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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 211


Chapter 211

Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 211: The Radar, and the Dark Elf

「This is the sound wavelengths of the frazes ~ssu. This one is for the intermediate types and this one is for the advanced types ~ssu. Apparently, those sounds can somehow be heard before they appear and jump through the space ~ssu. I think we will be able to tell their approximate numbers and the types if we use that device ~ssu」(Palshie)

Palshie in shrine maiden outfit explains while manipulating the images floating in [Warehouse] on the monolith. She has been doing a lot of different observations during the last fight from the outside.

「Can we determine where they will emerge and the time?」(Touya)

「Predictions can be made by measuring the spatial distortion, its size and its rate of distorting, which can tell us when the space will tear up ~ssu. It may be off by two-three days, but I don't think it will be a big deviation ~ssu」(Palshie)

I think a two-three day gap is quite a lot though, but I suppose it's within the acceptable range. Yet it did miss by around three days this time.

「Can you make something like a radar predicting the appearance of the frazes with this data?」(Touya)

「I think I can do it ~ssu. However, I don't think it will be able to cover an extensive range ~suu」(Palshie)

Being able to predict their appearance is still very much appreciated. We should be able to cover wider range if we make a few of them. Let's have Rosetta do it without delay.

She's currently assembling Suu's frame gear, but shall I ask to shift priorities to this one? We will have time to devise countermeasures if we can predict the appearance of the Frazes.

I then go to [Workshop] to ask Rosetta to make the Fraze Radar, but she has slightly lost her temper because of that.

「Gaaaah!! Both this and that, I can't do that much!! I'm just one person!!」

Correction, she has completely lost her temper. It's understandable because I can't deny the shortage of manpower. The number of mini-robots has also increased, but I still wonder whether she can get a bit more help.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Scene Change++++++++++++++++++++++

「And that's why you've come to me?」(Liora)


In the end, I've decided to ask Liora who's in the castle of Babylon. Or rather, there are no alternatives... I can't leave it to either the clumsy girl or the book-junkie girl, as well as to the sleepyhead.

「I understand. I've worked as the professor's assistant even if I look like this, so I should be able to help to some extent」(Liora)

As expected of Babylon's eldest girl. She is reasonable. It would be nice if she will decrease Rosetta's burden even a little though.

「As for Noel?」(Touya)

「She's sleeping」(Liora)

「As ever... Ah, this is a lunch box made by Clair-san. Give it to Noel. There's also a portion for Liora」(Touya)

I pass the two wrapped parcels I have to Liora. Liora's bento has a normal size while Noel's bento size is five times that. This girl eats as much as Yae after all.

I'm even impressed how she doesn't get fat with how repeatedly her only eats and sleeps. Ah, is she not getting fat because she's an human-like robot?

「Thank you very much. We are fine even without having to eat, but we are still glad for the delicious meal」(Liora)

Liora smiles while receiving the wrapped bentos. Liora and Noel, in additional to Fam from [Library] don't come down to the ground that much.

Though I'll be troubled if Palsie comes down too much... She burned the curtain of the castle partway just the other day. Is there nothing that can be done to that clumsy attribute of hers?

I happen to come across Sakura in the company of Kougyoku when I return to the castle on the ground.

There are no signs of her memory returning at all since that time. I believe the person herself also doesn't feel the need for her memories to return.

I can't say anything since I've never lost my memories, but I wonder if she is not curious about her past?

I've told her to bring one of Kohaku's group when she goes around just in case since her identity is unknown, but I feel like it's unnecessary to monitor her anymore.

「King-sama. It's good I've found you. I've been looking for you」(Sakura)

「Ha? What's wrong?」(Touya)

Sakura rushes over to me in a panic state. It's rare for this girl to have such an expression. I was a little surprised when she grabbed my hand and started running somewhere without minding anything.

「Wai-i, what's wrong?」(Touya)

『There's a sick person』(Kougyoku)

「A sick person?」(Touya)

Kougyoku, who's flying next to us, replies to the running me instead of Sakura. I guess she's not calm due to the sick person.

『We've passed by a collapsed person while we were walking around the castle town. That person has been brought to the [Silver Moon], but that person seems to be suffering from a rare disease, making the situation dangerous』(Kougyoku)


「Demon stiffness disease. It's a sickness that only affects demonkin. I've been told to keep demonkins away even if the rate of infection is not high because it's being transmitted upon contact those who contact this disease will die within one month after symptoms appear」(Sakura)

Sakura explains while pulling my hand as we run. You're quite knowledgeable... Did she even read medical books in the castle library? This girl, though not quite as much as Fam, is quite a book junkie as well...

However, a disease that only affects demonkins. Then this means that the patient is definitely a demonkin.

「But why me? When it comes to sick people, if you ask Flora to come...」(Touya)

「Demon stiffness disease is a status changing disease. It's almost impossible to cure. However, if it's the no-attribute magic [Recovery], then...」(Sakura)

I see. Status recovery magic [Recovery] removes paralysis and poison, and restores blindness and loss of hearing which are physical disorders and abnormal body conditions. It's a possibility, but I wonder if foreign bodies such as gallstones and kidney stones are removed with it. Perhaps, even something like cancer can be healed as well.

However, I can't cure a common cold. I wonder why is that? That's why I've thought I couldn't cure normal diseases, but it seems it will be effective on that demon stiffness disease.

