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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 184


Arc 22: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 184: Fairy's confession and [Human Type]

「AT LAST, it caaaaame ! ! 」

A goth loli girl with short twin pigtails raises above her head both of her fists and expresses joy with her whole body. Needless to say, this girl is Rin.

Next to her was the figure of a stuffed bear who raised both fists in the same way as her owner, as she takes a delighted pose.

「The fruits of ancient wisdom! An unknown knowledge and history! All of it is at hand! 」

「It's hard for me to say this since you're getting really excited, but I will apply the restriction on reading the books from [Library] for the time being, you know?」

「What did you say!?」

Opening her eyes wide, Rin swiftly turns in my direction.

By the way, we are currently in Brunhild's castle, as I have not yet taken Rin or everyone else to Babylon's [Library]. Just in case, I summoned Rin to the reception room (though Pola tagged along as well) and I broke the ice by saying that we had discovered [Library].

「Well, you see, when thinking about it logically, Rin is the ambassador of Misumido. It will be unbearable for me if you simply take away this ancient wisdom and related knowledge away, don't you agree? Moreover, I still don't know what you can offer in return, right?」

「So it came down to this, isn't it...? Well, it's not like I don't understand it... I know, let's do it like this. I request you to accept me as a royal magician of Brunhild」


What's this person saying? Certainly, the position of the said royal magician to our household is yet vacant. She is tentatively the chief of the fairy tribe which excels at magic, so there shouldn't be any problems with her ability itself.

However, Rin is an ambassador of Misumido, won't there be various problems? She is more or less a central figure of another country as one of the chiefs of the seven demi-human clans.

「There won't be any problems. Though I did bring with me the name of the chief of fairy tribe, nowadays it's essentially like an honorary position at most. After all, the one doing the majority of actual work is Eris」


「She is the real royal magician of Misumido. Due to the current occasion, I should hand over the seat of the chief of fairy tribe to her. Thus I will be able to completely retire and absorb myself in inquiries of knowledge 」

U~mu, in case it's an honorary position in name only, she shouldn't know any state secrets of Misumido, and they won't likely worry she might leak out something. Furthermore, if it's that beast king, he probably wouldn't mind. Since he desires to raise the status of the demi-humans in other countries too, it looks to me that he will unconditionally approve this situation. Whether it's useful or not will be left for later.

「How rude of me. I would be really amazing if I managed to convince you already. I will show you that I can use the knowledge acquired in [Library] as nourishment for Brunhild. Ah, and if you like, why not I also become your wife?」

「Not at present, I'm good. .... That reminds me, is Rin not married?」

「..... How smoothly you have dodged a once in a lifetime confession.... Are you not even going to consider it for a bit?」

Though she is complaining for some reason, I will ignore it. I might be saying it late, but after living for more than 600 years, shouldn't she have been married one or two times? Is it possible that she has children?

「I'm afraid that I haven't been married and I don't have any children. I thought I said this before, but fairy's growth period stops in between the latter half of their teens and the first half of their twenties... In my case, it happened quite early..... Thanks to that, I am not being found as a partner material, you see. Though I was called out a few times by men with strange hobbies, I won't go as low as to make someone like that my partner」

Well, I guess it is understandable that it would become so. Moreover, the growth impediment keeps Rin in that same state forever. Considering that she's also the chief of fairy tribe, she would likely think twice about her partner.

Though there is a proverb that says [Seek an older woman to marry even if it means wearing metal sandals], she is way more senior than me. As for whether I would search to the point of wearing worn-out metal sandals......

「......Do you dislike older women?」

「No, I guess? In Rin's case, I don't feel like you are older and I am not that bothered about it. However, that story is different when marriage is concerned. I trust and do not dislike Rin, but...」

「Ara, I am quite pleased with you though. To the point where I consider that it's fine to get married. I like you to that extent, you know?」

Uguuu...! Saying ’’like’’... that did come out straight.

Rin springs out from the chair, comes over and peers into my face. Her mischievous pupils were looking intensely at me. Without knowing why I cannot avert my eyes. Am I a frog that is getting stared at by a snake?

Just when I thought that her eyes closed so unexpectedly, I was lightly kissed.


「Fufuu, by this reaction it doesn't seem like you don't have a pulse. Despite having 7 fiancees already, how are you not accustomed to such things, I wonder?」

Being able to put up such alluring signs even with her childish appearance, is that a fruit of having lived for a long time, I wonder?

