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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 207


Arc 23: Incoming New Threat

Chapter 207: Gorilla, and the ruling class

The Gorilla Fraze's strong arms are roaring. It greatly shatters the ground and creates small craters by striking down with its huge fists. What power.

『Got youuuu! 「Boost」!!』

Elsie's Gerhilde quickly approaches the Fraze to its brought down right hand and drove a pile bunker reinforced with [Boost] into its side.

Crackling sound emits, and the forearm breaks from the central part to the nozzle. The power of the pile bunker is outrageous.

『I diiiiiid it!』

The moment Elise raises a voice of joy, the Gorilla Fraze's multiple arms begin drumming again, blowing Gerhilde away.


Gerhilde somehow manages to land and rearrange its posture even after being thrown.

The Gorilla Fraze brings its crushed right hand in front of its eyes while paying it no mind. The core inside his chest begins to pulsate with an orange light.

Suddenly, the right arm that has been crushed starts extending like ice and snaps constantly in the process as it regenerates. The huge arm was completely restored in a few seconds. It's an impressive regeneration ability that it has...

The Gorilla Fraze, having swung the regenerated arm, thrust its fist once again aiming at the Gerhilde who, having invoked [Boost] in that moment, avoids right-and-left while retreating back as it's being chased.


The huge gorilla rolls over as it loses its footing due to my magic. Gerhilde manages to escape in that gap.

Moroha-nee-san, whom I don't know where she came from, thrusts her sword aiming at the chest of the rolled over gorilla. However, the enemy is still the enemy. Even nee-san is helpless with what she can do with just a sword. It's not long enough to penetrate that bulky chest up to the core.

However, nee-san bumps the tip of another sword into the hilt of the stabbed sword, pushing it deeper into the chest. and yet it still didn't reach the core.

「Hmmm, even two are not enough? The chest is thicker than I've thought」

Moroha-nee-san voluntarily jumps back and lands on the ground even before the Fraze tries to brush off the nuisance riding on top of its chest with a hand.

I also get down next to Moroha-nee-san.

「Touya-kun, this is indeed beyond even my power ~you know. It's to-o-otally impossible in my current state where I can't use my powers」

Does she mean that she can do anything if she uses her power as a goddess? In that case, I'd rather have you used it without skimping though.

「Hmmm. Everyone here will be blown away at the same moment I split that guy in two, and the continent may split apart. Is this acceptable?」

「It is dangerous!」

What's with that! I wonder if this person can't adjust the amount of power she has! She is too rough!

Well, if it was me, I would say it would be more difficult to move by 1 millimeter if I had ever been asked whether moving [by 1 meter] is harder than moving [by 1 millimeter].

It may be so that my nee-sans are moving only up to 0.1 millimeter, restraining their power to utmost limits. Yet, they are still at much higher level than normal people though.

「I also may not be able to maintain my existence here if I to use divine power in this world. I don't want to do it if possible」

「Ah~ enough already, please withdraw」

I've realized that a talented person is a right person at the right place. My nee-sans don't have bodies of flesh like me. It will be impossible for them to maintain their presence down here if their divine power becomes exhausted since their bodies are being shaped by that power.

Moreover, it appears that they are not permitted to use the most of their powers as goddesses on the ground even if we disregard that. Like Karen-nee-san, it seems like she wouldn't be told that her actions are troublesome if it's to the degree of helping others with their trifling love affairs, but a considerable destruction on the ground should obviously be an overkill.


Suddenly, a loud-sounding sonorant is being released by the Gorilla Fraze. The protruding objects on its the back are immensely vibrating. What's that!?

The next moment, the ground around the gorilla starts to wave greatly. It's as if a carpet that has been laid on the floor starts to [bend]. I pick up Moroha-nee-san next to me, and escape to the air.

It's almost like a land tsunami. The frame gears that have surrounded the Gorilla Fraze bounce up together and then slam into the ground.

It seems that some people have quickly jumped up, thus successfully reducing the damage, but a considerable number of frame gears have changed their colors after being slammed down.

Damn it! So it can also do this kind of things!

