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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 162


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 162: Battle preparations and Battle Commencement

「Araa~, something terrible has happened while I was not looking」

While hearing the explanation of my circumstances, the Love God...... er, Karen-nee-san was munching on a cookie. You are spilling it on the carpet.

「And with that reasoning, I was thinking whether Nee-san would be able to lend us her hand」

「Ah~ you know, that's impossible. I can use my power if it's matters related to love, but beyond that, I can't use it unless the subordinate god is involved, mind you」

「Saying ’’if it is love-related matters’’..... Like what?」

「N~, I'm referring to things like being able to bring forth a romance between a male knight and a female knight on a battlefield they are both fighting at. Naturally, it is also possible to split them conversely」

What's with that? So they are all nothing but love-related affairs. Useless.

「......You were thinking of some rude thing, weren't you?」

「Exscush~ me. Itsh painful~, pleahse let me go」

I'm apologizing frantically since my cheeks are being pinched lightly. Damn it. As expected, even this god is rotten. She is just idly living here every day and she's only sharp at times like this.

「......You were thinking about it again, weren't you?」

「Excush~ me. Ouch! Ouch!」

Now, I can bear this pinching since it's me. But if the person receiving this pinching is a normal person, I wonder, wouldn't he most likely be torn into pieces? I then move to Babylon this time while rubbing my stinging face.

Rosetta, Monica and the mini-robots were in the middle of making the last adjustments on the Frame Gears.

「How is it going?」

「We somehow seem to have managed it. There are 210 units present together with 40 spare units making it 250 units in total. They will be able to go out in 30 minutes」

「Master, take me along to the battlefield as well ~na! Let's teach those lower Fureizu a lesson ~ze!」

Monica shouts while wielding the wrench. Among the Babylon Numbers, she certainly has the most proficient handling skills.

「Ah, in order to make it easier to recognize the respective members of each country, I have altered the color of the shoulder parts ~yo. I have also added the royal family's crest of each country」

「I see. That will help」

Only the right shoulder part of the heavy knights and the black knights have been painted in different colors with each country having: red for Belfast, blue for Rifurizu, green for Misumido, yellow for Ramisshu, and orange for Rynie. A number with the same color is waving on the left shoulder. Although those are necessary for the sake of discerning the individuals on the battlefield, they don't look appealing.

Should I get my hands on the blueprint inside [Warehouse], it might be interesting to manufacture a signature knight of each country like a [King Knight ’’Belfast’’] or an [Emperor Knight ’’ Regulus’’].

Well, in any case, it will be after we cross over that bridge.

「What are you going to do about the weapons?」

「They will be mass-produced with [Workshop], but...... There is a limit on Fureizu-made weapons, you know?」

「If there are no materials so we can't help it. But if it's [Workshop], shouldn't it be able to produce weapons for the Frame Gear from the small fragments?」

「Making Fureizu-based weapons using [Workshop] is not like Master's [Modeling] wherein they are being transformed. It cannot combine them, you know. If the size of the weapon is for the use of humans, then making them becomes possible in one way or another. But as the way things are currently, producing large Fureizu-based weapons using small fragments just recycles those said fragments」

「Basically, mass production using [Workshop] is similar to using a dagger as spearhead ~na. It will be fine even if arrowheads for bows are mass produced, but you still have to aim at the core. This action, on the contrary, will bound to be a hindrance to everyone else during the fight this time ~na. Ah, you also have to pour magic into those Fureizu-based weapons in advance, Master」

I think I now understand. Those Fureizu-based weapons are just ordinary glass weapons unless you pour magic into it.

Frame Gears and the weapons are okay. I guess all that's left is everyone from the knight order.

When I tried going in the direction of the lodging house, everyone seemed to be restless in their own way. They then run over to me after seeing me coming.

「Your Majesty, the preparations are complete. We are ready to go at any time 」

The one who answered vigorously was Rebecca-san. Logan-san, who's standing beside her, also answers fearlessly.

It's not like every member of the knight order will ride on the Frame Gears and fight. Someone similar to the Ogre or Lamia demonkins cannot board them, and there are also people among the Knight Order who cannot ride them due to their constitution (like an awful motion sickness or claustrophobia and so on and so forth).

However, those people will function as a support unit and are expected to provide help to everyone.

「That's okay, everyone. Just don't do the impossible. Think about your own lives as the top priority. You have to withdraw should you think that you're in a dangerous situation. I won't consider something like being killed as honor. Everyone has to return safely and boast about the victory」

I open my mouth while looking at everyone's faces. I cannot afford even a single person among them to be broken.

