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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 157


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 157: The Yuuron Invasion, and The Quint Village

[Yuuron has started a war?]

[Yes. They had declared war on neighboring country, the Kindom of Hanok, and began their invasion]

I took my smartphone out of my pocket during Tsubaki-san's report and projected the map of the area around Yuuron in the air.

The Kingdom of Hanok is... uh, to the west from Yuuron, and is also adjacent to the Regulus Empire by a river. It is a long country horizontally-wise.

[Search Display. Mark Yuuron's forces as Red, and Hanok's forces as Blue]

『Acknowledged. Displaying』

Oh, it managed to display them. And, I can distinguish their appearance just like that.

The outward appearance of my search magic turns out to be a considerable intelligence gathering tool. Similarly to the masked attackers from the other day, it naturally can't be used when someone can throw away his mask and change his garments. Although, it is possible to do an ordinary search of the village, town or somewhere else.

Even the masks themselves could not be searched as they had probably been completely destroyed. Well, it had to be done since those masks held the possibility of exposing the identities.

According to the map, there are two encampments being settled in the place where the enemy has considerably entered on Hanok's side. There is yet another Yuuron army moving towards those camps of Yuuron. But I wonder, is that a supply unit?

It seems the war situation is in a state where Yuuron advances forward as the superior side.

「What is the cause of the war?」

「According to the excuse given by Yuuron side, it goes like this: ’’The lands of Hanok were originally territories of Yuuron. The immigrants shamelessly remained there even after coming earlier and went as far as creating a country on their own accord, so we are only trying to recapture it’’..... That's how they are twisting it」

「......What kind of story is that?」

「That's just as how they are saying it. They claim that they from Heavenly Empire of Yuuron have been continuing to prosper ceaselessly even during the age of the ancient civilization while having a 7000-year-old history. It seems that this history has been handed down from generation to generation as oral tradition」

A 7000-year-old history? That's amazing. As far as I remember, even Egypt only has a 5000-year-old history, right?

I see. So they are trying to regain the lands of their ancestors. Although I can understand that, there is already a different country in that place and people are living there. I cannot help but feel that ’’In spite of them leaving it behind for some time, what are they saying now after so long?’’. But still...

However, what do you mean by ’’oral tradition’’? I got curious a bit, so I call out to Shizuka who is present in the room and try to ask in a low voice.

「During the age of ancient civilization 5000 years ago, did a country called ’’Yuuron’’ already exist?」

「No. I haven't heard of such a country. In the first place, the habitable places for humans had disappeared with the grand invasion of the Fureizu during that time」

Arara. The 7000-year-old history of Yuuron is quite fake-ish, I guess. That history is created and changed in accordance with the circumstances of some influential individuals, but that's how things usually happen.

Now that it comes to this, it feels like the story about the lands of Hanok originally belonging to the dominion of Yuuron is questionable as well. No, it doesn't necessarily mean that what the people of Yuuron have said probably contain lies. Things become like this when people are being taught that kind of history for so many thousands of year, you know.

「It seems that somehow the start of the war from the side of Yuuron was induced by adding a false pretext one way or another. During this several years, Hanok has discovered new reefs of orichalcum and mithril, and their economy is rising by yielding those resources. Those resources are probably the purpose of this war」

Is that a totally aggressive war? Even when looking from the point of view of Yuuron, it's certainly not the matter of the resources being a mountain of treasure, right?

Is this also the cause of the attack aimed at the Frame Gear just the other day? Trampling down the opponent with an overwhelming power after making investments into war..... Was it about them trying to acquire advantage with the technology stolen from the other country?

「U~n, something like a war is the first for me. What should happen with this?」

「Yuuron has the advantage when talking about military strength. If the war advances as it is, Hanok might perish. Since ore mines are present, it might be possible to arrange war potential to some extent using those as a source of funds. But regrettably, the difference in numbers is too big」

If Hanok is destroyed, will Yuuron come till the neighboring Regulus? That's definitely not a laughing matter.

If the attackers the other day are indeed from Yuuron, I won't hold any good sentiment towards Yuuron albeit it is not yet definitely confirmed. I guess that's prejudice.

