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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 155


Arc 20: Calamity Comes

Chapter 155 Assassin, and Self-destructing

I have gathered Six Babylons namely [Garden], [Workshop], [Alchemy Building], [Hangar], [Tower], and [Rampart].

Among the 15 mini-robots working in [Rampart] I have decided to transfer 10 of them to [Hangar] and have them help Rosetta and Monica. It will be good if their workload lessens with this.

From the dressing room dedicated to the trial products received from Zanakku-san, I have said ’’You may select and wear what you like’’ to Liora and Noel. Liora then wore a jumper blazer, while Noel chose a jersey. Why did you choose those? Well, it's fine though since both of them are pleased with it.

Since today is about time for the guild branch in the castle town to be completed, I decide to make an inspection tour.

For the guild's appearance which is almost finished, the addition of small ornaments and interior works are being done to it. It's a building that's very greatly and wonderfully done. If there's anything worth mentioning, it looks like people became considerably passionate for this since it's a guild branch governed by a king who was originally an adventurer.

That's all and fine, but I expect that the adventurers won't be coming that often. Magic beasts and including thieves don't come in here. At most, I am thinking that the requests will come from a routine category.

(ED: Touya already cleared his territory. Isn't it more logical to think that demon beasts will now come from outside his territory?)

Well, since it is possible to go to either Regulus or Belfast within a day's trip, I think it can't be helped that there won't be requests from the subjugation category at all.

Since the minor works like those of the interior of the guild have been finished, Zamuza from an ogre tribe was then helping at the bar next door. Only pillars were built so there is still physical work remaining. I guess it's impossible to do an interior work with that large build of his.


Suddenly, I noticed the figure of Sakura watching the construction works of the bar. Beside her are Sango and Kokuyou floating as if they're swimming.

『Ora~, It is the Lord』


Sakura hasn't recovered her memories yet. But since I cannot just throw her out, I have asked her to stay in the castle as a guest for the mean time.

Contrary to her seemingly quiet appearance, she is considerably active and goes out somewhere like this every day. I have decided to ask someone among my summoned beasts to accompany her when she goes out since I will be troubled if she wanders around various places on her own accord.

「What are you doing in this place?」

『She was eating at [Moon Read] until some time ago, and while we were returning, this child suddenly stopped here and didn't move』

Kokuyou answers my question and not Sakura.

「You say she ate at [Moon Read]. What about the money?」

『The shop manager said that it is fine to put it on the Lord's tab』

Oi. That's careless even for Mika-san..... Although, the [Moon Read] over here has tentatively become a shop managed by the state. So I guess, is that allowed? Don't tell me the others are also eating there and putting it on my tab as well.

「And, what is Sakura doing now?」


Sakura is pointing at the place at the place where Zamuza from the ogre tribe is carrying timber while looking happy. What is it about him?

「He is a demonkin..... Yet no one pays any attention to it. How unusual」

I see. I guess that's what this is all about. It's definitely unusual for demokins and humans to be working together without being discriminated. Generally, when one speaks of demonkins, humans become vigilant against them and they tend to be isolated simply because they are being afraid of.

In reality, I also have not seen any place where demonkins and humans are laughing or meeting together with the exception of this country. I have seen instances of them drinking by themselves in the corners of bars though.

「You see, no one will be discriminated against in this country even if he is a demonkin. Of course, travelers and people like them coming from other countries might watch out for those demonkins nevertheless. Among our knight order as well, there are five people who are demonkin including the one over here」

「......This country is changing based on how the King-sama is changing. But, this is a nice country. Everyone in this country is living and helping each other out」

Although it doesn't necessarily mean that I am being praised, I still feel kinda happy.

Well, since it is a small country, it is natural that unless people help each other, they won't be able to make a living.

Afterwards, we go to look around the agricultural land being created on the east side of the country while taking Sakura along. Laqshe of Aruraune is showing her spirits towards the field work as usual. She is also a demonkin.

「What are you raising over here?」

「Daikon and Turnip. I think we should be able to harvest them soon. They are delicious when they are pickled.」

Laqshe smiles while saying this. Apparently, the method of pickling is peculiar to Ishen, but it's spreading even in this country like it is normal thanks to the citizens coming from Ishen. It's apt to become such a trend by any means.