Dangerous. Even I understand that my face is getting red. If she was an unfamiliar party, I would be strongly surprised and wouldn't get this confused, but it's precisely because that the other party is well-known that this outcome is nasty.

As I hesitate on what counterattack would be good enough, Rin smiles slightly,

「Well, it's too unreasonable to give an immediate reply. Though I did think that having a position of mistress would be good too if it suits you, I want to get married at least once after all. Please try to think about it seriously even if it's for a short while. You know, I am a surprisingly devoted type」

In a moment she separated from me, I was kissed on the cheek this time. Kuu, how cute. Though it might not be a word to be used in regards to someone who lived for more than 600 years.

「So, would it be fine to use [Library] if I become your wife? Darling」

「Just as I thought, is this your aim ?!」

「Naturally, it's not only that. The part about me liking you is the truth. Do you not believe me?」

「Aah, enough already..... I understand. You may examine it freely. But would you please not spread this subject to other people arbitrarily?」

「Thank you. Love you, Darling」

(TL: fck this shit, I am sold)

Unbelievably fishy. Huh? Haven't just I yielded to the woman's seduction technique? No, let's think of this as obtaining an excelling person of talent. Though I don't feel like I can deceive someone with that, it is undoubted that this way is better for my mental health.

As I was thinking about this matter in my head, Pola was waving its head a little and shrugging its shoulders as if saying [My-oh-my] in front of me.




The voices of Rin and Hilda resound through [Library]. The others are also surprised, but not to that extent, it seems.

For Rin, she came to [Library] which was her goal, and as for Hilda, she was amazed at Babylon itself. It is the first time I have taken her along after all.

「How in the world did this place come to be!? For it to be flying in the sky.....! Ah, Frame Gears are here as well !?」

「Excuse me, but please be quiet at [Library]」

「Ah, excuse me......」

As she still had her eyes turned to the book while sitting on a sofa, Fam bluntly gave a warning to Hilda who raised her voice in a big way. What Fam is reading at the moment is the book from this month's latest supply which I delivered from [Tsukiyomi] for the time being. Ah, I have excluded the risky books just in case.

「By the way, how do I take a book from high up, I wonder? Is there a ladder or stepladder?」

「Aah, try touching the bookshelf with your hand and imagine the level you want to see」

When Rin touches the bookshelf as I told, only the touched bookshelf slowly sank into the basement and stopped exactly at the needed height..

「I see. So it has a structure like that. ....this is...... !」

She takes one book from the level which the bookshelf stopped in front of her eyes in her hand. The title is unreadable as usual. Rin probably doesn't understand it either, right? She raises her voice as she turns over the pages while being excited.

「What kind of book is this?」

「It is a textbook on ancient magic! Even though it's written in an ancient magic language, I can somewhat read it. Both the magics which became the great source of magic used today and magic which hasn't been handed down already are mentioned in it! Are you aware of how amazing this is!?」

「Excuse me, but please be quiet at [Library]」

「Ah, forgive me please.....」

Fam gives out a warning once more. All the while still reading her book. This person is not putting on airs. How print junkie-ish.

「Nevertheless, the number of books is astounding ~degozaru.... Wouldn't the biggest problem be searching for a target book with this?」

「Ahh, that will be okay too. For example......, that's right, [Search for books related to swords]」

As I utter those words, an arrow rises up to the surface of the carpet. As I understood it, if you keep following it, you will be able to search for the desired book. Incidentally speaking, it seems that even if you return the book you read at a random shelf, it will be properly moved into its original bookshelf. It is probably quite similar to the automatic ordering function, I suppose. That's convenient for sure.

Having pulled out the nearby books and flipping through them as she turns over the pages, is Yumina trying to get Fam angry? She mutters in a low voice.

「However, those books are written in a language most of us cannot read...... We will have to ask Touya-san to make reading glasses for us..... 」

「Making them is not a problem. If you know which language is used, that is. Fam, would you please?」

When I call out to Fam, she raises her face from the book and stands up. As one would expect, there is supposedly no way for her to disregard the words of mine, who is her master.

It's inconsequential, but this girl was also wearing the garments of her choice which she discovered from among those I received from Zanakku-san. She is no exception to Shizuka and others. What I don't understand is why she chose a sailor uniform. They make her appearance feel like that of literature girl.

