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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 156


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 156: Absorption Magic, and Elder Sister's Visit

[Then, I am coming]

[Yup ~yo~]

At the training ground field, Lindsey turned a Mithril made cane fitted with a magic stone toward me. Among the red, blue and yellow magic stones fitted into the tip of the cane, the red magic stone shines brightly.

[O Fire come forth, Red Stone, Ignis Fire]

A fireball as small as a baseball ball comes flying towards me from the tip of the cane. It's a beginner magic from the fire attribute.

Gazing at it, I raised my magical power and then invoked a non-attribute magic I had memorized.


The fireball disappears like a mist before it hits me. There is no damage at all.

One more shot, and a fireball came flying to me. But this one vanishes like a mist the same way as the previous one. Fumu, I guess it has some continuation time. It consumes a considerable amount of magical power, but because it absorbs the magic that was shot and makes it my own magic power, the consumption amount is somehow conserved to some extent though.

[Please cast an advanced magic this time]

[I understand]

Lindsey readies up her cane again.

[O Fire come forth, Pillar of Purgatory Fire, Inferno Fire]


Three massive seething pillars of fire head toward me from three directions. However, even those completely disappeared as soon as they entered within a 2 meters radius around me.

Yup? My magical power certainly recovered, and it is about the same amount as before. Is the amount recovered fixed regardless of the amount of magic power the other party uses?

(TL: it means no matter spell power strength, the MP return will be same;example, if spell cost 100MP or 1000 MP, he will recover 10 in either case)

Magic is [Negated], turned back into magic power, and part of it is [Absorbed].

This has the same effect as the [Imbibe Demon's bracelet] from the time of Empire coup d'etat. It seems I can make a similar artifact if I use [Enchant].

I thought it would be quite useful if I made armor that can disable magic, but after trying to ask Lindsey, she said it would be totally useless since the magic powers that is absorbed can cause a state of [Magic Sickness] due to it being different.

Apparently, the rejection will occur if a person who don't have the magic power of fire attribute absorbs fire magic. However, this has nothing to do with someone like me who has all attributes. I was told that the [Imbibe Demon's bracelet] is superior in that regard.

Lindsey and Yumina each possess three attributes. In Rin's case, she can probably absorb all attributes except non-attribute magic. She is possessor of six attributes. She was able to transfer magic power with [Transfer]. But even though the magic itself is a non-attribute magic, it's possible because the magic transferred is still not yet dyed by any attribute.

(TLC: It is either a typo or intentional. Judging by #150, Rin doesn't possess darkness attribute)

[Say, isn't this meaningless since it does not invoke by itself if you're caught off guard?]

[About how much is the effective range?]

[Umm, from 2 up to 10 meters, I guess? Huh? Conversely speaking, wouldn't the opponent not be able to activate magic if he is caught within that range?]

I used [Absorb] while leaving Lindsey by my side. Hereafter I had her use magic, but it was only invoked for a moment and disappeared immediately. I see. So is that also another way of using this? Of course, when Lindsey left the range, she could invoke her magic normally.

I think this magic has to be the one which completely silences magic of the opponents. [Silence] only prevents sounds from being heard so that they can't chant the spell. With [Taboo], I can seal the words in advance if I know the magic that they will use. Their invocation would be hindered, but it can't be used in real fights.

No, I can probably use it if I know about the favorite magic of the enemy though. For example, if I make [Boost] a 《Taboo》 while fighting Elsie, this will probably become quite advantageous for me.

In any case, the magic is unusable if the opponent is Fureizu.

For now, the experiment is concluded. I thanked Lindsey, and the moment I was about to return to the castle, a telepathic communication from Kohaku came.

《My Lord, a visitor came to the castle, but.....》

《Visitor? Who?》

《Well, the visitor called herself Lord's elder sister》


What elder sister are you talking about? I do not have any elder sister. Or rather, I don't have any siblings. I have cousins from the elder sister's of my mother, and there is an elder brother of my father's who went through shotgun wedding and divorce, but there is no one in this world.

