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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 146


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 146: New Machine Type and Working People

While the mass production of the Frame Gear and Ether Liquid continues, ordinary days still continue the same way as always since it's not like anything will change that abruptly.

The guild paid the remuneration money for the subjugation of the Behemoth and the money for the sale of raw materials after several days passed. It's quite an amount and I have decided to carefully keep it in reserve since I still don't have any use for it right now.

「Master. Tomorrow will be quite a day」

「Well, it can't be helped. It is a happy occasion」

Shizuka replies with a smile as is bringing black tea. The marriage ceremony for Lyon-san from First Knight Order of Belfast and an ambassador from Misumido Olga-san will be held tomorrow in Belfast.

As for its afterparty, I have lent them this game room, but it is going to be an uproar caused by intaking too much of celebratory alcohol.

It will surely be staggering since they are going to be singing and be noisy. I say ’’surely’’, because I say ’’surely’’, because I won't see the actual scene. It is out of consideration because if the king of a foreign country shows up, other guests probably will be nervous and won't be able to enjoy themselves, especially when it looks like they want to fully enjoy the party without reserve.

This time, it has been arranged that I won't be there as a king but as a friend til the bitter end, but it will be lonely as expected. It would be fine to disguise and participate. But even so, the fellows from our knight order are shrewdly participating in it. Well, I guess it will be fine to them to deepen their friendship as fellow knight orders. That's the original purpose of this room, to begin with.

When the afterparty ends, I will send back the ones who drink themselves until they are dead drunk and the invitees using [Gate] in accordance with what newly-wed couple says. Those two, on the other hand, will be sent to their new home in Belfast, but I wonder if just doing that will be good. Even though they are the long-awaited newly-wed-san and yet...... Nee.

「This will cancel out the ero-ero event of the first night of newly-weds」

「You cover your mouth with a wafer for a bit already」

I sip the tea as I reply to Shizuka with scornful eyes. As always, this ero-maid is well attuned to the topics of this area.

「I will certainly observe Master's copulation, and I would like a permission to participate if possible. *Blush*」

「Knock it off !」

Do not blush so unnaturally. She is cunning. I have a bitter hunch that this tea is becoming bitter because of her usual pink head. She just can't notice it.

I then go towards the [Hangar] using [Gate]. When I peek into the garage of the Night Baron, Rosetta and Monica are removing the armor from both arms and are groaning for some reason.

「What are you doing?」

「We are doing this and that, right ~ze? Master. We are taking out the considerable gutters from Night Baron's arms.」

Eh? After just one battle? Even though the arms were not supposed to receive damage.

「This one did not receive damage because of the battle. It's due to the usage of [Gravity]..... or rather, it is due the burden caused by Master's magic」


「If I have to say it bluntly, your magic is way too powerful ~na. Master's magic is being amplified too much because it's purity is high. In addition to that, the parts equipped in Night Baron cannot endure it」

Is that how it is? Do you mean I can't pilot it with my full power?

「The heavy knight ’’Chevalier’’ and the black knight ’’Night Baron’’ are both old types of Frame Gear. So..... if it is a new machine type, we should be able to improve this aspect」

「A new machine type?」

「It's a frame left behind by the professor only as a plan ~na. It's the basic frame that serves as the foundation of others and can be referred to as the ’’Bone Frame’’. There is a close-combat type, long distance support type, high maneuverability type and some other types (tl: based on it). Furthermore, by adding wide-ranging equipment and armor, it becomes possible to customize most suitably for the level of an individual. Moreover, it is said that it doesn't need Ether Liquid. Well, not even a single frame has been completed though since it's just a design」

Isn't it great? To be able to make a frame matched to me? I wonder if this frame is a type that is capable of changing parts and equipment to change its performance. It is too good of a news. But even so, it would be nice if we could make at least one of those.

「By the way, this blueprint is......」

「Inside [Warehouse] ~na.」

As I thought. Furthermore, isn't it the manager of the [Warehouse] seems to be quite klutzy based from what I have heard? I wonder if it could even safely exist for those 5000 years. In addition, several objects had already scattered throughout the surface for all that.

To think that it had been burned by some chance.... I am afraid how probable it is.

「For the time being, Master is prohibited to use magic while in a Frame Gear」


「It will be unbearable should it break time and time again like that. Even under normal circumstances, there are only two people here as the maintenance staff」

Muu. I have no choice when you say it like that. I have no other choice but to rely on these two people to do maintenance even though the manufacturing process of the Frame Gear is being conducted automatically at [Workshop]. Are?

「In that case, wouldn't it be fine to make another frame from the remains of the black knight?」

「......Are you saying to insert inside materials which have already been used to create other Frame Gear? That's an extreme luxury ~na ? 」

「Ah, No, E~to, if we throw this broken fellow into [Workshop]..... 」

「If we throw this frame as raw materials into [Workshop], the battle storage memory that has been accumulated painstakingly and the pilot's tuning data will be reset through? Do you think that you will be able to fight using a level 1 frame, not growing forever and ever? 」

Both people were looking at me with frightfully scornful eyes. Are, Have I stepped on a landmine?

「And, if we extract the data only and transfer it into newly made body or something......」

「The ones who will operate that data will be us, right? If it is a well-versed memory it will be better, but are you aware that it will take a terrible amount of time just to transfer the data of merely a level 2 frame? 」

「In the first place, we have to change everything from the tunings and the connections up to restoring the magic circuits when changing one part, you know? Each time master breaks it, will we have to do all of those steps again? It must be easy just saying it when you don't know anything about it」

This is bad. The eyes of two people started to go below freezing. In the end, the silent pressure said [Do not break it]. It probably goes: ’’It can't be helped if it is damage from the battle, but do not purposefully destroy it like when riding’’.