There also doesn't seem to be any problem with the paddy fields created as an experiment, so I want to somehow develop the reach to some extent until the spring comes. As expected, I want to eat an appetizing rice as well.

After this comes miso and natto or something else like soybeans, that is. Tofu and green soybeans are good too. I look forward to it because it appears we will start raising them when spring comes.

After bidding farewell to Laqshe, we start to return by the road towards the castle.

I then felt a strange sign after walking for a short while. There is no one around me, Sakura, Sango and Kokuyou.


「I know」

While interrupting what Sango was saying, I secretly deploy [Shield]. After that, we were attacked by an arrow shot from the top of the nearby tree.


The arrow is stopped and repelled by the invisible shield despite Sakura having her breath taken away by the surprise. When I looked towards the crown of the tree where the arrow came from, there was a person clad in black covering mask similar to the actors from classical chinese operas.

That's a mask made in an unusual color. It is extremely suspicious. As I walk towards this fellow, three black clothed men wearing similar masks appeared from the ground. There were several presences that I have felt, but have you guys been buried all this time?

They are carrying short curved swords with their hands. When I took a careful look at those swords, I noticed that the edges were getting wet for some reason. It is likely that it has been smeared with poison as well.

There is no mistake. Those guys are assassins.

「......Where is the giant soldier?」

「Giant soldier?Are you talking about the Frame Gear?」

「Answer the question」

「I have no obligation to answer your question. From which country did you guys come from?」

I ask the three people in front of me, but there is no answer. And yet, I would have ended it just with this if they had answered obediently.

Then, I touched each of the three people's shoulders after quickly approaching them.


「Gufuuu !? 」

I make them grovel with the weight magic. Seeing this spectacle, the fourth person jumps from the top of the tree and attempts to run away.


「Kugaa !?」

The fourth person turns over as he falls onto the ground, and hits the back of his head. Aah~, I suppose the timing was bad.

After deciding to leave that one, for now, I face towards the three people groveling in front of me and approach them in order to take off the masks. Show me your faces, you rascals.

「Noo ! !」

I collapse on my back after having my arm immediately drawn by Sakura. In the next moment, the masks of three people explodes.


The three people become motionless as the explosion scatters pieces of flash and smoke. Well that is, they will already be apparitions if they are still moving after having their heads entirely blown off, alright.

Was that a suicide bombing to make it impossible to draw out information should one of them be caught? At some historical plays of the old times, there were scenes where the ninja bit its tongue when he was caught by an enemy, but..... Well, that being said, even if one bites his tongue off, it doesn't seemly mean that one will certainly die, so suicide bombing seems to be more reliable.....

When I look at the fellow tumbling over with ’’Slip’’, his figure was not there anymore. A kunai-looking weapon tied to some rope is sticking out from a nearby tree. It is possible to escape from ’’Slip’’ applied on a ground when using it.

I began searching for the「mask」, but I haven't found anything. Probably, he has already discarded the mask and made an escape. I guess I didn't understand his nature. It's necessary to take measures before it becomes troublesome. This challenge thrown at me, I will accept it.


「I didn't find anything from the bodies of the three people that would clarify their identities. One person is unaccounted for」

Vice-commander Nicola-san makes his report at the conference room. Although I didn't want this to become an important 《おおごと》matter very much, the king of the country was attacked so I can't say anything in this matter as well. The ones gathered at the conference room are the top brass of the knight order, Prime Minister Kousaka-san and Tsubaki-san from intelligence division.

「So ? Are they people who know something about the youngster?」

「I think...... Yes. However, I pretty much have no doubts that their aim was the Frame Gear」

「In that case, all other countries fall under suspicion, I suppose.」

Baba-jii-san folds his arms, says ’’I see’’ and leans against the chair. Well, it is not like I don't understand him.

The Frame Gear can certainly be seen as something any country would want after seeing it as a weapon. Those guys perhaps tried to capture and confine me and then have me expose the whereabouts of the Frame Gear. They would make me unconscious by shooting through my leg with bows and arrows and take me to a place where I wouln't be able to move, or something along those lines. Since it seems that the poison smeared on those short swords was paralytic by nature.

