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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 198


Arc 22: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 198: The Cave of the ruins, and an Attribute of Clumsiness

Pyuton village is located in the southwestern part of Regulus. It's a quiet village in the mountains near Belfast that doesn't stand out, and it feels like an idyllic rural village.

It may be troublesome if I'm discovered by the villagers, so I decide to lay low in the nearby forest for the time being, and search for the [Cave] with my smartphone. Thereupon, I find its location slightly away from the village.

「It's surprisingly close. I guess that's expected since children make it their playground」

The cave is halfway up the mountain in the village's outskirt. It's certainly small. The entrance is so small that only one person can go through at a time. It looks like a tunnel from a distance, but it's wider than I've expected once I enter it.

Or rather, it feels like there's a hole to the ruins inside the mountain through its side. It was probably shaped like this because different passages had been blocked by earth, sand and rocks.

A big bat attacks me after I advance for a while, but I defeat it with no effort. Hmmm, aren't they weak enough to be opponents for kids? Of course, it might be hard to defeat that creature without using a magic skill or a bow, but it probably won't cause any serious injury.

A black cube comes to my sight after I have advanced straight ahead. Is one side about seven meters wide? The surface feels like a chilly marble on touch. There is no mistake. It's a Babylon ruin.

「Now then... there must be something like a switch to go inside.......」

I examine every corner of the cube, but there's nothing that resembles a switch. There is no groove either, like that time with Monica.... What's going on?

There may be a wall where I can pass through if I touch it, but I can't get through even though I've touched various places from the sides to the top.

「Ummmu...... What's going on?......」

Is there no other way but to use [Modeling] to open a hole? ....... No, I feel like I would lose in that case. I would like to find it on my own but.......

’’Ah not this’’ ’’Neither is that’’ - I tried everything, but I couldn't find anything that could resemble an entrance.

「Ummm, what's going on with this thing? I tried all directions, even from above......Ah」

No way. From below?

As I was thinking ’’If that suits your fancy’’, I cautiously dug deep into the ground in a way that the cube wouldn't fall by using earth magic. I then dove into the hole to check the bottom of the cube.

...Found it. The bottom area looks like the side of a dice with one pip due to a circular ditch at the center.

「I should probably be able to enter from here......」

When I touch the circular spot with my hand, I get pulled in, and lifted up into the cube.

I look around, and the usual six pillars surrounding the transfer formation are there. Each gem of each attribute is dimly shining in the absence of brightness.

However, what's different that usual is that the transfer formation is on the side and not on the floor. The six pillars that hold the magic gems are also stretching from the side.

「Wait a minute. Isn't that supposed to be the bottom in the first place? In that case, I've entered from the side」

I think they clearly made a mistake when this cube was installed. There's no reason to construct the entrance from below. Speaking of a dice, the face with two pips should be at the bottom if the face with one pip is at the side. If they have mistakenly made the entrance in the area where the one pip is, then the area with two pips should be on the side. Otherwise, there won't be a way to go in.

「Good grief! Make sure to install it properly......」

Despite my grumblings, I pour my magic into the stone pillars in turns while keeping my body afloat with [Fly]. I then stand on the side of the wall that contains the transfer formation. This somehow feels strange. It's not like I'm a ninja. ’’Ninja arts, wall standing technique!’’ Just kidding.

I pour non-attribute magic power into the transfer formation and I eventually get wrapped with a dazzling vortex of light. The transfer has been successfully completed.

======================Scene Change===================

「Welcome to Babylon's-waaaa!?」


I, having thought that the vortex of light has calmed down, suddenly receive a headbutt on my belly. Gu, what a strong surprise attack!

Apparently someone... say, it must be the manager here, but it seems she thrusted into me after impulsively running here and had tripped.

「Waaaaaa, I'm sorry ~ssu! I was so excited with the thought of greeting you that I ended up headbutting you ~ssu!」

「I understand. I understand, so, first of all, get off me!」

The girl is fumbling her words right after ramming herself into me and dropping us both to the ground. It looks like I am being pushed down by her. This is a bit embarrassing. On top of that, this kid has something (TL: breast) that's quite good even though it's not as big as Flora's, making the situation even more uncomfortable.

