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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 149


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 149: Debut and Memory Loss

「.......Although it is like that each and every time, I think it is good that Touya-dono is being Touya-dono」

「......Good grief. We are probably lucky with that」

「What do you mean?」

I unintentionally intruded on the dialog between The Emperor of Regulus and The King of Belfast while they were looking up at the towering heavy knight, Chevalier, and talking to each other.

「No~no, If by chance Touya-dono was an ambitious person, this world might have been conquered long ago. I don't think anyone would strike back after being shown such a thing」

「I guess so..... Even if they do, that's probably a little more than close to foul play.... Though this is a bit late, what the heck of a person are you?」

The Monarch of Rifurizu and The King of Misumido keep on opening their mouths to talk. I wonder, Am I being admired or am I being spoken ill of?

「Touya-sama is not the kind of person to carry ambitions. I think Touya-sama is like that, and it doesn't change the fact that he is our friend.」

Ramisshu Pope says so with composed expression. In a sense, she is the only person who knows my true colors the best among those present here, though there are times when I am really thinking about God's message. It is unfortunate, but I am not an angel.

「That's amazing, isn't it?..... Anyway, does this really move ?」

「It does. It moves using the same operations as the Frame Unit」

The one with the sparkling eyes like a child is the King of Rynie, Cloud.

Today, I have gathered everyone from the western alliance and introduce the Frame Gear. The attending knights of each nation have their mouths wide open and are petrified in blank amazement. Well, something like that is bound to happen.

「However, what is this thing for?」

「It's a hobby at present..... or something like that. But on paper, it's for anti-behemoth use」

「Behemoth, you say. Certainly, if it is this fellow, it probably can reduce the damage too.」

The King of Belfast nods as if he's giving his consent, though the reality is different.

As for Guild Master Rerisha-san, I have already told her the real situation in order to collaborate with her for gathering intelligence, but I still want to hide it from other nations. It's not like I can involve foreign countries in matters which I'm not even certain whether those will really happen or not. I also don't know whether they will be able to believe me even if I tell them.

Nevertheless, it's better to make these preparations in advance when push comes to shove in order to be able to accept it immediately. Such convenient matters must be considered.

Revealing the existence of the Frame Gear is one of those matters too.

「You know, Touya-dono. Can you let us have a ride on that?」

「Right-right! That's important!」

The King of Belfast and King of Misumido turn to me with burning gazes. Their staggering [’’Give a ride, Give a ride’’ beam] is being sent to me.

「Before that, it will be better to have the Kings' turns after each guard rides it in order to ascertain its safety. Don't you agree Gaspar-san? How about it?」

「Ha? Me..... you say?」

The One-Eyed Knight Commander of the Empire, Gaspar-san, looks at me with his absent-minded face. Tentatively, the guards that are present here are the ones that have ridden the Frame Units in the game room. As it is, I think they should be able to move it, and there won't be any problem.

「It's alright. I have made it in such a way wherein I can do an emergency stop so that it won't go out of control unexpectedly」

The emergency stop function has been installed as a safety device on the Frame Gear. It's operated by my smartphone, and it's possible to stop the Frame Gear by limiting its movements. So, even if Gaspar-san attacks everyone present here as an example, he won't be able to move a finger. Well, such thing probably won't happen though.

Gaspar-san boards the heavy knight, Chevalier, after acquiring the permission of His Majesty The Emperor.

『How is it? It is not different from Frame Unit, right?』

『Yes. You're right. I understand how to operate it』

『Then, please try activating it』

I instruct the others to step back while communicating with the cockpit via a receiver. Hyoooooo.... The startup sound reverberates and the heavy knight, Chevalier, comes to life.


There was some dispute over who would ride the Frame Gear first after this, but there was no other problem worth mentioning. All kings were able to ride it and (though Her Eminence didn't ride it) apparently, they could operate it quite skillfully.

Also, I promised to lend the Frame Gear only at times when Behemoths appear. However, I also promised to lend them Frame Units because I asked them to prepare pilots at their respective countries. For that reason, every country will then have six units each.

With this, I explained a [public intention] to them similar to me wanting for them to use it as a method of relaxation for the people of knight orders and to install it for the sake of times when they are doing practice.

The [real intention], however, is that I would like to prepare them for the battle with the Fureizu which may eventually come and I would like to train the people who will ride the Frame Gears. That kind of reason is what I'm really after.

Both Belfast and Regulus consist of the vast dominions and the appearance of Behemoths seems to be relatively possible. Therefore, it's very likely that I will lend it to them a few times. Attacks even on Misumido and Ramisshu by Behemoths is also possible due to Great Forest Sea.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely for Rynie to receive damage from a Behemoth, so they probably won't get their turn. But I suppose the worst case scenario is also possible.

I think that the sword from the usual equipment as a weapon will be fine in the case that a Behemoth is an opponent. But a very solid fellow like that scorpion might appear as well. At that time, I might have no other choice but to have the pilots change their weapons.

Just in case, there's a selection of weapons available to suit each rider so it will probably be fine. It's most likely better for a weapon to be easy to use. It's fine to create it as well if ever a request comes here. It will be simple to mass produce the weapon if I can make that weapon one time, so there won't be any difficulties.

However, if the opponent is Fureizu, the ultra-heavy weapon will become more advantageous. It's not like everyone can use [Gravity] like me. Will they best make use of the one-handed war club ’’Mace’’ and a shield, or will they aim for a certain one-hit kill of the sledgehammer ’’Battlehammer’’ held with both hands? Will they fight at a distance with the war pike ’’Halberd’’, or will they continue to cut it with the war axe ’’Battle axe’’? As for that, I should entrust it to the guys who are soldiers with long military service.

