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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 152


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 152: The Princess Knight and The Presentation

The Restia Knights attacked the Kabuto Fureizu in groups. However, several people were skewered together with their armors by the sharp horns of the Fureizu bodies that just got hardened without being able to even wound it.

[Kuuu...... What's with this firmness!?]

While going around to the back of Fureizu, the female knight slashed with her sword aiming to cut its thin feet.

However, forget about cutting the leg, the female knight's sword has been broken in two making a high-pitched sound on the contrary.


While she suddenly stopped moving, another Fureizu extends its horns against her at a tremendous speed.


While running in the air with [Fly], I take out a sword made of Fureizu fragments from [Storage]. I then drop down while cutting the horn that was extending towards the girl.

And just like that, I approach the Fureizu like sliding on the stone pavement and pierce the sword into the apparent nucleus of that fellow.

The whole body of the Fureizu showed cracks when I broke its nucleus and crumbled down with a clattering sound.

Un, it seems I can kill the Fureizu with this weapon as well. I can make sure that the cutting power will increase by pouring magic power into it. After all, it will be dangerous if it can effortlessly do it from the start.

Since the Fureizu present are the lower-class types, I can finish them by pulling their nucleus out with [Aport] and break them, but I want to try out the cutting ability of this fellow right here a little.

[Y-you are......]

[Leave this to me and evacuate the residents. We can talk later]

[U-understand. I leave it to you!]

Now then.

[Search. How many Fureizu are here within the 1km radius? Oops, that is excluding this guy whom I have just destroyed]

『Search Start.... Finished. In total 11 』

Then does that mean there were twelve? Two, three, four, five...... Then there are just eight remaining. Good.

[Then, Shall I have them keep me company? [Accel Boost]]

Using body strengthening and acceleration magic, I first cut the nucleuses of the two in front of me in halves. I jump up in a slanting direction, kick the wall of a house, and thrust the sword into the nucleus of the Fureizu below me while falling.

I run through the town without stopping and chop the horn of the one unleashing an attack. And as I am cutting his nucleus with side sweep, I then use the rotational force to cut the other Fureizu on the opposite side in a similar way.

Three more left. I close the distance in one breath, pierce two nucleus as I go through them and cut the last one from the front in two.

[Search. Display the remaining three]

『Acknowledge. Displaying』

I confirm the displayed locations, then jump up and ran through the roofs. I jump off aiming at the Fureizu below me that is fighting with the knights and cut through the nucleus.

Facing towards the last two, I leave behind the dumbfounded knights.

I cut the nucleus of the two the same way as the others while avoiding the spear-like horn attacks that are continuously coming. With this, I am done.

There is not even a nick on the blade even after I've daringly cut every Fureizu. This crystal sword is surely usable.

I stopped supplying the sword with magic since what I have drawn is a naked blade and put it in a sheath I have taken out from [Storage].

When I incidentally looked up, the female knight from a while ago was staring towards here. It seems like she looks safe. I call then out to her.

[Up to what extent is the damage?]

[Eh? A-Aah, many people have died. Both townspeople and the knights. The majority came up injured as well]

[I see...... It's regrettable for those that have died. Let's at least cure those who got injured]

The girl, she made ’’-eh?’’ kind of face and looked at the knights who were hurt and fell down on the side. I activated [Multiple] and placed all the injured people within 1 km radius under healing magic.

Grains of light wrap the injured people and heal their wounds. The knights who fell to the side immediately recovered. The girl opened her eyes wide and looked at me with an expression full of surprise.

[....... It is not that I asked you for help, but who on earth are you.....]

[I am Mochizuki Touya. I happened to pass by this neighborhood by chance. And you are?]

[A-aah- excuse my rudeness. I am the first princess of this Resita Knight Kingdom, Hildegarde Minas Restia. I am grateful for your help]

I am astonished. Was she a princess? I definitely thought she was a female knight the way she swung her sword around...... Should I say as expected from the Knight Kingdom?

When I look at her again, she is tall with a slender and well-proportioned body, long blond hair, dignified clear blue eyes and white porcelain skin. Certainly, she somehow has the elegance.

It seems the armor she is wearing is made with Mithril too. Golden decorations are applied everywhere, and I also sense some magic enchantment present. The breastplate portion of the armor is different from the other Restia Knights since the emblem of Restia royal family is engraved on it. That's probably the crest of the crown. Apparently what she said about being the princess is true.

Then, should I properly say hello?

[I was impolite not knowing that you are Restia Princess. I have come from the west, a place located between Belfast and Regulus. I am called Mochizuki Touya, the Sovereign King of Brunhild Dukedom ]

[Brunhild.......! I heard about it...... The young king who achieved Kinghood from being an adventurer....... Being active in all western countries, going as a mediator and solving the problems of those countries.......]

When I changed my tone and introduced myself again, Princess Hildegarde became surprised as well and changed to a formal tone.

A mediator? Are my actions being circulated around like this? I surely did as I liked in various countries, and served as something like a host for the western alliance. But, I also made sure not to break neutrality by supporting any of the countries from the alliance.

Since she said she would like to see my guild card just in case, I took out the card from my pocket.

