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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 168


a sign….

TL: airsblue
TLC: greujnik
ED: BlackSwordsman

Arc 21: Women’s battle
Chapter 168: The Bride’s Conference and The String Swimsuit

[Then, anyone against the engagement of Touya-san and the Princess Hildegard, the first Princess of the Restia Knight Kingdom, raise their hands]

No one raised their hands towards Yumina's dignified voice.

[Then, we unanimously accept Princess Hildegarde as our kindred soul. Both in supporting our husband, becoming good wives and good mothers]
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[Thank you very much! I will do my best!]

Princess Hilda lowers her head while shedding tears as the other six fiancees raise an applause. What is this?

There are eight people in this room namely: me, my fiancees and also Princess Hildegard. This is the so-called [Brides Conference], which seems to approve the marriage of Princess Hilda. However, why am I, the related party, sitting in the furthest seat?

[Look here. Are you not going to consider anything that I say no matter how much I say it?]

Yumina sends a short reproachful gaze.

[Does Touya-san dislike Princess Hilda?]
[There is no reason for that]
[Then, are you dissatisfied with her appearance?]
[Not a chance. I think she is pretty]
[Her personality?]
[She's diligent and gives her best effort for the nation. She's a wonderful person]
[Then, is there problem with her birth or homeland?]
[That is not a problem. She's a princess like Yumina and Rue]
[Then, it seems you don't have any objections, do you?]

Yumina rounds up the questioning while showing a grinning smile. When I look around, Princess Hilda was looking down with a deep red face. There's definitely no reason to refuse……. But, how do I say it? What is this [If I withdraw here I will never be able to raise my head!] feeling!?

I don't feel like I could win against the seven of them, much less against one of them even at best of times!

Speaking of polygamy, does a husband even have a chance of winning if his wives firmly huddle together!?

[……Is everyone really fine with this?]
[I would have raised my hand a while ago If I didn't]
[…we believe that she is the same as other fiancees in that she came to love Touya-san and that she is an appropriate comrade as well as family]

Elsie and Lindsey spoke. Did you understand that much even though you just met? ….. Was it Yumina's magic eye? I see.

Whenever Yumina invokes her magic eye, it looks like she can see a color of person's essence like some sort of aura. A person with a beautiful heart will have it glittering, and someone with a guilty and malicious heart will have its color be muddy.

It seems she can't see through the essence of what's below subconscious, but I don't understand the details. I was told Yumina also made judgments based on its color and her intuition.

In other words, it's [someway or another]. However, she is able to distinguish [a person who is good though he acts tough] or [a person who is bad though acts as good guy] as an effect of being able to see the essence. Because that Yumina gives her approval, therefore it may be like that, but…

[I think this is a good opportunity. Even if I and Yumina are princesses, we are from the countries in the west. But Hilda is from the east and, after what happened in Yuuron, she is the princess of the largest country. There is nothing scarier than connecting both the West and the East]

Rue has spoken of those things. It somehow feels dangerous…….

If I have strong connections with Restia, then that versatility will definitely be effective in the east someway, but…….

[But you see……]
[You need to be more clear. Touya should have more confidence. You are [Popular] like sister-in-law have said!]
[Popular you say…….]
[Aren't you popular? Doesn't everyone here love Touya ~ja?]

My face turns red immediately due to what Suu have said. Dangerous! Am I glad or embarrassed!?

Muuuuuuuu……. I don't want that kind of words to decide it after I dragged it that long but…….

While I was glancing towards the princess, her anxious gaze collided with mine. I wish you don't make such a face as if you want to cry.

[……I understand. If everyone is fine with this…]

Waa! Everyone gather around Princess Hilda and give their blessings. Hearing that girlish high pitched laughter and giggling, I once again have confirmed that I can't win against them at all. I feel a slight uneasiness towards the future.

[Then, Princess Hilda. The battle with Sen’ou-heika however…….]
[Please call me Hilda. From now on, I am your fiancee and your first knight]

Princess Hilda…. err, Hilda turns her eyes to me while smiling. Let's keep it a secret that I felt a little shock at her proudful expression.

