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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 158


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 158: Grand moving, and Great Wall

After that, we have somehow received Lento-san's agreement and decided to have him guide us to village headman. Well, I guess the fact that he didn't believe us couldn't be helped.

Basically, the outfit of adventurers are clothes that are easy to move in when they go on a trip. Well, there is also that attitude wherein they are not good with gorgeous clothes. How can they go out in such a shameful form?

Anyway. We met with village headman and had a conversation, but he still couldn't believe us. Not something like that I am a King-sama or anything, but he couldn't believe that the army of Yuuron is coming close to this village.

I then made the village headman float with [Levitation] and flew towards the place with [Fly] while taking him along.

As we look from the skies, he properly understands that the army of Yuuron is facing the direction of the village. There is quite a lot of them. Are there around 5000 or so?

After seeing this scene, the village headman shivers while creaking whether it's because he realized that the village might be attacked soon, or because he is simply afraid of high places.

We descend at once on the ground and I send the village headman to the village with [Gate]. After requesting him to persuade the other villagers, I use ’’Fly’’ once again and fly around the surrounding areas.

As I expand the map and make observations, I've noticed the main force on the opposite side in addition to the guys who are going here and another detached force behind the main force. I think that the other detached over there is most likely the supply unit, but that's quite a lot of them included into this.

Speaking of the Army of Hanok on the other hand, their forces are non-existent with the exception of those colliding with the main force of Yuuron. When I expand the map far away, a different military force is visible behind them. Those are reinforcements coming in very urgently from the royal capital. But, they will only arrive the day after tomorrow with that speed. I guess they are holding the front line till then......

Now then, what can be done about that? I guess a just cause or something is necessary for making an intervention into the war of a foreign country. Naturally, I would like for Yuuron army to politely return, but it won't become a fundamental solution. I am sure they will come again.

If it was in the case of Brunhild, I would be allowed to interfere without reservation, but..... N?

That's right. This is also the way, I guess. I descend on the ground at once and open [Gate] to the place of His Majesty The Emperor of the Regulus Empire. Even if I suddenly appear before the King of Hanok, he hasn't met me before. I will have His Majesty The Emperor introduce me to the King.


Since after I received the backing of His Majesty The Emperor of Regulus, The King of Hanok accepted my proposal. At any rate, the Kingdom of Hanok will completely become the part of Yuuron with the way things are going. He has given his decision by saying ’’If that's how it is’’.

Good. There won't be any problems with the proper signature of the King himself. After me taking the certificate His Majesty The Emperor of Regulus and I go out of the castle of Hanok.

「However, you really have come up with something unthinkable.....」

「In the end, it will be only temporary. I will dispose of it properly after the safety is guaranteed」

While revealing his voice that sounds amazed, His Majesty The Emperor of Regulus is shown the fleeting certificate complete with the seal of the country and signed by the King of Hanok.

「Well, there is no need to worry about this war as well since Touya-dono has gone out of his way. We are also grateful for having this matter ending with us only sending relief supplies」

Well, I don't know whether it will go smoothly though. In any case, shall I give it a go then since there's also no need to be reserved?


「No need to take shelter..... what do you mean by that?」

「That's because every soldier of Yuuron will be driven out from Hanok」

I show the certificate received from the King of Hanok to Paolo-san who has been waiting at the village. Paolo-san opens his eyes wide as he reads the article even while not quite understanding the contents.

「Tha~, that~, is that really true?」

「That's the truth. There is the sign or the King of Hanok, isn't it? The seal of the country has been stamped as well.」

Intensely peeking from the side, Tsubaki-san's eyes go round.

「It's good to have the approval of the King of Hanok, alright..... But anyhow, the country will be seized by Yuuron with the way things are going as I understand, in that case..... 」

Tsubaki-san mutters in a state like she does and doesn't grasp it at the same time. Comprehend it already.

