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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 203


Arc 23: Incoming New Threat

Chapter 203: Completion of the Repairs, and Man's Romance

We, who came back from Rodomea, immediately assembled the rulers of the East-West alliance and held a meeting.

We must still make a detailed arrangement of the events like the circumstances in Rodomea even though we've already settled on the rough policy.

「Did the Holy Knight Order of Restia get used to the frame units?」(Touya)

「Yes. Everyone has reached the point where they can manage those to some extent. I can't say for sure without trying to pilot the real one though」(Restia King)

The new King of Restia replies to my question while smiling lightly. It was the same the last time, but if they can ride in the frame unit, I believe it will be alright for them to pilot without prior training.

In any case, the alliance of Brunhild, Belfast, Regulus, Rifurisu, Misumido, Ramisshu, Rynie and Restia is an allied force consisting of 8 countries.

Unfortunately, There won't be new models released except for Elsie's, but I believe we'll still manage somehow even if we don't disperse the Frazes like last time.

「First of all, I will lend out 20 units to all countries. Each will have 2 ’’Night Baron’’ units for commanders and 18 ’’Chevalier’’ units for regular soldiers similar to the set up in Yuuron, so please select the pilots beforehand. There will be 60 units from Brunhild, and, with 140 unit from all countries, it will be a total of 200 units」(Touya)

It is only 10 units less than in Yuuron. We will be able to somehow manage if we have just this amount. The question is what type of advanced class Fraze will appear. The worst one will be a flying type... We can only pray that such type won't appear.

「However...... After Yuuron, it's Rodomea this time. This is becoming less and less as other people's problem」 (The Beast King)

The Beast King of Misumido leans against his chair while folding his hands. There's probably a vague anxiety in their minds, and they are contemplating whether Frazes will appear in their country next time.

「Naa, Touya-dono. Isn't there a tool that can forecast the appearance of Frazes in advance like this time?」(Monarch of Reefrees)

What the Monarch of Reefrees said is reasonable. Even if I lend frame gears to each country, there's no doubt that we will be too late to respond to the crisis unless we know the location where Frazes will appear. Having said that, I just can't lend enough units to be deployed all over their countries.

「Will the person who told you about their appearance this time continue to cooperate with us?」(Regulus Empeor, assuming)

「Umm, it's difficult to say, I think? Anyhow, he is a wanderer.... Also, it's not like he is completely on our side」(Touya)

「I see......」(Regulus Empeor, assuming)

We shouldn't become dependent on End. Ah, perhaps there's an artifact under the category of detection systems in [Warehouse]. Shall I look for it?

「So, have any messages come from Rodomea?」(Belfast King, assuming)

「We haven't received a formal permission yet. I've only received a temporary one from the Hill-state governor. At worst, there's the possibility that us setting foot into the central state will be treated as an act of aggression」(Touya)

「Surprisingly, they might be aiming for that. After everything is over, will they not say that they could've handled the situation by themselves?」(Belfast King, assuming)

「I don't think they will be that shameless. Actually, it will just cause a considerable damage if we leave them alone. However, they can hold out with their response until Frazes appear」(Touya)

After all, it comes back to the point whether they believe us or not. I'd be relieved if everything was just a random speech of End, but it'll be equally troublesome since discussions have already progressed this far. If the reliability of Brunhild falls, that will become a good excuse for us to be taken advantage of.

I won't mind if I'm the only one who's being called a liar, but I think it won't end with just that.

After the meeting ends, I call End who's staying at the [Silver Moon] inn to hand over his renovated Dragoon.

「Ooh!? Even the color has been changed? Hee~, Red was nice as well but I definitely like this one」(End)

The new Dragoon, standing in the plains west of the castle, was changed from a bright red color scheme into a calm monotone one.

Well, to be frank, I've have used this opportunity to change its color scheme because it overlaps with the color of Elsie's machine that I'm making right now.

I think this one contains End's image more than the previous one, but I'm somehow associating it with a police car because of its two-tone coloring.... That reminds me, there's an anime where that kind of robot appears. I've seen on the net that they're making a live-action adaptation.

「Refueling is no longer required since I've improved it. I also believe it will take in and convert magic power on its own even when it's not moving if you leave it for a few days. Lastly, if anyone besides End tries to pilot it, that person won't be able to properly operate it so it can't be transferred to others」(Touya)

「I've already said I won't do that. Even if things regarding myself appear like this, I pretty much like this guy, you know?」(End)

Well, I somehow understand that. Incidentally, I've properly attached communication equipment as well, so unless he is far away I ought to be able to contact him. Although in this guy's case, I will not be able to get in touch with him if he is carrying it in that glass slide of his.

「Oh! By the way, do you have more of that [King] voice which you've given me last time?」(Touya)

「It's not like there's no more left. However, only a few remain so I can't just give them out easily」(End)

「Is that so......」(Touya)

I had hoped that I'd be able to get it again this time since I got it before, but it seems that the last time was a splurging on End's part. It's regrettable but it can't be helped.

「Oh right, why can End predict the appearance of Frazes? Is there some sort of advance warning before they appear?」(Touya)

「It just happened by chance this time. First of all, I can decipher the subtle distortions in space. Then, it'll be possible to determine the number of days before the space in that area breaks. Then, there's a [Sound]. Frazes emit a special [Resonance sound] to tell apart their companions. This sound can cross beyond space and can be heard from this side as well. With this information, one can comprehend their numbers and type to a certain extent. That sound can't be heard by human ears though even if I've described it this way」(End)

A [Distortion] and a [Resonance Sound], you say. We may be able to make predictions like this time if a tool that can detect those exists. I mean seriously. To be able to hear sounds that can't be heard by regular humans, who is this guy...?

