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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 186


Arc 22: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 186: Non-serious exploration, and a Gold Ring

I had Rerisha-san teach me the exact location of the islands with the dungeons, and then immediately transferred to Sandora Kingdom's desert by [Gate]. From there I flew with [Fly] aiming for those islands.

After flying for a while, the targeted islands eventually came into sight. They're certainly far away. Even if I crossed over from the Sandora Kingdom, it would take a considerably long time to get here by ship.

「Etto, if I'm not mistaken, there should be three of them, right?」

On each of the islands, there is a different dungeon whose total number is three. Even though I was told to decide on their names, let's think about it later. It would be helpful if any good names strike me though.


As I'm looking at one of those islands, a medium-sized ship was floating off the coast. I also saw a group of them camping on the beach ahead of it. Are they the guild members watching the islands whom Rerisha-san had spoken about?

While I descend straight to the campgrounds, the surprised guild members surround me with weapons at hands.

「W-who are you!?」

「I've received a request from one of the guild masters, Rerisha-san. I guess I'm more or less acting as an adventurer right now. Ah, this is my guild card」

「Goold......!? T-then you are Brunhild's.......! Please forgive our rudeness!」

The people from the guild immediately put away their swords. The Guild Card, it's amazing. Because it seems like they can't be forged, they have a lot of credibility. I wonder if it's impossible for the guild members to mistake one for a fake guild card? (TL: liar, you can clone them with workshop)

「Rerisha-san requested me to connect these islands, where the dungeons are, with Brunhild...Ah~...Isn't it better to bring the person herself here?」

I opened [Gate] and pulled Rerisha-san from the adventurer's guild in Brunhild.

「's definitely what I've proposed, but it's sort of hard to believe how fast you've handled it」

Rerisha-san talked with the guild members about the details until now and informed them that their duty is finished. From henceforth, those islands will become an enclave of Brunhild, though... They are wonderfully empty. Only sandy beaches, rocky mountains, jungles, and blue skies are spreading in sight.

「With that done, where is this island's dungeon?」

「You will shortly see a rocky mountain after you go straight into the jungle from here. After you climb it a little, there will be a cave on the mountain side with stairs leading down to the dungeon. The island is surrounded by a wide shallow beach, so it appears like it probably continues down under the sea, and it may perhaps also be connected with the other two dungeons underground」

If these islands were once one big island, there might be a possibility that it's as the guild member says. Well, for the time being, let's go check it out.

「I'll try diving into the dungeon for a moment, but what will everyone else do?」

「I will advance the procedures at Brunhild. I'm sorry, but can I humbly ask you to transfer those guys to the harbor in the Sandora Kingdom, please?」

As it's not a problem for me in particular, I send Rerisha-san back to the guild's room she was previously in with [Gate]. After ascertaining that, the guild members quickly removed the camp and boarded the ship while looking happy. I wonder if it has been quite hard to wait for commands in such a place? Well, it's not like I don't understand them.

When everyone got onboard, I transferred every ship to the harbor in the Sandora Kingdom.

Well then, shall I head over to the dungeon?

It would be sufficient to just fly to it, but I proceeded to go on foot while lumbering the jungle trees and making the road with earth magic with the intent of also securing the route from the sandy beach to the dungeon.

On the way, I was attacked by a wolf with six legs and a double-headed snake, but I beat them down since they weren't that strong.

Pushing my path through the jungle in a straight line, I made a road up to the rocky mountain. From there I cut stairs to complete the path to the dungeon's entrance cave.

I enter the cave and take a look at the bottom of the stairs.

「It's really dark. It's natural though」

I descend the stairs, while making a light sphere with [Light] magic. This dungeon definitely gives a feeling of being damp and humid. It's surrounded by the sea, so that much is obvious I suppose.

Before long, I arrived at a wide room. Looking at the walls and ceiling, they are undoubtedly man-made, and I can see that this is a dungeon. While I scan my surroundings, I noticed that the road was branching into three paths: front, left, and right. Oi-Oi, A junction immediately after getting to the basement? If this was a game, the earlier levels would surely have straight paths. But I can't really complain since this is not a game.

For now, as I don't want to get lost, I advance straight into the front passage. I guess, I will be able to return by [Gate] should I ever get lost though.

As I advanced straight ahead, I reached a bifurcation splitting the path into right and left. Mmm. That's what I get for thinking that I would go in a straight path all the way.

Huh? Wait a minute?

「I don't think it will be possible but...... Display Map. My current position, show the first underground floor of the dungeon」


There was a reply from my smartphone, and a map of the first floor of this dungeon along with my current position was displayed in the air. It worked. Oi, it totally worked! How boring.

It also carefully displayed the stairs that go the second floor. Looking at this, there seems to be four floors.

