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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 154


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 154: The Babylon Castle, and The Punishment

A soaring white tower. Even though if I say that it's a tower, its height is just six to seven story high. There was nothing like windows as well, and a groove-like geometric pattern is running freely all over the walls. The chalk walls reflected the sun and shined brightly.

[I will explain. That [Tower] is ......... guu]

[Don't sleep]

Do you sleep immediately after eating? What you're doing is a course for a full weight gain.

Liora interjects in Noel's stead who suddenly closes her eyes and seems to be asleep already.

[[Tower] gathers magic elements from the atmosphere and amplifies them;it's a huge magic power converter 《Reactor》. Each of the eight Babylon has a similar one, but even if you combine all of their output together, it won't even compare to the output of [Tower]. It's a facility that can be called the heart of the combined Babylon]

In short, I can probably say that the Tower would be the engine part if Babylon was a ship. It seems it can bring out a colossal amount of power if it's combined with the rest of the Babylon facilities.

Not only will the force of the propulsion increase, but it looks like it also increases the efficiency of the other Babylon facilities. Perhaps now we will be able to speed-up the mass production of the Frame Gears and the creation of Ether Liquid.

[The most notable quality of [Tower], by far, is that it doesn't need any kind of maintenance. It's fine with just an occasional fine-tuning, so the work is pretty easy-going. Therefore, there will be no problems even If I sleep. Good night]

Noel said this while leaning on a tree and began falling asleep as she was. Oi-Oi. Will this facility be alright if the chief of the engine department is like this? Nope. On the contrary, has she been entrusted with [Tower] since it's easy to manage.....?

She wouldn't get up even if she was shaken, so I lifted her up with [Levitation] and carried her with us since it couldn't be helped.

[Oou..... This is a new sensation for sleeping...... a pleasant・feeling......]

So noisy. If you are going to sleep, just do it quietly.

Going back to me being guided by Liora, there is also another white [Castle] built on the opposite side of the white tower. It's a little bit smaller when compared to Brunhild castle, but it's undoubtedly a castle.

It somewhat resembles a castle in an amusement park called Tokyo even though it's in Chiba. Well, in other words, it resembles Germany's Neuschwanstein castle.

[This is my [Rampart]. It's the heart of Babylon's defense system. It defends against physical and magical attacks and it can deploy protective shield against all of them. Moreover, the field atmosphere adjustment, the external screening function, search operation, steering and the other functions of Babylon are entirely possible to be controlled from here]

Fumu. If [Tower] a little while ago is the engine, then is this a 《Bridge》?

However a shield against physical attacks? By any chance, the [Bracelet of Defense] that was used during the Empire's coup d'etat.....

[Yes. [The Bracelet of Defense] was created by using the Babylon technology of [Rampart.]]

As expected after all. That was troublesome. If I can divert the powerful magic [Tower] to produce a shield, I can expect a significant protection, can't I?

Or rather, since these things already came into mind, don't the Fureizu have quite a few flying types like that Manta type?

[How about intercepting the enemies flying in the sky?]

[The ’’Satellite Orb’’ intercepts them]

[Satellite Orb?]

[It's a sphere with a diameter of about 20 centimeters and is made up of Orichalcum. It has self-controlled flight, magic defense, self-applied hardness, automatic tracking and auto attacking [Bullets]]

20 cm diameter, you say...... Bi~g. Isn't it about the same size as a bowling ball?

Well, in short, isn't it an automatic metal interceptor shaped like a sphere but has a ramming attack as the method of attack? However, that may be the most efficient method against the Fureizu.

In the event of an emergency, there are 24 satellite orbs, and they are surrounding Babylon exactly like satellites. It looks like they will definitely knock down an approaching enemy one after another.

Come to think of it, I have seen this in an old mecha anime. However, that was a remote controlled battery that could make an all-ranged attack.

When I enter the castle after Liora, a splendid open entrance hall spreads before me. It looks lovely and somehow, it's considerably well-kept. There is no way you can think the building in front of you is 5000 years old. A protection magic like [Protection] has probably been applied to it.

That's good. However, what concerns me more are those small objects moving around since a little while ago. What are those small objects?