The frames that somehow managed to escape the transfer have crawled up from being buried in the earth and sand. Elzie's Gerhilde is also safe.

However, there's a long tail strike coming now. A counterweight of some sort has been attached to the tip and it mows down some frame gears that have crawled out.

It rolls around while breaking the armor of some units and striking at the devastated ground. I think the pilots have escaped since the color of their frames have changed, but I don't know whether they are safe or not. We'll somehow manage if the worst doesn't come and they die...

The Gorilla Fraze again opens its chest armor with its four hands, and orange light begins to gather in the core once more. This is bad! Are you planning on releasing that again!?

Since it has come to this, should I go all the way, aim at its body and reflect the light with [Reflection]? No, it'll be unthinkable if something happens to the central state by chance..

Do I have no option but to divert it to the sky in the same way as before?


A reflective barrier once again appears in front of the Gorilla Fraze. I bring it to the state where it will reflect the attack into the skies from the front by inclining it to 45 degrees.

However, the Gorilla Fraze crosses both its arms the moment before it launches the attack from its chest.


The thick arms that were crossed in front had been exposed to the particle cannon that was fired from its chest. In that instant, thin beams of light splash in all direction from the lighted arms.

Did he just scatter the light around by using its crystal arms?!

It seems that the power has dropped, but the damage is still great. The color of the frames that have suffered a great damage change in quick succession even though that attack didn't hit the cockpits directly.

Damn, since it came down to this...

『Everyone, escape from the advanced class! Make some distance!』

I send things from inside the [Storage] through countless small gates that have opened over the Gorilla Fraze at the same time as I instruct everyone on all channels.

「「Meteor Zapper」」

A rain of large softballs made of crystal materials come down from the [Gates] that have opened in the sky. Each one of those has its weight increased with [Gravity] making each of them weigh about a ton.

It pours down without mercy towards the advanced class who looks puzzled at the skies.

On shoulders, on waist, on back. The crystal materials that have been wedged in gain more weight thanks to my magic power, and penetrate while spreading cracks into the body of the Fraze. I then increase the weight by 2-3 tons.

The Gorilla Fraze, having fallen down on both knees, is crawling on all fours, but then it rolls around its body with its full power against the sudden weight increase and faces up. What...? I see!

The crystal globes packed into its shoulders and back are falling down to the ground with their extreme [weight]. In other words, they are sliding down following the gravity from the body of the Fraze. To have such a way of handling it...

In the meantime, the cracks on its back and shoulders have managed to regenerate.

At that time, a monotone dragon knight cuts through from behind me in high mobility mode, jumps over the Gorilla Fraze that is lying face up, and stabs the armed chest with the short sword in its right hand.

However, the blade didn't reach the core only by a small margin due to being obstructed by the thick chest just like when Moroha-nee-san tried to do the same.


End chants something and the chest area, where the short sword is being stabbed, shatters into pieces. For some reason, the right hand of the dragon knight holding the small sword is also breaking apart. The Gorilla Fraze gets up and brushes its hand to remove the dragon knight who is above his chest while its core becomes open. Having avoided the hand, the dragon knight retreats.

A single frame emitting red light leaps with lighting speed, changing places with him, and approaches the exposed core, brandishing its fist.

『Single Blow, Smash!!』

She then shoots the deadly pile bunker into the exposed core by putting all of her power into the weapon.

A crack instantly appears on the orange orb, shattering it to pieces. At the same time, cracks start to run throughout the whole body of the advanced class, and the body collapses with a clattering sound.


「Hahaha...... You did it......」

Gerhilde pushes its fist up above the remains of the advanced class that have broken down.

Good grief...... There was not that much turn for me.

『The suppression of the advanced class is completed. We will start the cleanup battle now. Make sure you bring them down one by one』

I communicate with everyone relaying this message. The remaining ones are only the lower and intermediate classes. Our strategy will be completed after we annihilate them.

「Let me see, then I guess I will help too ~you know. Oops Touya-kun, can you lend me a sword?」

I give both greatswords I had to nee-san who had stabbed hers into the gorilla Fraze and ended up being empty-handed.