「Do not overestimate your own abilities. Do not make light of opponent's strength. A little bit of cowardice is just fine. If you cannot bring it down with one person, do it with two people. If that's still not good, start doing it with three people. There is no need to be fair and square towards these guys」

Though I plan to support them as much as possible, the times wherein it's impossible to provide cover will still come. If there is an abnormality to the functions of the Frame Gear whether it's due to serious damage or something else, an automatic transfer for the sake of escaping will be carried out. But I can't call that feature an absolute safety. Should the cockpit be directly crushed, that will be the end of it.

In any case, everyone's safety comes first. I then return to the castle after reminding them of this.

When I went to the living room with a fireplace, Elsie and others were there waiting. I have asked only Elsie and Yae to join the battle this time. I have the remaining three to be on standby at the stronghold and act as a support unit during the times when injured people appear.

「Despite that I can fight as well.....」

「That's because Rue's standpoint is the princess of Regulus. It will be troubling if the people from the Regulus Knight Order will put more priority on Rue's life rather than their own」

Yumina has a similar case as well. For Lindsey's case, it can be said that she is not suited for battle this time because magic is not effective against Fureizu. I have asked her to devote herself to recovery mainly because she can use light attribute magic.

「Elsie, Yae, and also the Commander of Knight Order Rain-san will deploy at different battlegrounds. And so, I will have Elsie with Kokuyou and Sango, Yae with Kohaku and Rain-san with Kougyoku to ride together. I want you to report to me if the state of the war moves in any direction」

If it is the use of telepathic communication, we will be able to understand each other even if we are separated by a distance by who knows how much. Thanks to that, it will be sufficient for me to judge where I should move to.

「Touya-san, please don't do something unreasonable」

「It's okay. I will come back safely with everyone. It will soon be time. Shall we go then? 」

While accompanying everyone, I go towards the place made into a headquarters from the [Gate] opened by me. The spot in front of the great wall came to be known as a headquarters.


There are 250 Frame Gear units standing in line in front of the great wall of Brunhild next to the dominion of Hanok. It's a magnificent view, all right.

The knights of each country have already boarded Frame Gears and are waiting for the time to sortie. At the headquarters, the kings of each country were observing the movements of Fureizu on a large image board.

This image board is divided into 16 screens, 4 rows, and 4 columns, and a different image is being projected on each of those screens.

It's an application of the camera technology of the Frame Gear, but the ones flying about and carrying those cameras are the Valkyries called out by me by summoning.

「Even though we are only here, I am grateful for being able to understand the state of war」

「Eeh, that's because it is unbearable to just wait without knowing what is happening」

Being next to the talking Monarch of Rifurizu and Pope of Ramissu, I look around at the Commanders and Vice-Commanders leading the Frame Gears for each nation.

The commanding officers from Belfast are Commander Neil and Vice-Commander Lyon-san. From Regulus, the One-eyed Gaspar-san is the Commander while the Vice-Commander of Misumido is the wolf beastman Garun-san. These are people that I know as well.

The other people present are the ones I have seen during western alliance meetings as guards and escorts for the rulers, but they are people with whom I did not talk to.

「Well then, I will explain the strategy. First, 90 units from Brunhild will divide into three parts with 30 units each and deploy at three sides away from the capital of Yuuron. Those sides will temporarily be named ’’A’’, ’’B’’, ’’C’’. The forces of Belfast and Regulus will deploy at ’’A’’, while the forces of Misumido and Ramisshu and the forces of Rifurizu and Rynie will deploy at ’’B’’ and ’’C’’ respectively with a total of 40 units on each side. These 70 units in total for each group will be lying in wait for my command」

(ED: This means that Group ’’A’’ ->Belfast [20 units] + Regulus [20 units] + Brunhild [30 units] = Total [70 units]. Same goes for Group ’’B’’ and Group ’’C’’ with a grand total of 210 units [70 per group x 3]. Forty units will lie in reserve = no pilot.)

I displayed the marks for the three sides on top of the map of Yuuron projected in the sky.

「I believe that the grand movement of Fureizu will begin and turn towards Group ’’A’’ at the moment when our strategy starts. After having attracted them here, Fureizu will then be drawn to Group ’’B’’ consecutively when the battle between the forces of Group ’’A’’ and Fureizu starts. Furthermore, they will also be drawn to Group ’’C’’ in the same manner. I plan to have them disperse equally in three directions as much as possible」

With this, Lyon-san raised his hand.

