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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 190


Arc 22: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 190: The Dragon Rebellion and an Unjustified Resentment

『There are also different types of dragons, so I can't really generalize them』

Ruli says that remark as an introduction. In the first place, Ruli says that she cannot do anything about the [Echo Needle of Domination] if we assume that dragons are being controlled by it. However, she has also said that when it comes to high-ranking dragons, like the so-called elder dragons, they probably cannot be dominated by that artifact due to them having a powerful willforce.

The dragons evolve rather than grow and become adults. They start as Infant Dragons. Then, they become Young Dragons. Afterwards, they become Adult Dragons. Further than that, they become Elder Dragons. And finally, when they become more than that, they turn into Ancient Dragons.

However, only species referred to as ’’high-ranking dragons’’ can evolve into Elder Dragons, and the Low-Ranking Dragons referred to as ’’wyverns’’ can never evolve.

The difference in intelligence is also extreme, the young dragon (This applies to the black dragon I had defeated) can understand human words but can't say them. Only the Elder Dragons and the Ancient Dragons can't be controlled by the [Echo Needle of Domination]. If that's how it is, isn't their number quite dangerous?

『Since dragons aren't that numerous in the first place, is there any need to worry about it?』

『The Dragons, even the young ones, are strong by themselves, so there's little danger for them to be defeated. Therefore it's not needed for them to bear a lot of children like all of you weak beasts. Their numbers are fairly reasonable even if I say that they are few. But I think it's sheer stupidity to leave them alone though, don't you agree?』

『What did you say!?』

I started to think while being fed up due to Kohaku and Ruli quarreling again.

Somehow I'm quite concerned. How should I say this? That wyvern didn't feel like it's being manipulated. It felt like he was rampaging by its own will....... No, since low-ranked dragons are not that intelligent, maybe it was left to move by its instinct.

「In any case, why not go and ask about their circumstances? The red dragon seems to be in Misumido's Sanctuary」

Since the Red Dragon looks like an Elder Dragon, he most likely won't be manipulated by the [Echo Needle of Domination].

For the time being, I transfer to Misumido with Ruli. I then start flying to the place called ’’Sanctuary’’ with [Fly] without changing my destination.

「If I'm not mistaken, the whole forest spreading at the middle of the central part of the mountain area is the sanctuary, right?」

If that's the case, we should have already entered this Sanctuary. Woops, has someone come to meet us already?

I then stop in the air and see a huge red dragon coming towards us from the opposite side. That's the red dragon I met when I killed the black dragon back then.

Ruli, who is next to me, returns to her original size. The red and blue dragons stood against each other in the air

『In order to pay respect for the Blue Emperor-sama with regards to the manifestation this time, I congratulate you』

『 The reason why I have been summoned though is to clean after the household of you guys. So I wonder, do you understand why we have come here?』

『Ha! For the incompetence this one is guilty of, I am truly sorry』

The red dragon closes his eyes and bows. We go straight below and decide to talk with the red dragon there.

At first, the young dragons have rampaged. Hearing this, they look to be the same as the black dragon we have defeated. The dragons are strong and wise in general, but sometimes, their pride due to their origin becomes an issue.

They are saying that ’’We're stronger than anyone else, and we're the apex of evolution’’. Even if they're living in the sanctuary, there are some troublemakers that descend upon where people live and do bad things. Even if they were to say that it's a ’’Mistake due to youth’’ the damage done is enormous. But that's because there are always some youngsters who defy the adults in any world.

This kind of people always exist. Yet even if this is one of the so-called 'rebellious stages', it has never been a problem.

For this occasion however, it has been going on since the time i've killed that black dragon.

「Eh, what is that?」

『That Black Dragon was an underling even among the young dragons, but they still couldn't stay silent after their comrade was killed. The young dragons raised their voices for a prompt retaliation』

「What the hell are they saying? Wasn't he the one that first came out from the sanctuary and burned the village?」

『Of course, only a portion of the young dragons were saying that while the others warned that bunch we shouldn't cause disputes with mankind. At that time, those guys that had raised their voices were unwilling, but they still withdrew』

However, the story didn't end with that. Apart from the dragons living in Misumido's Sanctuary, there are several places in the world where dragons live.

One of those places is to the southwest from here. Beyond the Great Forest Sea, a small island called ’’Drachen Island’’ lies in between the Sandora Kingdom and the Lail Kingdom.

(TLC: So, the author used katakana ドラゴネス for island's name which is roughly saying ’’Dragons/Dragones’’, but since the word ’’Dragon’’ is gonna be used soooo much, we will switch this island's name to german version(purely artistical decision) of ’’Drachen’’ for differentiation's sake, consider it our liberty of translation)

One day, a dragon messenger from ’’Drachen Island’’ came to the Sanctuary stating that the dragons there became subordinates to the [Dragon King]. He said that ’’Interference is unnecessary’’.

「Dragon King? Huh? Aren't the dragons under Ruli's control?」

『That's how it usually is. In other words, that situation was not normal. To begin with, I was the one who determined that we shouldn't cause huge wars with humankind as much as possible. This is also the first time it was frankly defied like that』

『It's because many thousands of years have already passed since the Blue Emperor-sama passed away. Some of the young dragons don't even know about her existence after all』

Kohaku and the others, who are called divine beasts, manifest in this world once every few decades or centuries. This time though, they have been summoned by a human. It's an event that doesn't happen that much. I guess that time with Kohaku was a coincidence, but then after that, I have summoned them specifically.

