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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 189


Arc 22: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 189: The Echo Needle of Domination and the Azure Dragon

「If I am to say it clearly, this is surely not an invention of professor Babylon」(Shizuka)

「Are you saying it isn't an object that fell from the [Warehouse]?」 (Touya)


A wyvern has been defeated at Leaflet. When I showed Shizuka the skewer which had been stuck to it, she then declared that. Rosetta takes the skewer that was left behind, looks at it for a while and then says something.

「This is the [Echo Needle of domination]. An article of professor Erks」(Rosetta)


「Professor Debora Erks. She was a person referred to as a master of magic crafts in Paruteno. Well, she's inferior to Professor Babylon by a huge margin」(Rosetta)

There was a person like that? I sigh in relief knowing that it isn't an item that has come from the [Warehouse]. Well, it seems there's no need for me to particularly feel responsible. In the end, how a tool is going to be used is dependent on who is going to use it. So if I say who's the worst one here, it would be the person who has understood how it works and still has chosen to use it.

Whether it's the [Jewel of Immortality], the [Imbibe demon bracelet] or the [Bracelet of defense], the people almost lost their minds because of the power they have gained and destroyed themselves. And there are also people like the founding king of Restia who has managed to master the holy sword and become a king adored by his people.

Well, even if that's how it is, it doesn't mean that I won't charge the manager of [Warehouse] with the responsibility for it.

「What do I say about professor Erks? She held a strong enmity towards professor Babylon. Speaking about the artifacts made by this girl, professor Babylon had impressions like [It's powerful, but it's safety measures are defective], [Although it's very versatility, the burden is being forced on the user], [New, but hardly interesting] whenever she allowed the professor to say anything about them」(Rosetta)

「It seems that professor Babylon was inviting excessive hostility due to her easily making items of higher quality than that of professor Erks」 (Shizuka)

It's just how that professor is. I am sure she was substantially teasing her.

Similar to Oda Nobunaga and Akechi Mitsuhide, I guess geniuses and prodigies are incompatible with each other. I think that professor Babylon might have not even regarded the other side as an opponent. How pitiful.

「So, what is this [Echo Needle of Domination]?」 (Touya)

「It's a magic tool 《Artifact》 used to control magic beasts. When it's loaded with magic and driven in their heads, this article allows the user to freely control the magic beasts. Though it draws out the power of the magic beasts to their limits, it does so in exchange for the beasts' lifespan. I've heard that it had the possibility of harming the user's mind since the magic beast's and user's minds are forcibly connected. As such, it was eventually discarded」 (Rosetta)

I see. Although it's powerful, it's safety is troublesome. It's due to the burden it imposes on the user, right? I suppose it's exactly right that. However, I don't think she has any right to say anything about that person's invention though because Babylon had also made something like the [Jewel of Immortality].

Somehow, doesn't that mean that the user of the wyvern is using that item without knowing anything about it?

However, a dragon? It's would be troublesome if someone can gather a number of those creatures who are considered to be the strongest living beings. It looks like it's going to be troublesome should a dragon similar to the red dragon from the sanctuary of Misumido assault us. I can't imagine a dragon who possess high intelligence to be controlled like this though.

『Lord. Is now a good time?』

「Eh? Kougyoku? What's wrong?」

Kougyoku comes in through the window. She turns her crimsons eyes towards me after landing on the table.

『In my humble opinion, it should be a good idea to try summoning the [Blue Emperor] and ask him about things related to dragons』

By the [Blue Emperor], is she referring to the companion of Kohaku's group? One of the four deities. The Seiryu of the East.... Was it? If I am not mistaken, Kohaku is the ruler of beasts, Sango and Kuroyou are the rulers of scaled creatures, while Kougyoku is the ruler of birds, and they are the divine beasts. However, aren't magic beasts not included in their domains?

『Strictly speaking, dragons are not magic beasts. They are a type of beasts by themselves and they are dependents of the blue emperor. Aside from them, there are also the likes of lizards and alligators. Those beasts are barely covered by Kuroyou and Sango's domain. Either way, I've thought ’’if we are going against dragons, why not call him?’’. I also haven't seen the face of the Blue Emperor for a long time』

『Lord! I am against that!』

Dogannn! Kohaku jumps into the room in his large tiger form after slamming the door. Oi! How many times did I tell him not to get big inside the castle!?

『If it's the Lord, he can solve this problem even if he doesn't summon this unpleasant fellow! Please reconsider it!』

What's going on!? Or rather don't approach me when you're in your huge form as you are now. You're scary. It's as if I am going to be eaten.

『Leaving aside the issue of unpleasantness, isn't being a Blue Emperor a qualification already?』(Sango)

『Kohaku-chan is on bad terms with Sei-chan you know. I guess it's desperation. Pupupu』 (Kuroyou)

Sango and Kuroyou also come in while swimming in the air. Oh I see, is it like that?

