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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 197


Arc 22: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 197: The 8th Bride, and the Snow Mouse

「We've noticed that something has changed between the two of you since a while ago」

Yumina, who's sitting at the table, begins to talk. Rin also sits with everyone else at the same table, however, I'm the only one being made to sit in seiza on the floor. Don't you think that this is cruel? It appears I've grown accustomed to it already. Ha-ha-ha. Heck, what time is it that I am being forced into a seiza?

「Rin-san loves Touya-san as well, right?」 (Yumina)

「Yes. I'm quite pleased with him in my own way and I think I want to be married to him for the rest of my life, even though my passion for him doesn't reach your level」 (Rin)

「That is......」(Yumina)

「Of course I'm not setting my sights on the legacy of Babylon or his status, you know? Moreover, I do find him to be a charming person and I've come to like him as an individual. That is not a lie」(Rin)

Rin, having interrupted Yumina, ties what she herself says together. She then stops while looking straight at Yumina's eyes.

Yumina's gaze eventually softens and she shows a smile on her face.

「I understand. I approve of Rin becoming Touya-san's bride. What does everyone else think?」

Yumina looks at the others sitting at the table. The first one to raise her hand is Yae.

「I, myself, have no problem with it as well」(Yae)

「I-I too don't have any problem」(Lindsey)

「I also don't think that would be a problem」 (Elsie)

The twin sisters, having followed after Yae, timidly raise their hands. The remaining two also raise their hands in a hurry after seeing that.

「This one also doesn't have any objections」 (Hilda)

「I-I am of the same」(Rue)

Both Rue and Hilda haven't had many interactions with Rin. Nevertheless, I think it's because they've spoken and acted together a few times that they understand her personality.

What I meant by interactions is that Rin has been in this group longer than they are. I couldn't have predicted in any way that the situation would develop like that.

「I don't think Suu would've opposed this even if she was here at the moment. Rin-san, please treat us well from now on」(Yumina)

「Yes. Please take care of me」(Rin)

They both exchange a soft handshake and smile at each other. It feels like there won't be room for me to interject anymore. No, it's not like I have a reason to be particularly opposed to this situation. Rin is cute, dependable, and mature emotionally-wise.

I think if I assume that Yumina is the mediator for everyone, Rin will act as the sub-leader to them.

However, the number of brides is finally eight, right? I'm one step away from completion. Or rather, I wonder whether this situation wouldn't have turned out like this if that foolish professor didn't say too much?

It feels like Yumina and the others are eager to quickly decide on the nine fiancees... Probably before I get caught by some strange woman or something like that, I think? Though it doesn't seem like they're deciding thoughtlessly seeing as they didn't accept Pam.

「Rin is now one of us as one of Touya-san's fiancees, our comrade, and a kindred soul」(Yumina)

「Eh? Ah, tha-that's right I guess」(Rin)

「And... where have the two of you been before this?」(Yumina)


A silly sound escapes from Rin. She becomes surrounded by the other five before she could even respond and is being pressured with their silent smiles.

「Wa-wait a moment. Aren't you girls misunderstanding something?」 (Rin)

「Till this late at night, and furthermore, only just the two of you... What other reasons could there be?」 (Yae)

Pola, who's frantically appealing to Yae as if saying [I was there too], is entirely being ignored by everyone who in turn are surrounding Rin. Furthermore, the twins are excessively pressing themselves into Rin.

「I-is it by chance...」

「H-have you done it ?!」


Both of mine and Rin's voices resound in unison. By saying ’’have you done it’’... do they mean ’’that’’? The faces of both sides of those who said it and to whom it's said are getting red.

「W-w-wha-what are you saying?! There's no way that happened!」

The panicking Rin denies it while her face looks like it's boiling. Oh-ya? What a surprisingly innocent reaction... I'd say this reaction, in comparison to her 600 years of age, is appropriate for her appearance, right?

The other side, having seen this reaction, conversely calms down.

I thereupon explain to everyone the events of this evening in place of Rin who can't say anything and who's about to blow up.

「I understand the situation. But, shouldn't you have at least sent a message if you're going to be this late?」

「Uuh, sorry about that...」

「Shouldn't you be able to contact us if you convey your thoughts through Kohaku-chan's group?」


Come to think of it, that's correct. I've been running around without even realizing that. Surely, I didn't send even a single message before it got this late. They were probably worried in a lot of ways when I didn't come back home.

I, speaking for myself, didn't think there was even a need to worry, but I guess I got carried away there for a bit.

It's not my intention to cause the people I hold dear any worry or trouble. I should take that into consideration in the future.

「I don't know what we would do if we were left behind, by you...」 (Elsie)

「That is so. Tell us if you're going to do any magic experiments and when...」 (Yae)

「The vacant house has burned entirely, hasn't it...?」 (Lindsey)

Elsie, Yae, and Lindsey are sighing out of tiredness. Is that what you're worried about?! It's just that, I've thought I could control a flame ball like some sort of guided missile, but I was mistaken.

I wonder if that's how a husband who returned home after getting drunk feels like when he is being scolded by his wife? ... Hm? Am I not becoming a henpecked husband for real?

I don't really feel like becoming a [Shut up and follow me]-type of a domineering husband in particular. Believing that Yumina and the rest are frequently getting angry while thinking of me, I can't really oppose them. Their relationships as fiancees are good. They haven't fought even once, and it looks like I would incur divine punishment if I complain about it.