When it comes to that, I know that I want to have a long-distance offensive weapon, but I can't make those beam weapon like the ones in anime. It is unreasonable for me, who hasn't even made a car yet. Will I be able to even make it? Even if I can make it, I also feel like the fact that some high school freshman is capable of creating a beam weapon will be problematic. In the first place, what is beam weaponry?

Should I have made a low-tech sling or something to the bitter end, I wonder. The one which throws the stones with centrifugal force. Though it is unlikely that it will be effective.

How about not using the gunpowder with live ammunition.....? For example, how about launching a cannonball using [Explosion] magic instead of gunpowder explosion.....? It will, however, be meaningless if the system for the explosion uses [Program] or [Enchant] and the pilot's magic power runs out. Won't the magic power become exhausted after two-three shots? An advanced level magic like an absorption of magic power from the atmosphere sounds unreasonable to use.

Even though it is fine for me to pour in the magic power into the gun, I would probably also have to replenish it each time it exhausts..... Maybe I should make a weapon which can be used [Only by me].

No, wait a minute. It is not like magic is completely ineffective in particular against Fureizu, right? If it is [Rock Crash] from earth attribute or [Ice Rock] from water attribute, those are effective since it is an indirect attack. Should I try considering that?

If it's Rin, she may come up with some nice idea. I wonder if I should try to consult this with her sooner or later


I was told that the girl which I saved in Ishen had woken up, so I went towards the [Alchemy Building]. When I reached that place, she had already come out from the regeneration capsule and was getting up from the bunk inside the [Alchemy Building]. She was wearing light clothes that looked like pajamas.

The right hand resting on the futon has regenerated splendidly. Though it is not seen since it's hidden inside the futon, her leg perhaps has returned to the way it was before.

The hair which I had thought was pure white had a tinge of light red color, and it looked like the color of a cherry blossom even though I thought that it was white during the time she was saved. I wonder if by any means it wasn't permeated by the color of blood.


The moment she saw me, she leaked a small voice. It seems like she remembered the time when I helped her.

Flora, who is sitting on a chair beside her, greets me.

「It seems like the regeneration was safely completed, right?」

「Ah~..... that's~...... ~desuno」

Flora bites her lips and makes what she said badly shorter. What has happened?

「Apparently, the girl..... has lost her memories」


Apparently, she has no memory up to the time she has been saved by me. She doesn't remember her name, birthplace, and why was she about to be killed.

「You don't say it is an after-effect of the medical regeneration treatment or something....」

「That can't happen~desuno! It may be possible if it's related to the regeneration of the head, but something like memory loss from the regeneration of the limbs is out of question ~desuno! If Master doubts it, it should be fine to test it after chopping the thing between your legs ~desuno!」 (TL: That's so metal )

「So scary !」

As if I am going to bear with it being chopped off because of such thing! In the first place, I will also lose my memories if it really is an after-effect!

However, for it be a memory loss.....

「Do you remember meeting me before? 」

The girls bows her head a little. It means that she has her memory from the time she has met up with me. After that, she went into the regeneration capsule. I guess it's natural to consider the time when she was attacked to be the origin of her memory loss just as I'd thought.

「What's your name?」

「 is not clear」

「Why did you have such injuries?」

「......I don't know」

U~n, what had happened, I wonder..... After that, I tried asking various questions, and I found out that her memory and knowledge of such things as the place called Ishen and conventional wisdom, reading, writing and calculation still remained. She also knew about Belfast and Regulus as well.

However, the memories about matters related to herself are entirely missing. Her name, birthplace, what she has been doing and where, whether she has a family, what she likes and dislikes, it seems she really can't remember these things. As a test, I tried applying [Recovery] once more, but it was futile.

「Muu~...... It'll be fine if you can gradually remember those.....」

「......You (tl: anata) are......」


From the top of the bed, the girl with violet-colored pupils looks straight at me.

「......Who are you?」

「Aah, I am Mochizuki Touya. The King of Brunhild Dukedom」


The girl shows a surprised expression for just a bit and immediately return to her previous self. It feels like this girl's emotions are quite scarce.

「Is this place that Brunhild?」

「That's right. I had brought you here since you had collapsed at the mountains of Ishen and you had terrible injuries」


「By using transfer magic」

Ah, she made a surprised expression again, but she immediately returned to her previous self. That's kinda amusing.

Anyhow, it would probably be bad to reveal that the [Alchemy Building] also exists at this rate, so I move the whole bunk to the room inside the castle with [Gate].

「This is......」

The girl restlessly looks around the interior of the room that has abruptly changed. I guess with this, she will be able to believe me about the transfer magic.

For the time being, let's allow her to live in this room for a short while. Her memories may eventually return.

There is a way to escort her back to Ishen, but she currently has no memories. Furthermore, it's too dangerous as of this moment since the possibility of her being aimed at by someone isn't zero.

「Even so, it will be inconvenient for you not to have a name.... Will you choose a temporary name?」

「A name.... Anything is fine. The king-sama will decide」

Even if you tell me so. I tried pondering about it for a while, but I think an Ishen-related name will probably be better rather than a western name. Then, in that case.....

「M~, then~, [Sakura] 」


「That's because you have a lovely cherry blossom hair. If you don't like it, I will then think of another one.」

It's simple name even if I say so myself. The girl shakes her head a little and shows her feelings of denial.

「’’Sakura’’ is fine. Thank you.」

I noticed that Sakura who was not showing that many emotions was smiling just a little.


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