『Guuu, that's true but....... Don't you understand that things will be troublesome if that fellow comes in between us! That person is being uncooperative by uttering nothing but only far-fetched things! Ahhh, I am getting furious just by remembering that Blue Emperor!』 (Kohaku)

Just when I thought that Kohaku had gotten smaller, he began rampaging on the carpet like a kid throwing a tantrum. He is completely bringing out his personal feeling, with this.

『An impulsive Kohaku and a rational Blue Emperor are like water and oil. Can I say they don't get well rather than just being on bad terms? I do think that they respect each other's good points, but both of them are still stubborn』 (Kougyoku)

『Who is! If I am to recognize that one, it will only be Blue's clever mouth and insensibility of not being able to read the mood!』(Kohaku)

Kohaku gets on the table and shouts at Kougyoku who is explaining. Oh, good grief. I think this talk doesn't look like it's progressing in any way.

「I understand Kohaku's argument, but let's try summoning that person for now」 (Touya)

『No way~』(Kohaku)

「Well, look, I'm not really saying for you to forcibly be friends. Ah, although it's fine if you quarrel at a certain degree, I would punish the two of you if you guys seriously fight each other」 (Touya)

I take Kohaku who is feeling reluctant along, and go out to the courtyard. Fortunately, there is no one in the courtyard, so we decide to finish the summoning now without any delay.

I draw a summoning formation in the courtyard with a magic stone chalk and pour magic power with darkness attribute in it.

While confirming that the black fog which appeared inside the summon formation is gradually getting darker, we slowly mix the magic power of Kohaku's group in it. With this, the preparations are complete.

「Oh the one ruling the spring and trees, east and larger rivers. Answer my call, make your appearance here」

The magic power in the middle of the summoning formation swelled up in one go, and a huge blue dragon appeared from within the black fog. It has sapphire-like scales with clear blue eyes and big wings that give the presence of a king. Unlike a wyvern, it has proper forefeet. It's not an [Eastern Dragon]. It's undeniably a 《Dragon》.

(TLC: a play on words of ’’龍’’ and ’’竜’’. Both mean dragon. But former implies a chinese dragon, while the latter - western dragon)

『......Fumu. Just when I thought I've felt a nostalgic spirit, it were you guys, weren't you? What's the situation here for all of us to meet in this kind of place?』

A calm voice sweeps forth from Seiryu. The voice somehow brings an image of a woman that's close to how a female teacher or a career woman would sound like.

『Long time no see, Blue Emperor』 (Sango)

『Sei-chan, long time no see~』 (Kuroyou)

『It's good you look fine more than anything else, Blue Emperor』 (Kougyoku)

While Sango, Kuroyou, Kougyoku greets Seiryu, Kohaku is the only one who turns his face away and clicks his tongue. Oi-Oi, don't you think that your attitude is a bit rude?

『Fumu. There seems to be a small fry who can't even greet, but I will forgive him. I am big-hearted after all』 (Seiryu)

『Dimwit It's this Blue Lizard! Are you saying you're big-hearted!? How dare you say that, you, with your warped personality that spits out malicious words!』(Kohaku)

『Are you saying that I'm warped? Then wouldn't that make your personality twisted like a wheel?』 (Seiryu)

『What did you say!?』 (Kohaku)

「Yes yes, stop right here」 (Touya)

I pick up Kohaku that seems ready jump anytime now by the nape of his neck and look up at Seiryu. Although this one has its puzzled eyes look here, it soon opens its mouth.

『Can I presume that you're the one who summoned me? What's your name?』 (Seiryu)

「Mochizuki Touya. I am the King of this country」 (Touya)

『Hohou. Even if I can understand the Flame Emperor's case, I am wondering how you got the cooperation of the White Emperor and Genbu's pair though』(Seiryu)

『It's not a cooperation or anything. He is our honorable master, you know?』 (Kuroyou)

『..................What?』 (Seiryu)

Seiryu's stops moving due to Kuroyou's remark. It's looking at me with eyes that have seen something unbelievable.

Suddenly, Seiryu emits a staggering intimidation. However, it didn't have a great impact on me. The reminds me, this is similar to when I've summoned Kohaku. Seiryu eventually stops emitting an intimidating force and then exhales a little.

『......I can certainly feel an unusual presence but...... Who are you?』

The one who replies to the question of the Seiryu isn't me. It is Kohaku whom I've picked up in my hand.

『How about you confirm it by yourself if you have doubts, Blue Emperor. It's our Lord's intention to form a contract with you after all. Don't you want to try out the power that we obey?』 (Kohaku)

『Mm.... It's annoying to listen to that cajoling mouth of yours but... I'm definitely curious. That's fine. Why not try out this person's ability?』 (Seiryu)

At that moment, I didn't miss the broad grin on Kohaku's face. I can generally understand what he's thinking but...

==========================Scene Change========================

Since it's too cramped in the courtyard, I draw a considerably larger summoning formation in the western plains and call Seiryu again.

