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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 18


translator : kirihito tlc/PR : Jammerg55

Decided to post them all to skip the boring parts.

#18 Shopping and Imperfect Product

Since we came to the capital with much effort, we can’t just return right away. We still have quite a bit of money, so we decided to go shopping here. Perhaps I should I say, it was done without deciding. I wouldn’t be able to act against the three of the female camp wouldn’t you agree.

We temporarily entrust the carriage to the inn (We had planned not to stay here so we had to pay a fee) and decided that we will would gather here again in 3 hours.

The three girls seem to be moving together, but I decided to move somewhere else. I won’t become your baggage carrier. Besides, I also have things I want to buy.

Now then, I confirm the place on the…map…It’s wide…. As expected of a royal capital. Is it possible to search? Armor…shop…click….

Some pins fell on the map when I searched it and showed the locations of the armor shops. Etto, The nearest one is……in front?

When I looked up, there was an armor shop with a shield hung up as a sign board. I didn’t even need to use the search function….


When I entered inside, there were various shields and armor, gauntlets and helmets, etc laid out. Behind the counter is a happily smiling, nice looking shopkeeper.

[Excuse me, can I see that for a bit?]

[Please, by all means. Please pick them up and see them.]

I decline the shopkeepers offer and view the armor carefully. I bought the sword for the first guild task but, somehow we postponed the protective gear. I’ll buy now since it’s a good opportunity. Since I’m already in the royal capital, I want to buy something good if possible.

But, what to do….I consider mobility important, I don’t think I’ll be suited for a metal armor. It will be difficult to move in a full body armor.

So, it will have to be a sort of lightweight equipment like leather armor….

[Excuse me, which is your best armor here? Ah, all except metal]

[Anything other than metal is it? If so then this spotted rhinoceros armor is the best]

[Spotted rhinoceros?]

[As the name suggests, it’s rhino with a spotted design. This armor was made from that hide and it is stronger and more durable than a normal leather armor]

I try hitting the armor repeatedly and it’s certainly tough.

[But, this is still less than metal armor?]

[That is, well…if it’s not enchanted with magical power then it is ordinary]

Magic enchantment. If I remember correctly, it was appending magic power on tools. There are a staggering few number of them, like the ones found in ancient ruins or heirlooms released from fallen nobles. Such are the only ways they are obtainable.

[Are there any enchanted armor here?]

[We don’t sell them here nee. Because those kinds of things are considerably expensive. I think the armor shop [Belkut] in east street have them but only nobles does business over there]

The shop owner answers with a troubled face. A noble purveyor huh. It might be a little impossible. Wait a minute?

[Does that shop accept this perhaps?]

[What is, this… ? Th, this is the Duke House’s !? Is honored guest perhaps related to the Duke house !?]

The shop owner’s complexion changed when I showed the medal which I got from the Duke..

[If that’s the case, I think that it is all right, the Duke’s house guarantees social status, there shouldn’t be any problem.]

I paid a tip to apologize for taking his time with a silver coin and left the shop. I travel towards [Belkut] while watching the map.

Although I began to understand while walking in the royal capital. But I’m once again surprised that there are other various other races other than humans. They are called demi-humans and they hold various traits specific to their race but, what I was surprised at above all is the existence of beastmen.

I didn’t see them in Rifflet at all, but beastmen are noticeable here and there. Although I said beastmen, they’re the ones with a human body and an animal head, not something like the so-called Minotaur.

For example that fox beast girl that’s approaching in front of me. Everything is the same as any other human with the exception of the ears and tail. The ears sticking above her head are the same color as her long blond hair with black at the tip, on the contrary the tip of the tail growing out is white.

Other than the ears atop their heads, they also have ears at the same position as humans. I’m sure Lindsey said you can use this to distinguish between the main and sub, but I don’t know the details.

Oh? Somehow that fox child, seems to be looking around restlessly like she’s looking for something……is she lost by any chance? She has a terribly troubled face. even so, is anyone even going to help? Even cities in this world are cold hearted ne..

…Ok, I’ll call out to her.

[Um, is something wrong?]

[Hiya, hiya ! What ith it!]

Ah, bit her tongue. She opens her eyes wide and look in my direction. Please calm down, I am not a suspicious person…….I’m not suspicious right?, probably. Don’t lose confidence and get scared now.

[Well, it seems like you are troubled with something. I was wondering what was wrong]

[Ah, Um, um I, I got separated from my companion……]

As I thought she’s lost.

[F, for when I got lost, we decided on a rendezvous spot, but I don’t know where that place is either……]

Fox-san begins to feel despondent and lowers her voice. Her ears and the tail seem to be feebly hanging down, too.

[Where’s that meeting place?]

[Etto…I’m sure it’s a magic shop called [Luca] desu]

Magic shop [Luca] huh. I take out my smartphone and used the map search. It’s here, it’s here. It’s a shop along the way to [Belkut], just right.

[I’ll guide you if it’s to that store. I was going in that direction too]

[Is that true !? Thank you very muth!]

Ah, bit her tongue again. Somehow this child can’t calm down. I wonder if she’s younger than Elsie. I think somewhere around 12, 13.