[I got it. Hilda. Then, regarding the fight with Sen'ou-heika, is there a chance of winning?]
[Honestly, I think it's difficult. The probability of fighting ojii-sama and winning is about 10%, I believe……]

That's low. As I have thought. Is that old man considerably strong? However, even though it is only 10%, it isn't like she can't win at all.

[Well…In addition to that, it wasn't a victory due to my skills. I can say he had bad luck while I had an excellent luck at the same time by chance…….]
[In other words, you are saying it was just coincidence ~jana]

Don't say it so frankly, Suu. Look. Doesn't she look depressed?

I think the opponent may be caught off guard if there's only this difference on the contrary. She may be victorious if she takes advantage of the old man possibly taking her lightly and getting caught.

The weapon of choice for the match is a sword if I'm not mistaken. It's a fight of only using physical abilities without magic.

[Touya-dono, is there anything that can be done ~degozaru?]
[Hmmm. How about doing something like putting the blinding powder at the edge of the sword or planting explosive on the grip of his sword? Or apply plenty of support magic on Hilda's weapon and armor with [Enchant]?]
[T-that kind of winning is a little…… it is against the chivalry spirit]

I guess so. Well, there are a lot of methods though. The important thing is that it's fine as long as you don’t use magic directly. Kukuuku.

[You are making an evil face again ~degozaru……]
[You probably have come up with some underhanded way. I don't feel relieved in a sense]
[It doesn't seem like it's something promising………]

Don't say selfish things. I'm not thinking of unfair things.

This time.

======================Scene Change=====================

At the same time the match starts, Sen'ou attacks start cornering Hilda. Though she was forced into a defensive fight, she still somehow managed to avoid the incoming wooden sword, parrying, blocking and enduring it.

[What's wrong!? Are your feeling for His Majesty the Sovereign King only that much!?]
[……I believe in Touya-sama. If I move just as how Touya-sama have said, I will certainly be able to grasp victory!]
[As he have said? Then show me!]

His attacking hand quickens even more. He strikes his granddaughter with a storm of a barrage. Hilda's defenses are gradually collapsing. Even if she stops the attack with her wooden shield, the impact hits her arm. It's natural her movements will become dull if those shocks accumulate.

In the underground training ground, the audiences are only my fiancees and me. I had the escorts wait outside.

Hilda exerts her defenses as much as she can. I have told her to never miss the opponent's opening and aim for a one-shot reversal. After catching the opponent unguarded, she will finish it with one attack.

Hilda pushes his wooden sword aside with her shield and takes distance. She probably used a considerable amount of stamina. Her breath has already become rough.

The old man who is her opponent appears as if he has more room to spare while showing a slight smile.

[Muu…… Strong ~degozaru. While being a sword of the knight, I also feel its violence of wild combat. If we assume that Hilda-dono is weak, then it is strong. It is the sword which pushes through brutally rather than with technique ~degozaru]
[But isn't she withstanding it somehow? I think it is making a pretty good match]
[That's because she is completely devoting herself to defense. However, she can't win in her current state. Her defense will eventually crumble and she will be defeated]

Yae, Elsie, and Rue, the three fighter's faction of our house, analyze the match. However, Rue has also become strong-willed……. It is hard to believe that she's the one trembling during the coup d'etat. I guess she must have been shocked at what happened during that time.

Her combat ability doesn't reach to Yae or Elsie by a small margin, but she is still quite skillful right now. Because she is mixing my and Yae's fighting styles, she ends up pretty much being self-taught.

[It's any time now, isn’t it? I somewhat hope she doesn't miss the opponent's opening though]
[But will Sen'ou-Heika make an opening? Whatever the lower status she might have, his granddaughter is still his opponent……]
[It's not that he will create it. It will be created… by me]

Eh? After leaving behind Yumina who made a puzzled face, I then concentrate my magic power. Fortunately, because there is a handy movie lying on the net, and it won't be that difficult.

