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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 166


Arc 21: Women's battle

Chapter 166: Two Gold-Ranked People, and a Princess in Love

One month passed since the Fureizu's grand invasion, yet no particularly unusual information had arrived. I guess at most, the guild master Rerisha-san came and wished for an explanation of what had happened at Yuuron. Apparently, it's because there was a guild branch in Yuuron as well, and it was splendidly damaged.

The civil war (though it doesn't go beyond skirmishes to be even called as such) was continuing in Yuuron. From each area, the powerful nobles proclaimed that ’’I am the true Heavenly King’’, and got themselves defeated. Then other ones declared themselves as such and were then defeated. And so on and so forth.

Rather than being called a single large country, there are several city-states existing already within Yuuron. It is becoming a place which can be called 「Yuuron Region」. They may perhaps become a federation similar to the Rodomea Federation should an alliance be formed between them, but that seems to be a long road.

[Those conceited will not last long as if they are like a dream on a spring night.....?]

[What is it that you are saying?]

[No matter how much you flourish, it won't last forever. It is a fleeting moment like a dream in a short spring night. That kind of meaning]

I explain the meaning to Monica who looked puzzled at my monolog in modern language. Well, Yuuron probably has continued for a long time as a country though.

The information regarding the destruction of Yuuron quickly spread to the other countries, and the cause was the grand rampage of mysterious apparitions.

Only a portion of Yuuron's nobles were shouting about that being my work. In the guild's insightful announcement, they accurately distributed things about [The appearance of an unknown apparition] [Its designated name being 'Fureizu'] [Them being the cause of the ancient civilization's downfall] and so on and so forth to the adventurers.

The things like characteristics and weak points of Fureizu were also disclosed by the guild. A skilled adventurer's party should be able to take it down if it is a low-class type.

That's because it is not known in which country they might appear. These measures are probably necessary.

If I am to believe End's words, I don't think a large number will appear for a while.

[Then, the limit for [Fragarach] is four as expected, right?]

[That is so, ~dearimasu. I'm afraid that the body itself will no longer move if any more than that is placed ~dearimasu]

That will be bad on the battlefield. It will only make you a target. This has nothing to do with the pilot's magic power, but rather, it is the limit of the old Frame Gears.

Rosetta comes down from the Black Knight 《Night Baron》 that is carrying 4 Fragarach installed in X shape on its back.

Fragarach is also a crystal sword by itself and can also be used as a simple weapon carried in hand.

The Fragarach's attack which consumes a lot of magic power is not something that can be used consecutively very much. I suggested doing something like loading my magic power using [Transfer] in advance, but since it needs to be manipulated after synchronization with the pilot's magic power is done, it seems Fragarach will be reduced to a tool that can only be manipulated by me if I do that.

Even after completing this weapon, there is still have a lot of tasks to do......

《Lord, is it alright?》

《Huh? Kohaku? What's wrong?》

A telepathic communication comes from Kohaku who is in the royal castle.

《Messengers from a foreign country have apparently come seeking an audience with Lord》

《Foreign messengers?... Chase them away if they are from Yuuron》

《No, they seem to have come from a country called the Restia Knight Kingdom or something》

The Restia Knight Kingdom, you say....... Is that... a country of Princess Hildegarde whom I saved when the Fureizu attacked some town?

Oh right. When I saved her, I gave her a crystal sword and she was pleased with it. She did say something about sending their thanks. Is this it?

I then go to the royal castle's audience hall with [Gate] at once since I don't want to keep them waiting, but no one is here. Huh?

[Ah, Your Majesty. This way]

When I was standing alone there, the head maid Lapis-san beckoned me to come.

[Haven't messengers from Restia come?]

[That is so but......When I asked them to wait for a little while because his majesty is not here yet, they said they wish to see the knights training......]

Oh, my. As expected from the messengers of the Knight Kingdom, I guess? It seems they are interested in the knights of other countries too. Well, I won't be troubled if it's just watching.

When I finally arrived at the training grounds, Logan-san and one female knight were exchanging blows with fake swords. Or rather, huh? Isn't that Princess Hildegarde?! What is she doing!?


Princess Knight delivered a blow accompanied by a loud screaming yell, and Logan-san's sword was knocked high up in the sky. Oou, she is good.

[That's enough!]

Nicola-san's voice echoes on the training grounds. The cheers rose from the surrounding crowd. Some of the Restia knights were also mixed with our household's knights.

[T-thank you very much, Princess]

[Same here]

Both exchange their thanks and finish the match. Did she notice me? The princess jogged towards here. Her long blonde hair shakes softly with the wind. Though she is in her usual armor, her smile is lovely. If I am not mistaken, isn't she the same age as Yae?

[Y-your Majesty! It has been a long time!]

[Ah, yes. It has been a long time. Or rather, why is Princess Hildegarde here!?]

I returned her greeting unconsciously. But apart from that, why has Princess Hildegarde come here?

[This visit is a gratitude for that time, and there is also something I wanted to ask...... But I came only as an attendant]

[Attendant you say...... for whom?]

[For me ~jayo]

An old man stepped forward from behind the Restia Knights. He is probably about 70 years old. He's an old man with a long white mustache and a cane. Although he is using a cane, his back is straight. He is a vigorous one. Is he by chance....

(TL: mutin Rushi enter!!!!)