(TL: reverse push on ground and mount attack!)

「I'll get up quickly ~ssu. To-tototo!」

「What are you doing......?」

The young girl, who quickly stood up, staggers and her right leg that's holding all of her weight accurately steps on my crotch!


Kka...! oOooo, Kwuuu-uu......! ......!

I faint in agony. What else can I do other than crouching and rolling on the ground? This is the greatest damage that I've ever received since I came to this world......!

This one hurts way more than a Fraze's attack....k! W-will r-recovery m-magic w-work...? N-no. I-in this case, h-how about [Refresh]? Uaa, it's useless! I can't concentrate any m-magic power...! It hurts, it really hurts!

「Excuse me...... Are you alright ~ssu?」

「T-there... no way... alright......」

I bang my fists on the ground without holding back while enduring the pain coming from my lower abdomen. I'm sweating a lot and my breath is being distorted. Really...... Severe....... I'm...... powerless......

The pain eventually goes away as I stagger to get up. The girl makes a pose similar to a salute with a snap afterward. Is she shorter than Shizuka? She then opens her mouth with a big smile.

「Then, let me introduce myself again. Welcome to Babylon's [Warehouse]! I'm the terminal managing this place. I'm called [Rilulu Palshee], but please call me[Palshee] ~ssu」

「It's yo────────u!!!」


So this fellow is the manager of [Warehouse]!! She let the [Jewel of Immortality] fall which in turn caused the start of Takeda's downfall and lost the [Imbibe Demon's bracelet] and the [Bracelet of defense] that also caused the coup d'etat in the empire.

She seems to be quite clumsy like the other Babylon numbers had said, but I've found it out with my own body!

「Sit down there for a while! I'll have to scold you!」

「W-why ~ssu?! Why ~suu?! Why am I getting scolded ~ssu!?」

Isn't she aware of how much trouble she has caused? I need to explain it to her to make her understand.

I told her about the people that suffered a lot because of the magic tools 《Artifacts》 she had dropped, and I thoroughly explained to her how much trouble I got dragged into because of her.

「Are you sorry for what you did?」

「~ssu....... I'm sorry for troubling you ~ssu. I've never thought that it would cause so much trouble ~ssu」

Palshee dejectedly drops her shoulders. Her pupils are facing down and her gray hair that was made into a ponytail is shaking a little. Did I go a little too far?

「What can I say, make sure to be careful from now on. Everyone from Babylon has been worrying about the current state of the [Warehouse]」

「Oyo? Have you met the others from Babylon beside me ~ssu?」

「That's just about it with the exception of the [Laboratory]. My introduction is late, but I'm Mochizuki Touya. The others have recognized me as their master」

「Hou-hou. Then, I'm obliged to approve you as the confirmed person ~ssu. Roger~ssu. From now on, Frame Number 26, code-named [Rilulu Palshee] will be transferred to you ~ssu. Please treat me well ~ssu, Master」

Palshee, having stood up energetically once more, quickly does a salute. What a fast switch. Did she really repent?

All the while, Palshee starts approaching me and moves her lips up close. Ah~, is this that pattern again?....

By the eighth time, I don't have the will to resist anymore. It's bound to happen either way. I give up on my feelings of reaching enlightenment, while my foot is getting stepped on by Palshee with all her weight.

「Ouuuuu...! Muguu!」

Her tongue enters my mouth as we join our lips, but it's not what I'm exclaiming about. My right foot is being crushed! This girl, having stood on her tiptoes in order to cover the difference in height, places her body weight on my right foot which is most definitely damaging it. My tip-toe is in serious pain!

Is her clumsy constitution that dreadful?! Can it even be called ’’clumsiness’’ by now?

「Registration complete ~ssu! Master's genes have been memorized ~ssu. The ownership of [Warehouse] has been transferred to Master from here onwards ~ssu! ... What's wrong ~ssu?」

Palshee inclines her head wondering why I'm rolling all over the place again. She's really not noticing why! She would definitely understand me if she got stepped on this bad! I roll all over the ground while holding my right foot. It might be wise to use [Shield] when I'm confronting this girl.