It has a round head, a cylindrical body and round hands and feets on bellows-type limbs. What are those?

Well, they are definitely robots about two heads tall because of their looks. It's probably because I also saw those in an old anime that had been rebroadcasted. A strange inventor in the Edo period designed it. They have the splitting images of a top knot robot acting as cleaner and as a helper, though there is no top knot.

Aren't they one size smaller though? However, it's not like I have actually seen one.

There are almost ten small headlong robots that are about 30 cm tall loitering and moving around. They are holding dusters, brooms and something like a dust cloths in their hands. This is... are they cleaning?

[Everybody, align]

As Liora ordered them, everyone aligned in front of us with a 'to te che te ta~' sound, and flatly saluted. Are there nine robots in total?

[From now on, Mochizuki Touya-sama will become our master. Hereafter, be sure you are not impolite.]

The mini-robots once more took a pose and saluted. Are those guys perhaps the mini-sized automatic golems that Rosetta talked about before? I thought they were all stored in [Warehouse]. Were these guys deployed here as well?

[By any chance, can these guys also help with the maintenance of the Frame Gear?]

[In cases it will be a simple work. It's impossible for them to work in an overly specialized field.]

[Are these all of them?]

[There are approximately six more inside the castle. Including those present here, there are 15 altogether]

15? I guess they will be of great help to Rosetta and Monica. When I asked whether they can be reproduced in [Workshop], I was told that it was pretty much impossible since they have been enchanted by a special magic and have been loaded by the professor's original system. That's too bad. It looks like this is the best size for them. Problems with automatic operation will probably come out if their size is bigger than this.

As I ordered them to continue with cleaning for now, the mini-robots began cleaning briskly again.

I push Noel, who I was carrying with [Levitation], onto a bed inside one of the castle rooms.

[Tower] and [Rampart] took off towards Brunhild, and I opened [Gate] in order to meet everybody who is in our castle.

====================Scene Change=======================

[This is...... amazing. It took me 200 years to program Pola by this much]

Rin muttered while taking a good look at the mini-robot she raised by the armpits. There was the sight of Pola throwing fists as she got down on her knees on the floor and doing an [I lost~!] movements. Finally, she began acting by crying to the heavens, although she was not crying. Nope...... You plenty amazing yourself. What's with that acting!?

The Babylon this time is not [Library] Rin was aiming at. But because there was something that aroused her interest, she didn't seem that depressed.

[... then that means, Liora-san is everyone's elder sister, isn't she?]

[There are not many things to notice with regards to the order of us being sisters, but with the numbering for the Babylon managers, I 《わたくし》 am the first one]

Liora answers Lindsey's question. Leaving Noel who was sleeping inside the castle alone, everyone was listening to Liora explanation about [Tower] and [Rampart]. Liora started to question everybody as well before long;it started to feel like mutual information exchange.

I felt like it was quite peaceful to spend a good time inside [Rampart]. This room is also occupied with furniture that is hardly different than what is inside our castle. Apparently, the professor had seen our future and took a liking to this furniture.

[Then, are Yumina-san, Rushia-san, Yae-san, Elsie-san, and Lindsey-san Master's wives?]

[Wives..... Well, sooner or later that will probably be so]

In any case, Elsie answered Liora's question while being bashful. What did she ask that for?......

[Where are the other wives?]

[...... Other? Ah, If you mean Suu-dono, she is still living in Belfast ~de gozaru]

[It will be 6 with her. Then, the remaining three.....]

[Uuwaa a!!]

I unconsciously raise my voice. Shut up and don't talk anymore! Don't say unnecessary things!

Everyone's looks gather on me who has suddenly made noise.

[...... What is it? This reaction?]

[W-what? There's nothing Lindsey-san. It's nothing]

This is bad. Even I can understand that my voice trembles. I feel everyone have scornful eyes as they turn their gazes towards here. Cold sweat comes out for some reason. What is with this tension?

This time Yumina is the one who starts talking to Liora.

[Liora-san. Just now, what did you mean by ’’remaining three’’?]

[This is what I heard from the professor, but Master-]

[No-no-no! It's not necessary to say anything right now, Liora-san! I don't think it's a good idea to talk about information that is not yet certain thoughtlessly, I don't!]


