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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 164


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 164: Meteor Shower, and Annihilation

I took out a receiver from [Storage] and adjusted it to the common channel. Whether or not the relationship would worsen due to a king of a foreign country giving out orders, I entrusted the commanders of each country to relay detailed instructions, but the circumstances are as they are right now. Fortunately, all frame gears here are within the range of communications.

『To all the pilots from Brunhild Dukedom! Don't stand in front of the advanced class Fureizu! Because it has a preliminary movement before it fires, you will understand the timing, but I fear you may get involved in widespread attack if it swings its neck! Always go around towards its back from the right side!』

The frame gears grandly evacuated from the front while running and went behind the advanced class.

As if waiting for this moment, the Crocodile-type Fureizu rolled its body to the side and hit the body of a heavy knight with its tail which sounded like a whip.

Bakyaraa! The heavy knight was blown away. It broke into pieces as it rolled magnificently on the ground.

《Headquarters! Does anyone hear me!? Has pilot transferred to you just now!?》

《Touya-san, this is Yumina. The one who transferred just now is seriously injured but is somehow still alive. Flora-san is treating him right now so don't worry》

I am relieved. It apparently wasn't an instant death.

While that crocodile bastard shakes his tail left and right as if threatening, he faces toward here. The speed of his movement is not particularly fast. It won't be difficult to avoid it if it's like this. But the moment I have thought about that, the spike-shaped protuberances are being formed at the tip of the tail, it started to shoot those like missiles just like that.

When I thought that each of those protuberances would explode one by one once they were launched high into the sky, a barrage of many crystal arrows poured down on the ground.


An invisible shield protected my surroundings and repelled the rain of crystal arrows. Everyone else held their shields too and somehow endured the rain.

「Give me break...! Something like a Cluster bomb......!」

Cluster bomb is the so-called [Focused Bomb]. Inside of the parent bomb, there are heaps of child bombs. It's a bomb designed to strike at a wide range all at once.

It is neither a [Mark] attack like guns or bows and arrows nor a trajectory drawing [Line] attack like a machine gun. I can say it's definitely a [Head Strike] attack. There is nothing more troublesome than a wide range attack.

Furthermore, the protuberances which that Fureizu shot a moment ago has already begun to regenerate at his tail again.

That tail is troublesome. Shall I cut that one first?

Nope, it will surely regenerate the tail right away even if I cut it off as long as this one is also Fureizu.

While I was thinking, the Crocodile-type Fureizu started to move with heavy thuds.


I set the friction resistance to zero only at the six legs because of its size. The crocodile splendidly tripped over, but when I thought I did it, the tail recklessly twirled around, and the crystal arrows down poured again.

「Kuuu! Did it have the opposite effect!?」

We, who had endured the rain, were captured in its field of vision (though Fureizu don't have eyes) as it fixed its tumbling posture and opened its large mouth;the light started gathering in the inner parts. This is bad!

『Spread out! Evacuate!!』

Even without me saying anything, the heavy knights desperately escape from the line of fire. Once more, a roar and a torrent of light go right before our eyes. While the ground is being gouged out everywhere in a straight line, I see a distant mountain getting erased. Just how much power does it have? There are no victims here. No victims but......

How can I defeat it.......? Since it is Fureizu, I think I can win if I destroy those three cores. But how......? The weapons won't reach the cores because the body is way too large. It is too thick. It seems I can reach it if I make 50 meters crystal sword, but..... There are many materials around. However, there is no time. It will take nearly 1 hour to make a blade like that with [Modeling]. Moreover, how shall I swing such a thing?

Even if I send it to the sky with [Gate] like that of the Mithril Golem, it will probably be intact...... No, it will regenerate even if it gets hurt.

The crocodile-type Fureizu makes a side sweep with its tail and attacks us as if we are annoying things. Many heavy knights were caught in the attack and blown away without being able to avoid it.