「What are you going to do if they don't disperse equally?」

「In that case, I will transfer several units from another group. I will basically move 10 machines as a single platoon, but it will also lead to one of the two respective platoons of each country to become scattered」

「As for the method to communicate with each other?」

「The communications channel has been included in each unit. Its scope is not that wide, so it won't reach as far as other battlefields. I think the communications channel is basically for an on-site communication. Should anything happen, those three..... Yae, Elsie and Rain-san will hand down the report if you make contact with them」

I change the scenery and show the frames of the three people. Rain-san's white knight, Shining Count, is still white, Yae's black knight, Night Baron, has been painted in purple, and Elsie's black knight, Night Baron has been painted in red. A Tsukkomi about them being black knights despite them not being black is unnecessary.

Yae's frame was equipped with a curved crystal greatsword and Elsie's frame was equipped with rough crystal gauntlets on both fists. Both are weapons I have made from Fureizu fragments. Rain-san is holding a similar-looking sword as well.

「Basically speaking, please access the situation at your respective spots in actual and move accordingly. Contact me if ever suspicious points or strange phenomenon starts to occur. Ah, and there is one red Frame Gear that's already fighting on the battlefield, but it's tentatively an ally. Any questions?」

「I have heard there are also Fureizu that are flying in the skies, but what is a good way to deal with those?」

「I will do the interception for those flying Fureizu. Please be careful not to take damage. There are also those that shoot arrow-like crystal objects among them, so be sure not to be negligent. Even if the frame takes damage, you will be transferred here if it's about the safety of the pilot. But if ever the cockpit is directly hit, the transfer won't amount to anything」

Every commander boards their respective Black Knights after the explanation of the strategy is finished. Then, Corps ’’A’’, Corps ’’B’’ and Corps ’’C’’ split up and Rain-san, Yae and Elsie deploy amongst Corps ’’A’’, Corps ’’B’’ and Corps ’’C’’ accordingly.

Also, Kougyoku, Kohaku, Kokuyou and Sango board the frames together with those three and serve the role of the communication channel with me. I have asked Norun-san, who is deployed to Corps ’’B’’, and Nicola-san, who is deployed to Corps ’’C’’, to the support of Yae and Elsie. Originally, they are moving individually. It's better to entrust those two Vice-Commanders to lead the knight order members. As for Rain-san, Yamagata-ossan will act as her support.

As for the headquarters, several Frame Gears, Tsubaki-san, Baba-jii-san and the summoned Cerberos strengthen its defense as guards. Even if anything happens, they will contact me in case they let it pass.

I transfer Corps ’’A’’, Corps ’’B' and Corps ’’C’’ to their respective spots with [Gate].

Then I went to the battleground together with Corps ’’A’’. Now then, Shall we begin?

《The strategy will commence from here on out. Please take care of reporting》

《As you will》



《Lord, may the war fortune be with you》

Kohaku, Kougoyku, Kokuyou and Sango each return their replies.

After displaying the map, I confirm the current location of Fureizu. I then took out the slide I had received from End from inside my breast pocket.

「It won't end as a joke if this doesn't have an effect.....」

I wonder if I should punch End if that happens. As I put power into my hand, the slide breaks with a snap.


There is no sound or anything? You don't say, have I really been duped?

When I look at the map while succumbing to anxiety, the movements of the Fureizu stopped. After several seconds they resumed their movement and those inside Yuuron started moving in this direction. Apparently, this seemed to be effective. I guess that sound is probably inaudible for humans similar to ultrasonic waves.

Among Fureizu coming to this direction, several are moving with the speed surpassing the others by a head. Uh huh?

「Search. Display flying-type Fureizu with yellow」

『Acknowledged. Displaying』

The Fureizu that are coming here very quickly are dyed in yellow. As I have thought. The marked number is not that big. There are probably about 10 of them.

Seeing that the Frame Gear cannot fly, I have no choice but to take care of those guys. I take out two greatswords (Since it is troublesome, I will name those [Crystal swords]) made from fragments of the Fureizu and take a stance with both hands.

《Kougyoku, I will go beat the flying-type Fureizu coming this way. The first group will arrive here in about 15 minutes from above the ground》

《Acknowledged. Take care》

I communicate with Kougyoku who is boarding the white knight together with Rain-san.

「Now then, shall I go out as a herald?」

Using [Fly], I leap into the sky vigorously, raise the speed at once and go towards the direction of the flying type Fureizu in a straight line.

The battle begins.


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