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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 142


Chapter 142: Birth, and naming

’’I guess, it is about time’’ - is what I was thinking, but I never imagined this kind of timing. For the time being, I send the panicking His Majesty The King of Belfast to Belfast castle with the [Gate] and entrust the Duke to take care of the game. Well, after this, the game will end accordingly whether because of sudden reversal with 2 outs or not, but it can wait.

In the room of the royal castle, the childbirth has already begun, and we couldn't go in. I could still understand my case, but they have made no exception even for the king who is the husband to go in as well. Do they absolutely forbid any man? Or is it a custom of the royal family? Or is it to ward off evil or something? Well, even if I went in, I couldn't lend them a hand or something in any case.

For now, we decide to wait in the room next to the neighboring room, while opening one of the rooms. It seems to be consideration in order to not hear the voice, but, occasionally, the painful-sounding voice of Queen-sama was still faintly heard....

Leaving behind the aimlessly loitering King walking through the room, I open [Gate] and call Yumina and others. Since it is the birth of a younger brother or sister as far as Yumina is concerned.

Yumina immediately faced towards the place where Queen-sama was. The others also went there to help. In the end, me and His Majesty The King were left behind.

Even if it goes like this, it can't be helped, so I leave Kohaku here in order to contact me when something happens and return to Brunhild for a moment.

The match ended with the win of Misumido with the same 3-to-2 score. Sending back each player to their countries, I sent the kings back as well. Though I was strongly worried about the childbirth, I promised to send a letter from the gate mirror from here when the child is born, and then I returned.

When we come back to Belfast castle with Duke Ortlinde and Suu, His Majesty The King has been restless ever since, seemingly because it is not yet born.

「It surely takes some time, right?......」

「In Yumina case, she was born immediately. I feel it is proceeding a bit slow as well......」

In essence, not even 1 hour has passed, but it feels as incredibly long. Towards on occasionally heard painful-sounding voice of the Queen-sama, he shudders every time. I guess, at such times, even if you are a man, you feel helpless and don't know what to do as well....

Rather, supposing that it was my child being born, I don't think I could have a confidence to be able to endure it if it was the voice of my wife..... No, wait a minute. If it is by what professor Babylon have said, does that mean that I will welcome the birth of at least 9 of my children as well?


His Majesty The King is going back and forth aimlessly through the room since a while ago, will I also be doing the same thing in several years?... is what I was thinking as I blankly followed him with my eyes.

In the first place, I wonder for how many hours does childbirth proceed? The moment I tried to search the net in my smartphone, I faintly heard an energetic voice going ’’Ogyaa, Ogyaa’’.

His Majesty the King storms out of the room with a bang. Following after him in hot haste, we also run until the door to the room of Queen-sama.

As one would expect, even His Majesty The King was not able to jump inside, and as we were waiting for someone to go out from inside the room, Lindsey's head showed up after the door was opened.

「...Was born. A healthy boy, that is. Both mother and child are, healthy」

「Is that so? Is that so! ! It is a boy? ! !」

His Majesty The King delightfully enters the room. Considering that it is probably impolite to see the Queen who has just given birth to a child, me and duke decided to wait in the corridor.

「A boy.... a prince... With this, the possibility for Touya-dono to become this country's king has become nonexistent. I even feel that it is slightly regrettable」

「Please give up on that. On this happy occasion」

Though I don't grasp what the Duke has said as a joke, honestly, me being relieved as true as well. With this, everything will be settled peacefully.

Before long, the door opens, and his Majesty The King showed up, embracing a baby wrapped up in pure white cloth.

「Behold !The heir of our kingdom!」

「Congratulations, Elder brother」


A new-born baby was full of wrinkles, frankly, he looked just like a monkey. However, he surely is tiny. Like he will break if you hold him in arms. Tentatively, he will become my brother-in-law.

(TL: a monkey, this case is a lost one)

「With this, you see, Touya-dono. We would like for you to become this child's godparent, and do you know any good name?」

(TL: It isn't explicitly noted whether he speaks on behalf of himself or him and his wife, but I suppose it is both, so he goes 'we')

「Eh! ? Me? 」

If you say something like this..... E~to, his elder sister is Yumina, right? N~..... Ah.

「Yamato (ヤマト)...... how about it ?」

「Yamato...... Yamato, is it. Yamato Ernes Belfast..... Yes, not bad. Not bad at all. Okay, this child will be Yamato. Prince Yamato!」

The name of 'Yumina' is just made by raising the letters in syllabary order. Well, if we take [Yamato (大和)], it is a powerful-sounding name. It may not be that bad. Though if we take the battleship with the same name, the omen might not be very good, but this is a different world and I probably should not worry about it.

(TL: concerning the name Yumina. If one references the table for katakana letters, each syllable in ’’Yu-mi-na’’ is located before the previous one, thus it is as if the name is an ascending. the name ’’Ya-ma-to’’ is the same, each next syllable is higher than previous, that's most likely what MC meant)

His Majesty The king raises the prince Yamato high and makes a delighted expression.

「Fueeee...... Ogyaaaaa......」


Was he surprised after having been raised this high? - the prince began to cry particularly greatly and His Majesty The King returns to the room in panic. He is probably frolicking way too much. When the child is born, does the parent become like this, I wonder. Children, they are incredible.


After that, the announcement of birth of prince was immediately accomplished.

