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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 210


Arc 24: The King is Busy in Many Ways

Chapter 210: The Search for an Answer, and a Gentle Change

I've reported to each country that most parts of a single broken frame gear have been stolen. I've also told them to be on alert in case an incomplete frame gear appears just in case since there's no guarantee that someone using the name Brunhild won't show up.

「I understand that the locations having magic barriers are suspicious but...」(Touya)

However, such locations are too numerous. Castles, fortresses and magic research institutions have barriers installed in them with some difference in strength, but it's no doubt they definitely have them. Thus, We end up with a large number of the said locations including large and small places like royal treasuries and rulers' bedrooms.

Naturally, magic barriers also vary from weak to strong, but, being the magic power obstruction barrier, it offers sufficient protection even if it isn't a strong one. They can as strong as small talismans which are capable of defending against [Paralysis].

A strong barrier erected on the building will prevent me from finding it with [Search] even if that building is located in a wasteland. I'll have to find it by going to the place itself since it'll likely be possible to confirm it visually. No, I may not find it if the barrier also has a visual obstruction effect.

Well, nothing will happen even If I worry about it. I will just do what I can do right now.

「If I remember correctly, [Hangar] did have some vehicles, right?」(Touya)

「Ah, there are. There are different vehicles like tanks, high-speed airships, land submarines and many others. Each one of them uses a lot of Ether Liquid, so I don't recommend them that much」 (Monica)

When I've asked Monica who was doing the final adjustments on Yae's frame in the garage, she replied like that.

「Can't we use them as support machines for Suu? Can they be combined into a frame which will be its base foundation?」(Touya)

「I don't think it can't be done, but... wouldn't it be impossible without doing a major remodeling? Besides, I don't see the meaning in it though. Why don't we make a huge frame gear from the start? Is there any necessity to purposely combine them?」(Monica)

Monica tilts her head curiously. Well, I know what she means without her trying to say it. It's not like I also can't explain it using a lot of quibbles...

First of all, I caught Rosetta and tried to show them a few episodes of the anime I had shown to Suu on the garage monitor.

They didn't understand the meaning at first and only watched it while frowning, but then, they gradually started to bend forward. Before long, both of them could be seen stuck to the screen. I've been gazing at them from behind with a face that says ’’now I've done it’’.

Don't think, feel.

Don't think about it, feel it.

(TLC: first line is raw left by the author, second line is a translation from jap)

The two of them look like they have been completely inspired, after having finished watching. Afterwards, they start working diligently to build a combination system with earth-shattering vigor. It's not about the reason, and logic is not everything.

...However, for a japanese anime to be popular even in another world, this is...

=/==/==/==/==/==/==/==/==/Scene Change=/==/==/==/==/==/==/==/==/==

「Then, will Suu's frame be next?」(Yumina)

「Yeah. It will take some time since we've started building from the basic systems though, but Yumina's frame will follow afterward...」(Touya)

「I don't mind even if mine is the last. You'll be able to do something better that way」(Yumina)

Definitely. If I pile up all improvements after trying them out, I may be able to make something better when I get to it later.

I'm currently having a rest taking things slowly after a long time in a small salon at the castle while drinking tea. Yumina is sitting next to me on the sofa and relaxing in the same manner.

「It's been awhile, being like this」(Yumina)

「Really? I guess I've been very occupied ever since founding this country」(Touya)

「It's not what I meant. I meant it being just the two of us」(Yumina)

Yumina, having said that, puts her small head on my shoulder at that moment.

Ah, now I get it. We've certainly lived in the Leaflet [Silver Moon] and the Belfast mansion for several months, yet we didn't have many times like this after all.

「Since moments like this are very precious, may I behave like a spoiled kid as much as I want?」(Yumina)

「Ha? Spoiled, you say......」(Touya)

Yumina has her eyes closed and is looking up as I shift my eyes towards her. I make a small smile at the figure of this girl, and slowly meet her lips while I put my hands on her shoulders.

She then blushes and closely clings to me while having a smiling face when our lips quietly separate.

「Hehehe. I've gotten Touya-san for myself」(Yumina)

I could've never thought that I myself would be able to behave like this. It's said that growing accustomed to something is dreadful.

Coming to a different world, being able to get 8 fiancees;I could've never anticipated something like that. Moreover, all of them are younger than I am... Oops, isn't Rin older than me?

「It has changed recently, you know」(Yumina)

「? What has changed?」(Touya)

「It's my magic eyes. I can see through the person's essence or rather, whether they are good or bad. Recently, there are times when different abilities appear from time to time」(Yumina)

「Different abilities... with your magic eyes?」(Touya)


Yumina separates from me, confirms my question, and tilts her head.

「Touya-san, let's play [Janken]」(Yumina)

「All of sudden. Is it related to that ability?」(Touya)

「Yes. Ah, please play it just a little bit slower」(Yumina)

[Janken] is a game that I've taught to everyone, but I wonder, what is she going to do by using the game?


I lost. Yumina waves her hand to continue. Apparently, we will be continuing the game.


I lost again. Then next one and the one after that. I don't how many dozens of times we've played, but I've lost all of them. Say, has Yumina always been this damn strong in it? Nope, this probably isn't at the level of being strong. Is this by any chance Yumina's ability?

「The ability to win in Janken...... it's something like that, isn't it?」(Touya)

「It's different. How should I say it... I just know what Touya will bring out」(Yumina)

「...Do you mean that you can read my thoughts?」(Touya)

Is it some sort of mind-reading ability? This is a bit scary. Won't I be unable to keep anything in secret!? An awful act like cheating will be exposed in one go. Nope, it's not like I will cheat or anything, right!? Oh, isn't this idea being read right now as well!?