Then, should we hurry up?

I open a [Gate] in front of the running Sakura, and we then transfer to [Silver Moon] in one go.

The employee Fleur-san guides us as we enter the innermost room on the third floor and see a person lying in bed.

She had tucked her body into a ragged mantle and her body was being wrapped all over with bandages. Her skin looks like a reddish-brown crust in places that bandages don't cover, and what looks like a countless number of fragment-looking things are falling into the bed sheets from her skin. They have strange luster similar to a metal.

The long silver hair has become disheveled and she looks to be in pain. I'm not sure because even her face is being covered with bandages, but she's probably a woman. Her big breasts slightly go up and down along with shallow breaths, confirming my guess.

However, this is awful... The places where the skin has been peeled off are red and look to be inflamed.

「She's alive, right...?」(Touya)

「Demon stiffness disease is an illness which hardens the skin on the body, gradually peeling it off and coming out. The skin that has been peeled off also hardens, making it forever incurable. It eats the patient's physical and mental strength eventually taking his life, but she still can make it. Quickly, apply [Recovery]」(Sakura)

Sakura urges me, so I hurriedly apply [Recovery] on the girl.

Her skin, being wrapped in soft light, peels off and comes out one by one. I was surprised for a moment, thinking that something went wrong, but the skin gives off a glossy and moist luster after being peeled off. Healthy light brown skin peeks through the bandages. Apparently, it seems to have succeeded.

I also cast healing magic and [Refresh] while I am it. Her wounds and physical strength should also recover with this.

Fleur-san removes the bandages from the girl's face and wipes it with a wet towel she has brought. Brown skin and long ears appear from under the exposed skin that has peeled off.

「A Dark Elf...」(Touya)


Sakura nods. The girl has the same long ears as guild master Rerisha, but the girl's brown skin and silver hair are different.

「Are dark elves demonkins? Then, are elves also demonkins?」(Touya)

「? Elves and Dark Elves are completely different races. They are different even though they look similar. Elves excel at magic, while Dark Elves are superior in physical abilities」(Sakura)

「They hate each other...」(Touya)

「I have never heard about it though」(Sakura)

I'm wrong again, am I not? Apparently, it seems reality is completely different from my superficial knowledge in fantasy.

She's quite a beautiful woman when I look at her though. Is this a race characteristic, same as elves? Fumu. Very interesting.

「Umm... I will wipe her body now so...」(Fleur)

「Ah, you better do that. It's better to remove that hardened skin as fast as you can」(Touya)

I even nod to Fleur-san proposal. It's absolutely for the best to make her body beautiful as soon as possible. However, Fleur-san doesn't do anything to start that task at all and continuously glances towards me. What?

「Umm... I will take off her clothes, so if his majesty stays here...well...」(Fleur)

I've finally understood the situation due to what Fleur-san has nervously said.

Ah, no! It's a misunderstanding, you know!? It's not like I didn't move because I've wanted to see her naked or anything!

I immediately turn around and quickly go out to the hallway from the door. There's already a rumor spreading that I'm a lustful king who already has eight fiancees. What I'm doing now is just further increasing the credibility of the rumor!

I leave [Silver Moon], entrusting the girl to Fleur-san and Sakura.

「I've blundered...」(Touya)

「Your majesty!」(???)

Our demonkin knights consisting of the youth Rusheed from the vampire tribe, Zamza the ogre, Laqshe the alraune, and twins Murret and Charette from the lamia tribe, gather in front of me while I wipe off my sweat.

「W-what happened to the one who has been brought in?」(???)

「Ah, she's fine. Her disease has been cured, so she should soon be able to move in a little while」(Touya)

Did everyone feel relieved after hearing my words? They've breathed out and gently stroke their chests. What, what? They're overreacting. Are they that worried about her because she's a demonkin like them?

「Do you know each other by chance?」(Touya)

「No, it's because we're fellow demonkins. Both racial discrimination and persecution occasionally happen when a demonkin comes out from the demon king country... Besides, that person had demon stiffness disease so she should probably have had a quite painful time...」(Rusheed)

Rusheed anxiously mutters.

A disease the only affects the demonkins. She might have been wearing those bandages for the sake of other demonkins, and not just to hide that ugly skin. She likely has wrapped herself in them to avoid infecting other demonkins.

「Something serious must've happened for that dark elf to leave the demon king country」(Rusheed)

「What do you mean?」(Touya)

「Dark elves are also long-lived species same as vampires. Therefore, there are many noble families and most of them have important positions in the country, in addition to that」(Rusheed)

Does this mean that this onee-san is probably several tens of years old as well? She didn't look anything but a twenty-something years old woman though.

I was told by Rusheed who's in front of me he's also 60 years old as well when I murmured that thought in a whisper. Liar! You also look just past twenty years old, aren't you!? Or how should I put it? Wasn't it that Rusheed's reason for joining was due to his desire to be independent? I wonder how is it becoming independent from his parents after reaching 60 years old.

I don't really understand the customs of demonkins....

It seems that a person belonging to a noble family in the demon king country will normally be taken cared of by humans and demihumans should that person suffer from demon stiffness disease, and will be put under a lenient house arrest until he dies a month later.

Perhaps that dark elf had contacted it on her journey. She has been saved by chance since she has arrived in my country while struggling, but she surely would've died if she didn't.

...It was by chance, right?


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