And then, a rain of crystal arrows goes again in the same way. This attack is plain but quite effective. Everyone defend with their shields, but whatever happens, their shoulders and legs still suffer minor damage. If they continue getting attacked like this for a while, their movements will get dull no matter what and they will not be able to avoid it.

「We will only be pressed down if we stay like this...... Everyone, attack as one!!」

While holding crystal swords in both of my hands, I run through the air and reach the crocodile's flank. I could see before my eyes a core about 1 meter in diameter shining faintly through the body.


I am shaving it down consecutively as if I am making a cross with swords in both my hands, but I am unlikely to cause it enough damage to reach the core no matter what. If this fellow is a crocodile, for him this is probably like a slightly big housefly trying to pierce him.

A screeching shivering sound is made from nearby its dorsal fin, and in the next moment, I am being blown off.


While turning over in the sky, I somehow regain my posture. There was no damage since I was not hit anywhere, but what was that just now !?

Is it capable of shooting something like a shock wave from its dorsal fin?

The rain of crystal arrows pours down without a moment's delay. Everyone's shields are at their limits already. I probably guess the only relief is that this attack cannot discern a friend from foe.

The majority of Fureizu presented here have sustained extensive damage since that attack has been sent out several times.

If I am to try and describe this fellow, he is probably an extermination type Fureizu. As the way the situation is going, annihilation is probable as well. Unless I do something.....

This rain of crystal arrows is troublesome. It is totally like a meteor shower..... wait......

I look around the vicinity. There are fragments of broken Fureizu scattered all around on the surface like mountains. Can I do it?

『Notification to each member. I would like for you to buy me just 3 minutes. There is no need to attack recklessly. Just attracting its attention is fine』

They probably heard my message. The heavy knights of each country started to move in directions similar to turning away the attention of the crocodile-type Fureizu from my existence.

Good. Before it is too late, I pour and strengthen the magic on the fragments of Fureizu scattered around in the wide area with [Multiple] and [Transfer]. I raise their firmness so that it will be harder than that of the advanced level.

『Spread out! Take distance from the Fureizu』

Everyone moved away in accordance with my message and after confirming that everyone has taken a distance and evacuated away from the Fureizu, I opened [Gate] and moved the fragments of scattered around Fureizu in a vast area to the sky above the crocodile-type Fureizu. The height is several dozens of meters. The aim will be off if I make it too high.

「Eat this. 「Meteor shower《Meteor Zapper》」 」

I applied the weight with [Gravity] on the Fureizu fragments transferred to the sky. This weight has supposedly sprung up to tens of thousands of times.

The rain of downpouring sparkling fragments smashed onto the huge body of the crocodile one by one. While making cracks in every part of his massive body, countless numbers of fragments bury into his body. Besides that, I have increased their weight once again by applying more and more magic with [Gravity].

The huge body of the crocodile is being sewn onto the ground while giving out a sound similar to a scratching of a blackboard.

The sounds of cracks spreading out in various parts of its huge body could be heard. I poured a considerable amount of magic power, but is it still not enough? I raised the weight once more.

One crack reached another crack making an even bigger crack, and by chaining one with another, they produced more cracks.

The crocodile-type Fureizu tried to open his mouth and shoot the usual bullet of light, but due to his mouth being caved in by the fragments as well, the mouth cannot be opened. The creaking sounds could now be heard.


I added more magic once again to be sure, and the fragments wedges sank deeper. Finally, the body of the crocodile was smashed up and dispersed since it's unable to bear with the force applied to it.

『Now ! Break the cores before it regenerates! All three of them !』

All at once, the members swarmed towards the cores that rolled out from the broken body and started to strike it with their weapons. One core received cracks in a flash and was smashed very quickly. The remaining two cores were smashed in a similar manner, and the advanced class was reduced to a huge ruin of crystals.

Uooooooooooo! Everyone from Misumido, Ramisshu, Rifurizu, and Brunhild hold their weapons overhead while raising a victory war cry.

