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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 201


Arc 23: Incoming New Threat

Chapter 201: Rodomea and a Mock Battle

Guild Master Rerisha-san immediately starts to work after I convey the news I've heard from End to her.

She kept in contact with the guild master in charge of Rodomea Federation, and she has started to seek from him whether it's possible to somehow set up a meeting with the Statewide Governor of Rodomea, Volk Rajeel.

It was honestly helpful that the Statewide Governor has agreed to meet us immediately, may it be due to the fact that a proposal has come from a king of a country albeit a small one or due to the effectiveness of listing the names of all of our allied-countries.

I embark towards Rodomea together with the King of Belfast and the Emperor of Regulus as representatives for the [East-West Alliance] and their guards after I've received this message from the guild, but...

「What do you mean you won't evacuate?! The same thing that happened in Yuuron might occur again, you know?!」(Touya)

「Well, it's not that we won't take refuge. What I mean is that we will properly judge the situation and will consider how we want to announce it as a country after that」(Volk)

A single man is similarly sitting down in front of me who is sitting on a chair in the reception office.

The curls of his chestnut colored hair are dangling;his face has drooping eyes with a look of seriousness;his build looks tough, and he has a beard growing from his sideburns until his jaw.

He's also wearing an expensive-looking trousers and shoes in addition to his coat adorned with an expensive-looking design.

This man is Volk Rajeel, and he is the governor of this central province as well as the leader of the country who is being called the Statewide Governor.

This man, who has been elected out of the seven governors, looks composed and is also not particularly surprised even after he has heard of the Fraze invasion. I wonder if it's because he has quite a lot of self-confidence

「To begin with, where did you acquire this information?」(Volk)

「I can't express it in detail, but I have a companion whom I've heard it from... 」(Touya)

「A companion, you say? Then, can you trust that person? While it may be impolite, it's a little questionable to accept such story just like that, you know? 」(Volk)

Certainly, End is a guy that can't be identified;however, he is practically hostile towards Frazes. It may not be simplified to the saying ’’the enemy of my enemy is my friend’’, but he's not an opponent [at the moment]... he shouldn't be.

「To be frank, the opinions among other governors are divided. There are those who say that we should immediately evacuate, and there are those who say that there's no need for that. Others also say that we should suppress them by ourselves... The opinions are varied. We cannot make a decision at once」(Volk)

What are they being leisured at for? They are better off taking refuge quickly instead of deliberating over those kinds of things. The lives of the citizens are at stake here. While I'm getting so irritated inside, the Regulus Emperor starts to intervene.

「Statewide Governor was saying that they would subjugate the Fraze this time, but taking those words as the truth, do you even know of their powers?」(The Emperor)

「Those crystal monsters called Frazes did appear in our country as well. Furthermore, we've thought of a countermeasure to some extent based on the news of your fight against them in Yuuron. It's not like we don't have the means to oppose them」(Volk)

That reminds me, I did hear the rumors that Frazes had appeared in Rodomea as well. Have they thought of a way to oppose them since that time? I wonder, however, what are those ways of opposition...?

「That's right. Let's have you see those in practice. This way, quickly」(Volk)

The governor, having shown a thin smile, takes us outside the royal palace. The architecture style of Rodomea is close to that of the Baroque style taken up by the St. Petersburg in Russia. It seems that Rodomea has also accomplished a development of their own after adopting the cultures of others similar to how Peter the Great had brought European culture.

We, being guided by the statewide governor and his guards, have been shown to the spreading plaza at the back of the palace. It has been standing there. I'm a loss for words when I've seen it. That's because this thing resembles others that I know of.

「A Wood golem...」(Touya)

The golems made of trees and shrubs are existences which are probably twice as big as a Frame Gear. They're way too enormous for a common golem. This one is the same improved breed that has been used by the guys from the Rivet tribe at the Great Forest Sea.

If I'm to say what's different, I would probably say that there are bulky armored sheets all over its exterior similar to the armor installed on it. It looks entirely like an armored warrior.

「Why is the wood golem in this place?! Isn't it dangerous?!」(Gaspar)

「Be relieved. This golem is being perfectly controlled. It won't listen to any command besides ours. Something like him raging about won't happen」(Volk)

The guard of His Majesty the Emperor, the knight commander Gaspar-san raises his voice, but the governor lightly claps the golem's leg as if to say that it's harmless.

His Majesty the King of Belfast also looks up at the armed golem and starts to scowl.

「However, this size is... The original golem shouldn't reach even 10 meters in height. Why is this one...」(The King)

「They are changing into behemoths. This one is a product of selective breeding and application of a special toxin. It's a technique mastered by the Rivet tribe from the Great Forest Sea」(Touya)

「Hou. As one would expect from the rumors of the acclaimed His Majesty the Sovereign King of Brunhild. You are well-informed, aren't you?」(???)