[It is the same gold rank card as my grandfather. I apologize for my impoliteness. Please forgive me]

[No-no. By your grandfather, do you mean the former king? I would like to once meet my senior who has the same gold rank as I do]

I am truly interested to know what kind of person he is. He's probably a splendid and amazing person. When I told her that, the Princess Knight made a nervous smile without saying anything. That smile somehow gives off a feeling similar to a [Bitter Smile].

[No....... I believe it is better you don't hold much expectation though......]


[Ya, it is nothing. Nevertheless, it was amazing. Towards the demon whom we couldn't do anything against even as a group, with a single blow, you.....]

The princess reveals this impression while looking at the Fureizu shattered around. No, it's amazing to be able to parry their attacks without any magic assistance and restrain them with knights alone.

[This demon is called Fureizu. It absorbs magic and it has high hardness yet possesses an elastic body. It's a troublesome enemy who has the ability to regenerate as well. You must destroy the nucleus inside its body in order to defeat it]


When I heard the princess knight's story, it seems her knight's group were heading for practice. Upon learning an attack on the town by Fureizu which no one knew from where they appeared, she rushed to see the situation. When they knew that their swords weren't able to stand against them at all, the utmost they could do was to let the townspeople escape. She seemed quite frustrated, as she grasped fists trembled a little.

I only saw it a little, but Hildegarde's sword skill is fairly significant. I also don't think she is inferior when compared to Yae.

However, her opponent this time was bad. It was simply just that.

[Ah, I would like to collect the fragments of defeated Fureizu. Is it alright?]

[Eh? Ah, yes. His Majesty is the one who has defeated them, so there is no problem with that, but.....]

It is an adventurer's rule, but the person who defeats demon beasts or monsters has the right to acquire their materials. They are equally divided if it is a party, but it is irrelevant in the case of a solo. I collect the broken Fureizu fragments at once and stored them inside [Storage]. All the knights were surprised towards the sudden disappearance of the monsters.

Good. This was an unexpected harvest. Despite them being lower class, I can use them to make a fair number of weapons if there are as many as 12 of them. I am honestly not happy with the appearance of a large number of Fureizu though.

[Is this sword by any chance....... made from those Fureizu?]

Hildegarde directs her eyes on the crystal sword I am holding with great interest. Oya, she is surprisingly sharp-sighted. Well, both of them have a crystal-like appearance. As expected, won't she notice it?

[That is so. Our country's knights are equipped with this sword and a shield as common equipment. I am the only one who can make them with my non-attribute magic though]

I have included ’’It is utterly useless trying to imitate it you know’’ as a nuance. It's because I don't want them to say something like ’’Can you return Fureizu from a short while ago after all’’. In fact, although you would need [Modeling] to make them, a tremendous magic power is required to increase the hardness and cutting power as well. And because [Gravity] is necessary to reduce the weight, it won't be possible to imitate it.

[Is that so?...... I am jealous. I would like to have such sword as a knight one day]

I see. Is that the reason why she kept looking frequently towards here since a while ago?

.......Hmmm. I will not lose anything by deepening my friendship with Restia here.

I take another two crystal swords placed in scabbards from [Storage], add to them the one I am holding and start carving the crest of Restia Royal family on the handles with [Modeling]. After that, I pass those to Princess Hildegarde.

[Then I will give you those in commemoration of our encounter. This is for the Princess, his Majesty the King, and his Majesty the former King]


Did she think that it would be impossible for her to receive one? Hildegarde who received them got speechless and flustered. It is amusing.

[I-is it really fine!? Isn't this a state secret of your country....!?]

[Uhm, No? It's not a secret since I'm the only one who can make it. Certainly, the materials are items which aren't available that much. But in our country, all the knights wield one. However, those three are something I made for myself;therefore their performance is completely different from those. It's possible to cut something like an iron by just placing an edge of the blade on top of it, and there's almost no chance for it to break. Even if there's somewhat a nick in the blade or a crack, it will be regenerated]

Princess Knight pulled out one of the three swords she received and held it up in the sun. She stared at the shining sword blade that is sparkling, slowly poured her magic power, and lightly hit the sword against the debris of a collapsed house nearby. It cut the brick wall as if slicing through tofu.

[It is amazing...... Moreover, I don't feel its weight. Additionally, this slicing ability...... If Fureizu appear once again this time I will not lose]

While looking at the Princess who is joyful and in high spirit, I thought ’’it will not go that easy if it is an intermediate class or above as expected’’ but I firmly swallowed those words. If I say something unnecessary here, I may steal away her joy.

Well, I stayed here for too long, someone might ask ’’Why is the king of another country in here?’’. Let's leave before that someone pokes his nose with a question like this.

Because it's already troublesome, shall I hand the throne over to someone else before going out from here on out? I will get it back once I return though.

Although it's normally impossible, shall I make a law that makes it easier for the king to yield the throne? Of course, only limited to as long as I am alive. Shall I even make Kohaku the king at the times when I am absent? The Tiger King. The tank?

Well, let's consult this Kousaka-san once I return.

[Now then, since I still have something to do, please excuse me. It will be great if we can meet again]

[Thank you very much for the wonderful present. I will dispatch my gratitude for today to the Dukedom someday]

I don't particularly mind it though. But I will receive it gratefully when it comes because there's this kind of feeling as well.

Looking at the startled face of the princess who saw me floating when I invoked [Fly], I raised a little laugh while raising slowly and left the place.

Now, there was this unexpected encounter, but I should quickly search for the Babylon ruins.


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