On that plain, both I and Seiryu will face each other one-to-one. We also shouldn't bother the surrounding areas here, and the spectators are only the other divine beasts.

「Then, what are we going to do? Is it fine if we fight?」

『Fumu. Well, I guess that's right. It's fine as long as I understand your ability. Ah, I won't kill you so be relieved』

After hearing that line, all the other divine beasts burst into a huge laughter. They're even trembling. Are they grinning?

「Well, I guess it's fine, isn't it? I'm coming. Are you ready?」

『Don't worry. Come to me anytime you want』

「Then I won't hold back. [Accel Boost]」

I kick the ground at once and approach Seiryu at the highest speed. It will be troublesome if he flies after all. Let's end this fight quickly before that happens.




I touched Seiryu's body, and activate the weight magic. In a blink of an eye, the blue dragon is being sewn onto the ground and is cowering on its place. Beat it before it can fly. This is common sense.

『Guuu......! W-what is this magic......! Such... such powerful magic, why are you this cool-headed......!?』

『Kuhahahaha! Oh Blue Emperor, you have misread the Lord's ability! Didn't you have any doubts when you saw us being manifested this way when we should normally be summoned?』


Seiryu widely opens its eyes in surprise. Kohaku is speaking happily while running around the unmoving dragon. You're too much in high spirits, all-right.

『Now that you mentioned it......! Absurd...... While keeping all you guys summoned, and keeping you manifested at the same time......! How much magic power is being consumed!?』

『Kukuku. Let's me tell you something good. The lord's magic power doesn't decrease even a single bit after summoning us and letting us exist freely. In fact, it won't even matter even if the lord employs hundreds of summoned beasts all at the same time』

『N-no way......!』

『Hahahahaa! That sorry look! Did you learn your place?! This is our Lord, Mochizuki Touya-sama's ability!! I remember someone saying that ’’I won't kill you so be relieved’’!』

It certainly is like that. You don't have to say it though, you know... More than that, I would like you to stop doing mean things. You're like a fox borrowing the power of a tiger. Or rather, you are a tiger yourself.

『You seem happy, Kohaku-chan』 (Kuroyou)

『Well, It's like I don't understand your feelings but...』 (Sango)

『You should withdraw from there a little...』 (Kougyoku)

Look here. Everyone else is drawing back.

Since Kohaku incites it without even caring, Seiryu tries to force its body to stand up even if it has to put up some effort to do that. The shivering knees and tail support the body, so the dragon somehow manages to stand up. Oh, not bad.

However, when I further increase the weight, Seiryu once again crawls over the ground.


「I would like you to give up soon though?」

『............I-I under-stand. It is my defe-at. I will make a contract with you』

I immediately release [Gravity] after hearing those words. The weight magic disappears, and Seiryu stands up quietly.

『I was being rude for not being able to see through that power of yours. Mochizuki Touya-sama. Please make a master and servant contract with me and bestow upon me a new name』

「A name? That's right.... Kohaku, Sango, Kuroyou, Kougyoku sound like treasures... Then as expected, should yours be [Ruli」?]

『[Ruli]...... is it?』

「Yup. It is called Lapis Lazuli. It's the name of a blue gem, and written with [瑠璃] when using the words of my country」

Kougyoku means ’’Ruby’’ so I've thought of using ’’Sapphire’’. But if I'm not mistaken, I've been told that [Seigyoku] or possibly [Aogyoku] are being used for Sapphire. It would surely overlap with Kougyoku, so Ruli sounds fine.

『I understand. From now on, please call me [Ruli]』 (Ruli)

「Um. My best regards. Ah, also, don't quarrel with Kohaku that much or else both of you will be punished otherwise」 (Touya)

『I will endure it as much as possible』 (Ruli)

『I'm the one who will be enduring it!』(Kohaku)

Kohaku snaps immediately. Ah mou~, those guys are already at it.

Ruli changes into the appearance of a small dragon the same way as with Kohaku's group. I sigh at the two who are staring at each other in that state.

「Why are you two in such bad terms anyway?」

『These are just ill feelings between fellow women. Even Master would be burned if he steps in that area』

「Good grief....... Women are scary even as summoned beasts......」

While agreeing on what Kuroyou have said who in turn is laughing and giggling, I suddenly notice something and stop moving........ What did he say just now?

「......Eh? Huh? Fellow women? Wait a minute! You guys, what are your gender anyway?」

『Everyone of us are females』

『Don't lie. You are a male, right?』

Sango makes a tsukkomi at Kuroyou's remarks. Ya, I kinda get it with Kuroyou having that kind of character though. Are there no other males besides him?

......That's bad. I was sure that Kohaku was male....... Come to think of it, her voice is a bit high.......

I better keep quiet for now. Yumina and others should probably know about this, right? Let's ask them later........ I would be able to tell whether she's a lion and not a tiger though....


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