According to the map, we walk down this road. Her name seems to be called Alma.

[Is Touya-san sightseeing in the capital?]

[No, it’s for a job. But it’s already finished. How about you?]

[I came along because of onee-chan’s work too. I wanted to see the capital]

Alma who laughs smilingly. Has an expression that made her earlier look seem like a lie.

I see the magic shop a short time later while having a childish talk. And standing in front of that shop is a single beast woman. she came running when she noticed us.


[Ah, Onee-chan!]

Tatataa, Alma ran and jumped into the chest of the person who seem to be her older sister. The woman also hugs her close tightly. Needless to say, the older sister is also a fox beastman. But older than Alma and adult like. Her dignified atmosphere gives the impression that makes her seem like a soldier.

[You had me worried! you got separated so suddenly]

[I’m sorry….But it was all right because Touya-san brought me here along with him]

At the time when she notice my existence, she lowered her head deeply.

[For taking care of my younger sister. You have my gratitude]

[No no, it was a pleasant encounter]

They wanted to return the gratitude but I declined when I told them I had an errand to do. It’s only this much, It’s not enough to go so far. I left the place immediately after the greetings. Alma waved her hand indefinitely.

I bid farewell to both of them, as I approach [Belkut], the surrounding building seem to gradually feel like they were made stylishly. I see the shop a few moments later.

[Uwaa, looks tall…]

The store has a really formal brickwork appearance, I feel a little nervous. Indeed, it feels like a brand-name store.

As expected I feel out of place. They turn away visitors at the gate. Well, it’s not like there’s something like a gatekeeper here. Can’t be helped, I can’t remain here forever. Anyway, let’s try going in.

When I opened the extravagantly made door and enter the inside, A young female shop assistant came to greet me immediately.

[Irasshaimase!, Welcome to Belkut. Is this your first time in this shop?] (TLN: Irasshaimase and youkoso means welcome, but used differently)

[Ah, yes. It’s the first time]

[Well then, do you have anything to prove your social status, or something like a letter of introduction from someone?]

I see, this is how first time customers are rejected. So they must have a referral from someone. I take out the Duke’s medal out of my pocket and show it to the shop assistant. The onee-san also trembles like the store owner in the armor shop a while ago and bows her head deeply.

[I have confirmed it. Thank you very much. And so, what can I help you with today?]

[I want you to show me the enchanted armor you have]

[Certainly, this way please.]

When I was guided by the onee-san and arrived at the back corner of the shop, various things were put on display from the armor which gave off gorgeous brightness to ordinary looking things such as leather gloves which seemed to be cheap.

[Are all these enchanted?]

[Yes, for example this [Mirror shield] was enchanted with a magical attack reflection, that [Herculean gauntlet] was enchanted with a physical strength enhancement magic.

……Certainly, I can feel some sort of magic power. Huh? When did I reach the point to where I can feel magical power. Hmm…from God’s effect I guess.

[Well then, what sort of thing are you looking for?]

[Ah, not made of metal…or rather, I’d like something that’s not heavy, but still durable]

[Let me see…Then, how about this leather jacket. It’s enchanted with blade resistance, fire resistance and lightning resistance]

Hmm.. It’s not bad but….the design is….I think the lamé attached onto it is a little showy. As for the dragon embroidered on the back is frankly also embarrassing.

Suddenly, I notice a white coat hung in the corner of the shop. it’s a long coat with the fur on the collar and the sleeves.


[This one here is blade resistant, heat proof, cold roof, blunt weapon resistant, In addition, resistance against very high attack Magic has been applied to it but, it has a small problem to it]

[A problem?]

[The magic resistance effects only apply to the attributes the wearer has aptitude to. On the contrary, the damage that isn’t resisted is doubled.]

In other words, if the person has fire aptitude, he will receive superior fire resistance. If that person doesn’t have wind aptitude, not only will they not be resistant to lightning, the damage will be very great…is what it means, huh. (TLN: Apparently, lightning is part of the wind attribute tree…dunno why)

So it’s like a double edged sword. For example, it will be advantageous when your enemy is a one fire attribute monster, but the risk will be bigger if your enemy is a multi-attribute.

Well, nothing to do with me though! Because I have all-attribute.

[Can I try this on?]

[Feel free]

I take the coat, while checking the sensation with my hands, for now I’ll try putting it on. Yep, the size is no problem. I try moving slightly but there’s no interference with the movement, there’s also no sense of discomfort. I like it.

[How much is this?]

[Since this is a little cheap, it comes to eight gold coins]

That’s around 800,000 yen. That’s cheap? That’s expensive. But this amount is acceptable if you think about the effects. My sense of money is becoming weird.

[Then, this please. here is the money]

[One white gold coin is it. Please wait a moment]

The onee-san went back to the counter and came over with two pieces of gold coins on the silver tray. I take them and put them in my wallet then go towards the exit of the shop.

[Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you again]

While I’m being seen off by the onee-san bowing her head, I leave [Belkut]. I was able to obtain a good armor. Although it was a little expensive….


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