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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 153


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 153: [Rampart], and [Tower]

I traveled toward the south for a while after separating from Princess Hildegarde and came to see the designated ruins. It looked like some kind of abandoned building. Stone walls stood in line, and many huge stone pillars-like things were erected for whatever reason.

Strange rocky formations that resemble Castle or Fortress here and there caught my attention. The stone wall of a ruined castle is close to that.

When I got down there, a small blue songbird flew from the other side of the forest surrounding the ruins. It is probably the scout.

When the songbird passed over my head, it suddenly turned around and, as if saying ’’follow me’’, flew towards the center of the ruins.

[This..... What is it?]

There is some something near the center of the ruins made with materials similar to other ruins up until now, but the shape was unusual.

Until now it was a cylinder or quadrangular pyramid, but this one had a shape of a ring. To be accurate, a big ring of about four meters in diameter was standing in the center of the ruins. (TL: stargate!!)

Since a part of the ring touching the ground foundations was completely buried underground, I may perhaps call it an Arc. The ring has a width of about 50 cm and a thickness of about 30 cm.

I tried passing through it as a test, but nothing happened. I also tried touching the ring, but like before, what you can call 'Slip' didn't happen.

[What does that mean?]

By any chance could this just have a similar shape but not have any relation to Babylon at all? Could it be a different ruin?

Now that I think about it, there was a similar device in a movie I watched a long time ago. If I am not mistaken, that device was a transfer machine that could transmit you to another planet by moving the rings to match with a dial.

I thought 'maybe that's it', and tried to forcibly turn the ring, but it didn't turn. Mmmm, in the end, is it really a different ruin?

I try going around the ring once again. Oh? A red stone was fitted on the side of the ring. Is this a magic stone?

And when I looked up, a blue magic stone was fitted there. When I float with [Fly] and look at all the sides of the ring;green, brown, yellow, purple - there are six magic stones fitted in total.

I see I got it. This in itself is an installation which will transfer me once activated.

When I poured fire attribute magic into the portion containing the red magic stone, one-sixth of the part below shined red. I pour magic power into the remaining magic stones in the same way, and before long the ring is warped in six colors of light.

And when I finally poured non-attribute magic power onto the pedestal under my feet, the seven colors of the light mixed and I was wrapped with a dazzling light.

====================Scene Change===================

When I opened my eyes, it was the familiar scene of Babylon. A ring similar to the one in ruins from while ago was behind me.


I can see a similar ring on the opposite of the shrub. I also somehow feel this place is broader than the usual Babylon.

A pure white tower is soaring high on the opposite side of the trees. Wow, it is a [Grand White Tower]. (TL: I think this is joke or reference to something) (TLC: movie reference?)

In other words, is this one here [Tower]? Umm, It would be a great help if it was [Warehouse] though.

[Welcome, to the Babylon [Tower], and my [Rampart]]

While being startled as I turned around towards the voice that suddenly called out, there was a girl that could be seen standing there with a height a little shorter than mine. She has about the same height as Flora..... Her breasts are slightly disappointing though.

She has a large fluffy ribbon on the chest above a white tunic. From a glance she is wearing a pin-striped black jumper skirt on top of the tunic and also black tights;she looks like a schoolgirl from somewhere.

She has a bluish short light wavy hair.

[I 《わたくし》, the managing terminal of this [Rampart], am called [Pure Liora]. Please call me [Liora]]

[[Rampart]? You mean this is not [Tower]?]

No matter how you look at it, that is [Tower]. I ask the girl who called herself Liora while looking at the big white tower far away.

[Currently, this here is [Tower], but [Rampart] is present here as well. The reason is that the transfer ring for [Tower] on the ground was destroyed by the explosion of a volcano 527 years ago. By chance, we, the manager of [Tower] and [Rampart] met 374 years ago and managed to achieve docking. Since then, we have been waiting for the confirmed person to whom to pass the transfer formation of [Rampart]]

Liora lowered her head as she said that. I see, so [Tower] and [Rampart] have joined, haven't they? Isn't this lucky? Since I got both at the same time.

