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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 167


Arc 21: Women's battle

Chapter 167: Dazzling First Love and a Match

[And, what is the matter that you wanted to ask about?]

Princess Hilda and Sen'ou are sitting on a three person sofa in the castle's reception room. I have sat in front of them and listened to the two.

Apparently, both of them have hidden their social positions with saying that they are traveling incognito. Certainly, their armor didn't have the emblems of Restia.

Sen'ou-heika being also a former adventure seems to have connections in various places. Apparently, they have managed to come here without any problems. I guess he is a rather unusual person after all.

According to what I heard, they have hidden their social status and went as far as doing something similar to what the elderly Lord Mito did...... Is it like [Do you know who is this coming gentleman? He is Galen-sama, the former king!] [Haha~!] ? There is no way, right? There are no shinobi or someone like that carrying pinwill toys here, right?

(TL: (

(TLC:, also a reference to one of the characters from historical drama, ninja Yashichi)

Well, whether he does without minding any troubles, it isn't like I can say anything about it.

[Actually, regarding the collapse of Yuuron a few days ago......]

Princess Hilda have brought up the subject. I see, it is about that, huh?

The concerned parties in that war happened to be people from the foreign country and due to Yuuron's inconsistent and groundless rumors, what actually happened can't be grasped or so it feels like. That has been particularly noticeable in the East.

It is ironic that the West knows more about the situation than the East given the fact that it happened in the east, but it can't be helped since most of the countries that participated came from the west.

The guild has supposedly fed the correct information, but it is hard to believe the truth by the facts alone. Not affected by magic, having regenerative ability, appearing from the tear in space........ Such apparitions didn't appear till now.

I recited the events that happened in Yuuron to the two people in details.

[So there really was a great invasion of that Fureizu, wasn't there? At any rate, the allied forces of Belfast, Regulus, Misumido, Rifurizu, Ramisshu, Rynie were there.......?]

[They were the opponents that we wouldn't have beaten if we didn't join forces by at least this much. In fact, Shanghai was blown off with only a single blow from the advanced type]

[A terrifying story ~jano....... And, what is the possibility of a similar event to happen again?]

Sen'ou-heika's worry is also justified since a group of low-grade Fureizu did appear in Restia after all. Rather than skillfully deceiving them, it is probably better to adequately explain the truth to them.

[I don't think it will happen for a while. However, it's possible a similarly grand invasion might happen sometime in the future. Therefore I am pushing forward various preparations to cope with that]

[Frame Gear, are you talking about that giant soldiers?]

Do they know about it? Well, I did think that the information would leak out to some extent.

Believing that it's faster to show it to them rather than explaining it, we then moved to the western prairie outside the castle while also bringing along the escort guards.

Sen'ou-heika and Princess Hilda, including the escort guards, were utterly surprised with their first transition. In addition to their initial surprise, I let the Black Knight transfer from Babylon to the ground.

[This is the Frame Gear [Black Knight 《Night Baron》]. One of our ultimate weapons to fight the Fureizu]

Everyone seemed unable to speak from the shock. I take out a receiver from [Storage] and call Monica who is inside the cockpit.

『Show them some movements. Don't be reckless』

『Acknowledge ~ze, Master』

Monica shows various movements like walking, running, making a sword drawing stance, thrusting, and swinging it up and down.

[This...... Frame Gear, how many units were deployed at the fight in Yuuron?]

[There were about 250 units including the spare units prepared. There were approximately 13,000 Fureizu, so the situation was quite grave]

[Those, 250....... What does his Majesty of Brunhild wish to do with that much military power?]

Sen'ou-heika's eyes turn to me as if probing me. I guess even if the thoughts about me having some ambitions appeared in his mind, it can't be helped.

[You may not believe me, but I don't have any intentions to use this to invade other countries. And it is not limited to only invasions. Their foremost purpose is to fight against the Fureizu. Even for the countries of the Western alliance, I wouldn't lend it to them if there isn't a dangerous situation]

[What do you mean by ’’dangerous situation’’?]

[The events like the subjugation of a Behemoth or the rescue in the events of calamities such as landslides]

In fact, I have lent it out to each country several times already. I don't have any problems if it's being used to save lives. Of course, I didn't take a rental fee since it's a goodwill till the end. Ah, I will have them pay for the costs of the materials if they break it when fighting against a Behemoth.

