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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 171


Arc 21: Women's battle

Chapter 171: The Pruning Ceremony, and a proposal

「This is something I cannot allow」

「Why? If a child born between Pam and Touya is a girl, our tribe will raise her. It is fine if you guys raise him if it is boy」

(TL: PAM language got better)

Yumina did nothing but sigh indicating ’’it is out of a question’’.

「It is unfortunate, but you don't have a qualification to become Touya-san's bride. You should leave」

「Pam doesn't plan to be a bride. Just making a child is fine. If it is Touya's child, she will surely become the queen which will rule the forest sea」

Should I say that her intentions are simple? This discussion has been repeating itself since a little while ago. It seems Pam has left the Great Forest Sea in order to look for me. Since she said that she had also learned the common language during her trip, her head may be quite good too.

After the uproar in the guild, [Bride Conference] was suddenly conducted once more. The theme is apparently [Should we accept Pam or not?].

「Pam doesn't understand why you guys are objecting」

「It's up to you whether you want to have a child or not. However, If it is going to be Touya-san's child, it is a different story. You choose your tribe's prosperity rather than Touya-san's happiness. I do not want for such a person to bear Touya-san's child」

Being glared at by the younger Yumina, Pam was a bit overpowered. I am also getting scared, to be honest.......

「...To say the least, the child doesn't have to be Touya-san's, right? It shouldn't have to if it is about making a child for the purpose of its combat abilities. You can just make a child with another strong man, can't you?」

Lindsey has unleashed angry words as well. It seems she is also in the opposition like Yumina.

「Pam cannot do this. Pam has already placed [Bite of Oath] on Touya. Touya belongs to Pam」

「What a selfish thing. There is no way Touya-sama will recognize such a thing!」

Hilda yells while rising from her chair. It seems like what Pam calls [Bite of Oath] is that biting she did that time. In short terms, it is like a mark saying [This man is mine, so do not make a move on him as you like].

Their culture can be surmised as the one which doesn't consider something like the circumstances of men, seeing how female-dominance is evident in all aspects. I guess, it is like Amazones.....

「To begin with, why do you want Touya-dono's child ~degozaru? No matter from which point I look at it, it feels like there is some reason ~degozaru」

When Yae asks Pam, the latter bits her lips, frowns, and mutters in a low voice.

「...... We are a battle tribe. But unlike the other tribes, we don't attack others on our own apart from when it is time to make a child. We are only fighting to the bitter end in order to protect our village. However, the attacks from other tribes have been growing more and more severe in the recent years. More and more strong blood is needed for us to keep that standpoint in the Grand Forest Sea. As well as to win during [Pruning Ceremony]」

「Pruning Ceremony? What's that ~ja?」

Suu titles her head to the side and asks further. [Pruning] is that action, I suppose. It is when you make sure to cut off some parts or the branches and leaves from the trees, trim its shape. All in order to make fruits to grow easier.

「[Pruning Ceremony] is a fight between the tribes living in the Grand Forest Sea. Once a decade, the people who represent their tribes decide the superiority of the tribes in the battles. The winning tribe will stand above all other tribes as [Tribe of Tree King] and is able to establish one law in the Grand Forest Sea」

Once a decade~. Oh well, I somehow get it for some reason. In short, the winner can establish a rule that is disadvantageous to the tribes who lost.

「Saying it is a ’’law’’, is anything allowed? How about something like [That tribe must get out from the Great Forest Sea] for example?」

Elsie asked the same thing I wanted to hear. Can't something like [Tribe’’A’’ will be absolutely obedient to Tribe ’’B’’] be set if you can introduce whatever rule you want? No, something like [Let's makes one hundred laws]....... It can't be like that, right?

It is a stupid question that is often raised in a manga-like situation such as [I will grant you only one wish~]. The response [A wish to increase the number of wish is not allowed] is probably standard as well.