《What kind of person is that woman?>>

《Yes. She has pink hair, about five years older than Lord as I can s.......e-w-what!》

《What-what, Kohaku-chan, what are you doing ~noyo? Ah~, are you doing a telepathic communication ~noyo? Let me talk with Touya-kun too ~noyo. Moshi-mo~shi, can you hear me ~noyo?》

A voice of a young woman who completely amuses herself came through mixed in with Kohaku's telepathic communication. The voice was familiar. Idiot w.......what are you doing here!?

Opening [Gate], I bring along Lindsey and and rush to the castle at full speed.

====================Scene Change===================

[I am Touya-kun's elder sister ~noo, Mochizuki 《望月》 Karen 《花恋》 ~nanoyo]

(TL: she say name in Kanji and 《花恋》 Karen in kanji is translated Flower Love)


She greets everyone as if nothing has happened. What does this person say!? No, she isn't a human, all right.

I approach her quietly and talk in a small voice.

[...... Why you are here, Love Goddess!?]

[It is different ~noyo. It's Karen ~nanoyo. Ah~, calling me Onee-chan would be fine, you know ~noyo? Or rather, call me Onee-chan ~noyo]

This doesn't answer my question!

[I am happy I meet you after a long time ~noyo. Gyo~ ~nanoyo~]


She suddenly hugged me. Wa- everyone is watching! I gave a fleeting glance towards Yumina and the girls, but everybody was looking here with heartwarming eyes. They probably think it is the reunion of the elder sister and younger brother after a long time. Yae is somehow crying though. Why?

[Then, honorable sister-in-law-sama《義姉》, we will take our leave. We will present a magnificent supper today so please anticipate it]

[Ara~ I am looking forward to it ~noyo]

Was that a consideration of giving a brother and a sister privacy? Everyone left the room one by one. The door then closed leaving only the Love Goddess and me.

[And? What exactly is this?! Why have you come down here on earth!?]

[Should I have not come down? ~noyo?]

[Coming down particularly is fine ~yo! Well, I don't understand it though! Why as someone like my elder sister.......?]

[Ah~ I just hit upon this Idea ~nanoyo]

Love Goddess sits down on the sofa while shrilly laughing. I somehow felt exhausted and sat down as well. It is no good...... this person, no, this goddess, is the type I am not good with.

[In the end, why did you came down?]

[Ho~to say it simply, it's to capture someone ~nanoyo]

[Capture someone?]

[That someone is a god further below down than us, low-class gods. Those are called subordinates gods. This subordinate god came down and escaped into this world ~noyo. I came down to catch this god ~noyo]

A subordinate god? Is it a god further lower than low-class gods? According to what I have heard, it seems gods apparently also have ranks, and it looks like subordinate gods are placed even further under the gods of attributes. Are you saying that this fellow run away and came down to this world?

[However, you said he escaped. Is that guy guilty with some crime in the world of the gods by chance?]

[There is no crime. Therefore I don't understand ~no ~yo. Why did he come down to this world? Speaking of crimes, coming to this world without World God's permission is crime by itself, but there won't be problems if it is just descending to this world ~noyo. However, it is not allowed to interfere in this world by using subordinate god's power ~noyo. This is what concerns me ~noyo]

In a broad sense, I think you are intervening sufficiently enough as well though. Certainly, wasn't I induced for an encounter where I saw Yumina and girls changing their clothes before!? By you!

[It is fine for us ~noyo. If you are going to compare it to something, it's similar to a driver who has a legal driver's license ~noyo. But the subordinate god, not only does he not have a temporary license, but he is a child driver who is not allowed in highway without an instructor being with him ~nanoyo. It is pretty dangerous ~nanoyo]

I kinda understand, and at the same time, kinda don't. Well, so is it like saying that 'It is a bad thing not to have a license'.

[Then please quickly go and catch that guy before it becomes something troublesome]

[That's was my plan ~noyo. However, I couldn't feel his divinity ever since I came down to this world~noyo. He probably transformed himself into something that exists in this world ~noyo]


[He probably transformed himself into something like a person, an animal or, possibly, a sacred treasure or a sacred tree and blended in with this world ~noyo. I can't sense him as long as he doesn't cancels that ~noyo]

Oh, my! Then it has already turned into a troublesome situation, mind you.

It will certainly become troublesome if that guy starts doing something using his god powers. Although he is further below a low-class god, he is still a god even if a temporary one. He shouldn't get away without consequences. Furthermore, he is concealing his godly characteristics. And not knowing his purpose is causing further eerie.