I run away hurriedly before it turns troublesome.

Certainly, I guess there is a limit to entrusting everything to those two people only. They would get angry when a fellow, who does not know well enough about the structure of the Frame Gear, opens his mouth from the side. It can't be helped that it isn't a worthy matter even when I open my mouth with the common knowledge of modern Japan.

It will probably be better not to approach the [Hangar] for a short while. That is, let sleeping dogs lie or something.

I have decided to look around the country after quite a while since I have free time. Several paddy fields and cultivated fields have been done in the agricultural lands in the eastern part. It seems they are bringing up a produce well.

「Are, isn't it His Majesty ?」

When I turn towards the abruptly greeting voice, there was a woman standing there.

She is a woman even though not the usual one. There are ornaments with flowers on her green-colored hair that look like jade. She is wearing a skirt that looks like a flower and stretched leaf on her back with looks like a feather. Also, ivy is twined all around her. She is not a human. She is an Alraune.

She is one of the five eccentric demi-humans which have come to our knight order.

「E~to, if I am not mistaken, Laqshe?」

「Yes. Member of Knight Order, Laqshe of Alraune」

Floating a smile ’’nipoo’’, she displays a salute. No, you aren't a policewoman, so.

「Why is His Majesty in this kind of place?」

「Ah, well, it is for somewhat an inspection. And Laqshe?」

「Today is my off-duty day, so I thought I should help in this fields.」

Hee, how admirable. Alraunes are demonkins of the plant group. They might be suited for this kind of farmwork.

「How is the living in this country? Have you grown accustomed here already?」

「Yes. Everyone is gentle. I do well and accept it. There are occasional times when travelers are being afraid of me, but they are not that often.」

There is still a lot of prejudice against demonkins. There are times when they are alienated as if they are existences one should avoid. Even so, there are a few people who come attacking them, since demonkins possess abilities far more powerful than the likes of humans.

Therefore, it reaches the point where people naturally avoid them. In cases of cruel frontiers, there is a rumor that it is believed that one will be cursed with just a touch. How absurd.

「If I remember correctly, Laqshe has come from a country of demonkins?」

「Yes. It is a place all the way to the north-east, after crossing the sea. A country called Zenoasu. It is a country of severe environment, but if it is demonkins, they are unconcerned with that」

A country of demokins, a Demon Kingdom Zeanosu. If described with words, it appears like an evil country which aims to conquer the world, in practice, it seems to be a typical country.

In regards to its citizens, they are mostly demonkins, and there is almost none interaction with human countries. It is not something called ’’natural isolation’’, but they do not seem interested in assertively interacting with other countries much, it can be said to be in a state of isolation. Because of this, it is a country, the matters of which are not known very much.

It looks like that the existence which governs this country is called Demon King together with his close associates called Four Devas. The image of the country becomes more and more evil. Though it seems to be a nice country in general according to Lagshe.

If those are my impressions, I don't have an image of demonkins and humans being on such bad terms. I feel that it's only because a part of humans are being excessively afraid of them. And yet if they associate with each other normally, they can become good friends, I guess.

Well, it can also be said there is a problem with demonkins not trying to assertively intermingle with humans much. Rather than them disliking humans, it feels like they are being shy.

「This country's nature is also rich and wonderful. I believe it was good (idea) to daringly enter the Knight Order」

「It makes me glad when I hear those words. I wish for you to lend us your power from now on」


It won't be good to intrude on the field work, so when I separate from Laqshe and go back towards the direction of the town, I discover a figure of a different demonkin. at the construction site of the guild this time.

Reddish brown large body close to 3 meters, arms that look like logs and two horns extending from its white hair. It is an Ogre.

Having taken off clothes from the upper body and becoming naked, he is carrying squared timber used from construction. He possesses (power) nearly five times that of a normal worker. As one would expect, it is a frightful power.

「Ah, Your Majesty. Good day.」

「Thanks for your hard work, Zamuza. Are you off-duty as well? 」

「Yeees~. Because I eat as much as three people, when I said to Naito-sama that it is severe living with the wages only, he said that they will provide me with a belly full of food every time I help with the work here~ 」

The Ogre Zamuza broadly smiles. I see I guess he is the right person for the right place. However, what an amazing strength. The cost of the meals will really and surely be cheap since he handles who knows how many parts of work by himself.

While he has so much power, he is not actually oriented towards battles. If I say it straightforwardly, his character is not oriented towards combat. How do I say it, he has a side of him which is afraid of battle to some extent.

Though I also feel that it is fatal for a knight, fighting is not the only work that knight order does. There is as much work as one would like to be able to help with for the sake of the citizens.

In fact, his strength is greatly helping everyone.

「Do your best. This is a refreshment. It is okay to eat it with everyone after you finish.」

I place two chunks of huge boar meat covered in cloth which I have defeated some time ago on the floor of the work site after taking it out of [Storage].

「Waaa. Thank you very much. I will go my best.」

Zamuza carries the squared timber one by one while giving a broad grin. What an economic fellow. He may sometimes be troubled in various ways because of that large build of his. He probably can't enter things like shops as well, even though he doesn't seem to mind it.

I have to make this country more livable. I guess some things like a school will be necessary. Surely I can't neglect the education of children.

While looking at children who are rushing on the way home in the evening, and thinking about what this country needs, I also decide to return to the castle.


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