「In any case, make sure you contact us beforehand if you're going to be late from now on. We're okay as long as you can do that. Do you understand?」


I was preached by each one of them after this, and when I was finally released I then collapsed on my bed. It was almost dawn by then. I was made to promise a lot of things, but I can't really help it since I'm paying for my mistakes.

How should I say this...? Individually, they're cute and gentle and it calms my heart when we're together. But I don't feel like I can win against them when they all come together. The initiative is taken away from me completely. I guess I'll just have to accept this as well.

Aah, I'm feeling sleepy already. Guu.


I go to Kousaka-san first thing in the morning after waking up and explain him the events of the previous day. I hear that he will immediately put forth a rough draft of sorts, basing it on the laws of Belfast. This world, being on the level of Edo Period, has light punishments like exile next to death penalties. If it's the Edo Period, the banishment would've been applied.

Other countries seem to have a forced labor in mines as punishment, but sadly, there are no mines in our country.

It seems various troubles will certainly appear if capital punishment is abolished. It would be a problem if they become exiled and start some troubles in another country. I'm wondering if the future problems would really disappear if the death penalty was applied.

It can be said that the [Collar of Subordination] may be a suitable magic tool 《Artifact》 to punish criminals in a certain sense as long as it's properly applied only to the people committing serious crimes. I wonder, can't I modify it?

It seems the slave merchant Javel will be sentenced to death if we match our laws to that of Belfast as of the moment. Although I can say it's natural when his past misdeeds are taken into account.

The problem is what to do with the other sailors and slaves. I can have Yumina inspect the true essence of the slaves with her magic eyes though. It's then fine to remove the collar if there's no issue.

In any case, I head to town towards [Silver Moon] mainly because I'm worried about the adventurers whom I helped yesterday. I hope they didn't get any strange trauma though.

Upon arriving at [Silver Moon], I talk with the adventurers who have been caught and feel relieved because, fortunately, the ten people have decided to continue being adventurers. I hope they will be more careful when exploring from now on. There is no need to rush since it's good to become stronger slowly. If you can stronger bit by bit, it will be good for you.

Everyone heads to the guild at once upon hearing that their cards will be reissued. If I made a small mistake... I feel like apologizing when I think of that.

I decided to have lunch here because I didn't have breakfast (Since I was sleeping until noon). I invited Ropp's group of four too while I was at it.

Although they held back at first, they felt sorry and took their seats when I quickly ordered lunch for five people from Mika-san.

「Oh, so there is a dungeon in the village where you've lived?」

「It's not at the same level of the dungeons here though. It's more like a small cave, but there's certainly some kind of ruin inside. We've entered there ever since we were kids to play as adventurers」

Isn't it dangerous to be ’’playing as adventurers’’ since you were just kids back then? Monsters like wolves might've settled in.

「We've encountered the monsters like a wolves and big bats a couple of times, but the four of us have exterminated them. Therefore, we had a little confidence but.... we've learned how fortunate we have been after coming here.」

The swordswoman Fran mortifyingly said so. As she has said, wolves are quite different from goblins and kobolds. The latter two will use tools unlike the former. Doesn't that mean that Ropp and Fran coped up with those blue rank adventurers even though they felt scared? I wonder if those kids are showing some promise.

「Well, don't push yourself, only do things what you can do steadily and learn from your mistakes. Also, don't get sweet talked. You see, there's a backstory when it comes to sweet talking. Beautiful flowers have thorns, and there's nothing more expensive than what's free」

The four of them nod obediently. Well, I think they've learned their lesson. They should've questioned why other adventures came up to them and talked about good hunting grounds. Was there any benefit for them to talk about it even though their profits would've decreased? Doubt others somewhere along those lines, but don't doubt them too much.

「Umm, your majesty. It's about this kid but......」


Ion, the magician, places the white house mouse I've summoned on her hands. Ah, I forgot about that.

Hmmm, I'm still worried about these kids. Shall I leave him with them? If I'm not mistaken, this summoned magic beast is called a [Snow Rat]. It looks quite strong in a group, but I can only see it as a house mouse.

Well, I don't know if there are house mice in this world though.

It seems this mouse has the skill [Danger Sense]. Those four can prevent themselves from being caught in a surprise attack if they have this guy. They also should be able to probably predict a crisis and escape.

「I will entrust this kid to you. It's quite smart and can sense danger, so I believe it will be useful in your explorations. It can also contact me so it's fine to ask him for help in case something happens」

Ion nods with a smile to my words. It seems she likes this guy. Well, I hope you get along. I will be in trouble though if I receive a lot of thoughtless messages.

I part with the four after the meal. The snow mouse, which is on top of Ion's head, cheekily waves its hand at me. That guy, isn't he actually pretty smart...?

Come to think of it, there's one thing I became curious about in the previous conversation. It's the cave where the four entered to play since they were kids. I think it has a ruin that might resemble the ruins of Babylon.

If I remember correctly, weren't they from Pyuton village in Regulus? I search for it in the map, and it's not that far. I've never thought it was that close... I wonder if searching birds might've missed it.

Ah, is it possible they are blind at night that they couldn't see inside the cave? No, I might be mistaken. It seems most birds are just as efficient as humans are at night. However, they don't act at night simply because they can't find food.

In that case, did they simply overlook it? Well, whatever, I will find out once I get there.

I tried to leave immediately using [Fly], but before that, I sent my thoughts to Kohaku and asked him to convey my message. Afterall, they did get angry just yesterday. I want to avoid being lectured for two days in a row.

Well then, shall I go and check it out?


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