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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 143


Arc 19: With Preparations, There is No Need to Worry

Chapter 143: The Startup, and The Test Run

[So this is the so-called Ether Liquid?]

[That] object Flora gave me is a transparent PET bottle containing an emerald green colored liquid that is about 500 ml. It's that something similar to melon soda. I think I would have likely drunk it if there was shaved ice floating inside the bottle.

[For how long can a Frame Gear be operated with this amount?]

[About one month ~no]

[That's surprisingly long....... I seriously thought it will only last for around 1 or 2 hours]

It has low fuel consumption that can't be compared with using other sources like gasoline or kerosene. Nope, isn't it the opposite if I consider the source? It is outrageously expensive.

[Although I said that Ether Liquid is a fuel, this liquid, in reality, is similar to the blood vessels or nerves of the human body when talking about it from the human point of view ~no. It is like a catalyst that spreads the pilot's intentions and reactions to every corner of the unit ~no]

[If this liquid function is like the blood vessels or nerves of the unit, will this amount be enough? I think the more may be necessary.....]

[There is no problem ~no. There is actually a tube inside the unit. It's not like we are pouring the liquid into the whole body]

To be frank, I don't really get it. Well, it is probably a frame gear, but it's not different from a tool no matter what. I can move it even if I don't know the structure or the system. I guess it's fine to entrust it to the experts when it breaks.

[And, how many did you make ~no]

[There's only this one for the moment ~no. However, I can make a total of ten bottles of liquid one by one from tomorrow onwards. As for the prepared Ether Ore... I can make another set of ten if I use the other magic stones ~no]

For ten frame gears...... Would I also have ten months with those? Let's just say this is alright for now.

After leaving the [Alchemy Building] behind, I went towards Monica in the [Hangar] this time while carrying the Ether Liquid that was made just a while ago.

Once she received the bottle of liquid, she went towards the mass-produced type frame gear, opened the rear armor of the frame gear named [Chevalier], and placed the tube there without doing anything else. With a 'Pushuu' sound, I then heard the sound of air coming out, and the contents of the bottle containing the emerald green liquid flowed inside.

[Yossha! The Frame Gear can be started anytime with this. But, give me break of moving it in here, Master. It may scratch my beloved [Hangar] if you fall]

And who on earth was the one that gave a blow to its beloved [Hangar] with a spanner wrench!?

Nonetheless, It is definitely bad to move it in here. I would like to take it to the ground in the Dukedom and do the startup experiment, but what should I do?

Wouldn't it be bad to expose the frame gear to the eyes of the public? Nope. Perhaps I should announce it for the sake of the time when Fureizu attacks. I didn't want to think about it, but I may be limited to only defending Brunhild in case a massive invasion occurs. The cooperation of each country would be needed by all means.

Though I don't need to inform them about the Fureizu since it might cause unnecessary confusion for now, It's possible for me to announce that something like a Frame Gear actually exists. In fact, this is also somehow like an artifact. It won't be strange even if it exists.

’’The problem is obtaining a frame gear, and the troublesome countries will approach to interfere’’ - is what I say but......

I don't think I need to worry about the countries within the western alliance. If they do something like that, they know what kind of retribution awaits. At most, they will ask as hard as possible to let them ride on it.

Well, in reality, any country besides those countries in the western alliance who will try to meddle will go through a bitter experience. A robbery is also impossible since the Frame Gears are usually stored inside Bablyon.

Okay, let's lower the unit to the ground and start it up for testing. I will not cover it, but for the time being, shall we do the debut only within our house knights?

================Scene Change================

[Your Majesty......This is.......]

[Ooooh~! It is the real thing! It is the real frame gear! Are you the one who made it, Heika!?]

[This, isn't an illusion, right.......?]

There the knight-commander and the vice-commanders are standing with dropped-open mouths and are absent-mindedly watching Chevalier standing in the plains of the Duchy. Some citizens, who also can't say anything, are mixed in with the knights. Well, that's because it stands out.

[Oioi, what is that?....... Does that thing move?]

[That what he is probably trying to test out right now. However, youngster, what an outrageous thing he made....... ]

Yamagata-ossan and Baba-jiisan muttered while having the same face as everyone was looking at Chevalier. Though the truth is that it is not me who has made it.

They somehow think that I am the one who has personally made this as well probably because I always make various things with [Modeling]. Well, I will not correct it though.

《Kougyoku, is Yae's preparation okay?》

《She is alright. She is saying she can move at any time》

Yae and Kougyoku have boarded Chevalier. Since there are no communication devices presently installed, I have had Kougyoku ride inside it as well as an alternative. Of course, it doesn't bother me to just summon another beast just for that.

I have to deal with this unless I make a communication device for communication between units or external speakers. Shall I ask Rosetta later?

《Good. Well then. Chevalier, Launch!》

While humming a 'Hyuooooo' sound, I hear a sound of something rotating, and the light appears in every part of the frame. Is it in the stage of being powered up? A warm wind is blowing out from the gaps of the legs and chest.