Those news, announced in the evening, have spread through the castle town in a blink of an eye, and the streets were overflowed with people celebrating it during the night. I was also allowed to raise who knows how many fireworks as my congratulation. (Technically, they are being dropped from Babylon, but still)

At the same time, the engagement of the princess Yumina was announced as well. The partner being an emerging dukedom. In other words, me. It seems to be a considerate topic here too.

If one tries to describe it, it seems to be like a kind of success story about the person rising as adventurer, becoming a king and marrying a princess. It said to be announced grandly in the guild and enliven things up.

Furthermore, it was not just Yumina, the engagement of Rushia, the third princess of Regulus Empire, was announced as well. Probably, it is being announced similarly in the empire as well.

Henceforth, I think the citizens feel that it will result in a profound allied relationship between Belfast and Regulus.

With exception of those two, everyone else didn't have an announcement, but they didn't mind that situation. But, only Suu was getting sulky a bit.

Suu has just been recognized as a fiancee, but as one would expect, I still can't have a resolve to take her back to Brunhild dukedom. Duke and his wife Ellen will probably get lonely.

That's why, I made sure for her to be able to come and go freely by connecting the newly prepared room for Suu in Brunhild with her room in the residence of Ortlinde with [Gate]. ’’Come to play at any time’’ - is what I said to her.

「Haa.... That's good that he was born safely, right?」 (Elsie, most likely)

「Me, I was impressed there for a moment ~degozaru ......」 (Yae)

Everyone, who witnessed the birth of prince Yamato, was sitting on couch being exhausted in the guest room provided for us. Yumina and Suu are not here;Elsie, Lindsey, Yae and Rue might be savouring the joy and relief.

「...We also, will eventually give birth to children, right?」

Towards the murmur, released by Lindsey in a whisper, everyone starts to blush and avert their eyes in different directions. What's with this atmosphere. Even I am becoming red.

Anyway, that day, the great festival was held on the streets. The alcohol was distributed from the royal palace, and everyone was congratulating the birth of the prince.

The letters of celebration towards the birth of prince have come from each nation via gate mirror, and His Majesty The King has been smiling. I must not become like that, so I have to be somewhat careful’’ - is what I swore to my heart.

(TL: sounds weird, he is happy, what's wrong.... japanese mentality? or did I mess up with intentions....)


Now then, the problem in Rynie Kingdom has been taken care of, and the prince Yamato of Belfast has been born, I thought that I could take a breather now.

「I am called Furuuru. His Majesty the Sovereign King, for me receiving your help, thank you ~gozaimasu」

「Aah..... Well, I don't mind it, so it is fine already」

Before my eyes was standing a woman with light brown bob-cut hair. Is she about 20 years old? She is a woman-slave released from that Zabun. Honestly, I forgot about her....

(TL: Wait, let me get this clear, he rescued her, then rescued mother of Cloud, plotted a rebellion, crowned Cloud, took care of Zabun, had Rynie join an alliance, had fun during baseball (and making popcorn), awaited a childbirth, launched fireworks, in a span of approx. a week. Does he have an attention span of a bird or something? :)))))

I guess it is because it has been noisy for some while. Apparently, Furuuru-san had been staying in our castle since that time and was able to meet me today at last. Or rather, I remembered about her.

「Zabun was sent to Sandora's mine as a criminal slave. You are already free. If you want to return to your hometown, I will send you off......」

「No, please, let me work in this country as well. My hometown won't be attacked by thieves anymore, and I don't want to return to Rynie Kingdom as well 」

Well, she was paraded about as a slave in that country, so...... Even if the king is different, she might recall an unpleasant memories.

「I guess so..... Then, there is an inn of acquaintance of mine in castle town, so will you try working there?」

「Yes! Please treat me well !」

Thus, I have decided to ask to employ Furuuru-san at [Silver Moon] after speaking about her circumstances. Because Mika-san had taken up on the offer immediately, I was saved.

Though I don't mean it as a reward, I have presented her with several deluxe potion made in [Alchemy Building]. In case the wounded people show up, they might become necessary.

「How about customers? Does the inn yield a profit?」

「I guess, if I am to say whether it is profitable, it is indeed profitable. There are almost no empty rooms after all. There are many travelers coming from the trade room between Belfast and Regulus. Ah, I heard a strange story, you know」

「Strange story?」

In essence, while Brunhild branch of [Silver Moon] is an inn, it is the place of intelligence gathering. Almost all workers are Takeda shinobi, and they observe suspicious people, listen to news of the world and do other stuff like that;they are carrying out the duty of collecting information.

「You see, there is a village in the southern part of Rodomea commonwealth, and it is said that a magic beast with a crystal-like body has appeared there. I was told that, with the size about that or any bear, its form is that of praying mantis」


Fureizu. Based on its size, it is a lower class...... It is probably similar type to that cricket-type we have meet by chance the first time.

「And, what have happened with that magic beast?」

「I was told, that, apparently, a subjugation party was formed by the guild and they exterminated it. But, the village was destroyed, and subjugation party also had taken a considerable damage」

They have brought it down, you say? If it is lower class Fureizu, it might not be impossible to defeat it somehow, I guess.

However, Fureizu, though it is little by little, are starting to appear in this world. Does the world barrier become unable to hold them off?

Though it seems End didn't appear, he might dare to disregard the lower class Fureizu.

「I guess I have to hurry for several reasons 」

I request Mika-san to take care of Furuuru-san and open [Gate] to [Babylon].


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