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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 204


Arc 23: Incoming New Threat

Chapter 204: The Rampage, and the Red Deity of Destruction

『How is it?』(Touya)

『The balance is slightly out of place, but it doesn't hinder the movements. The response time is faster than that of a black knight and it's also easier to move』(Elzie)

Elzie answers while moving [Gerhilde], the newly completed frame gear.

Gerhilde's armor has been coated with crystal material. It would've become a completely transparent if all of it has been made with crystal materials, and it would've been very hard for allies to see her. I've naturally tried to paint the crystal materials, but it didn't blend with [Modeling]. The paint has only ended up trapped inside the crystal materials. In the end, [Modeling] is merely a [Transformation] magic and not a [Fusion] magic. Though I think I could've managed it somehow if I had used the same raw materials.

Therefore, I've installed a thick crystal material on top of the special armor, making it a multi-layer armor. Gerhilde's red color can be seen through the top layer of the armor underneath it.


Gerhilde punches the huge rock wall in the prairie and smashes it to pieces. At the same time, a stake that looks like a spear has been shot out along with a roar from the pile bunker that was equipped onto its arm.

The stake is instantly stored back in the arm after it crushes one of the big rocks that has been flown into the air. The other end of the stake pops out from the elbow.

『Un, there are no problems with the pile bunker. It can shoot anywhere I aim. It looks like it can even destroy an intermediate class with a single blow』

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Those words cross my mind. However, Gerhilde's movement can be surmised as killing something with one hit. Of course, this unit is above the black knight whether it's power or speed.


The vestiges of magic overflow from each part of Gerhilde's multi-layered armor. It looks as if the unit is being clad in dim red light.

Gerhilde, having invoked strengthening magic, gets even faster with the attacks of both its projected fist and pile bunker, smashing the remaining rocky wall into smithereens.

『How is it? Are there any irregularities with the body?』(Touya)

『It eats up a tremendous amount of magic power and stamina. I wonder if it's not because this magic is from an emission system. It may be hard to use it consecutively』(Elzie)

There seems to be no problem with the unit. Gerhilde's light also disappears when Elzie cancels the boost.

『Master, I've finished collecting data』(Rosetta)

A call from Rosetta, who has been monitoring from Babylon in the sky, comes in. This is the reason why I've bothered going for a trial run in the prairie away from the castle.

All that's left is to adjust the frame based on this data so that we can make use of it during the production of the succeeding units.

『Alright, we're done. Thank you very much for your work, Elzie』(Touya)

The hatch of Gerhilde that has stopped opens up, and Elzie jumps out from inside.

「With this, the first completed unit is Elzie's」(Touya)

「Whose unit are you planning to make next?」(Elzie)

「First of all, I want to prepare the units oriented mainly towards the battle. I guess next will be Yae's and Hilda's units. Both are mainly proficient with swords, and their battle styles are also relatively similar」(Touya)

It feels like Yae excels at offense while Hilda excels at defense. Elzie's Gerhilde ended up being a bit tricky unit, but those two's units will likely be orthodox frames called warrior units or knight units.

A telepathy then comes from Kougyoku inside the castle while I'm thinking of those things.

《Lord. A message has come from the Hill-state governor of Rodomea》(Kougyoku)

《Oh, is it you, Kougyoku? Has the central state of Rodomea allowed the entrance of the frame gears?》(Touya)

《No, she is asking for help. I was informed that a considerable damage had occurred in the central state from what seems to be a rampage of armored wood golems...》(Kougyoku)

《Come again!?》(Touya)

’’Armed golems’’ you say. Do you mean those fellows that the young bald Dr. Bowman has made!? Why again...!? More than anything else, why at such time when an invasion of Frazes may happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!?

I immediately send Gerhilde back to [Hangar], and we head towards the castle.

I'm glad I've given a gate mirror to the Hill-state governor Audrey-san for the times when something happens. She can get in touch with me in real time even though it's only through a letter.

A number of armed golems seem to be certainly rampaging in the central state when I read the letter that had arrived at the castle, but the reason for that rampage is unknown.

「In any case, let's go to the site and investigate. Elzie, it may become the first battle for Gerhilde. Will you be alright?」(Touya)

「No problem. The enemies are those guys from the pruning ceremony, right? It will be an easy victory for my Gerhilde」(Elzie)

I've heard a quite powerful reply. For now, both I and Elzie quickly hurry to the capital of the central state while saying ’’we will go and look at the situation’’.

「What's going on...?」(Touya)

The beautiful baroque buildings have been smashed to pieces, and people are running about trying to escape.

Fires are rising from here and there, and black smokes are going sky high. Several huge armed golems are all over the streets. They are swinging their fists around, destroying the buildings. It looks just like a retro monster movie.

「Hey, can you transfer those to somewhere else!?」(Elzie)

「You're saying ’’somewhere else’’, but where do you think I could send them to!? They will be a burden to whatever country I send them to!」(Touya)

I reject Elzie's suggestion. Of course, it's out of the question to send them to Brunhild. I've also thought about the ocean, but I don't think they will die because of that. I will be troubled if they manage to eventually land somewhere I don't know. I should send them to a hole of a volcano or something similar.

In any case, it will be bad if this continues. Let's transfer them to the plains a few kilometers from here. The damage to the town will be too great if we defeat them here.

