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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 17


Translator : kirihito TLC/PR : Jammerg55 #17 A match and Recording Playback

There was a combat field in the Sordric house’s courtyard. When we were being led to the combat field, I was amazed with eyes wide. No, because this, it’s a Japanese fencing dojo no matter how you look at it.

There were several wooden swords hang on the wall on a polished wooden floor. Wait a second, there’s even a household shrine?

[This dojo that my father built was designed by chief Hyouei. It was built with Ishen’s method.]

[It is nicely similar to the dojo in my home de gozaru. Iyaa, It’s been so long]

I also miss it. With this, the urge that I must travel to Ishen has increased.

[Pick whatever bokuto you like. They’re lined up in the order of the grips thickness]

The Viscount who changed to a dougi, picked up a bokuto while fixing his obi. Yae who is going to face him, picked up whatever bokuto she can, and tried testing the grip while swinging them a few times, eventually they stood facing each other in the middle of the dojo possessing a focused mind. (TLN: dougi: sparing uniform;bokuto: wooden practice sword)

[Is there anyone who can use recovery magic among you?]

[…Me and her can use it, but]

I raised my hand to the Viscount’s words and faced Lindsey’s direction.

[Well then, do not be reserved. Come with your full strength]

As the Viscount declared so, we sit at the edge of the dojo so we don’t get in their way.

On this occasion, I suddenly had a great idea, I took out the smartphone from my pocket. Umm, if I remember correctly….

[…What are you doing desu, ka?]

Lindsey asked with a curious face.

[It’s slight reference for the distant future]

While answering so, Elsie who volunteered as the referee stood between the two of them. Confirming that preparations have been completed for both parties, she raised her voice.

[Well then ───Begin ! ]

With Elsie’s voice, Yae moved to slash at the Viscount with bullet like speed. Yae lunged her sword continuously and the Viscount took the attacks head on, everything was parried with his bokuto.

She slowly steadied her breathing when Yae jumped back to the rear momentarily. In contrast to her, the Viscount doesn’t attack personally. He only follows her movements with his eyes.

They shifted around each other slowly as if trying to draw a circle. Little by little the distance is shortened, they passed through the line and the bokuto once again crossed each other. Thus, an intense exchange unfolded.

However, it was only Yae who kept attacking continuously, the Viscount doesn’t attack and only parries, dodges or blocks her attacks.

[I see. I understand]

The Viscount moved his bokuto in a low position. Yae was breathing heavily as she prepared her stance with resolute eyes. It’s clear that she has exhausted her stamina.

[Your sword is the right way of the sword. You could say it’s exemplary, there’s no wasted movement. It is the same swordplay that I learnt from chief Hyouei]

[……Is it bad ?]

[It is not bad. However for you, there is nothing above it from there]

[Naa……! ?]

The Viscount prepared his sword above, only now that his fighting spirit started pouring out. Spirit that was like an electric shock was being transmitted to our direction.

[Let’s go]

The Viscount took a large step straight away and jumped the distance to Yae in the blink of an eye. The brandished sword struck Yae from the front. To block this blow, Yae held her bokuto overhead.

It was supposed to be.

In the next moment, Yae made a sound and fell in the dojo. She was holding her flank while groaning.

[S, Stop right there !]

Elsie announced the end of the match. If it was a match with genuine swords, Yae’s torso would’ve been split in two.


[You should not move. Some ribs are probably broken. If you move carelessly some might stick in your lungs. You over there, come heal her]

[Ah, yes]

I held Yae’s hand on the side of the flank was warped in pain. I apply recovery magic. Was it from the pain being removed, Yae’s expression started to calm down.

[……I’m already alright de gozaru]

Yae stood up as she gave thanks then bowed her head deeply in front of the viscount.

[I am grateful for you instruction]

[Your sword is without a shadow. To weave together truth and falsehood, to draw back as if advancing, to loosen then becoming relentless. The just way of the sword isn’t the only limit of the dojo swordsmanship. I am not saying that it is bad. Because power is different depending on oneself]

The viscount’s piercing eyes sees through Yae.

[What do you seek from the sword?]

Yae doesn’t answer. Just staring at the bokuto in silence.

[It starts from there. A path might come to you if you do that. If you see it, then come back here again]

The viscount left the dojo leaving those words.

[Well, look. Don’t mind it too much ! The outcome of the match was fated, the reason you lost was because no matter what you did you would’ve still lost]

[……Elsie-dono……that follow doesn’t help very much de gozaru yo……]

Ahahahaha, Elsie who was being stared intensely by Yae returned a dry laugh.

With Lindsey driving the carriage, we face towards the checkpoint to leave the nobles living area.

