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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 179


Arc 21: Women's battle

Chapter 179: The Wood Golem, and the Fragarach

「Wood Golems...... But they are way too big. Have they changed into Behemoths? There are so many of them......」

Several of what can be called 20-meter tall golems with a body fully covered with trees crush and mow down the surrounding trees while getting here. Their shape isn't that different from a mithril golem, but these wood golems are naturally bigger than those.

One, two, three...... There are ten golems or more. Might it be that the withered trees from a while ago were absorbed by these golems as nourishment?

The foremost golem tried stepping inside the Deity Tree region, but it was blocked by a green defensive wall, halting its advance.

A sphere about the size of a baseball emitting a green phosphorescence appeared in front of my eyes.


「Spirit of the great tree?」

『Yes. Currently, most of my power is being turned towards the defensive wall, so please excuse such appearance! Can I please request that Touya-sama and your comrades somehow evacuate all the tribes from here with your power? The target of that thing is most likely me....... I think it wants to capture the deity tree. They most likely trying to bring forth a wood golem which absorbed power of the spirit』

If for example, a golem absorbed the Deity Tree where the spirit dwells, it will likely be able to manipulate the spirit's power? It seems both these wood golems and the withered trees were prepared from the start.

I think I can dare to say that the masterminds are without a doubt the Rivet tribe. If they managed to win this [Pruning Ceremony], they would directly scatter poison or anything similar on the Deity Tree, and assimilate it with a golem when the deity tree that has been weakened. Or perhaps they planned to change the Deity Tree itself into a golem. Any of that would be before they would announce a new rule at the ceremony.

However, the Rauri tribe has snatched victory from them. Did they then force this strategy which led to the current situation? These fellows are bad at giving up. Or rather, they are dumb.

............ this is the explanation of Moroha-nee-san who is right next to me. Is that true?

Really? Ah, was the Rivet tribe I saw last night preparing for that? I should have crushed them at that time.

Using [Fly], I leap to the girls on the stage and capture two people from the Rivet tribe who didn't appear in the game. Naturally, I paralyzed them with stun bullets. Because the spirit's power is directed towards the defensive wall, the magic will show its effect normally even here.

「Answer me. What is that?」

「......They are wood golems we have brought when they were still seeds. They were improved so that they would become Behemoths by soaking on the life force of the surrounding trees」

(TL: remember Behemoth stands for giant monsters)

「Did you say ’’improve’’?」

「By mixing various poisons, it took a long time to transform them. Furthermore, they are able to absorb the Deity Tree as well. It will also be able to manipulate the power of the spirit. With that power, our Rivet tribe will be the ruler of this Great Forest Sea......Kukuuu......」

Haa. Isn't it exactly as Moroha-Neesan have said? However, don't think your plan will go that smoothly!. The reason for your defeat is because we are here.

(ED: What a shounen protag. Hehe.)


The transition formation was formed in the sky and a [Black Knight 《Night Baron》] made its appearance. The Black Knight, who fell from a height of about a meter, makes very heavy impact different from the thuds made by wood golems and lands in the Deity Tree area. It's carrying a sword on its hand and the new equipment [Fragarach] on its back.

「W-w-what is that!?」

「It's a perfect time to test this new weapon. I will gladly shatter that golem that represents the pride of you guys」

After glancing at a man from the Rivet tribe who popped his eye in surprise, I start to walk towards the summoned Frame Gear [Black Knight], but Yumina and Lindsey came up to me from the audience seats.

「Touya-san, can you please let either of us eliminate those things?」

「Eh? Do you mean you want to ride the [Black Knight]?」

「Yes, the reason is that we weren't able to do anything both during the Yuuron incident and for the matches this time」

Now that you mention it, it might be so. Magic wasn't useful during that incident in Yuuron and it was prohibited this time as well. Then that means...

Although we will undoubtedly fight against the Fureizu, having [Fragarach] here makes it possible for Yumina and Lindsey to defeat the Fureizu with a long distance attacks by using their magic power. Did they do any particular training in advance?

「Sure. Well, I will also support you, but please be careful」

I open [Gate] and summon another [Black Knight]. This one is painted in blue color so it is the [Blue Knight] so to speak. It also holds a mace in its hand. This one has been adjusted for the use of our Vice-Commander Norun-san, but there shouldn't be any problem if they use it.

Yumina boards the [Black Knight], Lindsey boards the [Blue Knight]. After quickly starting up them, they set it up so that their magic can be used by their respective frame gears.

『...Magic power tuning. First slot released』

『Likewise, the first slot released. Building up [Fragarach]. Tuning Completed. No abnormalities』

『...There are no abnormalities here as well』

I take out a receiver from [Storage] and exchange communications with the two. There seem to be no problems.

『Then Yumina will handle the enemies to the right side while Lindsey will handle the ones to the left. Listen, when it seems that your magic power will run out, draw some magic from your rings with 『Transfer』』

『I understood』

『Roger ~desu』

The Black Knight and the Blue Knight start to run, and with a weapon held in their hands, they turn them towards their respective wood golems that are trying to destroy the spirit's defensive wall.

『Oh, thunder, drill through, a hundred lances, Lighting Javelin』

『Oh, Ice, pierce through, sharp thorns, Ice Needle』

A white lighting came out from the tip of Black Knight's sword, and a countless number of ice shards came from the Blue Knight's mace. They then exploded at their respective wood golems.