「Speaking about the Kingdom of Hanok, does it associate with Regulus Empire?」

「I think that association is not to the extent of having an alliance, but they are friendly towards each other. Concerning the war currently happening, it seems like the Empire won't actively intervene. But they might provide an assistance in forms of provisions or weapons and so forth」

Fumu. If events go that way, the war will be prolonged more or less, right? Even so, the possibility that Yuuron will win is high when regarding the resolution of the war.

Well, it is war concerning another country. It has nothing to do with us. ...... should I been thinking like that, it would surely be easier though.

A lot of people will die most likely...... I don't have the disposition to be affected by a cheap-looking humanism, but even so, I also cannot explain why the death of some people I have nothing to do with bother me so much.

But that's simply a hero's desire or rather, that's no more than what a hypocrite would feel as well.

That reminds me, Jii-chan who died told me that [Being hypocrite is very good! But do not become just a frivolous bystander! If you are just looking, then you are no different than a monkey!] as well.

.......Fumu. I don't want to become a monkey.

「By the way, I recall that there are some people in our household's knight order whose origin is that of Yuuron or Hanok, right?」

「I think there is none from Yuuron. I believe there certainly is one person coming from Hanok」

「Can you summon this person here? I want to speak with him for a bit」

「I understand」

Tsubaki-san goes out of the room. If his origin is Hanok, then he might have parents and siblings living in his hometown. It might be better to summon them here if the place they live in is close to the battlefield.

=======================Scene Change====================

「I am Paolo, a member of the knight order!」

The summoned knight kneels on his place and lowers his head. He is a youth with short chestnut hair. I have seen him several times. If I remember correctly, he is a person whose movements are generally quick-witted even though he doesn't have that much skill with the sword. He is a person whom the Vice-Commander Nicola-san is pleased with since he also works with seriousness.

He was originally an adventurer apparently, and after seeing the recruitment for our household's knight order, he came here to sign up.

「Paolo-san, I hear that you are coming from the Hanok Kingdom. Where is your hometown located?」

「Ha.....? Ah, Yes. It is Quint Village at the eastern end, but what does that......」

Quint village? After summoning the map, I display the village.

That's bad....... Isn't the army of Yuuron drawing close? Is it their plan to make the village their base after gaining total control over it? Despite them aiming the royal capital of Hanok, this village is considerably separated from the highway. But apparently, the one facing that way is a different unit besides their main force. I wonder if they have planned to make a pincer attack or something else.

Although they are from an enemy nation, it is unlikely for there to be massive killings, but..... There is still no mistake that food will probably be collected or something. Though I don't know whether it will be brought out quietly or will they forcibly dispossess it.

「Ano~... What on earth is.....?」

Paolo-san looks at me who is glaring at the projected map with an anxious expression. While switching his sight between me and the map, he confirms the location where his hometown is located.

「Although the news have not yet been announced..... Yuuron has invaded Hanok」

「What did you just say?!」

Paolo-san reflectively stands up. The emotions of surprise, impatience and anxiety are clinging to his face.

「This is Quint village from Hanok, and those red lights are the Yuuron army. They will most likely arrive nearby the village by tomorrow, but......」

「Such a......」

Paolo-san gazes at the light of the map in blank amazement.

「I think that as long as Yuuron army won't be opposed by the villagers, it won't turn into something cruel, but..... 」

「...... No. I dare say what most likely will happen is that all men among the villagers will be killed and women will be made into playthings and turned into slaves......」


Oi~oi, even if it is a joke, they are soldiers of a country, right? In that case, it won't make them any different from a band of thieves. Are they doing something like that?

「When the Yuuron army invades an enemy nation, the soldiers receive permission for pillaging. It's also fine for the weapons and armor obtained from enemy soldiers, the money and women to be treated as their own. It seems that the morale of the soldiers are high because of this, and they undisputedly abide the rules even during a severe invasion」

What the heck is with that? The locals will definitely resent them should they do something like that. In cases of invasions, the land will eventually become theirs. And yet, what will they do after inviting such resentment?

「Up to 20 years ago, there was a small country called ’’Zaram’’ in between Hanok and Yuuron, but this country was destroyed by Yuuron. It is said that there was also a cruel pillaging at that time」

I doubt there is a need to go that far how much of a war it may be.