There are still some Fureizu remaining, but it may be okay to say that the cleanup at site ’’B’’ is almost completed.

I guess we have managed somehow. I have used a considerable amount of magic power. Isn't that the largest expenditure so far? You may say it was necessary this time for the counter-plan against that kind of advanced level Fureizu.

『The Brunhild Knight Order will handle the clean up here. Misumido and Ramisshu will be sent to site ’’A’’. Prepare for individual transfer. We will end this in a flash! 』


Almost all Frame Gears presented at site ’’B’’ were sent to site ’’A’’. The forces at site ’’C’’ are putting things in order as well. When I looked at the displayed number of Fureizu, it had decreased until 478. It seems like after this, the battle will only be a cleanup battle.

I think we have crossed over a mountain. In any case, we most likely managed to repel them. However, I can't puff out my chest with pride if I'm to say whether we saved Yuuron or not.

There might have been people caught up with the bullet of light fired by that advanced level.

「I guess it can't be helped even if I think about it」

I then open [Storage] and collect the fragments of the smashed up advanced level Fureizu while raising up my somewhat languid body.

『Yae, Norun-san, I entrust this place to you. I am going to site ’’A’’』

『Understood ~degozaru』


Before I went to site ’’A’’, I moved to the headquarters. Seeing me who suddenly appeared, Lindsey rushes over to me.

「Touya-san, are you okay! ?」

「Aah, tentatively okay. Although I am terribly tired」

I am worn out both physically and mentally. If one doesn't fight at such a series of battles, there would be no need to use magic excessively.

I crash down on a chair brought by Rue. Aah~...... Should I relax my mind? It seems I will turn into white ash as it is.

《Touya ? Can you hear me? 》

《Elsie!? Something happened?》

I energetically raise my face. You don't mean to tell me that two more advanced levels have appeared, do you?

《We have cleaned up as many Fureizu as we could possibly see, but..... Are there still some remaining there?》

《Eh? Aah~, wait a moment》

When I try to display map, there was no more Fureizu present at site ’’C’’ at all. All that remaining are the ones present at sites ’’A’’ and ’’B’’. The number has decreased down to 247 as well.

《It is okay. There are no more Fureizu there. Convey that to everyone after you have returned to the headquarters》


All members remaining at site ’’C’’ were moved to the headquarters. While I am doing that, the Fureizu at site ’’B’’ were disposed off as well and only the Fureizu at site ’’A’’ remain. The displayed number is dropping down rapidly as well. It will reach zero before long, and everyone that is standing in front of the image board raises their voices in great joy.

There is no relation to countries at headquarters. Everyone congratulates the people nearby them, clasp their hands and raise the victory cry.

《Notification to everyone. The operation is completed. The annihilation of Fureizu is confirmed. Everyone will return to the headquarters now. Good job 》

The pilots of the Frame Gears appearing at the headquarters descend one by one from their units, embrace each other and raise shouts of joy without minding who is who.

Some of them jumped from the chest hatches and apparently injured themselves as well.

「Good jo~....」

I want to sleep like a mud, but a post-disposal operation still remains.

First is to collect the broken Fureizu, then to return everyone at headquarters to their respective countries, and move the Frame Gears to Babylon..... There is no one who can do it but me.

Am I supposed to meet with someone after that? Ah, I wonder if Heavenly King of Yuuron is alright?

I casually display the map, but the capital Shanghai didn't display. Huh? That's strange. I was certain it was supposed to be somewhere there.... And yet......

After hitting upon an idea, I calculate the direction of the bullet of light fired by the advanced level Fureizu from site ’’B’’ on the map.

The line of fire of the second shot from the previously mentioned bullets of light and the location of former Shanghai overlapped.

The capital of Heavenly Kingdom Yuuron, Shanghai, has been erased from the face of the earth on this day.


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