「Now then. Tsubaki-san, you will return to the castle and convey this matter to Kousaka-san and everyone from the knight order in advance since I will be driving away the soldiers of Yuuron that have been creeping into Hanok」

「Drive away, you say......」

Ignoring the dumbfounded Paolo-san that have been assigned as a protector of the village just in case, I send Tsubaki-san to Brunhild with [Gate].

As for me, I dash through the sky at once with [Fly], and finally arrive at the imperial capital of Yuuron, Shanghai (TL: シェンハイ), after a few moments.

In accordance with how I judged it during the time the masked individuals attacked, there were asian-sque streets around somehow. I wonder, is that huge building the royal palace?

There is beaten gold applied here and there on the scarlet tiled roof and whitened walls. Furthermore, there were some golden made statues that looked like animals installed into the roof and pillars. That's definitely gaudy. How do I say this? The royal palace seems to be an incarnation of one's conspicuousness.

I wonder if it has been made with the taxes...... If this was in Japan, it would be hated by everyone. It maybe my imagination, but I feel that there is a decline when one leaves the premises of the capital.

Well, I don't care anymore. Shall I return them here for the time being?

「Map Display. Show everyone from the army of Yuuron present in the territory of Hanok」

『Acknowledged. Displaying on the map』

With a ’’po-po-po-po-po’’ sound, the red light denotes the Yuuron army within the dominion of Hanok.

「Multiple. Target Lock-on」

『Acknowledged. ..... Lock-on is completed』

The whole Yuuron army starts to be locked-on and that completes the aiming.

「Invoke [Gate] under the feet of the whole Yuuron army」

『Acknowledged. Invoking』

The red lights within the dominion of Hanok disappear one by one. And then, the soldiers of Yuuron appear one by one inside the royal palace below me, and the royal palace becomes panicked. Everyone will be returned to you, Your Majesty the Heavenly King.

As I make sure that every last one of the red light disappears, I go through [Gate] and come out quietly at the border between Hanok and Yuuron. Now then, after this will be the real deal, or it should be so.


「Wha~, what is this !?」

I hear such a voice from below me. Well, I guess they should be surprised. After being returned to as far as back to their own capital without also understanding the reason of what happened all of a sudden, they saw a huge wall soaring high at the national border after they tried invading Hanok once more. That said, it has also taken them ten days to come here though.

What's more, the flag fluttering above those castle walls was not the elk of the Kingdom of Hanok, but the war maiden of our Brunhild.

The man riding a horse, who apparently is the General of Yuuron, raises his voice from below the walls to me who have appeared next to that flag.

「What is the meaning of this, hey! ?」

『To the gentlemen of the Army of Yuuron, I appreciate your efforts marching this far. But, from here on out, this portion is the dominion of our Brunhild. Any advancement further on won't be allowed』

Facing the army of Yuuron which is being not at not understanding the meaning, I floated the magnified projection of the one certificate before those guys.

I floated the magnified projection of the certificate while facing the Yuuron army that can't understand the meaning of what's happening.

「Wha~, what's that!? Such a..... such matter is...... !」

It was a certificate stating the transfer by the Kingdom of Hanok to Brunhild of a territory only 1 kilometer in size at the border between Hanok and Yuuron. In other words, the one that is currently coming into contact with Yuuron is not Hanok, but an enclave of Brunhild.

So if the Yuuron army wants to invade Hanok, they have no choice but to pass through here. But as far as Brunhild is concerned, we don't plan on allowing them to pass.

『By the way, I will say this in advance, but this wall is stretching throughout the entire border with Yuuron』

That's right. What has been made during merely sixth days with the power of [Workshop] and earth magic is the Great Wall of China of another world. Of course, the height of the wall is more than original though. Its area is the territory of 1 kilometer running along all the way through the national border. I wonder if it isn't wider than the Brunhild mainland by any chance.