Sen'Ou starts running while facing Hilda to make a finishing blow. Now!

I float an illusion of the movie about two meters behind Hilda with [Mirage].


Sen’ou-Heika opened his eye widely, and his movements stopped instantly. Though she didn't understand what had happened, Hilda who had been waiting for this chance all this time slashed her wooden sword with all her might against Sen’ou-Heika's body.


If that was a real sword, his upper and lower body would become two. Sen’ou-heika collapsed on the ground just like that. Good!

[Who was the woman wearing a string-like swimsuit whom I have seen for just a moment behind Hilda-san?]

A gravure Onee-san dressed in a micro bikini while making a lascivious pose was on the screen of my smartphone. I don't know who she is even if you ask, but there is no doubt that it's a quite dangerous swimsuit. She has a tanned skin, captivating eyes, a stylish body with a greatly appealing part of hers.

[I won! I won ~yo! Touya-sama! I- did it!]

I wave my hand in return to Hilda who looks overjoyed. The others also applaud while smiling, but they are also muttering something in a low voice.

[Ah, to be able to create an opening so easily……]
[A man is…….]
[…ary that. Onee-chan]
[Didn't she have an extremely large chest…..]
[Do you prefer that kind of swimsuit Touya-san?]
[Huh? Where are you going, Touya?]

With the exception of Suu, everyone's eyes are not smiling. Do you think I can stay here anymore!? It's the Thirty-Six Stratagems!
(TL: ttps://!

I jump down from audience seats to the training ground and start approaching Hilda to say "Well done!". Cold gazes pierce my back, but I mustn't turn around.

[Touya-sama! I won! With this, I also can marry Touya-sama for life!]

Why has grandpa made that opening? Hilda doesn't seem to care about that and is rejoicing, as Sen’ou-heika is crouching on the ground while groaning in a low voice next to her.

[You have done well defeating me……. However, for me to stand against the two of you the second and third time, it will be quite an ordeal…….]
[What kind of Maou are you?]

I cast recovery magic on Sen’ou-Heika. Really, was this person the King of the Knights Kingdom? Ah, wasn't it said that he was adopted as a son-in-law? He doesn't look like a knight at all.

Did he recover already? Sen’ou-heika stood up and looked at Hilda.

[I fully realized how immature I am. A defeat is a defeat. I have fully grasped your resolution. I permit you to get married. I also don't have any complaints about the brat. From now on, you are not from Restia, so become a knight of Brunhild]
[Touya-dono. My granddaughter can only swing a sword, but please take care of her forever]
[……I understand. Please be at ease]

Sen’ou-heika said so and bowed.

[……And then. Where and who was the young girl in a swimsuit from awhile ago!? Once more! Let me burn her figure in my memory even if it's only once more ~ja!]
[Ah~……Sen'ou-heika. Since I can't do it here, is it alright to do it in another room?]
[Oh, that’s right ~ja! Hilda, go with the other people. It’s is better for you to hear different kinds of things from them. Then, Touya-dono, shall we go!?]

While yanking me, Sen'ou-Heika forcefully pulls me away. Isn't he going to complain about the gap that has been created because of the illusion? By any chance, didn't this person intend to lose from the beginning? I was thinking that for some time.

Afterward, I have been made to make a number of similar drawings from the pictures of gravure idols with [Drawing] due to Sen'ou-heika's persuasion. Where does his ero power come from…….?

When I returned to my room exhausted, everyone was waiting except for Suu and Hilda. I was interrogated in different ways. To sum it up, I was asked about my preference in women. Those were questions like "is it better to have bigger breast?", "do I prefer a slender style?", or "do I like erotic appearances like that which was shown?"

At the end, I had to prostrate on the ground and ask for forgiveness since they proposed that 'everyone should wear a micro bikini!". As expected. I cannot let them do that, the stimulation will be too strong.

………..Was it regrettable?


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