I can understand Yumina's wind attribute, but for Lindsey to not use her favorite fire magic, she really is that vigilant for fire not to spread. Although thunder is also dangerous, that magic doesn't ignite fire, unlike a real lightning.

With two fallen golems as a start, both of them rushed out from the Deity Tree area when the defensive wall was released a short time later.

『Please test [Fragarach] for the meantime. Do not overstrain yourselves』

The two people headed towards the wood golems at the areas they are responsible for and confront several of them. Yumina moved first.

『[Fragarach], Launch!』

On the back of Black Knight, four crystal swords installed in X shape simultaneously start floating in the air and deploy in front of the Black Knight.


Along with Yumina's shout, the crystal swords one by one dashed with the speed of a supersonic jet while breaking the sound barrier onto the wood golem and tear it apart. It's a blade that can even cut a hard Fureizu so something like a wood golem is not even an enemy.

The four Fragarach magnificently tear up the core inside the wood golem and return to the Black Knight. The Fragarach then completely surrounds the Frame Gear similar to satellite orbits in order to protect the Black Knight. I guess, they are a defensive system in reality since they are originally derived from the functions of the satellite orb.

『Umm, is it after all difficult to target and destroy four separate targets?』

『That's right. I don't think it is impossible but, is it because the sensation can't catch up with it? I believe it will depend on a person's experience』

Like I thought, I guess. Rosetta has also said that separate and independent rhythm and tempo are important. It seems close to the sense of playing the music instruments. Oh well, it looks similar. It is like a playing piano while moving your right and left hand with different motions.

By the way, I could separately manipulate the four of them quite easily and comfortably. I have my parents to thank for making me take piano lessons during my childhood. I didn't think it would be useful for this though.

Come to think of it, I have never seen a piano since I came to this world. It may be a good idea to create one for the practicing of [Fragarach]. I would love to play it after a long time.

『[Fragarach], Fire』

This time, Lindsey's Fragarach tears up a wood golems and two among the four crystal swords are attacking different wood golems.

Lindsey somehow seems to be able to attack two targets separately. When comparing to moving four at once to attack the same enemy, however, it seems she lacks accuracy. Does this also depend on practice?

「Impossible......Why is that......!」

A man from the Rivet tribe has a face wrapped in shock as the figures of their proud golems are being torn into pieces one by one.

Oops, I also have to capture the companions of this fellow. I capture all members of the Rivet tribe with map search and make them unable to move with [Paralysis]. It was easy to search because they have a figure that's easy to understand.

In the meantime, the two had defeated most of the golems. But damn. Those golems would have some value if they were made from mithril orichalcum. Even though selective breeding was performed, wood is still wood after all. There's not enough value for them as material, is it? I guess they would have value as a plain wood though.

『With this, it is done』

After Lindsey kills the last one, all the golems were silenced. After seeing that, all the tribes in the Deity Tree area cheer, applaud and shout victorious war cries. Of course, with the exception of the Rivet tribe.

However, the surrounding trees have suffered a tremendous damage. From that size, I can say they were trees with a considerable age.

The sphere-like spirit comes over here. I wonder, did she focus all of her energy on the defensive wall and can't return to the shape of a human yet?

『Thank you very much, Touya-sama. What reward can I give as my gratitude......?』

「No, I am actually sorry for destroying the trees around here. I am guessing whether I could handle it better」

『Ah, don't mind it. I will concentrate my energy later, and restore them to their original form』

Can you do something like that? Should I say ’’as expected’’ from the spirit of the tree?

The spirit zoomed quickly to where the [Referee tribe] was and flew to the spokesman from Jaja tribe.

Before long, someone who looks like the chief of [Referee tribe] raises his voice.

「The fools have schemed to make the Sacred Deity Tree their own, and their ambitions were crushed here! Messengers from Brunhild, a country far away from here, have protected our Deity Tree! We, the tribes of the Great Forest Sea, offer them our greatest gratitude and admiration! May the divine protection of the spirit be with them !」

『May the divine protection of the spirit be with them!!』

I sent back the two Frame Gears under the cheers and applause that had broken out. With us being the Rauri tribe's helpers to the last, it seems that both Yumina and Lindsey have been recognized as Brunhild representatives. Well, that's fine. They are the ones who have actually beaten the wood golems.

Eventually, the people from Jaja tribe have captured and dragged away the people from the Rivet tribe. I have also asked them to capture other people of the Rivet tribe inside the forest since they should have fallen there as well.

Then once again, the Rauri tribe is declared as the [Tribe of the King], and a new rule of making [Pruning Ceremony] separated by gender was declared.

Though this rule stirred the other tribes, this was accepted as a new law in the Great Forest Sea since there was no opposition from the Great Deity tree.

It isn't a bad development when I am carefully thinking about that rule. It also seems that even the other tribes have realized the situation. It's similar to having another victory quota, and this will benefit all tribes. Though nothing changes for the Balum tribe since they don't have any women.

However, it seems they have accepted it because they have said that ’’It's not a bad thing since the Rauri tribe that is an eyesore will disappear’’.

Thus the [Pruning Ceremony], which included some turbulence, ended with the victory of the Rauri tribe.


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