[For argument's sake, can I borrow this guy if our Restia forms an alliance with your country?]

[As long as it's not used for war or something illegal]

Won't the technology be stolen if you lent it to another country and they analyze it? I was asked this question, but on the contrary, I want you to show me whether you can do it. Even me and Rosetta can't produce Frame Gear from the scratch. I suppose it can't be done unless an abnormal genius like that hentai professor appears.

Even if they disassemble it, they perhaps may be only able to make the arms and the feet, but the central part will be impossible. Above all that, it will most likely be impossible to make Ether Liquid which is the fuel. Well, if it's disassembled to the point it can't be reassembled, I won't lend it to them again.

[One of my purposes for coming to Brunhild is wanting to establish a friendly relationship with your country ~ja. I can't join an alliance without asking my son who is the king for the meantime, but he will hardly object]

[It will be a pleasure for us as well, but I must consult with the other countries]

Well, I don't think there will be any objections on our side as well. As you may expect of Restia that is called the Knights Kingdom, it seems to be a country with faithful, pure intentions and citizens. .......I can hardly believe that looking at this old man though.

But will we have to change the name [Western Alliance] if Restia joins? Restia is on the east. Hmm. Well, isn't it fine if I think about this later?

====================Scene Change================



Their swords stopped just before they hit the bodies. Princess Hilda's wooden sword is on Yae's side. Yae's wooden sword barely stopped at Princess Hilda's nape. It was a wonderful simultaneous draw.

[That's enough!]

The voice of me who volunteered to be the referee echoes through the underground training grounds.

Princess Hilda said that she wanted to fight against the best swordsman of this country, so I bumped her against Yae for now. If it's Kenjutsu alone, she is above even Yamagata-ossan after all.

Through this one year, just how many Kenjutsu websites and videos you think I have shown to Yae? She made them her own like how a sponge absorbs water and have improved over them even more. I think her Kenjutsu is becoming more and more greatly detached from her parent's [Kokonoe Shinmei Ryu].

Though I can say that Princess Hilda who was able to have a draw with that Yae is also amazing.

Mutually lowering their swords, they take deep sighs.

[It was a fun match. His Majesty really has a wonderful knight]

[Nope? I am not one of the Knights ~degozaru, you know?]


After the match, Princess Hilda tilts her heads while having a handshake with Yae.

[I am Touya-dono's betrothed ~gozaru]

[Betrothed ?]

[It means fiancee]

When I butted in the conversation from the side, Princess Hilda stopped moving. Huh? What's wrong?

Her neck turns around awkwardly like a broken door, and her eyes turn towards me. What is it? There is no light in her eyes.......

[Engaged, person, you, were, weren't you?]

[Eh? Huh....... Well. That, didn't you hear? There should have been a big announcement about my engagement to Yumina and Rue]

[Yumina? Rue?]

I felt that Princess Hilda wanted to ask ’’Who are those?’’. It seems she honestly doesn't know about them. Well, perhaps the news has not yet been spread to the east.

[They are the Princesses of Belfast and Regulus ~degozaru. Both of them are Touya-dono's fiancees same as me ~degozaru]

[Yees!? T-three fiancees!?]

[Six, to be accurate ~degozaru]


Princess Hilda was lost for words. Muu. Did that catch her interest? As expected, even though polygamy is accepted in this world, wealthy merchants or nobles usually have only two or three people and it seems there are some kings with an outrageous number of wives. But apparently, the usual royalty have about as many as five wives.

Even if we exclude the merchants and nobles with wives, there apparently is a considerable number of lovers or concubines in cases when there is no formal [Wife] present.

Although after getting married to a formal wife, the number of partners generally increases little by little. And someone like me who already has a lot of marriage partners seems to be rare apparently.

[I......What should I.......unexpected.....No, not yet.......]

For some reason, Princess Hilda grumbles and mutters in front of me while I shake my hand in front of her. No good. She doesn't see it.

[And so, Onee-chan makes her appearance ~nanoyo!]

[Uwaa, You startled me!!]

A voice suddenly called out from behind me, and I swiftly drew back.

Karen-Onee-san is raising her right hand and strikes a daunting pose while breathing with excitement.

Is this person (though I say ’’person’’, she is a god) capable of teleportation? She simply appears in unexpected places and moments just because she is a god.

[You there! Frankly, the partner of your unrequited love is definitely Touya-kun ~nanone!!]

