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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 180


Arc 21: If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

Chapter 180: The Winter Comes and A Songstress

「Uuu, cooold. Was it always this cold?」

Although we were away for only three days, Brunhild seems to have fully rushed into winter. It is hard to get up in the mornings.

The Great Forest Sea is to the south from here, but it isn't cold there even in winter. I don't know whether I have grown accustomed its temperature or it just suddenly got cold so suddenly. During today's morning, I got quite chilled.

This world is unusual. Something called seasons are distinctly extreme in countries that have it and those that have not. Moreover, It seems like it has nothing to do with country's latitude or longitude when viewing from map's point of view. There also seems to be differences when it comes to east and west. Don't tell me this world isn't a sphere like the Earth....... Or that something like giant elephant or serpent is underneath the earth.

It looks like the power of spirits is related to this, but I don't know the details. Does this phenomenon have any relation to natural properties of magic power or magic origins? A country with four seasons can be next to a country with extreme cold, so isn't it useless to think about this matter?

Is it my luck? For what it's worth, Brunhild has four seasons. I might say that it has the same friendly environment as my hometown. Though when comparing it to Japan, its spring is long and autumn is short.

「I really want an air-conditioner ~though」

To tell you the truth, I think I can make it using [Program]. However, it's not like I can't endure the cold and there's also a fireplace. My dead grandfather also used to say [Some inconveniences are the source of energy]. Let's stop this line of thought. ....... At least a hot bottle of water should be fine, right?

The [Pruning Ceremony] is over too, and as promised, Pam has given up on having a child with me. ....... Though she had some strange expression. I would like for her to show her skills as the Rauri tribe, no, as the leader of [Tribe of the tree king] at the Great Forest Sea.

Because Brunhild was recognized as a friendly country that rescued the tribes of the Great Forest Sea, they would seem to help if ever anything happens. They would lend their strength without reservation.

I don't know what happened later on with the Rivet Tribe that had planned to rule the Great Forest Sea. Pam only told me that [They have received the judgment of the Great Forest Sea]. I stopped poking my head in that matter since I felt it's better that I don't hear anything about it.

When I went out to the cold balcony, I could see someone was already practicing at the training grounds. I can see them well in the morning mist.

When I extended my vision with [Long Sense], Moroha-nee-san was competing with someone. Her opponent is....... Rue, isn't she?

「So early in the morning......」

It is because of her loss, right? She might be frustrated because she was defeated by Rengetsu-san. She made a face as if it was nothing, but all of my fiancees hate to lose in general, I guess.

That reminds me, everyone in the castle was surprised when I had brought Moroha-nee-san back home with me. Of course they would be. I have never said a word about having another older sister.

When Kousaka-san asked me [How many more brothers and sisters you have?], I answered [Who knows......]. I wonder whether he misunderstood me, he looked at me with semi-warm eyes which were saying [that's the lineage....]. It seems the [Mochizuki lineage are womanizers] label had been stuck. For once, they are not older sisters from different mothers, okay!? In the first place, we are not really older sisters and younger brothers!

Of course what surprised them more was the fighting power of Moroha-nee-san. In order to show her ability, she did a Randori with the knight order's bunch, but Nee-san pretty much easily won even though it was a battle of 1 vs. 80. No one had even scratched her.

(TLC: randori - free-style practice match)

Moreover, she accurately pointed out the weaknesses of those 80 people and what they should also straighten conversely. What a high spec Sword God she is.

「As expected of His Highness' Older Sister......」

While having those feelings, I asked Moroha-Neesan to be practice partner to the knight order's bunch when she has free time. It is likely that their level will unexpectedly increase several months later. Well, it is not a bad thing, and I am thankful for that.

「Good Morning~」

「Good Morning, Touya-san」

When I finished squirming into my clothes and arrived at the dining room, Yumina, Lindsey, Elsie, Yae, Hilda, and Karen-nee-san were already sitting in their seats. When I was feeling drowsy, the maid Rene brought me herbal tea for waking up.

Thank you. As I have expressed my thanks and stroke Rene's head, the door opened, and Rue and Moroha-san came inside.

Our household's breakfast has been decided to be at 7:00, but we made a rule that we don't have to eat all together. We try to take it together as much as possible if there's time. As such, everyone starts eating once it passes 7:00, and it seems everyone is here today. It is unusual that Karen-nee-san is here during breakfast because she is always sleeping.

Suu occasionally joins this lineup, but it seems she did not come today.

Suu's room in the residence of Duke Ortlinde and the room called [Transition Room] in this castle are connected by a dresser enchanted with [Gate]. Of course, no one else beside Suu can pass through it. It has also been made to record when she passes through it.

We are already engaged and she has been allowed to come and stay in this castle anytime, but I have told her to have meals at the other side as much as possible.

After all, I believe it's better for the parents and their children to have meals together. The Duke is probably lonely too.

When breakfast ends, each of us goes to their own work, training, or whatever they usually do. Yae, Hilda, and Moroha-nee-san join the knights for training and domestic inspection. Yumina and Rue consult with Naito-Ossan regarding the city's development situation. Elsie and Lindsey are training and doing the reclamation for the crops which have been selectively developed. Finally, Karen-nee-san goes to her love consultation room. Each of them is operating as they please.

It's never the case for king's fiancees do those things, but everyone like what they are doing.

As for me, throughout this morning I will be meeting with people who are requesting audiences, and if there is none, then I am free. I briefly listen about domestic problems from Kousaka-san and separate them as things to handle immediately, things to handle after thinking for a bit, and things that don't need to be handled.

