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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 145


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 145: The Scorpion, and The Request for Cooperation

We fly to the skies above Ramisshu Holy Kingdom with Babylon, and now approach Great Forest Sea. Soon, we will finally reach the place where the aforementioned behemoth is.

「Rosetta, have you installed a communication device?」

「Sure thing. It can send comms either to other frames or to Babylon itself. There is also a private channel, and an external speaker has been installed as well」

The hatch of chest armor closes, and I face 3 channels. Those are supposed to be connected to Monica's receiver who is outside.

「Can you hear me, Monica?」

『I can perfectly hear you, Master 』

Monica is displayed grandly waving her arm in the front monitor. I can also hear the other party's voice. There seem to be no problems.

Well, the performance test will be also held concurrently, and because it is a plan for me to go by myself, the communication with other frames will be unnecessary.

『Master. We are above the destination. The target came out from Great Forest Sea in front and invaded the wilderness of Lail Kingdom. I request for you to descend after we catch up with the target』


Shizuka's voice resounds inside the cockpit. While checking the gauges and monitor, I power magic into the startup switch and to each part of the engine.

The sound of the machine starting up reverberates with ’’Hyuoooo’’, and black knight, Night Baron, wakes up.

I place Night Baron on the elevator inside the [Hangar] as I follow Monica's guidance who is reflected on the monitor. While making *thunk-think* sounds, the elevator descends to the basement of the [Hangar].

If this was an anime, I would have said something cheesy like [Gooooo!] and have used something like a shooting catapult, but, unfortunately, it is not like this is the emptiness of space, and Night Baron is not equipped with flight capabilities.

I jumped down to the ground from the exit in the basement of the [Hangar] in a simple and usual manner. Even though this is low-altitude flying, it's still pretty much high. It will be a secret that I got cold feet for a moment.

During the middle of the descent, the rate of fall starts to slow down due to the thrusters on the back and the legs lighting up when the descent mode activates. I wonder if that magic is similar to [Levitation].

I descend to the ground while continuing on like this. Contrary to what I think, there was little impact. By the way, it looks like I'll be pulled up with a wire when it's time to return to Babylon. And yet it could have easily become something else. Well, it will probably be fine to use [Gate] to return.

A two-tailed scorpion can be seen facing and coming this way from in front of the wilderness where I have landed. It's surely as huge as I have thought it will be.

The size of its brown body is about the size of two large busses if I assume the Frame Gear is the same size as a human.

In contrast with its flat body, its pair of scissors are enormous. I will apparently be blown off even if I'm inside a Frame Gear if I'm struck by those scissors. Being caught by them seems to be dangerous.

「Now then, I guess the one who makes the first move will be victorious」

I once more grasp the mace using the right hand and fix the stance with a shield in the left hand. Facing Behemoth Scorpinas, the black knight ’’Night Baron’’ started to run.

’’Has it confirmed my appearance?’’ - Behemoth points its two tails this way. Poisonous liquid with a purplish color shoots out from the tips of the tails as if that liquid is from a water gun.

However, I stop the blow with the shield that was set up in my left hand without panicking due to me knowing it in advance.

「Being well prepared means no worries..... ueeee !?」

A smoldering smoke is rising from the shield that has stopped the blow. Hey~, is it melting !?

This is venom, or rather, it is a strong acid! This is bad. If I continue receiving this acid, the shield will eventually break completely.

Fortunately, the other side is not that agile. While going to the right side of the opponent, I aim at a tail on one side and swing the mace in hand with all my might.

Fine cracks appear on part of the tail as it produces sounds of cracking. Is it that hard!?

If I'm not mistaken, the scorpion shouldn't possess a firm carapace like that of a crayfish since scorpions are companions of the spider. Are the scorpions of this world that different!?

While I still am surprised by the excess firmness of the scorpion's carapace, it rotates its body and attacks the black knight, Night Baron, with a blow of its scissors.


I swing the mace downwards onto the face of the scorpion that came upfront while I avoid its attack. Though there was a firmer response than some time ago with ’’Gainn!’’ sound, its stance had been broken a little as one would expect from a blow to the head. Though I have tried to press further from here, the venom (though it is a strong acid) shoots out from its tails again.


I once again block it with the shield, but it seems it can no longer hold out that much. The moment my field of vision is blocked by the shield, the scorpion scissor extends, and I reflexively receive it with the shield as well.


The scorpion's scissor solidly holds the shield of the black knight, and I immediately release the shield as I have sensed danger.

The shield, which is about half-dissolved, is easily crushed while cracking. Dangerous!

「It will be bad if I don't fight with my full power. Monica, drop me the sledgehammer ’’Battle Hammer’’」

(TL: first he used a kanji for weapon, second - katakana)

『All right, Dropping the sledgehammer ’’Battle Hammer’’ !』

A big black hammer drops down from the sky. As the hammer causes an impact, I throw away the mace while avoiding the attacks of the Behemoth, and grab the hammer with both hands.

「Tuning magic. Releasing the first slot」

While turning on the switch next to the joystick, my magic is being tuned and amplified as it pours from both the hands of the black knight into the battle hammer.


I then made an approach run and jumped up towards the Behemoth while dexterously shouldering the sledgehammer ’’Battle Hammer’’ that had its weight reduced. And with a downward swing, I reversely apply several times the weight of the hammer to itself at that moment.

’’BAM! !’’ An earth tremor rises and Scorpinas is crushed by receiving the blow of the sledgehammer ’’Battle Hammer’’. Its body springs as its internal organs are thrown out from being torn in half. Uaa, It's so grotesque.

『Hyuu. You did it ~na, Master』

That kind of response comes from Monica. It's much harder to control than I have thought. Originally, it might have been an opponent who should be confronted by two to three people. The shield has also been rendered completely useless. What will Rosetta say about this? Well, I have won, so the result at the end should be good, right?