End quickly boarded the dragon knight while I was having those thoughts.

「Well then, I'll go now since I still have things to do. I'll come quickly when Frazes appear in a few days」(End)

「I understand. I'll be counting on you」(Touya)

The dragon knight changes into its high mobility mode after its hatch is closed, and quickly disappears from the plains while raising a dust storm.

「Now then....... All that's left is the countermeasures against the advance type. I wonder if we can manage to do something about that charged particle cannon...」(Touya)

To be honest, please don't make me stand in from of that pseudo charged particle cannon even if there's a magic that can defend against it.

The range of [Shield] or [Absorb] is too narrow, and I don't even know whether that pseudo charged particle cannon utilizes magic power in the first place.

I go to the [Library] for the time being to look for books with non-attribute magic that can be used. I've found a few, but they're thick as usual. I then continue flipping through the pages while skimming through them since I can't spend too much time here.

There had been non-attribute magics existing since 5000 years ago. It would be a ridiculous number if all of them have been covered till now. There are lots of magic that can only be used for mischief like a magic that can cause a slight itch and a magic that makes a drink terribly bitter.

But I think that everything depends on how it's used. Even [Slip] can be said to be a magic only used for mischief, but it's in fact quite useful.

I've secluded myself for half a day and found a few magics that are usable. I hope I'll manage to oppose them with this. In the meantime, Fam, [Library] manager, continued reading books at her own pace. Please help me out a little.

I head towards [Workshop] this time and observe the work of Rosetta and Monica. The mini robots are crowding and are restlessly running around inside the workshop.

Only a skeletal frame of a unit being lifted by a crane can be seen when I've peeked inside the garage to see their work. The right arm has been removed, and Rosetta and Monica seem to be worried about something.

「Both of you, what's wrong?」 (Touya)

「It's Elsie-dono's unit. Its main weapon will be its fists as far as its use lies in close-quarters combat, but...」 (Rosetta)

「I'm just thinking that it's kinda dull to simply punch an enemy with only a hard fist. After all, this guy must have a one-hit certain-kill move, right?」 (Monica)

Hmm. She has a point. Elsie's unit is for close-combat, so it can fully demonstrate its power in that area. I think the style of crushing the opponent with one hit and instantly moving on to the next one is suitable for Elsie.

「Smashing a Fraze's body with a first hit and then breaking its core with the second... A two-stage attack is absolutely necessary if fists are being used」(Rosetta)

「There's also a way of destroying the core along with the body if either sword or spear are used as weapons」 (Monica)

I get what they are saying. A hammer or something else that has a wide range of attack can do a one-hit attack in a different way from fists. It's therefore alright if it smashes the core along with the body.

「Like this...... I think that it's possible to destroy the core by firing something towards it after launching a fist attack」 (Rosetta)

Rosetta shows a movement with a pose that looks like as if she's pushing out her fist.

「Would installing something like a short spear into the arm be fine?」

「It'll be good if that weapon inflicts damage, but wouldn't that get in the way during hand attacks and other moves? I think that it'll be okay, if it's stored in the arms though」

Umm, does that mean that it will be a spear that is normally stored in the arms but jumps out during an attack? Huh, come to think of it...

I operate my smartphone and search the net. If I am not mistaken, that weapon is... Ah, is it this one? I then project an image into the air.

「This is it. A Pile-Bunker」 (Touya)

「It is quite a big one. What kind of thing is it?」(Rosetta)

Of course, neither Rosetta nor Monica can read Japanese so I roughly summarize the written explanation. They will probably not understand it if I talk about anime and games of my former world.

「A weapon to crush the enemy's armor by shooting a spear or a stake at high speed...?」 (Rosetta)

「In Elsie's case, it will become a weapon that penetrates the main body after breaking the armor. Is it possible to make it compact and equip it on the arm?」(Touya)

「I wonder if that's possible. There's no gunpowder, and to shoot it by using magic power, a stake like that... Or rather, it'll cover the backhand as well, but its destructive power won't be a joke if we make with crystal materials. It may get a little hard to make though」

Well, it won't be a problem if it's made to be that much transparent. It will be good if it doesn't waste crystal materials unlike a bullet ejection system wherein the material can't be recovered after it has been shot.

「However, it is quite a novel weapon... Where did master get this kind of information?」 (Monica)

「Hmm.... Well, don't mind it」(Touya)

「Haa...」 (Monica)

Come to think of it, I haven't told anyone yet that I've come from a different world. Her eminence the Pope and Phyllis-san know about Kami-sama, but I haven't told anyone anything beyond that.

There is also a point of whether they will be able to believe me or not even if I tell them that information. As expected, maybe I should've told Yumina, Elsie and the girls, as well as everyone from Babylon about it...

Hmm....... Either way, there are still a few people whom I should tell about this aside from my fiancees and the girls of Babylon. Will it be fine, I wonder? I think I should gather them and explain it.

「Alright, Then, shall we make this pile bunker?! Hey, everyone, gather around!」(Monica)

Monica issues a command and the mini-robots gather en masse. They're making small nods while obediently listening to her explanation.

「It looks like it'll be a pretty brutal weapon」(Rosetta)

「I think it's okay. At any rate, the pile bunker seems to be a man's romance after all」 (Touya)

「Are you even aware that Elise-dono is a woman...?」 (Rosetta)

Wait! Don't tell this to anyone! I will be killed!

Thus, Elsie's new frame unit has been made with a deep crimson color and, basing it on a valkyrie's name, it has been christened [Gerhilde].


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