「I can't read thoughts, but I can see. Like what Touya-san will bring out in a few seconds. It's like having a vague vision of what will happen a few moments later」(Yumina)

... Future prediction, huh? It's amazing. Though apparently, she can't seem to see anything beyond few seconds into the future.

Anyhow, why has such ability suddenly... Ah. Don't tell me, is this the [Dependent] thing that Karen-nee-san has talked about!?

She might have awaked this ability after receiving [God's love] from me who is a demigod, from Karen-nee-san, and even from Moroha-nee-san.

While we are on that subject, there were many various changes happening to everyone in the recent days. Not to mention the blooming of Suu's piloting ability of the frame gear, or the rising of Luu's fighting ability... It is not a bad thing though.

「Why not try experimenting with it a little?」(Touya)

I prepare several coins and hold them in my right hand. Yumina will be guessing how many coins I'm holding at the moment.

She, having hit the bullseye, is right all the time. The next experiment will have Yumina declare how many coins I'm holding after which I'll stealthily transfer them from my right hand to my left hand with [Aport]. As expected. She's wrong this time. Hmm, does that mean the future was changed the moment I had used [Aport]?

But this is an action I did because I knew about Yumina's ability. She should've declared [0 coins] if she had known of that action and made a prediction. However, I wouldn't have used [Aport] if Yumina declared [0 pieces]. In any case, she would have missed.

This ability is an uncertain foresight. Oh well. I feel that I would prefer not seeing a future if it's something I can't change no matter what. Knowing that you'll have a bone fracture in a few seconds will only end up as harmful knowledge if it can't be avoided.

The future seems to change a little if the action isn't triggered by Yumina. I guess it would be appreciated if she could read the opponent's incoming attacks ahead of time. Well, there are still many attacks which can't be evaded through even if she can read the future.

It might be better to think about it as a fairly applicable intuition. I have a feeling it will be dangerous if she's overconfident with it.

「And there is another thing that I can see」(Yumina)

「Is there still more!?」(Touya)

I think that it's possible for her magic eyes to be endowed with multiple abilities since their powers aren't being invoked constantly. Aren't her magic eyes, by any chance, manifested in a form capable of changing the non-attribute magics?

「There are times when I see Touya-san in a faint golden light. I also can see this light just for a short bit when Karen-onee-sama is doing love consultations for the female knights. I wonder, what could that be?」(Yumina)

Wha? Isn't it... Does it mean that she can see [divine Power]? Even I can't even see it. Apparently, I am constantly leaking it according to Karen-nee-san, and she can see it pretty well.

「Ahh... Well, it will be fine even if you don't mind it. Ah, I would like you to tell me if you can see it from anyone else besides me or my sisters though 」(Touya)

It may be the subordinate god that my sisters are chasing. Well, it seems that they can tell when divine power is used in any place, so I don't think it would be that easy to find this god.

Yumina looks at me with puzzled eyes due to my reply, but she then sighs a little eventually.

「...Is that so? I don't quite understand, but I will do as you request」(Yumina)

「Sorry. I will properly talk about it sooner or later」(Touya)

「Yes. It's a promise, right?」(Yumina)

Yumina, having said that, suddenly leans her head once more on my shoulder.

Although I've said that I'll explain it, how will I do it then? [You know, I have actually been killed by Kami-sama, and then revived in this world as an apology].... Not good. It's likely that I'll be seen with sore eyes. It seems there's some sort of [Rebirth] magic within the magics of this world more or less, so it might not stand out that much. There's also a matter of me coming from another world. I won't be able to stand it if I'm going to be considered to be the same kind as the Frazes.

I may have no choice but to have myself ascend into godhood. I am saying this and that, but I might just be scared of everyone's reaction when I tell them the truth.

「Aaah! Unfair, Yumina-san! To monopolize Touya-sama to yourself! I am also your companion!」(Luu)

Luu, having entered the salon and seen us, quickly comes towards us and sits down on the opposite side of Yumina. She hugs me close to herself in the same way as Yumina.

「A-ra-ra. It has been a short monopoly time」(Yumina)

Yumina shows her tongue a little and acts silly.

I'm in the state where I have flowers in both hands, feeling quite embarrassed. I didn't feel it as much as when it was one-on-one though.

「Oh my, oh my. Are you enjoying your harem, Master? We also want you to care about us a little as well」(Shesca)

The maid Shesca turns towards me and throws a sarcastic remark after coming with Luu and bringing a second helping of tea.

「What do you mean by caring...?」(Touya)

「Like caressing our heads, or hugging us closely, or tightly binding us with a rope, or spanking us, or spilling hot candle wax while we are naked...haahaa」(Shesca)

Shesca's breath becomes rough, and she starts wriggling her body. This one is beyond saving already.

「D-does Touya-san like that kind of things? I-it is embarrassing, but, if Touya-san wants it...」(Yumina)

「Umm......I-I, because it is my first time, please be gentle with me...」(Luu)

The cheeks of these two who are on my side blush, and they bashfully mutter so while diverting their eyes

「Daaa─────a!! Wro────ng!! Listen, I don't have that kind of hobby!!」(Touya)

Don't bring such strange fetish on your own! It's just utter nonsense!

I push the erobot kid who's still too excited with her imagination towards the door and kick her into the corridor.

「Unnnn. More......」(Shesca)

Don't make strange voice! This fellow is seriously bad for education!


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