Red→Silver→Gold. It takes time to raise from black to purple normally, so it's not very difficult.

「It's thanks to Snow finding hidden passages. There were treasure boxes at the end of those passages and this is what we've found among those various objects~」

Fran, having said that, shows me a sword made from mithril. It's old but it doesn't look bad. It seems to have quite a value....

「What you plan on doing with this?」(Touya)

「I've consulted with everyone and I wish to use it as an equipment since it has been obtained with so much effort...」(Fran)

「You are better off selling it」(Touya)


I give an explanation to the four who are looking at me blankly. Their ranks may have risen from black to purple, but they are still young novice adventurers. Such wet behind the ears adventurers swinging a mithril sword which will fetch a price that's quite high will attract a lot of attention. Now then, what do you think will several of hoodlum adventurers who are being troubled with money do in this case?

「No way...」(Fran)

「It's better if it's stolen because otherwise, there's a possibility that you guys might be attacked. I think it's better to make sure not to draw attention to yourselves」(Touya)

It's an advice based on my own experience. Of course, it won't be a problem even if they attract the attention of someone else if they can stand up for themselves. However, they probably don't have such ability yet.

「Umm, even though I quite like this sword...」(Fran)

「However, the risk is too big as far as we're concerned. It's better to avoid danger」(Claus)

「I guess so...」(Fran)

Fran starts to pout due to what Clause, the bow user, has said. It looks like she understands that what he is saying quite plausible.

「Won't it be better to buy equipment for everyone else with all the money you will get from selling it? You've all been quite hurt after all」(Touya)

「... You're right. I feel quite bad to receive a new sword all by myself even though we all have found it. I've decided. Let's sell it」(Fran)

Fran has shown a tiny bit of hesitation to what I've said, but she has still decided to follow my advice.

「Okay, I will then buy that sword from you at a price that's slightly higher than the usual market price. It's my present for having your status raised」(Touya)

Having said that, I've then thought for a bit if it's fine to give 20 golden coins to those kids just as I was about to take out that much money.

It will still be useless if they are going to be attacked by hoodlum adventurers that are aiming for that money after I've given so much of them. I then start to hesitate a little when I think about giving 2 million yen to 13-year old kids.

「... Or, how about I make all of you a new equipment in exchange for that mithril sword instead of buying it from you with money? Which will you choose?」(Touya)

「「「「Really !?」」」」

Waa~, they've bitten the bait. My chest aches a little. It feels as if I've just deprived those kids of a mithril sword.

I guess I will have to do a work worthy of 20 golden coins.

Having borrowed a backyard of the [Silver Moon] inn, I take out raw materials from [Storage] and start the manufacturing with [Modelling].

I will then make an armor and spear for Ropp, a lightweight armor and sword for Fran, a leather armor and bow for Clause, and a cane and robe for Ion, right?

Although I can't, I wanted to use mithril as raw materials. Therefore, simple steel will then be used. However, I will regulate the weight of the armor with [Gravity]. Its appearance won't look any different from the usual armor. A person will understand it if he equips it, but there are no people who wear the equipment of other people. As such, the enchantment shouldn't be revealed.

I've coated the blade portion of the sword and spear with crystal material coating. Their cutting ability will be higher with this, and it will even be lighter to some degree.

I've made sure to apply a light [Accel] to the arrows of Claus's bow. The arrows, which will have more power than before, should be able to let him shoot them with just the same amount of force as before. Making a bow suitable for a bowstring made from string-shaped crystal materials is more important than the bowstring itself. I will also make a leather armor with dragon scales inserted in between the surface and opposite sides of the leather. That armor will still look like a leather armor in terms of appearance.

I've inserted red and yellow magic stones into the tip of Ion's cane. Her attributes are fire and light, but the yellow and red colors will disguise the crystal materials. Hence, she will be able to shoot magic with greater force than before just by using a little magic power. I'm also weaving crystal materials into her regular robe as well even though it won't be known just by its appearance.

I've completed the plain-looking equipment with those sort of feelings. I then give an explanation to the four who are looking frankly disappointed since the completed equipment is shabby. They look surprised after I've finished my explanation, so they take their own equipment in order to confirm it themselves.

「I'll tell you this. You better not mention any of these to other adventurers because that equipment is one-of-a-kind in this world in the first place. It's fine to sell that equipment to a company of Alba Strand when the time comes you guys have decided to sell those」(Touya)

It will absolutely sell for more than 20 golden coins. The expert's opinions of that shop are certain.

I tell the four people, who are thanking me, not to mind it while I present them with four people's worth of dragon meat in addition to their equipment. Then, the bell resounds from the clocktower in the central plaza. It' just about noon.

Having given the meat to Mika-san from [Silver Moon], I ask her to treat the four with her cooking and then leave that place.

I too should have a lunch after I return to the castle.


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