[What do you plan to do in order to find that guy?]

[I will know where in the world that subordinate god is if he uses his divine powers above some threshold ~noyo. Afterwards, his transformation will break once we throw our divine power at him ~noyo]


OiOi, don't tell me that another low-class god also has come down to this world? Didn't he mention someone like the art god, the sword god, agriculture god exist as well? That carefree Kami-sama!

[What are you talking about ~noyo? I am speaking about you Touya-kun ~noyo. You have divine power mixed in as well as your magic power~noyo. In the first place, I arrived here by following this you know ~noyo?]


Wait a minute! Is the change in my body that Kami-sama has talked about is happening? I am not aware of it though......

[In any case, we can't move as long as the other side doesn't make a move ~noyo. And as I say this, I will be indebted to you for a while ~noyo!]

[Eh!? Here!?]

Seriously!? Well, until that guy is caught, I will definitely not feel relieved, so I get that this might be good. But waaa~y more than that, I have an unbearable feeling this person is carrying troubles all over her though!

[There are no problems for an elder sister to live with her younger brother ~noyo]

[Nah. Elder sister, you say? Earlier, you love goddess said 'I hit upon this Idea'.......]

When I try to refute her, her cheeks puff and she glares at me. How old are you? No. Let's stay silent since it feels like I would see hell to hear the answer.

[Onee-chan, ~nanoyo. Call me that ~noyo]

[Well, but however...]

[If you don't call me that, I will tell Yumina and the girls the whole story when they consult me with Love issues ~noyo]

[Pardon me for that, Onee-chan]

Dam~n it. Is this what they have called the power of god.......?

Still, since calling her [Onee-chan] is embarrassing, I have asked her to compromise with [Nee-san]. The Love, Karen-Onee-san still looked dissatisfied, but it seems she accepted it for now.

Or rather, I wonder if this person can do something like catching the subordinate god. I somehow feel like it's a complete misassignment though.......

That day, dinner became a very grand dinner. Wow, what a fighting spirit Clair-san put into making it.

But with the love consultation that started with the dinner party, the male camp, especially myself, suddenly felt uncomfortable. Well, that person is a pro in that field. Or rather, she is a [God] though as the name suggests!

Yumina and the girls throw questions one after the other.

[Touya-kun faces everyone with gentleness unconsciously ~noyo. If it's a woman, it's a cruel thing in a certain sense ~noyo. It can be seen as a suggestive behavior, and there are also a lot of times where they don't think of it at all ~noyo. It won't be good if they misunderstand it ~noyo]

[T-then doesn't that mean that he does not think of us like that as well......?]

[Uun, it is the opposite ~noyo. He considers you all to be very dear to him ~noyo. Therefore, there is where you can draw the line ~noyo. It's you who have push more from here on out ~noyo]

[Are you saying to attack more aggressively?]

[Do it with moderation, ~nanoyo? He will draw back if you attack too much ~noyo. Touya-kun is a shy person ~nanoyo]

[H-how much specifically should be fine? Sister-in-law- sama 《義姉》?]

[First comes skinship ~nanoyo. How about starting with hugging, kissing and holding hands ~nanoyo. Do them until they are imprinted as if something natural ~noyo. When shyness disappears with this, you will be able to behave naturally ~noyo. Aren't you guys having quite the hard time because your basics in love are weak ~noyo?]

[H-how about something l-like an a-art of s-seduction?]

[Too much lewdness will produce the opposite results ~nanoyo. It will be similar to having a fatigue because there is no stimulation, so do it moderately ~nanoyo. Start with something like make the skirt short..... Ah, just do it only in front of Touya-kun ~nanoyo? If another person sees your pantsu, he will definitely sulk ~noyo.

[I see. I got enlightened]

Please stop already! Please! What kind of a shameful play is this?! Or rather, this is no longer a romantic consultation, isn't it!? Didn't it turn to an exposure story of myself!?

Even Rene in the female camp became deeply interested and listened attentively, while the male camp gave out painful [You have it tough] lukewarm eyes towards me.

It can't be helped that my face flushed. I want to escape! A horrible person in a whole lot of different ways has become my elder sister.


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