[I know that you are someone who possesses all attributes. However, I can't allow permission to use [Tower] or [Rampart] for anyone except a [Confirmed Person]]

[However, all the managers for [Garden], [Workshop], [Alchemy Building] and [Hangar] have acknowledged me]

[Four [Babylon], you say? I see. Then there seems to be no problem at all. I will recognize you as [Confirmed Person]]

Huh? That was extremely easy...... The events till now were panties flashing, chest squeezing, and getting attacked by a pipe wrench. However, when I remembered it once more, what a good for nothing things were done, by me.

Somehow I don't feel satisfied or something..... No no, it is good without unnecessary procedures. Ordinary is the best.

[Then, from now one Unit Number 20, Individual Name [Pure Liora], will be transferred to you. Please take care of me, Master] (TL: no kiss??)

Liora bows down very deeply. Saying ’’unit number 20’’, is she the more of an older sister than Flora? Uh? If I am not mistaken, is Monica the further one in the back since she is number 28?

Then does that mean that the numbers are from 20 to 28? Is that the Babylon numbering system?

[Then Master, I shall guide you towards the place where the manager of [Tower] is. Please come this way]

As I followed after Liora who moved ahead, I saw someone lying down in the shade of the trees which could be seen since some time ago.

For an instant, I wondered if she was injured and stopped moving due to an injury or something, but it wasn't anything like that. She was just lying down.

She is wearing a fairly large ribbon on the chest of the tunic similarly to Liora. Her height seems to be shorter than Liora, and her breasts, which are more developed than Liora's, move up and down. She really is sleeping.

Extending until her waist is a hair with an amethyst-like《紫水晶》color which is fastened by hair clasps in front of both shoulders.

Or rather than saying that.....

[The skirt is......]

[Ah, please don't mind it since it's the usual thing]

Nope, I do mind it! It's completely rolled up and her panties are totally exposed! It's striped! I can see her striped panties!

Well that, she may become defenseless since it is only both of them living in such a place!

[In any case, wake her up.......]

[I understand. Noel, wake up. Pamela Noel]

Liora shakes the girl's shoulders, but she is not showing any signs of waking up. Liora puts her hands under Noel's armpits and tries to raise at least her upper body, but she remains sleeping in the same state as before.

[Is this kid always like that?]

[Haa. We, [Babylon] managers, have a once variously divided integrated personality of Professor, and those personalities take their form in us. It looks like this kid...... Noel, she has ended up with the lazy part strongly coming out]

Ah, so it was like this as I have thought. Their current personalities are shaped by the different parts of the professor's personality and they themselves are molded by those parts. That explains why I can see the shadow of that perverted Professor every now and then.

Liora looks relatively decent though. I wonder, does that mean she has drawn out only the decent part of the professor?

[Master. Are you holding onto any kind of food?]

[Eh? It is not like I am not holding onto anything, but..... What? Are you hungry?]

[It is not for me <<わたくし>>. It is something necessary to wake this kid up ~degozaimasu]

(ED: ’’Watakushi’’ refers to a formal way of saying ’’I’’ in Japanese. For those who don't know, ’’I’’ in Japanese have different forms representing different tones and ’’watakushi’’ is a formal form and formal tone.)

Wake you say...... Don't tell you are planning to fish her with food? For now, I take out several grilled skewer I have inside [Storage] and pass them to Flora. They were still hot because I had stored them when they were freshly roasted.

Liora holds those with her left hand and flaps her right hand like a fan sending the smell towards Noel.

Immediately after her nose started to move with a 'Piku', her neck extended towards the direction of the smell. Before long, her body staggered and started to move towards Liora. However, her eyelids have remained closed so far.

[Get up, Noel. I will give you this grilled skewers if you wake up]

As she said those words, both of Noel's eyes suddenly opened. She then got up as if jumping and locked her gaze towards the grilled skewers that Liora was holding.

[....... I am feeling hungry. It has been 4907 years since a decent meal was served. May I eat it?]

[....... Please]

Noel snatched the grilled skewer from Liora's hands as soon as she heard my reply and started chewing on it eating it up in no time.

