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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 20


Jammerg55 here, so because were just basically posting what’s already been done you can probably expect a few more chapters today. Cheers! On a separate note I’m going to include Arc titles as well so people know where we are in relation to the original web novel

Chapter 20: Trust and Completing the Request

The following day we went back to Zanack’s shop to complete the request. We came back so quickly that Zanack was stunned, but after explaining about the Gate magic he quickly accepted it.

「This is the reply from Viscount Sordric.」

After Zanack took the letter from us, he confirmed the seal, then opened it, and took out the contents, then skimmed over it.

「Certainly. Thank you for your hard work.」 「Oh and this as well. Half of the transportation fee. We ended up not needing it so we’re returning it.」

I presented the money bag as it was.

「You’re honest, aren’t you? If you’d kept quiet about the Gate, then you wouldn’t have had to return it.」 「Trust is the best currency in business. As a merchant you should understand that, right Zanack?」 「…That’s true. Trust is a merchant’s fortune. If that is lost there is no business. If one were to betray that it would come back to crush them.」

While saying that, Zanack took the money bag. And for proof that the request was completed, the card with the request number was stamped and returned to us. After that, we just needed to go over to the guild to submit it and accept the reward. After Zanack expressed his gratitude we left the shop. Then we headed straight over to the guild. After entering the guild, there were a bunch of people staring at the request board. Yae, for who this was the first time coming here, looked around restlessly, and we headed over to the submission counter together. Then the clerk accepted the card stamped by Zanack, and the request was completed.

「Please submit your guild card」

Three of us present our guild card, and the clerk stamps each of them with a magic, pon pon pon.

「Here is the reward of 7 silver coins. Thank you for completing the request, good work.」

While taking the reward from the counter, I called Yae over from behind.

「Excuse me, I’d like to register this girl.」 「Registration? Very well.」

While explaining the registration process to Yae, I divided the reward between us, the last one was going to be used for the meal fee later.

「But you know…. It feels strange for the two silver coin reward to feel like so little」 「I know right. After receiving those white gold coins as a reward my since of the value of money is warped」

Elsie had muttered distractedly and I replied smiling wryly. The money we’d gotten from the Duke was unexpected money. We shouldn’t rely on that for our means of living as much as possible.

「I’m registered ~degozaru?」

Yae was happily showing us her new card. Although it was a black beginner’s card unlike ours. When seeing that everyone else had a different color, Yae’s face fell a little. Although level wise were weren’t really different, and requests would burry that difference sooner or later. Yae wanted to immediately take on a job, so we went over to the request board. When members holding different card colors form a party, the highest number of card with the same color are given priority. So even though Yae has a black card, taking on purple level requests won’t be a problem. Everyone read the applications posted to the board

「Ruins in the north… Subjugation…Mega…. Slime? This request is still here. Hey this…」 「「「No!!!」」」

Everyone refused in unison. Really? The number of voices increased by one. Apparently Yae disliked slimy things too. Too bad… In the end, we selected a Tiger-bear, whether it was a bear or a tiger we didn’t know, subjugation request. Even though it was to a place I’d never been to before, I couldn’t use the gate, it was still close enough to walk to. Well, might as well head over there.

I’ll state the conclusion, the tiger-bear was a tiger striped bear. Ah, it also had saber tooth tiger fangs. It lives in the Iwa Mountains, it was surprising when it attacked suddenly, but Yae basically beat it single-handedly. We broke off a the tiger-bear’s fang as proof, and returned to the guild. Then we turned in the fang, request completed. We completed the request in just two hours from start to finish. We got 12 silver coins. There is a limit to how fast one can be. Because there was still time we decided to take on one more, primarily to pacify Yae, and then went to dinner. We went to 「Parent」 to for our 「Request complete, Yae’s guild registration, and Yae’s first subjugation」celebration. We decided to have something light to eat and drink, then everyone ordered some vanilla ice cream. Yae, who hadn’t eat it yet, was surprised and began eating it greedily. As we were returning, Aeru asked for some new menu items. What would be good next time? I think I’ll do some research on that.

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