[Shouchi] (TL: samurai saying acknowledge)

Following Yumina words, Yae tied my arms behind my back. What's with this perfect harmony!? And why only during at times like this!?

[And so?]

[According to professor's clairvoyance of the future, Master will marry nine wives. That's why Babylon has been divided into nine parts]


It was exposed. It has been totally exposed. Everybody other than Liora and Rin raised their voices in surprise. Nope, is it even all right for Pola to also be surprised!?

[With Suu there is 6. So that means it will increase by three more?]

[What should I say about this...... I don't have any words too]

Elsie and Rue said those while being shocked. No, just wait a minute. Why are you shocked even though I haven't done anything yet!

[...... Touya-san]



My voice has betrayed me because of Lindsey's cold voice, but I leave my chair as told and sit in Seiza on the spot. Anyone can understand it is extremely foolish to disobey here.

Or rather I am not convinced though. But why I am suffering being looked at like this for something the future me will do even though I [Still] haven't done anything!?

[Therefore please wait there for a while.]


Everyone leave me who is sitting in Seiza, move to a corner of the room, and begin talking about something. Hey...... the feeling of being left alone is extremely awful.

[I wonder what kind of punishment will they choose.] (Rin)

[Don't say punishment] (Touya)

Rin is watching the development of the situation with an enthralled expression and floats an evil grinning smile. Damn it! She is thoroughly enjoying this, doesn't she? Pola claps my shoulder with 'Ponpon' as if she is trying to comfort me while I am sitting in Seiza. You..... you are a good fellow.....

While I was nurturing my friendship with the stuffed bear, everyone finally came back here.

[I wonder what kind of punishment will be enforced?] (Rin)

[Like I said don't say punishment.] (Touya)

While rebutting Rin's grumble in a small voice, I wait for the verdict of the punishment from everyone. Ah, I've just called it punishment myself.

Yumina started talking about the conclusion while exhaling a big sigh.

[Well I think there won't be much of a difference whether it is 6 or 9 people after coming this far already. In the first place, I didn't mind how many concubines Touya-san will surround himself with. Furthermore, there is still the fact that it hasn't happened yet. With that, the outcome is ’’It can't be helped even if we blame Touya-san’’.]

Oh.... God, Thank you.

I have a feeling Kami-sama will say [This has nothing to do with me, right?] though. But well, I was in such a mood.


And, Rue continues Yumina's thoughts. Huh? Isn't it discharge due to innocence, is it? While continuing on, Lindsey then began speaking.

[... while learning of this, we are thinking whether it was fine for Touya-san to remain silent on this matter. Keeping such things a secret are usually the causes that bring forth cracks between married couples, right?]

[And, therefore]

[Guilty, right?]

What's with that~!? Kami-sami, HELP ME! Please help me! Make it end! You knew about this! I am sure I heard a voice saying [Like I said, I am not involved?]! Die, god!

Somehow...... I feel my position keeps on getting weaker and weaker as the number of my wives increases...... I have a feeling monogamy is extremely wonderful at this point. Who was the guy that said that a Harem is the dream of every man. Bring him here, and I will show him the reality.

[de~....... That, what you want me to do......?]

[We will forgive you if you kiss us one by one. We became insecure because of Touya-san's actions. Therefore, it is your duty to remove this feeling by showing us your affection]

The hurdle is high...... I have done that with Yumina and Lindsey, but not with the other three. I seem to hear some sort of sound effects due to Yumina smiling, Lindsey being bashful, Rue throbbing, Yae clattering and Elsie fidgeting.

Honestly, I am embarrassed. Somehow this is the part where I deceive them and leave it unsettled, but I can't possible escape here as well.

While Rin and Pola are jeering, I did it in order, one at a time. What is this?

However, after kissing them, Rue ran away from in front of me with a deeply red face, and Yae, for some reason, held my arm and threw me while being embarrassed. When I reached Elsie, a strong rotating blow hit my chest directly. Even if you are embarrassed, to throw a corkscrew at me, why? Oi?

In a sense, it may be a life-threatening situation if I don't get used to this kind of things.

In slowly fading consciousness, without being able to produce an answer, I was pondering faintly whether this was happiness or unhappiness.


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