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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 144


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 144: The Guild Master and The Behemoth

Now then. After doing something like a debut of Frame Gear, the rate of operations of Frame Unit, which is the dedicated simulator located in game room, became outrageous.

Naturally, it's because this room is scheduled to the bitter end for the use of the order of knights after their training menu is finished and when they are otherwise free on their off-duty days. This time it has been decided that they are substantially going to do a training on Frame Gear after they are done with the training of the knight order.

It had reached the point wherein I thought it might be bad if there was a law in this world similar to a ’’Labor Standards Act’’ even if I said so myself. Well, it's not like I am making them do the training since everyone is doing it out of their own free will.

There were also people who weren't very much interested like Baba-jiisan or Naito-ossan, who, until the end, were still treating it as if it's a game. The Frame Gear is my individual property rather than the country's property, so they have no idea whether to use it or not.

As long as intermediate or higher class of Fureizu don't come out, the Frame Gear won't be used.

Is what I have been thinking though deep inside.


「I am glad to have been made as your acquaintance, Your Majesty Sovereign King of Brunhild Dukedom. The guild master in charge of supervising of adventurer guild is me, I am called Rerisha Mirian」

I am looking at a woman who's about 20 years old and is lowering her head inside the audience room. She has long golden hair and white skin and she's wearing a light pastel green mantle with a small silver sword on her waist.

She has well-featured looks, yet what has attracted my eyes is not her good looks but rather, her long sharp ears...

「Is it your first time seeing an elf?」

「Ah, no, excuse me.」

I reflexively apologized while making a radiant smile. As I've thought, she's an elf. So there are elves existing in this world.

If it's my meager knowledge regarding fantasy, they are a race whose forte are bows and magic, their kind has long lives since they inhabit the forests. However, I don't know whether this knowledge is applicable to this world or not.

There is a chance that this person's age might not be the same with her looks in the same way as Rin who is from the fairy tribe.

「We take the most pride in his Majesty who has become a king and who is acting as one of the few silver rank adventurers of our adventurer guild」

「No, it only happened that way because of chance. There is a considerable reason...... 」

N~, It is somehow difficult to explain. I have a feeling that I am being appraised. Well, It is not discomforting though.

「E~to, and what is your business today?」

「Ha. I have arrived here with this visit. This humble me would like to establish a branch of the Adventurer's Guild here in this Brunhild Dukedom as well」

「Eh? But there are almost no magic beasts in the vicinity, you know?」

It's because we had exhaustively hunted them during the time the nation was founded. They more or less may come here from other places since a considerable time has passed since then.

「Pardon me for saying so, but the work the guild does is not just subjugation of magic beasts. The true essence of the Adventurer's Guild is mediating the requests received from troubled citizens to the adventurers every day.」

「I see」

Come to think of it, it might have been so. It is not just a subjugation of demon beasts that can be particularly done, but there are also requests from the miscellaneous category as well. They become assistants to trouble people even though it isn't a work that has daily employment, and it is a talk that's appreciated by people who want money.

The remuneration is small if it's compared to requests belonging to the subjugation category, so it might be difficult to earn a living by being just an adventurer and live in our country.

「I understand. I don't think there will be any particular problem as well. Now, it would be so kind of you to consult with our Naito in regards to the place for construction and other important matters」

「Thank you very much. And, there is one more request」

N? One more? The Elf Guildmaster raises her head and shows a peaceful smile as she starts to talk.

「It's a request from the guild to the silver rank adventurer, Mochizuki Touya-sama. We would like you to subjugate a behemoth.」

「A behemoth, you say !?」

Kousaka-san, who is waiting next to the throne, raises his voice in surprise way before I can even answer. What is it? I inquire it from Kousaka-san since I don't understand what it is.

「What's a behemoth?」

「It's a gigantic magic beast as the name implies. It's fine to call it a mutated type as well, but there are rare occasions when an individual larger than the regular type appears. It's also said that the size can reach that of a large mansion」

What the heck is that thing? Isn't that a monster? Does something like that really exist? But it looks like it won't appear this frequently since it's said to be a mutated type.