A person calls out to me from the back after I answer the question of His Majesty The King.

I turn my face and see a short plump man, who is just about forty years old, wearing a white robe. He seems nervous while correcting the position of the glasses he's wearing.

Though his hair is considerably receding, he is showing a bold, if not self-confident, smile on his oily face.

「...Governor, this person is?」(Touya)

「Aah, this is Dr. Edgar Bowman, a young prodigy and a scholar graduate of magic engineering from our Rodomea. He's the creator of those wood golems」(Volk)

Young? He looks like an ossan whose hair is leaving him bald however I look at him though...

「Though I may sound rude, but how old is Dr. Bowman?」(Touya)

「Me? I will be 24 this year, but why did you ask?」(Bowman)

24?! Aren't you deflating your age?! Hey, you've aged! Eeh~...

When I look around, both their Majesties the King and Emperor seems to be holding the same impression as me. Their eyes are getting round. Of course they would!

「When talking about the base reference of this fellow, his origins are indeed the type of wood golems that were improved by the Rivet tribe. Having acquired their work via black-market routes, I've applied the knowledge I possess, piled up more improvements, and finally completed my work on it. As for its armor, we have used the sheets made of mithril and have especially furnished those with fire-attribute magic resistance. We've also fused it with the [Collar of Subordination] during its growth and made sure that it would follow our commands perfectly. Its core, which is a weak point, is also being covered with sturdy shells in several folds. Of course, it has also been endowed with a regeneration ability as well. What's more, we are capable of mass producing them due to their low costs and we already have several dozens of them being armed and completely ready. Having said that, if those Frazes come, they will be utterly helpless before my golem army corps. Do you have any questions?」(Bowman)

The professor of magic engineering called Bowman or something is fluently boasting about his golems with pride. Quit talking already... I wonder why this type of people keep on rapidly rattling on and on like this when the explain something that they understand.

As I thought however, those golems are the ones the Rivet tribe had used. Though I don't know what kind of route was used for them to end up here, it's clear that I've left behind something troublesome.

Curiously, the likelihood to act foolishly greatly increases when one ends up possessing some power. This thing, which we've defeated, is very unlikely to stand toe-to-toe against the Frazes despite whatever improvements have been applied to it.

This golem might be an opponent if it's against the lower classes. However, the fight will likely be severe if it's up against an intermediate class. This guy will probably not be able to dodge the attacks that look like a laser fired by something like the Manta-type.

「Having stated that you're a professor of magic engineering, are you specialized in magic tools?」(Touya)

「I am indeed. I've been studying the heritage of the Ancient Paruteno. I'm currently in the middle of studying the book on magic study left behind by Deborah Erks. Its fruits have also been used in those golems as well」(Bowman)

「Deborah Erks, you say...」(Touya)

A master magic craftsman during the epoch of ancient civilization who created the [Echo Needle of Domination] that was used during the rebellion of the dragon king. Though this work has been called trashy by Professor Babylon. This Bowman youth has apparently created those guys basing them on the book about magic studies left behind by that Professor Erks.

「I've been suspecting whether the giant soldiers that His Majesty the Sovereign King possess aren't the inventions of Deborah Erks as well, you know. I've been thinking that articles like those can't be made unless one is a genius like that woman... 」(Bowman)

「Ah, that's different. Frame Gears are the inventions of Professor Regina Babylon, you know」(Touya)

「Professor Babylon...? I haven't heard that name, but... has that person been mentioned in any books ?」(Bowman)

「Ah~... Well, that one is a secret」(Touya)

Bowman turns a seemingly dissatisfied look towards my vague misleadings. It looks like he's adoring Deborah Erks a great deal.

「However, Governor. Are those armed golems really capable of defending against the invasion of Frazes? We have seen the fight with them in Yuuron with our eyes. We're wondering if you are being too overconfident in some ways with those things」(The Emperor)

The statewide governor raises his eyebrow with a twitch towards the words of His Majesty The Emperor. However, the one who strongly reacts towards those words is not the governor, but Bowman.

「I cannot ignore that. His Majesty the Emperor, those armed golems are the compilation of the height of my technology, but are you implying that they cannot stand up against the Frazes? While I may sound rude, it looks to me that you cannot come up to the understanding that these guys exceed the giant soldiers of Brunhild... 」(Bowman)

「You bastard...!」(Gaspar)

Gaspar-san from Emperor's convoy reflexively places his hand on the grip of his sword towards the somewhat condescending words. His Majesty The Emperor softly stops it while the statewide governor is forcing his way through.

