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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 141


Chapter 141: Joining the Alliance, and a little fiancee

After having succeeded the throne, Prince Cloud, no, The New King of Rynie started his hectic changes.

To begin with, he reinstalled marquis Kupo as Prime Minister, seized the evidence of embezzlements and bribes done by imperial purveyor merchants who were in league with Wardak and arrested them all.

In similar manner, he also purged the nobles close to Wardak who were sucked up by his honey words.

Apparently, the government taxes were lowered as well. With an unthinkable amount of assets stockpiled by Wardak, Cloud deallocated them with no regrets in order to improve the life of all citizens.

In the dungeon of mansion owned by Zabun a lot of slaves were discovered, I removed the [Slavery Choker] from all of them, and they were released.

During the said ten years, Wardak had been doing whatever he wanted in his position of Prime Minister, but the plan of his was by focusing the national power into military strength to concentrate it solely on preparations for the war.

Apparently, he was eager to be remembered in history as the hero who has managed to accomplish a great exploit of uniting Parunie for the first time.

For that sake, he has been neglecting the lives of citizens and domestic affair in their entirety. Whether it would be possible to win should the war occur in this situation is doubtful.

As a result, it seems that the national power of Rynie has fallen. Since we have helped them, will they be able to avoid war with Paluf Kingdom, I wonder. Well, with the other side also having bad harvest and other troubles, they shouldn't have a margin to do that;it appears that their relations will continue the same as always.

「Still, rather how it was before, I consider we will be able to build a friendly relations with Paluf Kingdom. Though it will be difficult in various ways, it is worth doing, you know」

「What does the former king do now?」

「Father is spending every moment with mother. As he has been unable to protect her from Wardak's tyranny, he is house-sitting as a matter of course」

While in the Brunhild's conference room, Cloud, the new King of Rynie Kingdom, says so.

Since then, I tried investigating the situation in town;the people said that the former king was deceived by the wicked Queen Dakia and was convinced that fake prince Zabun was his own son. It came down to him being call similar to [Pitiful King]. Apparently, he wasn't labeled as incapable king, and all the resentment and hatred went towards Zabun, Queen Dakia and Wardak.

Because Zabun's despotism was widely known within castle town as well, there were numerous people who thought that if he became the king this country would meet its end. Even so, when they found out that, far from being just disinherited, this foolish prince was proven to be a fake one and that he would face punishment for his crimes up until now, the townspeople were delighted. He must have been deeply hated, I suppose.

「And, what was the treatment of those three?Was it death penalty as I suspected?」

「No. It was an even more heavy punishment. Otherwise, the people who lost their lives because of them wouldn't rest in peace」

「When you say ’’Even more heavy punishment’’......」

「They were made to wear [Slave Collars] that Zabun was carrying. Then they were sold to the slave merchant from Sandora」

Still, that's..... severe, you know....

It is said that anyone can be sold over to the traders managing the mining operations in Sandora. Apparently, over there, the majority of slaves who are made to work are criminal slaves and they continue to do forced labor almost from the morning to the evening. With the escape being almost impossible, it is said to be just like prison.

「As for Zabun who has never done any manual labor, it should be a hell, right? However, it was absolutely necessary to do this. If one does not taste and carry on the crime one has committed, the people who have died won't consent either」

In a certain meaning, it can surely be called a frightfully cruel punishment as well as a generous one. Though it seems to be a hell on earth, just continue living is more preferable. But, that depends on the feelings of the person in question.

Ending their lives as criminal lives.... that's the extent of the crime they have committed. I do not hold any feelings of sympathy towards them.

「Touya-dono, isn't it about time?」

「Ah, excuse me. I was deep in thoughts」

Clearing his throat, The King of Belfast raises from his chair. And, looking over the heads of countries currently present in this place, he began to announce today's agenda.

「Those who do not approve of Rynie Kingdom joining the western alliance should raise their hands」

Belfast, Rifurizu, Misumido, Regulus, Ramisshu. Not a single hands was raised among all the representatives. Naturally, I have no objections.

「So, let's welcome Rynie Kingdom as a member of western alliance」

Whether it was from the applause by everyone, Cloud, the new king of Rynie Kingdom, silently bowed. With this, he should receive an assistance to some extent from each nation. Though the extent of this help won't be such that they overstrain themselves in the end.