「However, for a country from a western alliance to do that, the potentiality is low, don't you agree? There is also a possibility for an influential person to run wildly, but it is not like it includes the whole country. If they do something like this, it won't be as foolish as not understanding what it will turn into」

It is exactly as Kousaka-san says. If by chance, their plan is discovered, the other allied countries won't become their companions. That's an act of ruining their own countries.

Furthermore, those guys called it [The Giant Soldier] or something. They likely don't know about the name [Frame Gear]. That means, it is fitting to consider this assassination to be an act of a country I haven't involved myself with much.

As I am thinking about it, Tsubaki-san raises her hand quietly.

「There is one thing, I am concerned with. His Majesty said that the assassins were wearing masks, but.....」

「Be it at present times or at olden times, the people from intelligence agencies or assassin guilds who are wearing masks are numerous. There is nothing strange with that, right?」

「Eeh. In that case, wouldn't one understand something from that mask itself.....?」

Even if you say it like that, those masks have been completely blasted without even having a chance of becoming an evidence. Surely, it is like Yamagata-ossan says. Lapis-san and Cecil-san who were part of a secret unit [Espion] from Belfast were disguising themselves with white masks. Do the characteristics of a country show from their masks?

「What kind of masks were those?」

「It has the kind of color similar to an actor from a classical chinese opera....」

「Classical Chinese Opera?」

Commander Rain-san inclines her head. Her rabbit ears are inclining as well. I guess they won't understand it like that.

I invoke [Drawing] after having taken out a paper from above the desk in the room. Suddenly, the mask of the guys who attacked me was drawn to the surface with its real depiction.

「Although it's late for me to say this, but His Majesty surely is convenient, right.....?」

The Vice-Commander Norun-san whisperingly mutters so, but you should call it [His Majesty's magic] that is.......

「This is that mask. Do you know anything about it?」

Everyone was gazing at the picture, and before long Tsubaki-san started to talk.

「I don't have any proof, but.... It can resemble the cultural color of Yuuron. If I am not mistaken, there is a rumor going around that an intelligence agency called [Kurau] exists in that country.」

(TL: クラウ - can literally mean ’’to eat, to consume’’)


「Heavenly Empire Yuuron. It is a country to the west from Ishen. They have waged wars several times against Ishen;They are also governed the Heavenly King」

Heavenly Empire Yuuron. Is it a neighboring country after crossing the sea of Ishen? It's quite far. How dare they to come here from that distant place.

Well, there is no proof yet. I wonder if it will be better to be cautious just in case. It doesn't seem likely that they have given up on this.

In the meantime, I have the defences strengthened and everyone to be cautious and pay attention to suspicious individuals. If we assume that their aim is the Frame Gear, we must not let them get their hands on it. The only ways to get to Babylon floating in the skies are my [Gate] or the short distance teleportation of Shizuka's group as Babylon Numbers.

Surely, they might just barely make it if they can jump into the sky, but that scenario has been the case just until the other day. More than just obtaining [Rampart], it already has become impossible to directly invade from outside.

It's fine should they directly aim at me, but I cannot throw away the possibility for the people around me to be aimed at. I should make it clear to them and have them to be very careful.

Well, should that happen, there won't be any forgiveness. After discovering the one pulling the strings, I will make him wish that he would rather be dead.

(TL: when, when, when does Touya goes full berserk mode and destroys some country......)

It's definitely not a decent matter to make those guys self-destruct due to the fear of leaking someone's identity.

.... That reminds me, why does Sakura know about the those guys' masks exploding?

Could it be that Sakura is a member of an intelligence agency from Yuuron or something? No way. The place I discovered her in was Ishen and I had also confirmed that she is not a bad person with Yumina's magic eye just in case.

However, I wonder if the magic eye shows its effects to a person who lost his or her memories. For example, I wonder if the magic eye will judge a scoundrel as [Evil] if he loses his memories and becomes a completely different person. Can it see through the essence of a person until it's already just a portion and even if the person himself might not be conscious of it.

I feel a tinge of anxiety towards the time when Sakura's memories return. But, I must believe in my own instinct here saying that Sakura is not a bad person.


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