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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 165


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 165: The last days of the Heavenly Kingdom and the New Weapon

A few days passed since then. As for all the damage received this time: seriously damaged Frame Gears - 36 machines, people with minor injuries - 24, people with heavy injuries - 4, dead people - 0.

Having no casualties is good, but the result can be interpreted in different ways.

The capital of Yuuron was destroyed and a large number of towns and villages were erased from the map. I believe the result wouldn't be like that should we conducted ourselves in a bit more skillful manner.

「So, what will become of Yuuron from here on out? 」

「Who knows. It'll be good if someone like me won't be interfering anymore since it originally has nothing to do with us」

Among everyone from the western alliance in the conference room, the king of Misumido returns an answer to my question with no interest.

「However, won't the various countries start disputes over Yuuron from henceforth? Even though the people of Yuuron are injured due to Fureizu, should the war start on top of that....」

「Speaking of Hanok, they wanted to draw a line with Yuuron from the start so there is no need to worry about them. The Demon Kingdom Zenoasu also carries a non-interference policy towards other countries, so there shouldn't be any problems. Speaking of Ishen, their mood is that a civil war is about to happen soon, and it is said that the Horn Kingdom does not approve of military invasions」

「Then this amounts to what movements will done by the nearby Ferzen, Nokia, Rodomea.... 」

Both the King of Belfast and the Emperor of Regulus ponder over the words expressed by the Pope of Ramisshu.

「Though I think that those three countries will be observing things for a short while. Try thinking about it too. A devastating blow of such magnitude was caused by some mysterious being. Would you even think of governing over a place like that? Whenever I think that it happens in my own country by chance, my back freezes solid」

It might be exactly as the Monarch of Rifurizu says. You can say that's natural for someone who considers whether the same thing would happen again.

「Then, is the current Yuuron in a state of having no ruler? 」

「No, that's not it. The Heavenly King had three sons, but among those, one shared the fate with Heavenly King due to being in Shanghai. The other was in a different capital, but that place was attacked by Fureizu and he died. The last one is the lucky survivor and apparently calls himself the new Heavenly King」

The King of Belfast talks about the current condition of Yuuron to the King of Rynie. Has the New Heavenly King appeared? In that case, Yuuron might be able to set things in order once again too.

As I am thinking about that, the King of Belfast makes a face like he just chewed on a bug.

「Yeah, about that. According to what this New Heavenly King is apparently spreading as a rumor, the cause of the destruction of Yuuron this time is entirely the fault of the Brunhild Dukedom. In other words, it is the deed of Touya-dono」


How did it even come to that !? I didn't close my mouth that opened in silent amazement towards the incomprehensible false accusation.

「It is said that Shanghai and the towns were attacked by Touya-dono who summoned the Fureizu with some sort of summoning art. He then brings up the fortress built on the national border from the side of Hanok as a front for the evidence. Furthermore, there are people saying that they also saw how Touya-dono was using a large-scale summoning technique made by sacrificing and massacring the citizens of Yuuron and that there apparently are witnesses who barely escaped with their lives」

Wha~, what the hell is that !? Even lies have their limits! That doesn't look like a gossip from somewhere. Where did that kind rumor come from? Who said that someone saw me summoning Fureizu !?

「You know it considerably well, don't you ?」

「No, it is the opposite. Mind you, they have sent forth a letter stating that the events this time were directed and performed by Touya-dono, that they are the victims, and that the events that occurred were for the sake of taking an initiative of a western alliance and displaying the military might of one's own country」

「They have written that ’’It is dangerous to have Brunhild possess such military strength. It's for the best if this might is confiscated and managed by large countries like Belfast or Regulus and Yuuron as well’’」

Following after the King of Belfast, the Emperor opens his mouth. Are they going that way !?

「So, what will be the reply?」

「There will be none. I would say something like ’’If we assume that statement to be true, then it will be impossible for us rival that might by any means. Do you think we would be able to oppose an opponent with a capability to completely erase the capital of Yuuron? You would consider surrendering obediently to Brunhild’’」

「In my case, it will turn into a grave situation if it's left alone. I would say ’’I will show this letter to the sovereign king of Brunhild and confirm if this is really true. Due to the sovereign king's short temper, he may come storming into your kingdom if there is some sort of mistake. But it's the duty of great countries to expose the truth. Leave everything to us’’」

Both of them are evil. What's with this feeling of ’’passing the responsibilities’’. Well, I can sympathize with the said apparent absurdity of becoming their opponent.

However, what can I say...... If it comes to that, I am worried that someone like Yuuron won't know about that.....

No-no. there is no crime with the people living there. It's not like everyone there is the same simply because one part of the ruling class of Yuuron is hopeless..... At least it is supposed to be so.

「For the meantime, won't it be fine to leave the matters related to Yuuron alone? The country being as it is currently shouldn't have a margin to do something to this side. And it is not like we are sharing a national border with Yuuron」

What the king of Rynie said is quite plausible too. Yuuron doesn't have either the military power or the national power like it used to. They don't fear being attacked by Hanok, so I plan to return the fortress built along the national border to Hanok.

Let's leave things about Yuuron alone. That's the decision. We also won't interfere in any way and will leave the interaction at a minimum level. As for the actions of the new Heavenly King, he has invited his own decline of credibility by far with regards to the western alliance. I think that an honest retainer would stop him if there was one. What can I say, the words ’’Like a father, like a son’’ come to mind......