「Only if it is recognized by Great Tree Deity. It is often accepted as long as tribe' pride is not sullied」

「Great Tree Deity?」

「It is the guardian god of the Great Forest Sea. An existence which grants us the blessings of the spirits and bestows divine protection to all tribes」

Is it something like a Sacred Tree? However, you say ’’spirits’’. Is it similar to the spirit of darkness that rampaged in Ramisshu? The spirit of the tree......or is it a spirit of the forest? Is there a spirit of forest in the Great Forest Sea?

Essentially, it is said that there are a lot of the so-called ’’spirits’’ that are gentle. In Ramisshu case, the spirit must have rampaged due to the grudge of being trapped for a long time. It probably piled up negative feelings because it had fused with Ramirez who summoned it as well.

The people of the Great Forest Sea worship the Great Tree Deity and live their lives in accordance with the guidance of the spirits. That way is similar to Ramisshu in a sense.

「Our tribe has been losing in [Pruning Ceremony] for more than 70 years already. Even the other tribes begin to take in a new blood. Pam and Touya child will definitely win through [Pruning Ceremony] and restore our tribe's glory. If things stay as they are, Balum tribe will completely destroy our Rauri tribe」

「Balum tribe...... are they another tribe that lives in the Great Forest Sea?」

「It is a tribe proclaiming that ’’A woman should follow a man’’. They kidnap women from the other tribes and have them give birth to children. The tribe then raise a child as warrior in case it is a boy and drive out the mother with her child in case it is a girl」

It is not that different from Rauri tribe....... Just the roles of the men and women are reversed. Though I think that neither is right.

It seems there is enmity between that male dominant tribe, Balum tribe, and the female dominant tribe, Rauri tribe. I guess, there is no reason for them to have a peaceful relationship.

Apparently, both of these tribes have the power to oppose each other, but Rauri tribe suffered huge damage due to that Spider-type Fureizu that had appeared in the Great Forest Sea. Especially, it was quite a loss since the warriors who should have represented the tribe had died. I say it wouldn't be a strange situation if Balum tribe would attack them anytime due to that.

「We already given up on the upcoming [Pruning Ceremony]. We only hope that Balum tribe don't win and become [Tribe of Tree King]. However, the child of Pam and Touya will surely win during the next [Pruning Ceremony], thus making our Rauri tribe [Tribe of Tree King]」

It is a far-reaching story. Either way, I cannot accept Pam in the current circumstances. I have no reason to have her give birth to my daughter for the sake of having her fight such battle.

「When is the next [Pruning Ceremony] ?」

「It is in one month. Though we plan to participate because the tribe will be shamed if we surrender without fighting, we will most likely lose. Pam can't participate because Pam is already here. [Pruning Ceremony] is a battle of 5 champions from among each tribe. You may die if you are unlucky」

It is dangerous. From what I heard, it seems the matches follow some tentative rules. It resembles a five-versus-five tournament very much. I say it sounds like [Great Forest Sea War Games] more and more.



Rue calls out to Yumina who seems to be lost in thoughts.

「Can you predict what kind of law Balum tribe will add in case they win the so-called [Pruning Ceremony] ?」

「It will likely be a law that drives away Rauri tribe to the outskirts of the Great Forest Sea. To the places where there are few hunting grounds and where it is difficult to live. In that case, this will lead to our slow ruination without even damaging their tribe's pride. They will also obtain the hunting grounds which originally belonged to Rauri tribe」

「Then, what kind of law will Rauri tribe want if you win on the contrary?」

「It is conversely to drive away the Balum tribe to the outskirts of the Great Forest Sea」

What can I say...... They are both the same. I think it is better if they can get along with each other. With gender equality. .......These days, I came to think deeply about gender equality....... Inside the family in particular.

「Does that mean that the reason why you are desiring a child from Touya-san is for the sake of driving away that Balum tribe?」

「It is not the only purpose, but you are not wrong for the most part」

「......I understand. Let's make a deal then. We will make Rauri tribe win this [Pruning Ceremony] and lead your tribe to the title of [Tribe of Tree King]. On the other hand, I will ask you to give up on Touya-san」

Eh!? Are you serious? Are you going to participate in this [Great Forest Sea War Games] Oh well, I would like to help Pam somehow too, but please excuse me from something like a child. Though that may be the quickest solution.