「In how many languages are the books here written in?」

「Magic language, Spirit language, Paruteno language, Remiria secret letters, Holy Rasta language, Chief God official language, Deigar high-speed language, Rolard frontier language, gospel letters, Esteba pictographs, Aba language, Calnar language, Markur language, Salieri commercial language, Urdenias Empire language, Gazur letters, ancient majin language..... I guess that would be it. I don't recall any others beyond those. Since it's impossible that I haven't read those, I will understand it once I see them 」

That's a lot! Well, should I compare it with the languages back on earth, it's probably on the smaller side. It might be that the world consisted of countries which were united to some extent.

If I am not mistaken, there should have been an ancient kingdom of Paruteno during the time of that professor, right? It was a magic kingdom which was said to rule nearly half of the continent. So it's no wonder that there are a lot of books written in Paruteno language.

A kingdom which was flourishing 5000 years ago, is it? But it was completely ruined by a grand invasion of Fureizu..... N? Wait a minute.

「Search for books related to Fureizu」

When I tried looking them up as a test, an arrow appeared on top of the cart. So there are some?

Although the country was ruined, the surviving people should have written something for the sake of the future people.

Having followed the arrow, I turned my eyes towards the level of the shelf which was blinking faintly. Among the lined up book on the shelf, I took out a single book which was slightly protruding. I invoke [Reading] since it is written in Paruteno language. All right, I can now read it.

『Magic crystal』

As I flipped through the book with said title, the Fureizu's trait of hunting humans, their weak spot called [core], abilities like regeneration and magic absorption were written, but I didn't find anything beyond what I heard from End. Naturally, their desire for the [King]'s core or the fact that they are visitors from another have been recorded.

It also speaks of villages, towns, and royal capitals destroyed after the Fureizu appeared 5000 years ago, it is mostly useless, to be frank. Before people could work out any breakthrough solution, the Fureizu had vanished completely, so it's understandable. All the while leaving behind just an unbelievable damage to humankind.

Due to the Fureizu invasion, humankind (demi-humans are included as well) has lost more than half of its numbers. Most countries lost their leaders from royal capitals and metropolises and were ruined.

The misery of the abnormal damage and the last moments of the heroes who had fallen after having fought ever so gallantly were written too, but there was not enough information that would seem beneficial to us. At that time, they had probably handled Fureizu as mysterious magic apparitions too. It can't be helped, I suppose.

「Oh, this is.....」

Pictures of Fureizu were drawn at the end of the book. Each type was drawn one by one and marked with a sort of ★ mark denoting their power, size, or agility.

I see. It's unlikely that they had been standing with their hands folded doing nothing. They researched and worked on counter-measures.

Those called by End as lower class types such as cricket type, snake type, beetle type, mantis type, ostrich type, and many others were drawn on one page for each type. Though the number of those types is big, it's not like they cannot be defeated if several people team up temporarily.

As I flipped through the pages, the intermediate-level types like the manta-type, spider-type, shark-type, dog-type, dragonfly-type, ladybird-type, and so on were mentioned. There are types which I did not see too. Have they refined countermeasures to a great extent against those? If one uses a powerful indirect attacking magic, it might be possible to defeat those types. Even if that's the case, the damage was probably big. If it is Frame Gear, one or two of them will be able to bring down those.

Now for the advanced-level types. In addition to the crocodile-type which we defeated, a bird..... or rather, a pteranodon-type, a porcupine-type, wild boar-type and others have been drawn. If I take that crocodile-type which we have seen as a base, each one of those possesses a gigantic, unthinkable power. Frankly speaking, confronting those guys as an inexperienced opponent can't be called anything but reckless.

I unintentionally turn over the rustling page once again. As I did that, the picture that had been drawn next delivered an absurd shock. My voice doesn't raise quite that much....

「What is..... the meaning of this......?」

The thing that was drawn next was the [Human type]. On the front side of the body, with the exception of the places from the brow down to around the navel, the figures of man and woman had grown lumps of crystal from their whole bodies. Furthermore, their power and agility exceeded that of advanced-level types. Much to my astonishment.

「So you say those types exist.....?」

It's as if they should be called Fureizu humans. They appeared 5000 years ago and they were also recognized as more powerful than advanced level types by the people of that time at least....

I cannot predict how many of them there are, but it's no good as we are now. I have to refine our countermeasures even more.

I renewed my determination as I closed the book.


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