Not eating anything for 4907 years you said, that's amazing...... Well, according to what I had heard from Shizuka, she looks like she didn't feel any hunger when she entered into a sleeping capsule. It seems those girls secure their active energy from a few medicines and sunlight;therefore they didn't need to eat a genuine cooked food. That's how things had been apparently.

[Delicious. This is delicious]

[I am glad to hear that]

Because she finished eating the grilled skewer or maybe because she felt comfortable, the girl finally directed her gaze at me.

[What is your name?]

[Mochizuki Touya. I was acknowledged as the ’’confirmed person’’ by [Rampart] just now. I would like [Tower] to recognize that as well though]

[....... There are appropriate conditions to be the ’’confirmed person’’ of [Tower]. I will recognize you as the ’’confirmed person’’ as long as you fulfill that]

Noel stands up in a serious manner while turning her sharp eyes towards here. But, because there is grilled skewer sauce still remaining on her lips, her look didn't match her gaze. You should wipe it, you know.

[...... What are those conditions?]

[A meal to fill a stomach with. A warm bed. I will not complain as long as I have those]

....... How should I say it? She is faithful to her desires. Will this girl be alright?

[I understand. I will properly arrange it]

[Roger. I acknowledge that the conditions have been fulfilled. From now on ’’Unit Number 25’’, an individual named [Pamela Noel], will be transferred to you. Please treat me with meals well, Master]

She made sure to remind me of the [Meals]. Well, It may seem to appear to be only a verbal promise. As I take out several grilled skewers from [Storage], Noel receives them with sparkling eyes and immediately bites on them.

[Master keeps his promise. These are delicious as well]

After she finishes chewing on them, she even licks the sauce that got on her hands. Yae is a person who also eats well, but this one seems to eat well too. Her image is somehow similar to an animal before it goes into hibernation.

Suddenly, Noel turns her face towards here as if she has just remembered something. When I was thinking ’’what?’’, my lips were snatched away.


Her tongue comes invading my mouth. This sweet taste...... No! This salty-sweet taste must be the flavor of that grilled skewer sauce!

She eventually separated from me while sticking her tongue out and licked her own lips, thus wiping the sauce.

[Registration complete. Master's genes are stored. From now on, the ownership of [Tower] is transferred to master...... Master, I request more meals]

[You know.......]

When I extend my hand to wipe the sauce that stuck around my mouth because of Noel, Liora firmly holds my head this time, and my lips are snatched in the same way.


Since this has happened, I couldn't shake her and break loose. As usual, what a power. In the meantime, Liora's tongue freely writhing around inside the cavity of my mouth keeps on violating it.

What is this!? How to say it, it is different than the other girls, she is good. Sometimes being gentle, sometimes being intense, she greedily devours my lips while applying strength.

Even so, isn't this taking too long!?

I tried to separate since it had become unpleasantly painful, but she didn't let me go. Gradually, I was the one who was bending backward;I stretched out my hand to the heavens while trying to struggle. When my consciousness was about to fly away, I was finally released and fell on my back onto the ground. I have fallen, in various meanings.

[Registration complete. Master's genes are stored. From now, on the ownership for [Rampart] will be transferred to master]

Liora called out towards me who collapsed with 'Are you fine?' question. But is there any reason to be fine? I was about to go to God's place!

[I ended up completely in a daze by mistake since it was my first time kissing a male. I am very sorry.]

[A male, you say......]

[It's because I was the person who served the role of a night partner for the Professor. If master desires so, I will also be your partner in the same way either as the person who penetrates or the person who gets penetrated.]

[Uaaa -!!]

(TL: yup guess why she has no breasts;I am crushed lol)

(ED: Probably not. There are other ways you know. If you know what I mean. ’’grinning’’.)

How graphic! Then what? Is this technique based on experience?! It is, in some sense! What's more, what do you mean by ’’a person who penetrates and a person who gets penetrated’’! Why would I stand on the receiving end!?

(TL: ask Lindsey :p)

I thought she was a decent person, but this one is also weird! Or rather in a sense, she is the scariest one!

Furthermore, was that professor a homose*ual !? As in 《That way》 kind of person!?

Somehow my head gets crazy in various ways now. It is normal. Being normal is the best. I placed the matter about myself on a high shelf and believed so in my heart.


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