「...... Can you win?」

「Who knows. However, I think it is better than losing like this and bet on the next decade」

Yumina returns a slight smile. That girl is putting out more intensity. I am sure of it.

Or rather, speaking of the decade, my child will only be 9 years old by that time. Have you though whether it is a good idea to let such child participate in a war game?

「....... Let it be your way. If you really can win, it is the best Pam can ask for. If it is not good as Pam expects of it, Pam will make a child with Touya at that time」

「I don't think it will come down to this」

Yumina and Pam smile at each other. What is this, it looks frightening.

It seems that if Yumina and the girls temporarily enter the Rauri tribe, they will be recognized as helpers of some sort. Though I feel it is kinda strange. It is like having eight foreign helpers in baseball. It will have an impression of the team being ’’a helper team’’ rather than ’’original team’’.

「Yumina-dono, Are you serious ~degozaru?」

「I think this is the best common ground. Does everybody agree with this?」

I looked at everyone around but no one opposed. Well, honestly saying, even I had a desire to object. I didn't want everybody to get injured after all. However, if I objected, then...

「Do you want to make a child with Pam that much? I see. Is it about her huge breasts? Is it because you like big breasts?」

(TL: he imagine questions in his mind)

I have a feeling some people would fall into the dark side, so I couldn't express my mind at all. There is a lot of women in our house that has inferiority complex after all....... Though I think they are still in their growth period.

In term of size, is it like this: Yae>Hilda>>Lindsey>Elsie>Rue>Yumina>Suu? And that Pam is above even Yae.

They may eventually get some strange medicine produced by Flora. But on the contrary, I will likely to draw back if Yumina suddenly gets big breasts.....

「We will represent Rauri tribe, win through [Pruning Ceremony] and gain the title [Tribe of Tree King]. Though we are limited with the members present here ~degozaru」

「I guess so. If we assume that Pam will come forth as the representative, the others ones will be me, Yae, Hilda, and Rue. Is that right?」

Certainly, it is as Elise said. Yumina and Lindsey are not suited for hand-to-hand combat. Both are rear guards in a category of long-range shooting. Suu doesn't have much fighting power.

(TL: Suu can summon!!)

Even so, she seems to be learning hand-to-hand skills and throwing skills from Lapis-san and Cecil-san along with Rene once in awhile. It seems that she is interested in maids. Does Suu want to become a maid?

In any case, is the first phase done for now seeing that the plan has seemingly been decided upon? Why on earth I couldn't say a word during the meeting even though I am the related party......?

「Hey, Yumina-ane-sama, I have one question, but......」

「What is it?」

Suu folds her arms and tilts her neck in puzzlement while looking at Yumina.

「Will we who are not going to fight also go to this [Pruning Ceremony] as well ?」

「I guess so. You will have to cheer as people of Rauri tribe during that time only though. Also, a substituted person may be needed in case something happens too」

「Will Touya go too?」

「He is the most concerned person after all. I wish he would cheer for everyone after all. it will also be reassuring for him to be around in case something happens, right?」

I certainly don't plan to leave everything to them. Naturally, I plan to cheer for them as well as to take the initiative and move if something bad happens. That's because I don't know what can happen. I would like to think there will be no sabotage.

「Uun.......However, Touya is a man ~ja?」


Every one leaked out their voice. I included. That's right. If one to call himself from Rauri tribe, it will be strange if it is a man who does it. At the time something happens, I will likely be told [Outsiders should be silent] and I won't be able to do anything unless I am able to name myself as Rauri tribe. Eh, what should I do?

「...Crossdressing, I guess?」

「Wait a minute! I firmly object!」

I opened my mouth for the first time towards Lindsey's absent-minded muttering.


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