Eventually, the right leg of Chevalier moves forward slowly, taking one heavy thud step.

[It moved.......]

Who was the one that said that? Those words surely expressed the feelings of everyone who were here.

Chevalier walked forward with another step. It advanced forward at the same speed, made a U-turn, and came back here at this moment.

It made another round once more and this time, it walked faster. Each time it walked, a heavy vibration transmitted with every 'thud' and 'thud'.

《Good, this much should be fine for footwork. Try moving the upper body this time》

Chevalier halted according to my instructions, and this time it slowly pulled out the sword equipped to its waist. It took a 'Joudan' stand, then a 'Furioroshi', and a 'Nagiharai', and demonstrated a sword dance in sequence. Un. It seems there is no problem.

If I have to say why I have chosen Yae as the test pilot, it is because she is the one with the least amount of magic. If Yae can move it freely, then the other people will also be able to move it.

And then, Chevalier who demonstrated its swordplay lost its balance and toppled to the side. A remarkably large shock transmitted to us from the ground.

《Yae! Kougyoku! Are you alright!?》

《tatata....... I am alright ~degozaru. It has more shock mitigation than I have thought. Even though, it was a beautiful fall ~degozaru. I only hit my elbow as I panicked a little ~degozaru》

Yae voice reached me through Kougyoku. I am glad she is okay. Now that I think about it, Rosetta has said earlier that ’’at the time Frame Gear starts up, several magic shields are formed around the cockpit to mitigate the impact to some extent’’. Does it mean that the amount of shock that has been emitted is just nothing?

Chevalier stands up again and walks towards here. There doesn't seem to be any crack in the armor or any part dented. It is quite tough.

Then Chevalier stops just before us. The chest armor springs up, and Yae and Kougyoku appear from inside. Then, only a thunderous shout of joy breaks out from all of the knights. Uoo, I got startled!

Yae waved her hand in response to that. Hey, get off it faster.

[How was it?]

I ask Yae who finally got off about her impressions of the ride.

[I suppose it was easier to move that what I had expected ~degozaru. I thought that it would shake considerably ~degozaru. But the shaking wasn't particularly that much. It isn't that different from the Frame Unit at all ~degozaru]

I see. Does the shock absorbing function around the cockpit suppress the shaking even when walking? Will Lindsey who is weak in boats feel relieved in this case?

When I was thinking about those things, I once again heard the sound of the Frame Gear starting up with 'Hyuooooo' sound. I saw Chevalier started to move again when I turned around.

[Naa! Who!?]

[I am sorry, but Onee-chan selfishly.......]

Lindsey embarrassedly apologized. Is it Elsie?! When did she......? Damn it! It's my turn next time!

I was robbed of a man's lifetime dream to ride a huge robot. I yielded the first time in favor of Yae since I wanted to find out if a problem would occur due to the amount of magical power even if I wanted to confirm its movement. But I didn't plan on yielding the second time to another person!

I stamped my feet to the ground while looking at Chevalier that started to run for the first time. Aa mou! What good movements it has!

While doing what seemed to be fist attacks and kicks like a melee fighter and jumping up and down, it moved without any difficulty even though it was doing acrobatic movements. This thing called Frame Gear is amazing.

She came back to us not before long maybe because she was satisfied with it. The chest armor bounced up, and Elsie jumped off from inside Chevalier.

[Iya~, It was good! It moved exactly as I desired. It was worth practising it over with the frame unit.]

[Oh yeah, that was good! Or rather, Didn't I say that it was my turn next!?]

[Don't mind the small details. You should pose a little more dignified ~yo. Aren't you the king?]

[Look who's talking. Even though you knew how much I wanted to ride this one. You can't take me out of my turn!]

The reminded me of something before when I was lining up at a bus stop. There was Oba-san who rode the bus from the side while acting like she was looking at the schedule. That was the worst. I wonder if she felt ashamed for that. No one should cut turns. Even the Kindergartners know that.

When that unpleasant memory surfaced, I again heard the sound of Chevalier starting up with a 'Hyuooooo' sound once more! Uee!?

[Heeeeey~, whoooooo!?]

When I turned around, I saw Chevalier started to walk again. Whyyyy!? I-didn't ride it yet!?

[Who is the one riding it!? Hey!?]

[Norun-san said, [Next is me!]]

Yae answered while drawing back a little when I suddenly asked. Unuu! That damn wolf girl! She is restless despite being the vice-commander!

Haa, before I became aware of it, everyone suddenly lined up. Eh!? Say, is this the riding order!? What about my turn!?

Since I said [cutting turn is not good], I, therefore, can't possibly push everyone who lined up to the side while saying I am the king.....! Unnunnunuuu........!

Having said that, I then lined up at the end of the line. It was clearly seen as everybody noticed that and gave their turns to me. That by itself made me look pathetic! It looked like I'm forcing them!

Today, I have no choice but to give up...... Don't I? Uuuu. Damn it.

How did it turn like this?


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