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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 148


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 148: Golden Golem and a Mysterious Girl

「Uha~....... It is really gilded.....」

The Orichalcum Golem was in the valley among the steep mountains going for dozens of kilometers to the west from Oedo of Ishen.

Being one size bigger than Mithril golem and with its gilded body basking in the solar light shining in the valley, it was sparklingly shining. I wonder if that is an orichalcum golem. It is about the same size as Frame Gear.

I guess this fellow probably also has a central core inside its chest similarly to a Mithril Golem.

There are large limbs present on its rugged stone-looking body. The legs are short and the torso is long. Its appearance is similar to a Mithril golem. I wonder if maybe its central core is in the same place.

「For now, I should be able to manage it if I destroy its chest area. Slip.」

A grand tremor rises with ’’Sushiiin’’ sound, and the gilded golem collapses with its face up.


Without wasting a moment, I pin it down into the ground with weight magic. After taking out a round fragment of Fureizu from [Storage], I pour magic into this crystal ball to transform it to the size of a baseball ball and raise its hardness to even more than that of orichalcum.


I connect the [Gate] in front of me on the ground and just above the breast of the golem and leisurely throw the crystal ball with applied [Gravity] on it.

The moment it comes out from [Gate], the crystal ball with the weight raised to hundreds of tons falls on top of golem's chest. The crashing sound reverberates with ’’Dogakyaa’’ sound and the orichalcum golem becomes silent.

This is the 3 step combo of [Slip], [Gravity] and [Gate]. Just kidding.

I approach the golem while being vigilant just in case and confirm that it has completely stopped functioning. As I've thought, its central core is apparently in its chest.

After opening [Storage], I harvest the orichalcum golem. All right, the mission is completed.

The sound reverberated from the thicket with a swoosh, and a deer jumped out. I suppose things like deer exists in such mountain valleys as well.

The deer didn't give a look in my direction and went walking towards the river on the opposite side. It doesn't seem to be afraid of humans.

A deer. Shall I return with a present even if it is just venison? No-no, I am somewhat opposed to also easily kill a genuine deer who isn't being cautious of humans.

When I shifted my attention towards the river where the deer was walking to, there was something rolling on the riverside. What is that, ~are?

After I take a step to try approaching and confirming it, I have gradually understood what it is and I then quicken my pace. It's a person. There's someone who collapsed here.

「Oi! Hey! Are you alright! ?」

As I run up to the riverside very quickly, I notice that the person seems to be a young girl. Her age is approximately the same as Elsie and Lindsey. She has a long pure white hair and she's wearing worn-out clothes. There are bruises and cuts throughout the body, but I wonder if she has been washed away here by the river.

When I held up, raised her upper body and pulled her out from the river, I noticed that there was something strange with her right leg. Has she broken it? When I try to roll up her clothes which were similar to a hakama, her leg was torn to pieces from the knee down. When I looked at her once again, her right hand from the wrist down was not there.

As I look properly, her back is completely cut as well. That's a sword cut, isn't.....

I thought that she was already dead, but she was breathing properly albeit feebly. She might have barely managed to arrive here before nearly drowning.

Is what I think, but rather the that, the medical treatment comes first!

「Come forth light, Goddess of healing, Mega heal」

As I cast a grand recovery magic, all the wounds on her body close up at once, and the bruises vanish. The wound on the leg closes up as well, but it remains to be torn-off as it is. While I was at it, I also applied [Recovery] in advance. It will be dangerous if she is also poisoned.


「Oi, have you come to !?」

A pair of violet colored and hazily opened pupils gaze at me.


The young girl was trying to say something, but her eyelids closed once again and she had lost consciousness.

「Kuu~. I should take her to the [Alchemy Building] in Babylon. If I remember correctly, Flora has said before that even the regeneration of the flesh is possible. It might also be possible to restore her leg too.」

I carry the girl in my arms, and move with [Gate] towards the [Alchemy Building] at once.


「...And, where is this girl?」

「She is sleeping inside a regeneration capsule of the [Alchemy Building]. Right now, Flora and Rue are attending to her」

I strongly lean against the chair while answering Lindsey. I wanted to attend to her as well, but Yumina and Rue drove me out. It is not like I wanted to see the nude girl floating inside the solution of the capsule by any means. ...... I don't.

Apparently, she was virtually on death's door. If I was late for two-three more minutes, there would be no mistake she couldn't be saved. I wonder if that deer was guiding me.

「After how long will the regeneration end ~degozaru?」

「Apparently, it will be finished by tomorrow」

「It's amazing for the hand that was gone and the leg that was broken to be repaired merely in a day..... 」

It truly is. Babylon's technology should be feared. It's really capable of creating something like a clone or a homunculus..... though, I guess those have already been made....

I steadily watch Shizuka who is pouring black tea into my empty cup. In those girls case, does that make them cyborgs in reality since they seem to have machine parts too? A mechanized life-form, right? In that case, this somehow seems to revolve around the robot that transforms into a car or something. U~mu..... I am curious.

「..... Master's passionately hot gaze goes through me. That's an implicit order called [Tonight, I will go through you according to my desires].....」

As I've thought. It's not worth worrying about. What a piece-of-junk-ero-robot-girl.

As she unnaturally holds my body close to hers, I leave this fool who began to writhe alone and decide to go to [Workshop]. I have to hand over the orichalcum I obtained to Rosetta.

When I arrive at the [Workshop], Rosetta is making adjustments to the heavy knight, Chevalier, that has been completed. Rosetta surely is a great help too since she's making adjustments to the configuration each time a machine is made.

「Hello~, I have brought the orichalcum」

「That was fast. I thought it would take a while and stopped the mass production.」

I take out the orichalcum golem from [Storage]. Tentatively, I receive the part below the wrist of the right arm as my own share.

