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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 2


Translator: Tsunami Sakura infinatus Translation Checker: Black Assassin Editor: The one and only Clueless Panda

Translator: I guess this is where i say something about me…ahem Dear god what have I gotten myself into when i said i wanted to translate

This is Panda. FINALLY GOT TL TO POST! On another note, thanks for all your support so far and hope you guys understand when RL gets bad for the TLs and editors.

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Chapter 2: Awaken and a Different World

When I wake up, I see the sky. The clouds move slowly and you can hear birds chirping from somewhere. I get up. There is no pain. I stand up and see mountains and grassland everywhere as I look around. It feels like being somewhere in the countryside. So this is the other world.

(Hayate, is that you? What are you doing here, did you get into an argument with Nagi again? )

I see a big tree in the distance. I think there is a road near it.

「For now, I wonder if I’ll meet people along the road?」

I decide as I start walking towards the big tree. Before long, I see the road. This is certainly a road.

「Well, which way to go, but….」

I’m worried whether to go to my right towards the base of the big tree or to the left. Hmm, if I go right, it’ll take me 1 hour and if I go left, it’ll take me 8 hours to reach a town. If that’s the case, I’m worried….while thinking, my smart phone inside my pocket suddenly made a noise. (TL: you know, ring tone) When I take out my phone I see “God incoming”.

「Hello?」 『Oh, it connected, it connected. It seems you arrived safely.』

When I put the phone to my ear, I hear God’s voice. It was only some time ago that I parted ways, yet I feel some nostalgia.

『I forgot to say that your smart phone’s map and directions have changed to that world. Please use it.』 「Is that so? That saves me a lot of trouble. I was just lost.」 『As expected. I thought it was acceptable to send you into a town, but I think I would have caused a commotion and be troublesome. A place away from the public, in that case, I was a loss about where to send you.』 「Hmm, I guess so.」

I answer while smiling wryly. Certainly I do not know where to go. Because, I have neither an acquaintance or hometown

『You will have no trouble reaching town while you check the map. Well then, do your best.』(TL 「Yes。Well then.」

When I hang up, manipulate the screen on the smart phone, and launch the map application. A map is displayed with me at the center. The nearby road is extended. I think this is the road I’m on. When I scroll down the road, there is a town to the west. Let’s see…rifuretto? So, the town of Refuretto.

「Alright, let’s go that way.」

I check the direction with the compass app and begin walking west. After walking for quite some time, I start to think that this is a pretty bad situation. First of all, there is no food. There is no water either. Even if I arrive at the town, after that? I have no money. I have a wallet, but can this currency really be used? If you think logically, this probably can’t be used. What shall I do now…? While walking absentmindedly, I hear a sound from behind. I look back and see something in the distance approaching. Is that…a carriage? This is the first time I saw a carriage. I hope somebody could let me get on…… To have first contact right after coming to another world, but the question is what to do. The carriage stopped? Please give me a ride. I might be turned away so I decide to quit. Why? As the carriage approaches, I discover that the carriage is remarkably high class. Gorgeous craftsmanship and a solid build. I am certain only a noble or rich person can ride one. How to stop such a person 「Insolent fellow! You will be punished!」However it sounds unbearable. I give way to the carriage approaching from behind and move to the side. The carriage rattles and raises a dust cloud while it passes by me. Having passed by without trouble, I go back on the road. As I start walking, I notice the carriage stopping.

「You! You over there!」

The carriage door slams open and a white haired gentleman with a splendid moustache appears. Wearing a stylish scarf and mantle, on his chest was a shining rose brooch.

「What is it…?」

While the gentleman with a excited look approaches me, in the corner of my mind, I say 「Oh、I understand the language」and I am relieved. My shoulders are firmly grasped and my whole body is being stared at.

「Tell me where you got these clothes!?」 「Huh?」

For a moment, I am dumbfounded and didn’t understand what he said, but the moustache gentleman moves around me unconcerned, taking a good look at my school uniform that I’m wearing.

「I have not seen such a design。And this sewing…how on earth…Hmmm……」

I understand somehow. In short, this uniform is rare. Perhaps this world doesn’t have such clothes. Well, if that’s so.

「……If you like it, shall I give it to you?」 「Really!?」

To my proposal, the moustache gentleman vigorously takes the bait.

「These clothes were sold to me from a traveling merchant, but I’ll hand it over if you like it. However, it’ll be troublesome if I sold everything I’m wearing. So in the next town, I’ll be grateful if I receive different clothing…」

I can’t say that these clothes are from another world, so I made up a list of excuses. If these clothes were sold for some money, I’ll be saved. I did not want to attract attention, so perhaps this is killing two birds with one stone.

「Very well! Please get on the carriage. I will give you a ride to the next town. And there, I will prepare you some new clothes and you’ll sell those clothes to me.」 「Then, this deal is complete.」

The moustache gentleman and I firmly shake hands. I get a ride on the carriage and it was three hours of shaking till the next town, Rifuretto. Meanwhile, the gentleman with the moustache (who seems to be called Zanakku-san) accepts the jacket of the uniform that I take off and confirms the feel of the seam with great interest. Zanakku-san is in the fashion business and was on his way back from a meeting today. I see that when my clothes are involved, that reaction is understandable. Speaking of me, I am enjoying the scenery that was passing by the window of the carriage. To see a different world. From now on, this is my new world.

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