It seems that Ruli, who is the ruler of dragons, didn't manifest herself for a long time even among the divine beasts. Well, dragons do have long lives after all.

「And who is this person calling himself the [Dragon King]? Is he one of those [Ancient Dragons]?」

『No, he seems to be a man of the Dragon Clan. It's said that he arrived at ’’Drachen Island’’, dominated the young dragons, and massacred the [Elder Dragons] living on that Island. I've also heard that the remaining Adult Dragons were subdued with force』

The Dragon Clan, is it? There is no doubt about it. That man dominated the dragons in the island using the [Echo Needle of Domination]. He then killed the [Elder Dragons] he couldn't control by using the same dragons that were under his control.

『When they heard of the power the Dragon King could grant them and that they could do as they please while not being tied by the laws, all the young dragons who were dissatisfied with our sanctuary went to the Island. After coming back, they had already acquired the power that we couldn't restrain. There are only a few who have yet to return here, but they may start rampaging around here soon』

The Dragons have already rampaged in Leaflet Town and the Sandora Kingdom. It's more like the young dragons have already started to run wild. They try to kill people for fun and do whatever they please to the towns where people live. These guys are the same as that black dragon.

『What a pathetic story. In only a few thousand years, for my dependents to have become foolish to that extent...』

『There is no words I can reply with......』

「I see...... I understood the rough story. Apparently, the ringleader is that [Dragon King], but the dragons themselves wished to start the fight with humans. Or rather, you won't have any complaints even if I exterminate them, right?」

『......「The Dragon who forgets his pride is even less than a lizard 」. Those are the words of the Blue Emperor-sama. Those guys are no longer dragons. I will obey the intention even if you desire to dispose them however you wish』

『Pride and arrogance are similar. They have so much pride that it becomes arrogance the moment they start looking down on others. I too had a painful experience recently』

Ruli said that while looking at me. It may be an impossible story to those who are seeking the dragons, but the saying [The boughs that bear the most hang the lowest] is something that doesn't seem to describe them.


However, humans aren't stupid. No matter how strong the dragons are, even humans can win against a dragon if they confront it in a group. Unlike Frazes, magic is effective against dragons. If there's an advanced wind mage among this group, he can even drag and drop the dragon to the ground.

Still, it's certain that the damage will be huge though. I heard from Captain Garun of Misumido that 100 warriors are necessary to hunt one, right?

Nevertheless, the result will still change depending on whether there's a magician and if skilled warriors join. Recruiting that many people won't be a problem if it's a capital or a big city, but small towns are unfortunate because there aren't many people of such calibre there.

They may have remarkable adventurers there if they are lucky, but even that in itself would still be difficult. They can obtain the title of [Dragon Slayer] if they defeat a dragon with a party of five or less. Very strong adventurers......Those five people have to be at least red rank adventurers.

「Now then, since it came to this, I'm getting suspicious whether there really is a [burden placed in the mind of its user] in that [Echo Needle of Domination]」

Rather than dominating others by connecting their minds, it feels more like those dragons are just allowed to do whatever they want.

Perhaps for the dragons, driving this needle can increase their power beyond the limit. Though I wonder, do they even know that it has the side effect of shaving away their life span?

It may be something trivial for dragons that live for thousands of years though.

「The fastest solution might be to do something about that [Dragon King]. Huh? But even if I defeat him, is there something that I can do to the rampaging dragons?」

I guess it's not like the dragons will also die if the dragon king dies. On the contrary, will they only escape from the dominating force completely? I guess, their end will likely be the same even if they are dominated though. Whatever happens, there's no way I will leave them alone.

「For now, shall I try looking at the dragons' movements?」

I bring out the map and try searching for dragons. There are plenty of them! I guess it's like that, right? Their numbers are moderate no matter how few you say they are. I don't understand it like this. Let's narrow it down a bit. Let's see... dragons who are struck by the [Echo Needle of Domination]...

The [Echo Needle of Domination] has a shape similar to a marking pin. The head of the needle is exposed to the outside, so I can probably search for it since it can be seen from the outside.

As I've thought, I can search for them. Nevertheless, there are still many of them........ It feels like they are distributed all over the world doing whatever they like. As expected, there are many dominated dragons on the Drachen Island. Eh?

「This is......!?」

It seems that they flew out from Drachen Island. A group with considerable numbers is heading straight towards someplace else. What is their.......

「Are those guys aiming for Brunhild!?」

What does that mean? Don't tell me, is this some sort of revenge for the Black Dragon? However, why in the world do they know about me?

Have they perhaps been taught by that [Dragon King]? The [Dragon Slayer] who defeated the Black Dragon in Misumido, he would immediately find out if he tried investigating about it. In that case, the aim of this group is.......

「Ruli. Everyone is in danger. We're going back. Now!」

『As you command』

Is this act an unjustified resentment of the dragons? Bring it on! Whoever they are or whatever it is, may it be dragons or anyone else, don't think you can get away without suffering the consequences after making a move on my country.

I will utterly crush those conceited bunch.


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