「Normally, a behemoth is being regarded as a dangerous magic beast due to the growth process it possesses, and it's subjugated immediately in most cases. However, there are also rare cases wherein it reaches adulthood while growing in places where people's eyes don't normally reach, like unexplored regions, high ridges or the deep seas and so on and so forth」

Rerisha-san explains these things to me. Certainly, that kind of magic best will stand out if it is that big. The population of this world doesn't look numerous to a certain degree, so there seem to be regions and other places unreachable for human eyes as much as one would like to.

「It helps a lot if they continue living quietly in those unexplored regions, but there are also some of them who shows up in villages and towns. In this case, it will have to be subjugated with the power of a whole country. Naturally, the damage will be enormous even if it's brought down, and it's impossible to measure the losses」

「Where has this behemoth appeared?」

「Yes. The place of its appearance is the Great Forest Sea. However, if we rely on observer's information, this behemoth is facing straight to the east, and it's likely to eventually arrive at Lail Kingdom. There is also a town called Temu in its direction, and it will be completely destroyed with the way things are going」

Will I be able to defeat it? Certainly, I understand it is an emergency, but come on.

「Again, why does this request come to my place?」

「The Sovereign King of Dukedom possesses a gigantic knight or something. I wonder if the behemoth might even be defeated if that power is used」

Mu. Does she know about Frame Gear? I was thinking, ’’Now that it is known to the public, I wonder, did it come from a contact?’’, but I guess I didn't expect the guild to be first one to find out about it.

Now then, what shall I do? It will still be fine even if I reject this request, but I still would feel somewhat awkward at the same time when considering the fact that a town will be eradicated.

「Does this request comes from Lail Kingdom?」

「Yes. It is said the remuneration is considerably flamboyant」

「Display map. The part around Lail Kingdom. Search, Behemoth」

『Roger. Displaying Map』

The map rises in front of my eyes and a pin falls down on this spot. Though I have not seen the behemoth, I might be able to comprehend its form with just a glance if I look for it.

Lail Kingdom is a country to the southeast of Ramisshu Holy Kingdom. It looks like the behemoth is really moving towards the town of Temu somehow.

It might be just the right time to test the ability of Frame Gear, but how should I go about this?... Ah.

「Excuse me. It is about the remuneration, there is something I would like to request in addition」

「......What would you like?」

I enquire from Rerisha-san who is looking puzzled while searching at the map once again.

「In this Lail Kingdom, E~to, I wonder if you can get a permission to dig up three spots. It would be nice if I could get the magic stones buried in those places」

「I think I can probably get a permission if it's about this much, but I will try asking the other party just in case. Could you please wait a little bit?」

? What does she mean by ’’try asking’’? Remisha-san takes out a black board the size of a thin B6 from her breast pocket and starts filling it out using a pen. Before long, it dimly shines and the words immediately disappear.

「What is that?」

「This is an artifact called the [Book of Connecting Words]. The sentences written in it are able to reach the similar [Book of Connecting Words] located far away. We are exchanging requests and other information with this... Is what I would like to say, but only a person who, to some extent, is holding a managerial position can have it since it's valuable」

Hee. Is it similar to an e-mail? It seems more convenient when it comes to writing messages directly rather than the gate mirror I have made. It might not be that numerous since it has been mentioned that it's valuable...

It can also be said that the gate mirror is superior in terms of its incapability to be mass produced since it can't be created by anyone but me. Most likely, this artifact was used during the era of the ancient civilization to exchange news.

Wait a minute. If the item is that popular, won't Rosetta be able to create it by chance as well?

I ask Rerisha-san to move to the reception room from audience room, because a request confirmation may take a while. Perhaps, a contact from the guild in Lail Kingdom is still going to the royal castle. In the meantime, I have decided to try to hear more about the behemoth.