[So what are you going to do now Yae? We’re going back to Rifflet town ]

[I wonder what I should do de gozaru……]

Ah, She seems down somehow….the atmosphere is like that of a hopeless salaryman. Resting her chin on her hand at the side of the carriage while looking aimlessly at the faraway sky.

[Yae if you don’t have anywhere to go then come with us to Rifflet and then enter the guild, team up together and we can even train together occasionally!]

On occasion she says. Well, I know what Elsie is trying to say. Just when they were finally getting along after a long time, it would be sad to part here.

[I wonder if that’s good too…]

[Alright! then it’s settled !]

[So forceful…]

I smile wryly unintentionally on the decision that Elsie pressed onto us. Taking advantage of Yae who became timid…no, as for this, she is probably worrying about this in her own way.

While thinking about these kinds of things, the wagon approached the checkpoint. Lindsey nervously showed the metal we got from the Duke to the soldiers at the checkpoint and let us pass quickly.

[At any rate, the world is vast de gozaru na….to think there was a powerful person here. I still have a long way de gozaru…]

Yae mutters earnestly.

[Especially that final blow. I wonder what in the world happened there….I certainly thought I took the sword swing from overhead but……the sword came from the side….]

[That was amazing wasn’t it. I completely didn’t see it even though I was watching from the side. Before anyone knew, Yae was already on the ground]

Yae talked about the situation at the time with Elsie as she started to analyze excitedly.

[Regrettable de gozaru. If I could just see that swordplay once more……]

[You can see it?]


Yae blinked in surprise with a foolish face to me who answered readily.

I take the smartphone out of my pocket and I load the match that I recorded a while ago and show it to Yae.

[This is, how de gozaru !? Ah! I, I’m, I’m in there de gozaru yo!? The Viscount-dono too! Elsie-dono is also there!]

[Uwaa, what is this! I’m moving on my own! Even though I’m here! Eh, this is not me but Lindsey!? no, Lindsey is also here!? How is this happening?]

[Calm down]


I scold the two panicking people with a chop at the top of their head. They were hastily overdoing it. It was slightly interesting.

[This is my none-attribute magic that records an event at that time and can use it to watch it again…this is something like that. I recorded the match a little while ago]

[Amazing de gozaru na! This magic!]

[What magic is it?]

[Ah, smartphone?]

[Sumaartohon…That’s a magic I haven’t heard ne. Well, I guess it can’t be helped if it’s a non-attribute magic]

Elsie folded her arms and wracked her brains trying to think. Meanwhile, Yae grasped the smartphone and stared at the screen with intense concentration. It got to the scene where Yae was knocked down soon after..

[It’s here de gozaru!]

The sword that should have been swung down from the front of Yae, was swinging at the body from the beginning. Are? Certainly, that it should have been aimed at Yae’s head.

[What does that mean?]

[Who knows…?]

Else who was seeing the screen next to me heard it and shook her head as if she didn’t know the meaning,

[To, Touya-dono! this, can I see this again de gozaru ka !?]

[You can. How many times you want. Do from the beginning? Or from when you were beaten?]

[From when I was beaten!]

I operate it for a little then show it to Yae. The Viscount approaches Yae then just like that swings at her waist. As I thought no matter how many times, there wasn’t any motion. But, I’m certain at that time….

[Sword shadow……]

[Sword shadow?]

Yae mumbles a few words.

[It’s a sword technique to raise your fighting spirit de gozaru. There is no substance as it is an illusion. However, because it is made with spirit there is a presence. Therefore you recognize its existence unintentionally de gozaru. The Viscount probably used the sword shadow above but the real sword was split to the side. If you feel the fighting spirit and move it, that’s the shadow sword. The true sword without the fighting spirit was aiming for the side. I was completely caught de gozaru ka…]

So it’s….something like showing an illusion. I thought she would be depressed again after seeing reality, but a light smile is floating on her face. That’s…not a smile of resignation, did she grasp something. However, it’s slowly pulls back while she’s muttering something.

[My sword doesn’t have a shadow…hm. I see the reason why de gozaru. It is not to wait for the opponent to show an opening, but to make the opponent show an opening…that’s also…]

[Ooi, Yae? Are you alright?]

[…Alright de gozaru yo. I am grateful Touya-dono. You’ve helped me de gozaru]

I receive the smartphone from Yae who has a bright face and return it to my pocket. Well, I’m glad that she got the chance to get back on her feet.

[I’m going to train more and more to get stronger de gozaru yo. Together with everyone]

[That’s the spirit!]

We laugh together while Yae and Elsie does a high five. Nice, this is youth.

[Please include me too…]

A seemingly reproachful voice comes from the driver’s seat. Ah. It’s not like we forgot about her right? Sorry, Lindsey.


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