The mass production can now continue with this.

「Still, this..... there was no need to bring so much......」

「Eh? Is that so ?」

「That's because only the part of power reactor will be used. Well, it won't be a trouble to have this much, and it is not known how many bodies can be produced with this」

While she says so, the floor of the [Workshop] opens and harvests the orichalcum golem.

「And so, Master, this is about the equipment of the heavy knight, Chevalier. Its standard equipment is a sword, and the additional equipment are: a buckler ’’Shield’’, a war club ’’Mace’’, a sledgehammer ’’Battle hammer’’, an assault spear ’’Lance’’, a war pike ’’Halberd’’, and a war axe ’’Battle Axe’’. Will those suffice?」

「Un, I guess those are the outline. I suppose combat with the Fureizu will become a batting game since magic is not effective against them」

It's an effective attack method to make use of the weight similarly to the sledgehammer ’’Battle Hammer’’. Though I would like long distance offensive weaponry as well, the amount of gunpowder necessary will be unthinkable if I somehow make a gun that big. Ah, but, wait a minute.

「Can you make ranged weapons like bows and arrows?」

「It is not that I can't, but..... I think it won't be that effective against hardness of Fureizu. It might be effective to some extent if you get close and fire with all your might though」

If that's the case, then long ranged attacks won't have any meaning. U~mu, Is that no good?

「Then, although it's different from long distance weapons, make a weapon similar to one wherein a large iron ball is attached to a chain and wherein you can also wave it around」

「A star chained ball, Morning Star. I understand」

I think that the original morning star is something similar to nail bat, but..... Well, I guess that's fine. That must be how it is in this world.

After going out of the [Workshop], I face towards the [Alchemy Building] to check upon the state of girl I have picked up in Ishen.

Naturally, Rue wouldn't allow me to go in.

「It is said her injuries will be cured by tomorrow. However, as far as her regaining consciousness......」

「U~n..... It will be good if some strange trauma hasn't been planted in her....」

As far as those wounds are seen, that girl seems to have been attacked by someone. If the fear of dying at that time hasn't caused some scar to her mind, it will be good, but.....

Based from the wounds seen on her, that girl seems to have been attacked by someone. It will be good if the fear of dying that time hasn't caused her some sort of trauma, but.....

「And then, Touya-sama, take this」

The object Rue presents to me is a medal that is about 10 centimeters in diameter. It's a shining medal attached to a silver string.

「It was hanging on this child's neck. Maybe it's something that will allow us to understand her identity to some extent.」

There is a complex pattern drawn on the medal for some reason, and the fine carving shows the height of the technique. When I turn it over, it is perfectly flat with nothing drawn on it. Back on the front side in the center... is that sun? I don't understand it well, but it doesn't seem to be a family crest.

I will look after it in the meantime.

After that, I have decided to return to the castle since there is nothing else I can do. As I walk along the corridor, Lapis-san comes from the opposite side.

Lapis-san and Cecil-san have been serving us since their time in the Mansion at Belfast, but nowadays they have become members of Brunhild officially.

Up until now, there was the pretext to guard Yumina as they were once members of [Espion], Belfast intelligence agency. But they resigned from there while taking the opportunity of Yumina's engagement to me and were officially appointed as housemaids. Because of this, the current title of Lapis-san is the chief maid of Brunhild royal palace.

「Your majesty, we need to talk」

「Yes. About what?」

「As a matter of fact, I would like to request an increase in the number of servants in the castle. I, Cecil, Rene and Shizuka can not provide sufficient reception nor thorough cleaning as one would expect, so...... 」

I see. Their situation is also like that. Certainly, it's unreasonable for four people to do everything starting from taking care of us, to interacting with guests and up until cleaning and doing the laundry. For the time being, some people from Tsubaki-san's intelligence agency are apparently helping out as well from time to time, but those people have work they themselves are doing.

「Understood. Let's increase the number of personnel by a few. How many people are necessary?」

「A total of about ten people is needed for the jobs of the Ladies' maids, laundry maids, the ones serving in a parlor, and people for kitchen duty. Among those, the ones on kitchen duty will be taking orders from Clair-san as chief cook, and the ones on reception duty in parlor will be under Cecil」

I suppose that's a sufficient increase. Well, it's on a tolerable level though.

「The personnel will all be accepted by referral rather than by maid guild. I would like Your Majesty to just conduct the final interview. It has been decided that Rene and Shizuka will fundamentally to be committed to the exclusive care of His Majesty personal surroundings.」

Muu. Rene is fine, but I feel a brush of uneasiness with regards to Shizuka. Well if talking about the other way around, that's the matter of being able to reveal that ero-maid to the guests.

「Hereupon, since I will also perform the coaching of battle techniques to all members, please treat me well 」

「Battle techniques ! ? Is there something like that ! ?」

「We don't know when and where the enemy is lurking. Furthermore, a person who only gets flustered and who isn't able to provide support is not so much of a maid. Being able to surely cope with all situations, that's what a genuine housemaid is」

Lapis-san bows her head after saying that. The road of a maid is a profound one.... That reminds me, Anjie-san from Rynie is a melee fighter as well. I wonder if that's the maid's preparedness to study battle techniques.

Well, I will be grateful to have reliable maids, so I give an approval.

However, I wonder if Rene will also participate. Since I was worried, I tried asking about this particular area just in case.

「Rene is already receiving coaching from Cecil. If it is dagger techniques, the hoodlums from here probably won't even become opponents to her」

What kind of training are you doing !? Was it driven into her when I was not aware, I wonder.... That's a bit scary.

I feel that the view of the world of maids is different.


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