「Bowman-kun, please be discrete with what you say. My apologies. It has been inexcusable, Your Majesty the Emperor. However, I also cannot understand what you've said as well. Do you have some issues on those golems that you are being concerned with?」(Volk)

Though his words are polite, the governor's eyes have the color of challenge somewhere in them. That reminds me, I've heard that one of the reasons why Regulus and Rodomea are on bad terms is that Rodomea has been established by becoming independent from Regulus. It seems that this story is also nearly 200 years old. They probably have some antagonism towards each other even to this day.

「I wonder how I should express those issues of concern. I'm doubting whether those puppets will really be able to fight while protecting the citizens. It's not like they're being entrusted with lives after all」(The Emperor)

「Hohou. Then, do you mean that the giant soldiers of Brunhild, which are being operated by humans, exceed those armed golems?」(Volk)

Are? Somehow, His Majesty The Emperor sounds provocative as well. Well, it's not like I don't understand him.

It appears like this professor called Bowman or something seems to be holding an utmost confidence to his armed golems. He has been expressing an irritated look towards His Majesty the Emperor since a while ago. He must be an idiot to direct this attitude towards the ruler of a whole country.

On the contrary, Gaspar-san stares at that idiot. Well of course a retainer can't forgive that attitude. The Regulus guards and the Rodomea guards are staring at each other in silence. The atmosphere is somehow dangerous. This happened because this stupid golem maniac isn't reading the mood.

Did his nose get longer due to this country constantly flattering him for being a genius?

Frankly, it felt as if he's just scraping all things together when he said that he has used something like the type of golem from the Rivet Tribe or the [Collar of Subordination]. It's what he can call his own work though.

「Touya-dono. Here's a suggestion. Won't it be better to show the power of the Frame Gears here?」(The King)

「......Won't it become troublesome?」(Touya)

The Belfast King, who is next to me, secretly mutters while looking at the Rodomea and Regulus camps that are quietly staring at each other. I respond in the same manner.

「Saying whether it will be troublesome, it already is. Isn't it then better to correct their rather naive recognition of Frazes? 」(The King)

It looks like there's no reason to hold back. Surely, they're suggesting something like [We have those golems so help is not needed], but fatalities will definitely come out without proper evacuations.

Should I teach them that those golems are useless?


I open the transfer formation in the air, and from there a gray frame gear, the Chevalier comes down.

The earth vibrates as the heavy knight lands on the plaza with a thud.

Everyone from Rodomea looks surprised towards the sudden appearance of the giant soldier.

「This is the mass production frame gear, the Chevalier. It has the lowest performance among the Frame Gears in our country and its ease of operation is its only feature」

「This one......」

Everyone in Rodomea looks up at the heavy knight. The armed golem is bigger in terms of size. There's an impression that it will be blown off by one hit from the Golem. Did they feel the same? I've also understood it since the edge of Bowman's mouth rises up. Did you just laugh?

「Let's do a mock battle between this heavy knight and that golem. We also want to know how much performance the golem has against the Frazes. Do you mind that, governor?」(Touya)

「Hohoo. No, I don't mind. What about it, Bowman-kun?」(Volk)

「Interesting. I'm also curious how much power that frame gear we've heard about possesses. Then, let's prepare」(Bowman)

Bowman raises a self-confident smile while fixing his glasses with a turn, conveys something to the guards, and walks towards the golem.

The mock battle is scheduled after 10 minutes. The governor parts away from us and talks about something with Bowman.

「Then, We also have to prepare for this. Nicola-san, can you go?」(Touya)

「Yes. There is no problem」(Nicola)

Our Vice-Commander Nicola-san, who came along as our escort, probably won't lose. When I was thinking of that, a voice came from somewhere unexpected.

「Your Majesty the Sovereign King, can you leave that duty to my esteemed self?」


The knight commander of the Imperial Knights, having worn a black armor, comes in front of me with intimidating eyes that could even silence a child.

「I will never fall behind against such wooden doll. I swear on the pride of the Empire to obtain victory for sure」(Gaspar)

The other Imperial Knights are looking here with serious eyes when I've looked around. I guess it was impossible for them to stomach Bowman's attitude from the while ago.

His Majesty the Emperor made a big nod when I've quickly glanced at him. Well, the chances of winning are high enough if it's someone on Gasper-san's level though. It's not like Brunhild needs to fight specifically. There's no problem leaving the match to Gaspar-san with regards to the capacity of the East-West alliance.

「I understand. Then, I will entrust it to you. Will you be using a spear as an equipment?」(Touya)

「Yes. Please, let's go with that」(Gaspar)

I open [Gate] and transfer a spear for a frame gear from [Hangar].

Just in case, let's tell Gaspar-san the location of the core of the wood golem and its characteristics. I would like for him to keep that in mind till the bitter end because it may have been improved.

Shall we then begin? I can see Bowman having a faint smile while I'm looking at Gaspar boarding the heavy knight.

Well then, for how long will that smile last?


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