According to what Tsubaki-san have said, there seems to be a strict class system at Yuuron between a person of native-birth and not so much. In other words, there is a world of difference in treatment for the people from invaded countries.

Is there slavery in Yuuron as well just like in the Sandora Kingdom? Apparently, there is nothing similar to a [Subordination Collar], but they place a tattoo to denote who belongs to whom.

「It is likely that Quint village will be trampled down in the same way as Zaram..... Kuu~...... Your Majesty! I beg you, would Your Majesty please save Quint village in any way with your power!?」

Paolo-san kneels once again and makes a petition with a bow.


「I understand again and again the rudeness of this request. But still, I beg of you! To give your honorable consideration in any way...... !....... ha? 」

Paolo-san absent-mindedly raises his face.

「What's with that look? I've said ’’Okay’’. In the first place, having this talk is the reason why Paolo-san was summoned」

Originally, those who came here from Hanok should have a family living there. There was a plan to propose an evacuation even if it just included the families of those affected members of the Knight Order. I couldn't imagine that this dangerous situation would reach the village itself in any way.

「I don't know whether they will be able to believe me even if I go there and explain the situation to them. I ask you to go together with me to Quint village after this, but will that be fine?」

「Ye~, Yes ! With pleasure!」

I receive the memory about Quint village from Paolo-san whose spirit rises up with [Recall] magic. We then transfer using [Gate].

For the time being, the three people: I, Paolo-san and Tsubaki-san jumped to Quint village.

Before my eyes there was spreading a scenery of indeed small village, the vicinity was wrapped with an idyllic peaceful atmosphere.

「Are you certain that is Quint village?」

「Ye~, yes. It is the village I have been raised in. That transfer magic..... is amazing.... to be able to transfer at once.......」

Although Paolo-san makes a dumbfounded expression, he also makes a relieved expression towards his birthplace still being safe.

A youth, who could indeed be called a farmer, called out to us that were looking around restlessly beside the village entrance from the back.

「Paolo? Is that you, Paolo?」

「Are you.... Lento? It has been a while!」

Paolo-san runs towards the young farmer. It seems like they are acquainted. Or perhaps, they might be friends.

「What's with you and that appearance. From which dying person have you swiped something like that?」

「Idiot. This is the armor of the Knight Order of the Brunhild Dukedom. I(俺) didn't steal it! Nowadays, I(俺) am definitely a knight!」

「Eeeh~ !?」

Paolo-san proudly displays his mithril armor shining in silver. His tone has become that of familiarity, probably because the other party is his friend. He has changed from [Me (私)] to [Me (俺)].

(TL: he switched from general pronoun ’’watashi’’ towards a boyish ’’ore’’ version of ’’I’’)

「That's because since olden days you have only been fast at running away. Are you being valued due to that? 」

「Well, that might be so. O~to, this is not a place for such talk! Do you know that Yuuron and Hanok have started a war !?」

The face of the farmer called Lento who was overflowed with delight until some time ago clouded at once towards Paolo-san's words.

「Aah, everyone is frightened, you know. They think that it will be alright since we are quite separated from the highway, but should the royal capital fall and Yuuron settles in, we won't be able to continue living the same as before.....」

「It is not about the royal capital! The army of Yuuron is coming in the direction of this village exactly right now! They will already be here by tomorrow!」

「What are you saying...... !? That can't be!? There is no reason for them to attack a village this small! There is neither money nor provisions to that extent, and yet.....」

As I've thought. The army that's coming here is a detached force. It can probably be expected that they are doing some strategic movements. While the main forces are glaring at each other on the highway, they are instead going around. Is it something like that?

「In any case, bring us to village headman. His Majesty will help this village 」

「His Majesty? Whom do you mean?」

「The one who has come here is His Majesty The Sovereign King of the Brunhild Dukedom!」

「Oh~, greetings」

I am being introduced by Paolo-san with exaggerated gestures. But since it was sudden, the smart words for nobility didn't come out. I did just a slight nod.

As the farmer Lento blinks in surprise, he looks with worried eyes at his friend who has come to the village after a long time.

「Paolo...... Are you, alright?」

As I have thought. They wouldn't believe me. I considered whether I should seriously make a crown for a moment.


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