However, have I overdone it a little.....? I wonder if it's still possible to have anyone buy those raw materials. I then breathe out a sigh while overlooking the messy remains of the Behemoth.


「Again, this is..... I could have never imagine that you would defeat it so quickly」

I use [Gate] at the place where I have defeated Scorpinas and bring Rerisha-san here. That's because she didn't comprehend the subjugation part of this fellow in some respects.

Originally, there seems to be no need for designating the part of subjugation for the Behemoth, because it's unthinkable for a single person to turn in this kind of request for the subjugation of a Behemoth. The original form of this fellow is a scorpion;in their case, the part of their scissor seems to be a subjugation part.

(TL: for those that forgot, in order to confirm the subjugation has been done, a part of monster is be provided by adventurer)

The guild master is the witness in the first place, so there shouldn't be any problems. Thanks to the guild staff from the town of Temu that have been called out by Rerisha-san with the [Book of Connecting Words], they conduct the judgment of Scorpinas and are able to buy (tl: the raw materials). Things like dismantling is also left to the other side as well. It's a bit disgusting and troublesome and I don't want to touch it.

「With this, here」


Rerisha-san returns the golden guild card I have given her some time ago. Though it looks neatly, it is also gaudy.

「The highest rank, the guild card of gold class. The only ones who are currently holding them are His Majesty The Sovereign King and His Majesty the Former King of the Knight Kingdom Restia.」

(TL: レスティア - Restia)

「Knight Kingdom Restia ?」

「It's a country of knights to the east from Lail Kingdom here.」

Hee, so a country like that exists here. The one holding a golden rank must surely be strong as I have thought. Is he a Knight King? Saying that he is a ’’Former King’’ means that he has already retired probably due to the old age.

That reminds me, there are three titles: [Dragon Slayer], [Golem Buster], [Demon Killer] on my guild card and a banner is included, but this time nothing seems to have been added.

In the first place, this quest itself is not the one where an individual is requested, so I guess it can't be helped. I don't think that Rerisha-san would also send this request to me if I didn't have the Frame Gear. Well, something like [Behemoth Hunter] would sound bad.

「However.... It's a dreadful artifact, isn't it? If it has that power, it should be easy to invade a foreign country as well」

Rerisha-san mutters so while standing close to Behemoth and looking at the black knight, Night Baron. N~, it seems to be regarded as quite dangerous.

「It is called a [Frame Gear]. It's an artifact created by a genius professor from an ancient kingdom (though she is a pervert) and was created for the sake of protecting this world」

「......for the sake of protecting world?」

「If it is a guild master, you should probably know about it, right? About unidentified crystal apparitions witnessed all over the world lately」

「tsu~ !」

The face of Rerisha-san stiffens. I guess she does know about them. The adventurers guild exists all over the world, and there is a corresponding item called the [Book of Connecting Words], so it's impossible for her not to know.

「....... Certainly, there are reports from every branch appearing. The sword doesn't cut it, magic also doesn't work against it, possessing the ability of regeneration, a crystal apparition. It destroy small villages and mercenary groups, all the while the damage becomes more considerable」

「This monster is called Fureizu. It's an apparition that destroyed ancient civilizations before which existed once before in this world」

「What are you saying !?」

With a surprised expression, Rerisha-san hardens. I still want to avoid the panic caused by the Fureizu, but the intelligence capabilities of the guild, which exists all over the world, will be helpful. It's probably best to obtain their cooperation and disclose some information to a certain degree.

「The world barrier..... invaders from a different dimension..... One will probably handle it as a laughing matter unless that person has a report about those crystal apparitions」

Rerisha-san mutters with a small voice after hearing the general explanation from me. Naturally, the matters about Babylon, the core of King of Fureizu were hidden so far. Still, she seemed to have an intention to believe me. In fact, it should be a problem which she ought to be considerate of since there is damaged caused by the Fureizu.

「I don't know whether there will be a large invasion by Fureizu or not after this. However, we will just be overrun unless we have countermeasures. For that reason, the Frame Gear is being resurrected」

Well, there was still also a wish to want to get on with it.

Either way, I don't think it is possible to oppose Fureizu of intermediate level and higher without Frame Gear. Furthermore, on top of that, if I assume there are Fureizu of advanced level, there is no guarantee whether we can win even if we assemble a platoon of Frame Gear. For the things that can be done, it will safer to do them.

Because it is not known how much time we might have in preparatory period.

After a short while, Rerisha-san, who is gazing at the black knight, Night Baron, suddenly turns this way and says something.

「I understand. I will convey the report about the Fureizu to the guild headquarters, collect as much news as possible, and be sure to offer it to His Majesty The Sovereign King」

「Thank you very much. But please, keep the knowledge about a large-scale invasion private as much as possible, since it's still not yet certain」

「I understand. I don't think we should also drop the world into chaos unreasonably. It will stay within the management」

If we have the guild's power over information, we will probably be able to receive it from them immediately the time when an accident happens. That said, I don't want to hear such reports as much as possible.

Therequest this time and the money for the sale of the raw materials are put in order and it has been decided for them to pay it later.

Since Rerisha-san will be remaining here and will be doing something similar to post-processing, I use [Fly] magic to travel to the places where I have received permission to excavate, and dig out the enormous magic stones one by one after I return the black knight, Night Baron, to the [Hangar] by using [Gate]. There are three of them in this country namely: Blue, Green and Yellow magic stones. With those magic stones, we will increase the amount of Ether Liquid and push forward with the mass production of the Frame Gear even more.

I open the gate to [Babylon] after placing the enormous magic stones into [Storage].


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