Kousaka-san tries to handle these issues using the abilities of citizens as much as possible even if those matters can be solved immediately if I handle them. If I do everything, this country will be completely depending on me. It's meaningless unless this country can deal with these issues by themselves during the times I might be caught with something troublesome.

Therefore, I'm receiving a treatment as if I'm a nuisance. Oh well, this is more comfortable though.

「I wonder how much colder will this winter get?」

「Let's see. I don't think it will become that cold this year. I believe that we are saved because we have the [Hot Carpet] that his Majesty had made」

The butler Lyme-san who brought me the black tea after the meal said that. There are many spacious rooms in the castle so it's not easy to warm them up. Therefore, the carpets enchanted with the fire attribute [Warming] had been spread in places like the audience room or the office.

I also gave Lyme-san a special suit enchanted with [Warming] as a present. It's a wonderful item that can regulate the temperature. That's because Lyme-san is the fastest one to wake up and to start moving in the cold hours. Since it looked like he wouldn't receive it if I handed the suit to him normally, I forcibly gifted the suit using Lyme-san's birthday was close back then as the reason.

I'll be troubled if our household's perfect butler becomes sick due to the cold.

========================Scene Change===================

Now then, I have free time since there are no audiences planned for today. No, I can't say I am completely free though. The reason is that I am putting the finishing touches on the Piano I started to work on since I came back from the Great Forest Sea.

The structure itself wasn't difficult (At any rate, this Piano is just a fake one, and I had reluctantly used [Program] on the places I didn't know the structure of), but adjusting the sound was troublesome. I had no choice but to scale the tone depending on the sound I heard from a piano app on my smartphone since I don't have a perfect pitch.

Also, I was excited and made a grand piano for some reason;therefore the keyboard has 88 keys. It might have been better if I outright made it into a 65 keyed studio upright piano.

I am a bit uneasy, but I finished tuning all the keys for now. I sit on a chair at once and press the keyboard. Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do. I play them in order and go back with Do Si La So Fa Mi Re Do.

I wonder how many years it has been since I last played a piano ~. When I was a child, I couldn't switch to Fa with my thumb. How did I practice that again? And at the time when I pressed it, I couldn't hit Mi with my middle finger. My fingers were short unlike now.

The nostalgic sound of Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do, Do Si La So Fa Mi Re Do, Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do, Do Si La So Fa Mi Re Do Do....... I repeated them quite a lot.

And following the flow, I begin playing [The Flea Waltz] that is a famous tune everyone tries to play. I got excited and also played a version with a different arrangement. I also ended up playing the Jazz version too.

I heard an applause from somewhere after I finished playing. When I looked back, while being accompanied by Kougyoku, Sakura was applauding.

「Is that a musical instrument?」

「Yeah, I guess。 It's called a [Piano]. It's a keyboard Instrument...... I guess it perhaps falls into the category of percussion or string instruments」

「I want to hear more. Some different tune」

And, even if you tell me that. Mmm, then, shall I go with an easy one? I don't know whether I can play it since it has been quite some time since I have last played it, but it is perfect for this season.

I begin playing with a light tempo. I guess this is standard during christmas season. Though I don't know if there's a December here or not.

「Jingle Bells」

I guess the clergyman in America who created that song more than 150 years ago has never imagined it would be played in a different world.

Sakura swayed her head a little to left and right following the rhythm. It seems that she likes it. Kougyoku also closes her eyes and listens attentively. It seems she got somewhat pleased and unconsciously started to hum the song.

She applauded again when the song finished playing. I am kinda feeling shy now.

「This song, teach it to me. Sakura also wants to sing it」

Sakura asked me with sparkling eyes. How unusual for this kid to say something like this even though she is a child who doesn't usually show many emotions.

This time, I properly sing the lyrics from the beginning while slowly playing the song in compliance with her request. Sakura hums as if she's chasing after that song. When I have said that I will sing this once again after playing it from start to finish, she replied [I already memorized]. .... That's was fast.

’’If that's the case’’, - I started to play again with light tempo and Sakura began to sing the song accordingly. Oi Oi, what's that!?

She is unreasonably skilled. A clear, if not a transparent, voice echoes inside the room. Was this girl this good at this song? Having finished singing, Sakura smiled seemingly satisfied.

「Amazing.... Might Sakura perhaps have been a singer?」

「I am not really sure, but I might have liked to sing. Will you teach me more?」

It may trigger her memories to return, so I start rolling up songs that I can remember. I avoided the classics that don't have lyrics. I instead focused on Pop songs, Popular songs, Enka, Nursery rhymes and others regardless of those being Western or Japanese songs.

To my surprise, Sakura remembered the lyrics of all of those songs just after hearing them once. It seems she has an excellent memory. It's ironic that a girl with amnesia has an outstanding memory.

However, this talent of hers should become a valuable weapon with which she will be able to keep living. Shall I also do a production for her as an idol? No, considering her character, she is the type who doesn't want to stand out much, I suppose.

To begin with, this Piano wasn't made for accompaniment. Well, even if I teach Yumina or the rest how to play Piano, I'm doubtful whether they will be able to manipulate mithril swords 《Fragarach》 freely with this.

Have the others also heard Sakura's beautiful voice and my accompaniment? Soon, before I noticed it, everyone in the castle gathered and listened to her singing.

A rain of applause pours down on us when the performance ends. Though Sakura looked down from being embarrassed, she floated a smile showing that's not so bad as she was being praised by Lindsey who was close to her.

After that, Sakura's mini recital continued for a while. As much as she is a reserved girl in some aspects, she cheerfully sang seemingly not that bothered by doing it in front of her acquaintances.

I continued being her accompaniment while thinking of letting her listen to a song that she may like from the music inside my smartphone which I should add there for her sake.


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