「And, with the today's agenda also being closed」

「Shall we proceed with 「Deepening friendship」」

「Okay, this time I won't lose !」

Again, this pattern? ! It is usually once per month, however, this time there was a turmoil in Rynie. Though immediately going to play might be enjoyable. Accompanying the King of Belfast and The Beast King of Misumido, I try to leave the conference room.

「Touya-dono, are the participants already at the stadium?」

「......I have already moved them. Or rather, please tell me about it in advance......」

Staring at both people, I breath a small sigh.

「Today, the plans are to go to the match held between Misumido and Belfast. The King of Rynie should come as well」

「A match? Is it a fencing match?」

「It is baseball match, baseball! Do you not know about it? In the case, I will teach you the rules, let's go at once!」

Cloud was taken by Emperor of Regulus and Monarch of Rifurizu. Has the Ramisshu Pope also taken interest in it? Or was she worried about the young king? She followed the three people.

Rather, during what time was this match decided upon. They abruptly requested [To transfer the members of both countries to the baseball stadium because there will be a match after the meeting] all of sudden. Am I a substitute for a bus? Well, that's fine.

When I told of this to our knights, everyone looked forward to it. Those not being on a guard duty or something else, have they not gone to the stadium already?

A baseball match... Shall I make a popcorn then? The one with caramel or something. I should be able to make lots of it if I do so with magic. Since we will be thirsty with just it, shall I make a beer server as well? Oya? Won't this become a business?

While I was thinking about this and going towards castle's kitchen, I heard a noisily rushing footsteps approaching from behind. This pattern.... !



On me, who was in the middle of turning, a strong tackle landed to my side. It hurts more than earlier!

「I have heard from father! You have beaten the foolish prince hard for my sake! As I thought, Touya is the best! The best husband (tl: danna-sama) for me ! 」

Suu clings to the head of the fallen me. Well, it wasn't me who hit him, it was Cloud.

「I mean, I certainly could not hand over Suu to that foolish prince, but about being a husband... 」

「Father have said that Touya have approved of me......?Or is it still no good.....?」

Mu~u. Don't make such a sobbing face.... With this, Suu might also become one of 9 brides that professor Babylon had told about.....

There are already as many as 5 people, and I feel that only now. Everyone said gave their approval saying they don't mind. Haa...... Is it only weighing on me, I wonder.

Suu is cute, energetic;her face is not bad. Though she is a bit whimsical sometimes, it is on tolerable level. I am sure that when she becomes adult, she will be a beautiful woman.

Right now, I still don't see her as anything but a little sister, but eventually, I feel I might end up thinking of her the same way I think of the rest of girls. No, not ’’maybe’’, absolutely. It is the same with Yumina.


No good ! If I don't say anything, Suu will end up crying.

「Just like with everyone else, I won't marry before I become 18, will that still be fine?」

「O~Of course, I don't mind ! Thank you, Touya!」

Once again, Suu leaps to my head and hugs me with her small arms...... I guess, I have to make her happy.

Holding Suu in my arms as she was, we went towards the kitchen in order to make popcorn.


In the end, the sales of popcorn and beer were very good making them popular. Though I prepared popcorn with caramel flavor and with simple salty taste, and the people who bought the salty one were numerous in the beginning, there more people who bought the popcorn with caramel flavor before long. The popcorn itself does exist in this world as well, however, the caramel appeared unusual. Though it is not like the sugar itself doesn't exist. It feels strange.

As for beer, I have prepared the wooden cups, but if someone have brought their own beer mug or something, I have decided to discount the price by one third. Though the paper cup would be fine, the rubber cup might not be. In case of the wooden cup, it can be useful if one brings it home;it won't become useless. And it allows to have a second helping as well.

Since it went like this, we might want to sell hot dogs or hamburgers as well....

As I was thinking about it, Alba-san had risen before me, holding a popcorn and swinging his hand and tail while smiling. His sense in regards to trade is abnormal.......

Well, as a merchant, his business is a proper one, and because it is not like he earns money excessively I can rely on him, right? And since he is also not employed by Misumido, his position allows him to do as he pleases.