[Nice to meet you for the first time, Sovereign King of Brunhild. My name is Galen Yunas Restia. I'm the Sen'ou of the Restia Knight Kingdom, as well as a gold rank adventurer similar as his Majesty the Sovereign King ~jayo]

(TL: Sen'ou = Former King)

The Sen'ou takes out a guild card from his pocket and shows it to me. It is the real thing. Then this person most likely is the gold-rank adventurer other than me.

[Thank you for this. I am Mochizuki Touya. I have heard about Sen'ou from the guild master Rerisha-san]

[Hou-hou-ho. I have received something good a few days ago, you have my gratitude. I was wondering if I could go on a sightseeing tour in Brunhild as well as to convey my thanks]

[Well-well. There are not that many places for sightseeing, but you can relax here as if you're in your home]

When I reached out to shake Sen'ou-Heika's hand, I missed. Huh?


I looked behind towards the sudden scream, Lapis-san was holding her bottom and twisting her body. The Sen'ou-Heika was standing behind her while making a 'waki waki' motion with his palm. Eh?

[Ya, Sorry-sorry. It's my usual habit. Fumu, what a considerably trained ass ~jano. Ojou-san, you are not a mere maid, are you?]

[Ojii-sama!! This place is not Restia, so please have some restraint !!]

[My hand moves instinctively when I see a beauty. I have been patient till now, but I reached my limit ~ja. Ka-ka-ka]

Princess Hildegarde flares up at Sen'ou-Heika. It seems this behavior is a daily occurrence in Restia. In the past, she made a bitter smile when I asked about Sen'ou-Heika. Is this the reason for that smile? What an outrageous old man......

However, when did he get around me? If it is Lapis-san, she is a former member of intelligence service. She wouldn't let him get behind her that easy. This old man, he isn't an ordinary person. Should I be saying, as expected of a gold rank adventurer? Though, he may be just an Ero-jijii.

[I am sorry! This is....... Something like my Oji-sama's spasm! Ah, it will be alright once he touches you, so please don't worry!]

[Haa.....This is hardship.......]

What kind of spasm is that? This is so-called Sen'ou of the Knight Kingdom...... His image is entirely different.

We decided to return to the royal castle for now. The knights of Restia that came together with the Princess's group were guided to the lodgings of our household knights. Although some of them followed us as escorts for the princess and Sen'ou.

When we entered the royal castle and I was about to guide them around....




This exchange was repeated several times. The damage to our maids is terrible. Won't this matter turn into an international problem?

Won't it be better to hold him down with [Gravity] some more?

[Oh ~yo? Touya-kun ~nanoyo. Good morning ~nanoyo]

Karen-nee-san came from the corner of the hallway. The next moment, Restia Sen'ou moved with a lightning speed around Nee-san while his hand once more flickered towards her bottom.

However, the next moment, Sen'ou-Heika turned around himself and rolled down on the floor.


There wasn't any change in Nee-san who managed to repel the molester without his hand touching her. As for the still dumbfounded Sen'ou-Heika, he was still on the floor as he was.

[Touya-kun, who is this person ~nanoyo?]

[Eh? Ah, this is Sen'ou-Heika of Restia Kingdom]

[Hmmmm, what a healthy Ojii-chan ~nanoyo]

I introduced Karen-nee-san to the people from Restia who were still blinking in surprise even now. Tentatively, she is the only other royalty here beside me.

[I apologize for my Nee-san's rudeness. I'm sorry]

[No-no! It can be said that this is entirely our fault from the start! It's a good medicine for my ojii-sama. A divine punishment]

It really was a divine punishment, but I have decided to keep silent. It's probably nothing but luck since this ended with just that after trying to touch Goddess-sama's bottom.

[However, it's as expected of His Majesty's older sister. This is the first time I see a woman who could repel my ojii-sama.......... Ano, what is it?]

Karen Nee-san was staring at Princess Hildegarde with 'Ji -i'. It was a look as if she's peering into the depth of princess's heart like she was searching for something. Before long, Nee-san slowly began to talk.

[You.... are in love, aren't you?]


Princess Hildegarde shrinks back with a red face. Her usual dignified expression vanished, and sweat appeared on her forehead in bulk.

[Wh-what do you mea~!? L-l-l-ove somethi~, Love or something, you say! Nu-nuthing like that!]

[Fufufufuffu. No one can hide one's love in front of me ~noyo. Shall I advise you ~noyo? You should come to my place later ~noyo]

Nee-san left for the dining room after leaving behind this message. Princess Hildegarde was covering her face which went red and was muttering something in tiny voice.

[Are you alright?]

[F,fuu!?A-ah I-i am f-fine! Alright! Fuu.......]

You don't look fine at all but...... It feels likes smoke will come out from your head anytime soon.

However, she is in love, isn't she? It definitely is correct since my Nee-san, the love goddess, said so. Even if she is called a [Knight Princess], she is still a girl after all. For her to have her face to become this red just by remembering about a person she likes.

She has been glancing intermittently at me from time to time since a little while ago. Is she embarrassed that I who is an outsider saw her in that state? Isn't it best to feign ignorance here and let it go?

[Then, Sen'ou-Heika, Princess Hildegarde. Shall we go?]

[E-excuse me. Rather than Hildegarde, please call me Hilda! That, what everyone close to me calls me with......]

The princess while being bashful said that. Indeed, her name is slightly hard to call. Let's take advantage of that since she herself requested it.

[I understand. Then Princess Hilda, please from here]

[Ha, Yes!]


Princess Hilda answers with a full smile on her face. Sen'ou Heika laughed a little on that.

? Was it somehow amusing?


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