「What form does this thing called ’’behemoth’’ have?」

「It's a two-tailed scorpion if it's described in a single word, and it's being referred to as ’’Scorpinas’’. Their movements are slow since they are being affected by their large builds which can be said to all behemoths. However, the blows of its scissors are powerful and it shoots venom from the tip of its tails」

(TLC: okay, it is technically two words, but, you know, English)

A venom? If I am not mistaken, I was told that the Frame Gear cockpit deploys a protection field to some extent, but it might probably be better to carry a shield or something.

I ask Naito-ossan's consultation about the construction of the guild after calling him. It is nice to gather the adventurers, but I have also thought about the possibility that various troubles might occur if it's located at the center of the town. So it has been decided to build it separately a little to the west (tl: from the center).

The bar recognized by the guild will also be built next to it apparently. Well, it has been decided in advance to build a guard station of the knight order in the vicinity since drunkards may cause some uproar.

After this consultation, the [Book of Connecting Words] placed beside Rerisha-san brightens faintly, and words of light have appeared.

「It seems like we have gotten permission. They hereupon renounce their ownership in regards to the magic stones harvested in those spots and don't seem to care. It also is free for use. Naturally, it will be the remuneration after the subjugation is done. The guild becomes a witness to this contract as well」

All right. We will be able to mass produce a bit more Ether Liquid with those magic stones. I had thought I could apply a carving sorcery on enlarged magic stones fused together from small magic stones with the use of [Modelling], but it was no good. Even if they have similar color, there seem to be delicate differences between them. It looks impossible for the flow of magic to be smooth even if they are fused.

(TL: term used is 'majutsu' (魔術) and not 'mahou' (魔法), thus sorcery)

It can be similar to thinking that ’’minced meat will become a hamburger if you combine it no matter what, but it surely won't become a steak.’’

「Now then, I will receive this request so I will face it immediately」

「Please treat us well」

I fly to Babylon after separating from Rerisha-san, and decide to have Shizuka move fast in behemoth's direction that's moving towards Lail Kingdom. It will be better to have all of Babylon proceed there when I consider the various circumstances that are unforeseen yet.

After this, I face towards [Hangar] without change.

I enter the garage while passing by the one accommodating the heavy gray knight Chevalier. A black knight equipped with a shield and a mace is standing inside it.

The characteristic of this frame are large thorns attached to its shoulders and it is a little bigger than Chevalier. It's a commander-type machine called the [Night Baron]. Its single horn stretching from its forehead particularly attracts one's attention. It wasn't originally attached there, but I attached it because it's called a commander's machine.

It seems to have 1.5 times the power of Chevalier according to Rosetta. What a subtle number. I wonder if it will be 3 times the power if it's painted in red.

「N~ah? What is going on, master? Babylon seems to be moving」

Monica, who is adjusting something, looks down here while riding on the shoulder of [Night Baron].

「Monica, can [Night Baron] go out ?」

「Aah, there shouldn't be problems since I have finished with the adjustments ~ze. Ether Liquid has already been poured in as well ~na」

All right. Then, shall I proceed with the first battle of this fellow with the behemoth as an opponent? I also wanted to test out the extent of its performance.

Ah, that reminds me, I wonder if materials from the behemoth can be used for anything. If it is a scorpion, it should become raw materials for items belonging to the defense category (tl: of items). It also will seem to fetch a nice amount of money if those are sold. This work will become my personal pocket money since I'm one of the adventurers, so I should probably do my best.

(TLC: So in this chapter, there is an image depicting a map of the region of the world. Now, since the initial resolution of the map (multiplied by my crappy photoshop skills) is kinda small, I did the best I could to stuff all translations (and mentions) of known locations thus far. To remind you, the capital or Regulus Empire - Gararia. Misumido Kingdom - Beliju, Ramisshu Holy Kingdom - Isura, Sandora Kingdom - Kyurei. Temu is just a city in Lail Kingdom and not a capital. Also note that Rodomea Commonwealth has not been encountered and its name is yet to be decided upon. It can be Rodomea Federation for all we know)


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