Hmmmm, now that I know that I won't enjoy it as much....... I feel like I can make money by selling this map but....... let's not do that. It will be more enjoyable for the adventurers to investigate this dungeon and find the path by themselves. ....... I also somewhat felt like making an amusement park out of it. Well, whatever. Shall I at least clear the first underground floor......?


As I turn to the passage leading to the staircase to the second underground floor, I suddenly came across two monsters. They have short builds and dog heads, they are called Kobolds.

It seems the Kobolds were anticipating me because they swung down their stone axes exactly when I turned around the corner. I quickly dodged that and shot both of them with Brynhildr. Ah, weren't paralysis bullets loaded? Those guys narrowly escaped death.

If I think about it carefully, I'm using [Light]. It makes me an easy target. Of course, I would get ambushed, wouldn't I?

I ignore the collapsed Kobolds and head towards the second underground floor. As I was heading towards the stairs, there seems to be a side passage with a room at the end. It's somewhat suspicious, should I go and check it? Side trips are important too.

I advanced through the passage and opened the double doors in the dead end. There was a treasure chest in the corner of the small room. Even though it's a common scene for a game, it feels out of place when I encounter it in reality. I wonder why?

’’Why is there a treasure box in such a place?’’ - is what I want to Tsukkomi. Oh well, shall I try opening it for now. (TL: ask that professor)

While getting a little excited, I proceed to open the treasure chest. ....... It's not a trap, right? It would surely be unpleasant if an explosion happened just as I open it. Let's raise the lid a little. Apparently, it doesn't seem to be locked. When I daringly opened it, there was something I couldn't possibly describe.

「What's this......?」

I see a rusted dagger, a dirty leather bag, an incomprehensible pole, and a handmade stone ax.......Ah, say, isn't this the same ax the Kobolds from before had? Are these items collected by those guys by any chance?

Apparently, this is the Kobold's treasure room. The guild won't possibly buy such

As I took a closer look, there was a small ring in the corner of the treasure chest. There is no jewelry attached, but....... isn't it golden? Oh, I got a gold ring (?). If it's real, this would likely sell.

.......If I think carefully about it, from where did they bring this treasure chest?

This treasure chest might have originally contained treasure, but each and every monster took something from it without permission....... I wonder if the Kobolds from before found that treasure chest and used it as their own?

This treasure chest may not even belong to this floor. Perhaps it ended up here after being brought up from the lower floors by someone's human (or is it monster) hands.

Things that existed in the treasure room were already taken away by monsters, and may be hidden in various locations like this treasure chest....... There is a chance that monsters may be holding onto them.

I take the ring and leave everything else behind. Kobold-kuns, from now on adventurers will come and may chase you guys around. Be strong.

As soon as I arrived at the second underground floor, I teleported to Rerisha-san's place with [Gate].

==========================Scene Change==================

「Although it's an ordinary ring that does not bestow any effects, there is no doubt that this gold」

Is it really genuine? Then doesn't this mean we can expect more treasure from the dungeon?

The adventurer's objectives are the treasures sleeping in the dungeon, and the materials that can be taken from magic beasts and monsters. In the dungeon, it seems that there are many of them who have achieved a different evolution when compared to those living above ground. There even seems to be a lot of unusual raw materials there.

「May I purchase this ring from you?」

「I don't mind. How much will it be?」

「Let me see...... because there is no workmanship and it has a lot of scratches, how about two silver coins?」

Hmm. It's worth about a week stay at the Inn. I think it's reasonable for the amount of time I spent exploring. Well, it might not have been easy to find though.

Ah, that reminds me, if the number of adventurers increases I may have to upgrade the inns. It seems that all rooms in [Tsukiyomi] inn might be filled by them.

「And, about the gate connecting the islands and Brunhild, what will you do about the toll fees?」

「A toll, you say?」

「Since going there is a dead end, I think you should only charge an entrance fee, but ... are you going to make it free of charge?」

「Umm~......that's right...... Well then, how about one copper coin?」

’’It's quite cheap’’ - is what I was told, but the possibility that they won't return is quite high. If possible, I want them to come back regularly. I want them to have meals and use the lodgings here.

Having said that if I make it free of charge, there is a possibility that everyone will stop paying attention to those who enter and go as they like. Who went to the islands? Are they not back? It would be better to control this to some degree. It can be easily done by using guild cards.

The toll won't make much money, but that's not its purpose, isn't it?

It's possible that things like weapons, armor, ointments, and potions may be needed. It's a place where I want to count my chickens before they are hatched, but let's talk to the merchants in town in advance. Just in case.

I may soon need a blacksmith master who can do repairs for weapons and the like.

It has become fun.


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