She heads immediately towards the remaining Fraze with tremendous speed even though she moves with light steps.

A dragon knight comes to me from the other direction while I'm stunningly seeing her off. The hatch opens and End jumps out of it.

「Sorry, Touya. The arm broke」

「No, it may have been dangerous if you weren't there, you helped me. I will fix the dragon knight, so come pick it up after a little while. ...However, what on earth did you do?」

「The sound of magic power... Or rather a vibration of it. I've tried to concentrate and shoot it at one point, but the arm blew away before that. I mistook the right amount of power」

I see. Is it the same as when I've ridden the black knight and used magic with full power? The base of the dragon knight is the same old type being used in the black knights and the heavy knights. It couldn't bear the strength of End's magic power.

Shall I completely refurbish it on this occasion? It will be troublesome if it breaks every time he does that. It's also a hassle to come and fix End's machine each time it breaks since he isn't a knight of our country.

I, while thinking about it, suddenly felt a strange sensation in the sky the moment I looked up at the dragon knight. What is that?

「............Touya. It's going to be a little bad」

End comes next to me before I've even noticed him and opens his mouth while staring at the sky same as me. Is there something over there after all?

「Oi-oi, don't go and tell me that another advanced class will appear ......」

「It's not an advanced class. It... is coming」

An even greater sound than when the advanced class emerged reverberates as the sky crumbles.

It then has jumped out from the tear in the sky, and gracefully landed on the ground.

It's a body covered with transparent-like crystal from forehead to the navel except for its front side. A [Human Type].

Its eyes are red, and its long hair making snapping sounds are also crystallized. I wonder if it's a female type based on its swelling big chest and body structure. The chest is being covered from the left and right armpit up to the very ends by the crystals. The size is also no different from humans.

「Oi......What? that is......」

「A Fraze above the advanced type...... It's a ruler type」

「A ruler type!?」

She then looks around and turns her red eyes towards here due to my surprised voice.

「#[email protected][email protected]*e€nd#e!!」

「Shit. For her to come out of everyone else...」

The female Fraze approaches End who is smiling unpleasantly in order to jump instantly. She then strikes with her crystallized fist at an impossible speed.

End catches that fist with his right hand. That shockwave also flew to me who is behind. What an absurd force this fellow has. But End who has caught it is not an ordinary person either.

「H-hey is this fellow here your acquaintance?!」

「I guess. But our relationship is not good, and I don't think she will let me withdraw」

No, I can understand that by seeing it. It may be due it being a human type that emotions appear on her face, but I can see that she is angry no matter how you look at her when she lifts her eyes.

「#k∋#[email protected]@$! o¥uwo*d◎okΩo≒[email protected]Σ[email protected]!」

「Well, even if you ask me」

The words that the woman is speaking with are in a language that I've never heard, but End seems to understand it.

The Fraze woman shakes off the fist being grabbed by End, flies back making some distance and widely opens her mouth.

Light particles gather inside the mouth, and the dazzling light starts to sparkle.

Wait a minute, say this.......!

The next moment, she releases a dreadful particle cannon with tremendous power that is being aimed at End, which is even more powerful than that of the advanced type.

「Kuu~, Reflection!」

I produce a thick [Reflection] barrier in a panic due to the sudden development. As such, I couldn't skillfully adjust the angle, and the particle cannon has been reflected towards the wrong direction. The tip of the mountain located at a distance behind the woman was blown off as the torrent of light disappeared into the sky. Naturally, the reflection barrier has been crushed into pieces.

You are joking...What power...。

She, having understood that she has missed a kill, changes her right hand into a sword of some sorts and comes slashing.

End grabs the woman's wrist while dodging her attacks and somehow manages to stop her.

「Touya, I'm sorry but I'll take my leave here. I'll come back to pick up the dragon knight sometime later so please repair it until then」


End fades away like a fog starting from his legs while gripping the Fraze woman. She also disappears from that place together with End as if she's being dragged into somewhere.

The two disappear and I remain alone for a while on the battlefield where there is no one.


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