「Heey, we will destroy and climb over such a wall! The army! Charge ! 」

By the order of one General, the whole Yuuron army faces the wall and starts marching. Orya? They are really attacking. Although it's just me saying this but, come on. Even when you start invading because it's a land of the foreign country, you should at least enquire with His Majesty The Heavenly King, you know. Or, you just can't believe me, can't you? Well, that's fine nevertheless.

The soldiers of the Yuuron army that started invading the dominion of Brunhild finally arrive at the wall. And the moment they try to start climbing that wall, the soldiers are suddenly sucked up into the ground and vanish.


After that, the other soldiers vanish too when they touch the wall one by one.

The march immediately stops due to them being surprised at the sudden disappearance of the soldiers.

When they touch the wall, [Gate] is invoked under their feet, and they are sent automatically to the capital of Yuuron. Moreover, they are transported right into the royal palace. Well, I have no reason to explain it to them.

Continuing on, the soldiers turn towards me and start shooting with bows and arrows, but those are also blown off high in the sky with wind attribute magic applied on the entirety of the wall. By the way, it's only reacting to the arrows pointed this way, so there won't be any reaction when arrows are fired from up here.

『Aah, for your information, you better not unleash magic or something at this wall since it will be returned to your guys' royal capital』

I give them a warning just in case due to the magicians among army raising their canes overhead. Being surprised by my words, the magicians slowly lower their canes. I don't know whether they believe my words or it is something else, but it seems like they have no intention to try it out.

Well, that's only the truth. It reacts to magic by turning the surface of the wall into a [Gate] opening. The destination is naturally the capital of Yuuron.

『Then, It should be fine to regard this as an act of aggression towards our country if things go further than this, right?』

When I snap my fingers, the Frame Gears ’’Chevalier’’ start descending one by one from a [Gate] opened in the sky. After making grand earth tremors and as all ten units have descended before the walls, two black nights ’’Night Baron’’ as well as one white knight ’’Shining Count’’ descend last.

Our household's vice-commanders are riding the black knights and the commander Rain-san is riding the white knight. Well, both white knight and black knights are basically the same nevertheless. Its color was just changed and recoated with pure white. Just in case, the commander is a flag bearer. I have thought it would be better to make it this way.

「Wha~, wha-wha~, wha~...... ! ! Uwaa ! ?」

The General of the Yuuron army was thrown off the horse, who was surprised due to the earth tremors and fell into the earth. Speaking of the horse, it easily deserted its master and ran away at full speed away from this place.

『If you feel like having a war, our Knight Order of Brunhild will be your opponents』

At my command, all frames take out their swords and pierce the ground with them. Seeing that, the Yuuron army lose their fighting spirit at once and begin to escape striving to be first ones.

「Re~, retreeeat! Retreeeat! ! 」

「Run~, run away! we will be crushed! 」


The whole Yuuron army retreats from here scattering in all directions. And yet, they will be sent into the royal capital if they touch the wall if we're talking about returning.

When I look at the Yuuron army that hurriedly escapes, the chest hatch of the black knight standing beside me opens, and vice-commander Norun-san leans forward with her body.

「Heika~. We might be able to defend the land route with this. But if those guys use the sea route, won't they be able to invade Hanok?~」

「That route is safe as well since I have summoned about 10 large krakens in the seas of Hanok. I have warned them that they should not attack anything besides the warships, so there are no problems」

「Uwa~, how nasty~」

What are you saying? Call it a detailed consideration. If it's this wall, this place will be marked with an arrow mark if some doubting invaders invade or some strangeness happen. And there is a stack of traps like [Paralyse], [Gravity] or [Slip] present here. Although they can jump through the sky, it will then be unreasonable at the same time.

In any case, I should see to the state of affair for a while. I have prepared the bait as well. If the attackers from the other day are from Yuuron, there is no way they will miss this chance. They should make some movements.

Now then, shall I go apply the finishing touches for the tactics?


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