As I will negotiate with Alba-san afterwards, let's go watch the match now. When I go to VIP seats located in the transparent box established behind the back screen in high place, the Monarch of Rifurizu, Emperor of Regulus, King of Rynie and Ramisshu Pope are already there watching the game while eating popcorn.

In their surroundings, the knights of commander class of each country are assuming the defense. The knight commander of Regulus Empire, the one-eyed Gaspar-san was holding the [Flame Spear] which he had won in the bingo tournament held during the party some time ago. Well, but then, it is made so that the magic in being invalidated in the circumference around this VIP seats, it is just an ordinary spear right now.

「What do you think, of this game?」

「Aah, Sovereign King of Brunhild!Well, it is surely interesting ! One day, when country will have a surplus as well, I want to show our citizens this game !」

Being somewhat excited, Prince Cloud's... King Cloud's eyes are shining.

「And, which side will win? 」

「The second half of seventh inning, Misumido will win with 3-to-2. That's because the physical abilities of therianthropes are extraordinary. The usual three-base-hit will be finished with inside-the-park homerun」

「However, Belfast won't be defeated. That pitcher's forte are curve balls. Should that fellow go out, it will become difficult for Misumido to score points further 」

Emperor and Monarch were giving the explanations of the situation. For Belfast, they need just one point. Next to the three man watching the game in daze, Ramisshu Pope was eating the caramel popcorn with crunching sounds.

「Ano, Touya-sama」

「And yet I have already asked you to stop with ’’-sama’’......」

「No-no, I cannot call the one bring the message of [That gentleman] like that. By the way, this food called ’’caramel’’, can our country produce it as well? 」

「You can. Because it is simple to make. Since I will transfer the recipe on paper, please hand it to the castle's cook. Ah, there is a toffee I have made some time ago at the kitchen, how about trying it?」

Taking out several pieces of caramel (toffee) rolled in paper from [Storage], I hand them over. When Her Eminence The Pope throws one into her mouth, she makes an astonished face and continues chewing on it.

「Delicious.... ! The children will surely be delighted with this. I want to give it out to the children from orphanages」

「Ah, that's good. Then, I will write the recipe for it as well, you know. If the children can accept it with pleasure, that the most......」

And, at this moment, I felt the motionless glances of three people looking this way from behind the back of the Pope. Even if you make such a greedy-looking faces.

I hand the caramel to the Emperor of Regulus's group as well. At once, they throw it into their mouths, and start making chewing sounds with a smiling faces. Continuing after them, I also hand over a piece to everyone standing on guard of the box's exterior. Because I know this flickering look, okay?

The match progresses with the same score of 3-to-2 till the second half of ninth inning, Belfast is attacking, one out, runner is in the first base. If they get a homerun, it may be possible for them to win after seemingly certain defeat.

And, around this time, someone noisily turned up in the VIP seats. For a moment, the nervousness shot through the guards, but, because the one who appeared was Lime-san, the butler of our house, they relaxed at once. Rather than that, it is surely rare. It is somewhat a first time for me to see Lime-san coming in such a quick pace.

「Did something happen?」

「Some time ago... through the gate mirror... from Belfast... it... has come」

His breathing is rough. He came in a great hurry. Opening the piece of paper given to me by Lime-san, I look through it. Eh !?

「This is..... serious !」

Using the [Gate], I tried to jump to Belfast's bench at once, but I forgot that the magic is being invalidated here. I separate from the seats in hot haste and when I go outside the range, I move to Belfast's bench using the [Gate] once again.

Side-to-side, standing just like a baseball manager, while being accompanied his younger brother Duke Ortlinde, His Majesty The King who is glaring at the game field becomes dazzled at my sudden appearance.

「Uou, is it Touya-dono? What's wrong? Did you come to help us? 」

「It is not about that! It is being born !」

「Eh? Being born? Who? 」

How slow ! Rather than the king who was staring blanking not understanding what I just said, His Highness the Duke who was standing next to him raised his voice with [Ooh ! ] .

「’’His Majesty's child is being born’’ - is what I try to say !A message has come from Belfast stating that the labor pains have started some time ago! 」

「Hee~...., Wha~, WHAAAAAAAAT ! ?」

So slow !


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