Whatever the case, the new Heavenly King was assassinated two weeks later. Apparently, a struggle for supremacy occurred among the influential nobles inside of Yuuron. There were people here and there proclaiming that they are surely the true heavenly kings.

It is said that a considerable number of citizens from Yuuron flow to other countries becoming wanderers to avoid this war.

By the way, it also seems that the blame for the assassination of the new Heavenly King of Yuuron was pushed onto me. I am done already. With this country.


「And, what happened?」

「Nothing much, you know. It is fine to let people say what they want. Just keeping them company will be a loss」

「Fuu. If it's Touya, it'll be a piece of cake beating a country like Yuuron」

Suu becomes sullen while sitting on my lap who is sitting on a chair. Even you say something like that.

I was keeping Suu a company because it has been a long time since she came to visit, but she started to get angry more than me after hearing about Yuuron.

「In the first place, shouldn't Touya be the one who saved Yuuron? Why must you be blamed for something. They are only lining up what's convenient for them without investigating it properly. In spite of their contents being hollow and superficial, they are just adults who only barks and have no bite !」

「Well, I don't want to increase the troublesome matters any more and it is better to leave them alone, you know」

「That won't do. Get angry when it's time to get angry. If you don't demonstrate that you are serious, they will just continue making light of you. [Complicit] relations won't produce mutually good results. If one is not hit heavily at least once, the unawakened fools also will just remain the same」

What severe things she says. Is that it? It is probably what she learned from her father's, Duke Ortlinde, work as a diplomat.

「Then, what do you think will be a good thing to do?」

「Knock down every last one of the fellows claiming to be the new Heavenly Kings of Yuuron with all your might, and profoundly admonish them with something like ’’Stop with those shameless accusations!’’」

Okay, diplomacy fails. How do I say it, this brat's typical way to resolve things is....

Well, I'm grateful for that since she is getting angry for my sake. I gently brush the head of Suu who is puffing her cheeks again.

「Thank you. But still, it really is okay」

「...... Touya is way too gentle. You see, that's your good point, but..... Learn to be concerned for yourself more」

Turning around towards me, Suu comes clinging to me strongly. I also hug Suu close while somehow becoming happy.

As I casually raise my face, the door of the room slightly opens, and Shizuka's face is peeking while carrying a tea set.

「............I have brought tea, Loli-Master」

「The maid over there, let's speak for a moment 」

It is different. Absolutely different. In this case, me embracing Suu is done with a family-related sentiment. No, it's not that. At least not now. Still.

「There is no need to do that in secret at this late hour, I suppose. This Shizuka has entirely understood the disposition of her Master. Do not mind me. Just enjoy to your heart's content」

「Come sit here for a bit. I will preach you」

「If it is training, it will be my pleasure」

「Enough already! Just come here! 」

I have preached the ero-maid for nearly one hour after this. Throughout the preaching, she started saying something like [Please abuse me more] with a red face. I was fed up with it and stopped. Don't say something incomprehensible like [Irritating play.....].

I then go out of the castle while leaving Shizuka alone. Today, I presented a ring to Suu as my fiancee, but that's not all. I considered that I should show her Babylon. It is pitiable to be left out all the time. Just in case, I strongly forbid her to say anything about it to anyone.

After moving with [Gate], Suu opened her eyes to the view of the sky visible from Babylon when we arrived there and raised her voice in admiration.

「Amazing ! Amazing-Amazing-Amazing! A sky castle! The heavenly castle really exists! 」

It's different from that castle though. It doesn't have a charm of being ruined. Suu becomes excited once more as I show the castle of [Rampart] soaring high at Babylon.

「Welcome home, Master」

「I am back. Liora. What about Noel ?」

「She is taking an after-lunch nap」

Again? The manager of [Tower] will sleep as long as she has free time. I wonder whether she only rises up during meal times.

「Touya, this person is ?」

「This is Liora, a manager of this [Rampart] castle. Since she doesn't go down often, it is probably your first meeting with her」

「My name is Pure Liora. Please call me Liora」

Liora pinches the sides of the pin-striped skirt and greets Suu with a graceful action. At this moment, I certainly feel that she is the eldest Babylon sister.

「Liora. Then, this is about the talk for the system」

「Yes. I have also spoken about it with Rosetta and implementing that seems to be possible. However, I didn't consider putting the technology of [Satellite Orb] into Frame Gear in any way」

[Satellite Orb] is one of the defense systems of Babylon. It's an automatic defense system which consists of orichalcum-made orbs intercepting the attacking enemies.

By applying improvements on it, I have considered equipping the Frame Gears with those. In other words, this will become a large number of remotely controlled offensive systems. Naturally, the idea came from that anime.

The flying objects will be in the forms of swords rather than obs and the materials which will be used are naturally the fragments of Fureizu (It is somehow troublesome, so I will name those [Crystal Material] from now on). If the size is up to this extent, [Workshop] will be able to reproduce it.

There is a problem of inoperability to some extent for those with no aptitude for magic. The operational time will be restricted by the amount of magic power. It is not a weapon suitable for everyone, but it will certainly be a great advantage for us to be able to do ranged attacks.

When I temporarily called this weapon as [Fragarach], it established itself before I knew it. Well, that's fine. The people of this world won't know of its origin anyway.

Currently, the number of simultaneously controlled weapons that can be possibly installed is four at most due to the control systems of the existing frames.

As I've thought, the blueprint for the new model which is said to be at [Warehouse] might be necessary...... Uumu.


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