「In any case, I'll guide you through [Warehouse] ~ssu. This way ~ssu!」

Palshee runs away without a care in the world for my pain. Ah, she tripped. I wonder if this is natural for her?

I see an erected dome-shaped building as I come out of the overgrown shrub. It's not that large and is about the size of a detached house if I'm to describe its size. It also looks like an igloo, the house of eskimos built from compressed snow.

Upon entering through the hulking gates, I see a pure white room containing who knows how many rolling about white cubes with just the right size to sit on. They are somewhat 50 centimeters on one side. A single black monolith is standing in the center of the room.

「I imagined it would look more like a treasure-looking room since it's called [Warehouse], but....」

「The magic tools《artifacts》 developed by the professor, her personal collection, money, raw materials, every kind of record, and everything else is being preserved in the basement ~ssu. Once, each of the outer walls got destroyed, but they've already been repaired ~ssu」

That's when the [Jewel of Immortality] and a lot of other things must've dropped from here. Good grief! What a troublesome story.

「One can summon items from the underground preservation warehouse with this machine ~ssu. E~tto...」

Palshee pours magic power into the monolith, and it starts to operate for some reason. One of the cubes that are lying on the floor falls straight down and a similar-looking cube rises from the ground in front of me.

Small letters have been written on the upper right corner of the surface of the cube upon closer inspection. They're probably ancient Paruteno letters. Apparently, a set of numbers has been assigned to each cube.

The top of the cube slowly opens like a treasure box when Palshee touches it. Wow! A lot of gold coins are packed inside the cube.

「This box can't be opened by anyone except for master or myself ~ssu. For example, Professor Babylon herself wouldn't be able to open it either even if she tried~ssu」

I see. Is it possible that the key to the treasure has been transferred to me? Then that means, all of this is mine....? I guess I can use it as much as I like then.

I take out one gold coin from the box. It has a shape I haven't seen before.... No, I saw it once when I met End for the first time. It resembles the silver coin that he had. Then does that mean this is a Paruteno coin?

Isn't it natural when I think about it? This [Warehouse] itself is from 5000 years ago.

I can't use this money you know. Should I crush them and sell the metal....? I suppose that if I bring it to an antique shop they won't believe that it's from 5000 years ago because it's in perfect condition. They would've likely treated it as a fake.

「Oh that's right. Are the blueprints for the new frame gears in here?」

「Are you asking for the frame gears' blueprints ~ssu? It's here ~ssu. Ummm......」

The box with gold coins sinks to the floor when Palshee operates the monolith, and another box rises up instead. Both look the same so I can't tell one from the other.

I do what Palshee did earlier and touch the box. The top cover then slowly opens. Having looked at what's inside...... I then slowly close the cover.

「Palshee......This-is wrong. You've made a mistake. Close it. Quickly」

「Eh? Ah, you're right ~ssu. I mistook the number ~ssu」

Palshee operates the monolith again, and the closed box in front of me sinks efficiently disappearing. I turn my back away from her because my face may have gotten all red.

Eh, what's in the box? It's just mere toys, you know?... The adult ones... That professor is truly detestable......。

I open the box that comes up again, and this time there are a lot of cylinder-like objects. They look like diploma containers. I open one and try to take out its content.

This certainly seems like a blueprint. Illustrations of different parts crammed with fine details have been written in it. Of course, I can't read it, but I may be able to read it by using translation magic.

I don't get it because it's difficult to read!

However, we can finally create frame gears with a higher level than before. We couldn't temper with the existing frames as of the moment, but it's now possible to make one from scratch. In other words, we can now create specialized and personal machines.

Shall I make a frame gear with a tank for its lower half? I wonder if it's possible to deform it like that. Shall I try looking for various types of robots on the net? What else is there aside from the heavy armor type, the high mobility type, and the rear support type?

Just as I thought, I'm getting nervous. It can't be helped because I'm a man!


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