There are twelve in total when I search for them via the smartphone. A dozen, huh? I transfer them to the plains all at once. The golems, who are destroying the city, disappear in instant.

This will buy us some time. Afterwards, we will go to the plains from here and just smash them there.

「Your Majesty the Sovereign King!」(Audrey)

As I turn around towards the sudden voice calling out to me, the state governor Audrey and the knight commander Limitt-san, along with their escorts, are coming down from the long stairs leading towards the gate of the royal palace.

「State governor, what on earth is going on here!? Why are the armed golems destroying the city!?」(Touya)

「They went out of control. It seems Dr. Bowman did some unreasonable modifications to the armed golems. He was probably immensely frustrated because he lost to his majesty's frame gear. As results, It failed. It seems he has ended up unable to control the golems」(Audrey)

Haa!? That young baldy! Is he stupid!? For god's sake! What did he do that for!?

「And, where is that Bowman!?」(Touya)

「His whereabouts are unclear. The statewide governor is desperately looking for him, but perhaps, he's already dead......」(Audrey)

I bring out a map with the smartphone and search for Bowman regardless of whether he's dead or alive. A red pin then falls straight down at single location. Where's that?

「He's here. It seems he's alive」(Touya)

「This is... an unused warehouse. Why is he in such a place...? F-for now, go take him into custody!」(Audrey)


Some knights start to hastily run through the streets by Limitt-san's orders.

The city has regained some composure due to the disappearance of the golems, but the fires are still burning. Shall I put them off for now?

「Oh Rain descends, Pure Blessing, Heavenly Rain」(Touya)

Magic power spreads towards the heavens and rain starts to drop even though there are no rain clouds in the vicinity. This is one of the ancient rain magics of the water attribute. I cast [Shield] overhead as a replacement for an umbrella to prevent getting wet. The fires should also disappear soon.

However, it suddenly starts raining like a squall. Oh my god, I've overdone it!

I did the magic for the first time, so I've miscalculated the amount of power needed. It's already flooding all around when I stop the rain. Ahahah. Well, it didn't turn out into something terrible since I've stopped it quickly.

「T-the fire has disappeared with this. All that's left is to rescue the wounded. We will go and clean up the golems that have been transferred in the meantime」(Touya)

「A-y-yes. I understand. Please take care」(Audrey)

State Governor Audrey sees us off and we move to the prairie in the outskirts of the capital. A group of armed golems in front of us is heading towards the capital again. They are advancing with heavy footsteps.

I, having looked closely to them, can see that they carrying something dubious on their backs. I don't really understand it from the front, but it's somehow identical to a plant.... It appears as if they've been fused. Is that Bowman's remodeling?

I open [Gate], and summon Gerhilde from [Hangar]. The earth rumbles as the crimson unit lands on the grounds of Rodomea.

「Will you be fine by yourself?」(Touya)

「Leave it to me. They have just the right amount of opponents for a skirmish. I'll easily defeat them」(Elzie)

Elzie says that and casually runs up the frame, opens the chest hatch, and gets inside the cockpit.

Well, a built-in escape magic is there, so it'll probably be alright.

A quiet engine sound was raised as Gerhilde starts up.

『Let's go, Gerhilde!』

The Frame Gear, while having its back thrusters blow with a thud, turns towards the middle of the group of armed golems and rushes to them at once. The backlash of the thrusters magnificently whirls up a cloud of dust. Hey! She didn't forget I was here, I hope!? So crunchy. The dust has entered my mouth!


Gerhilde draws its fist while jumping up, and explodes it into the throat of the armored golem. The core that's in there gets crushed in one go with the pile bunker.


Gerhilde deals a rotating kick to the other golem next to the crumbling one without even minding it, splitting the upper and lower bodies in two. It then completely crushes the core in the upper body that can no longer move.

The third golem who saw that extends stuff that looks like ivies from both its arms, trying to tie up both of Gerhilde's arms. Suddenly, there were two vines of ivies intertwined between both the left and right arms of Gerhilde.


Gerhilde swings her arms regardless and pulls the golem that's obviously bigger and her Elzie then throws it away towards the other golems with the centrifugal force of that momentum. What power, hey!


Being clad in red flare throughout the body, Gerhilde shifts into a higher gear and starts crushing the golems one after another. The pile bunker, that has been fired, crushes the cores of the golems, making their bodies rot away and scatter around.

That pile bunker is incredible.... I kinda understand the feeling of those who call it a romance weapon. Everything is being broken into pieces from the front, it's overwhelming in terms of both power and destruction. There is no need for small tricks here. Its an existence of a pure head-on power.

『Crush Crush Crush Crush! Prepare yourselves to be smashed to pieces if you stand in front of me!』

Waa. The tension is really going up.

There's nothing that those crystal stakes jumping from both arms can't break. The crimson god of destruction crushes everything that stands in its way. The armed golems are being crushed one after the another as they crumble and become a rotting debris.


Gerhilde pushes its right fist very high to heaven as if showing off its victory when the last standing armed golem gets broken into pieces. She's unrivaled.

We didn't witness whatever that Bowman seemed to have remodeled. Oh well. I've already said that it was a failed remodeling.

The results are better than what I've expected nevertheless... Moreover, that's not even its full power.

I've managed to obtain a strong ally against the advanced classes.

I then think of that while looking at the shining red unit.


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