[Fuoaaa!? N-Nh-Nhat s-say you, what are you shying!? Such, such a guess! It is a guess!]

Nee-san pointed her finger at Princess Hilda straightforwardly, and the princess's face exploded in deep red color as if it caught fire. Eh? What's with that reaction? You mean...... is it like that?

No, but....... We only meet twice..... Don't tell me?

I pulled Nee-san who was full of herself and still pointing her finger at Princess Hilda and whispered to her.

[Wa-wait a minute. Don't tell me, are you using some sort of weird power? Like a fall-in-love power or something else from your charm power system?]

[How rude. I don't use anything like that ~noyo. There have already been feelings of love for Touya-kun inside that kid from the start ~noyo. Furthermore, that was her first love and it's beautifully dazzling]

So you can know even that!? Or is it me who's slow? A first love. Even so, what can I do, about that?

While I was hesitant on what I should say to the fidgeting Princess Hilda, Yae stepped forward before her. Wait, will you please spare me from something like a fight scene !?

[Does Hilda-dono love Touya-dono ~degozaru?]

[Hiee!? No, errrrr! You see that is......I never have thought that he had a fiancee like Yae-san.......How do I say it?.......that.......I am sorry......I am annoyance, right.......]

[Not at all. I can understand your feelings very well because I was also in the same situation as Hilda-dono ~degozaru]

Princess Hilda who was looking down in shame raised her head to Yae's words.

[When Touya-dono was first engaged to Yumina-dono, I was only a companion. I closed my feelings deep inside my heart without being able to express them. However, Touya-dono and Yumina-dono accepted someone such as me ~degozaru]

[So is that what happened......]

[Therefore, it is alright for Hilda-dono to also become Touya-dono's fiancee like me ~degozaru]

[[Come again!?]]

My and Princess Hilda voices overlapped. Wait a minute!? How it came down to this!? Even though I have taken Suu as one just the other day, isn't it too quick for a seventh person!?

[By the way, Touya-dono's fiancee's limit is three more ~degozaru. It has been decided that Touya-dono will have nine brides]


Princess Hilda raised her voice due to surprise. You are bringing that story out!? I didn't even accept it!

[You are popular as ever ~nanoyo. Onee-chan is very proud ~noyo]


I glare at my stupid sister who started whistling on the side. She probably thinks it's too amusing!

[I-i-in other words, the number of people who can become His Majesty's brides are only three more, right!? If I am not going to be a lover or a mistress, then I am on! I will become the seventh bride!]

[Then, I will introduce you to the others later ~degozaru. I'm delighted for being able to get such a reassuring companion ~degozaru]

[Thank you, Yae-san!]

Princess Hilda strongly holds Yae's hand. Wait a minute, a lot of things seem strange! Why are the people over here (especially the girls!) not listening to their partner's opinion!? Do you mean my opinion is disregarded!?

This is bad. This has the same flow as during that time with Yumina and Rue. If this continues like this......! Hh? Isn't it late to do anything now?

Marriage to these people means being tied to someone they like but it also carries the meaning of deepening the connections between houses. Maybe because of that, a lot have this idea wherein it's fine to raise love after the marriage. This tendency is especially deep in the upper-class society.

Then perhaps this motive is already genuine if it's with a royal family. Of course, they won't want to marry a partner that they don't like though.

The talk develops quickly in front of my eyes. And before I even thought about how I am to stop it, someone stepped up.

[I have heard the story! This marriage, I won't allow it so easily!]


[Another troublesome thing appeared but......]

Sen'ou-heika appeared from somewhere with a [Wait here!] pose while holding his hand up. Are you a Kabuki actor?

(TL: Imagine Jiraiya appearing on Naruto)

Does this flow have a [If you want my granddaughter, you need to defeat me first!]-like drift!? I don't have that intention at all though.......

[I will have you show the resolution since the princess of Knight's Kingdom decided to marry! Fight me!]

Bingo~ Are you serious.......? It can't be helped. Then, shall I lose properly? I currently don't have any intention to take the princess as my bride. Though I think she is cute, I don't know her yet. But despite that, Sen'ou-heika is a gold-ranked adventurer even if he is old already. Will he may be a difficult opponent~?

[Accept this ordeal and show me that you can magnificently beat me! It is a fight, Hi(•)l(•)da(•)!]

[Yes! Ojii-sama!]



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