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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 140


Chapter 140: The Inheritance of the Throne and the Screaming Fool

Two days later, all nobles who lived in the capital were gathered in the royal palace. From an outsider's view, it looks like it was a summon by the king. But in reality, it was Prime Minister Wardak who called them.

We, Prince Cloud, as well Marquis Kupo also sneaked into the royal palace. As usual, we hid with [Invisible] and waited to see what happens just a little further from the nobles who lined up during the audience.

Wardak took the lead position at the front of the nobles that were lined up and showed a daring smile.

We could see Prince Zabun smirking one step below the throne and talking to Queen Dakia sitting next to the throne.

The trumpet suddenly sounded when the audience was getting noisy.

[His Majesty the King makes his appearance]

Followed by the messenger's voice, the noisy nobles became silent and everybody bowed on the spot due to them being retainers. The one who appeared was the King of Rynie who passed 50 years old;he resembled Prince Cloud with his tall figure, but it was a person who somehow has an unreliable impression. The dark red mantle, white robe and golden crown that the King had was giving off the feeling of him being truly the [King];he sat down on the throne while placing one hand on the golden scepter.

(TLC: Okay, raws state '王錫' which going word by word is 'king tin', which doesn't sound right. Google didn't give much except some game links, in which it is illustrated as small scepter, which do look appropriate. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me)

[There is no other reason as to why I had everyone gather when you are busy. I will give up the throne before long, and so I am thinking of abdicating it.]

The nobles got noisy again due to the sudden words of King Rynie. Only three people weren't shaken. It goes without saying;they were Prime Minister Wardak, Queen Dakia, and Prince Zabun. A common smile floated on the faces of those three while looking at the King.

[I would like to announce the next King to everyone gathered here. I will transfer all of my official duties to that son and resign the throne. The first heir to the throne of Rynie Kingdom is the first prince......]

The noble's eyes gather at Prince Zabun. The prince with a skinny bob haircut was smirking while being bathed with looks that carry various expectations. But...

[First Prince, I have decided to resign the throne to the First Prince Cloud]


The three voices sounded even more astonished than those of the other nobles.

At this moment, I push Prince Cloud on the back after canceling [Invisible] on him.

Marquis Kupo follows behind Prince Cloud who walks straight to the front of the throne as if he is an escort. We are outsiders to the bitter end, so let's watch here for awhile while we are invisible.

[Naa, Cloud! Youu......!]

Ignoring Zabun who is confused due to not knowing from where had he suddenly appeared, Prince Cloud kneels respectfully in front of the King.

[I humbly accept, Father. From now on, I intend to exercise my utmost efforts as a King]

[Umu. I entrust it to you]

[Wait a minute! What's going on, here!!]

Prince Zabun yelled. The surrounding nobles also started to get flustered by the sudden development, and Prime Minister Wardak stepped forward from among them.

[Your Majesty! Forgive my words, but if we abide by the laws of the country, it is an established fact that the one who should succeed the throne is the first prince. Twisting that around, even if it is by His Majesty the King.......!]

[That's right, that is the truth. Therefore, that's the reason why I transfer the throne to Prince Cloud. That's how it's supposed to be, right? I said [I hand over the throne to the First Prince of Rynie Kingdom, Prince Cloud], didn't I?]

[tse! What stupid thing to say! The first prince is Zabun! For him to become the King, isn't that the logical thing!?]

Queen Dakia who was sitting next to him raised her voice being unable to endure this further. His Majesty the King started laughing strangely after hearing that, and his laughter resounded through the audience before long. Queen Dakia steps away from the King who is not being himself.

[You call that a logical thing, Dakia? How dare you say something like that!]

Shuraf, The King of Rynie, rises up from the throne and glares at queen with sharp eyes. The figure of the unreliable King was no longer there;there were only eyes burning with anger.

[To everyone present, know this. Of the Dukedom that was recently established in between Belfast and Regulus. Of Brunhild Dukedom. Its Sovereign King is a silver rank adventurer and the slayer of the evil black dragon that appeared in Misumido. Furthermore, he suppressed the revolt in Regulus Empire and he is the person who saved the empire. That person also came to rescue our country]

[Your Majesty the Sovereign King, please come here!]

We cancel [Invisible] as well and appear in front of everyone after being called by Prince Cloud. Elsie and Yae are accompanying me to my left and right, and Kohaku, who returned to Byakko form, walks in front of us as if guiding us.

[Brunhild Sovereign King. Can you show everyone here what you have come to show me that evening?]

[...... Is that fine?]

[It is fine. Even if I may look like a foolish man who was being deceived for 30 years, I believe this truth should be known]

The King of Rynie laughs in self-mockery.

[I understand]

I take out the smartphone and project a video in the air. It can be seen by everyone in the audience room because the movie screen is big.

『What will you do to the King once he yields the throne to Zabun?』

『I will make him disappear. I don't mind having him die immediately, but......』

[Tt -this!?]

Both Wardak and Queen Dakia became panicked after suddenly finding themselves being projected. Of course, that's because it was the discussion of assassinating the King that happened between the two of them.

『Your's and my son will soon become the King of this country』

『Ah! It's the birth of a new royal family』

[Stop! Stop this right now!]

Kohaku holds down Wardak who has tried to rush towards me while glaring. The gathered nobles who saw the exposed truth started to get noisy.

[This is the recording of the event at that time. It's my non-attribute magic that makes it possible to see it again. I entirely watched the conversation between the two of you through my familiar]

[Ridiculous! Your Majesty, this is some kind of mistake.......!]

Wardok tries hard to make an excuse. Indeed, the King might not have believed this movie if this were the words of a loyal retainer. However, the opponent is a villainous retainer who threatened him. There should be no reason to believe him.

[A mistake, you say? I should have noticed it 30 years ago. I must have surely appeared laughable in your eyes. Your son was treated as the first prince without me knowing anything, was my worried figure about this matter this laughable to you?]

Wardak just keeps quiet to what the king said. His eyes swam restlessly while his greasy sweat was pouring down. It was obvious that he had lost his composure.

In the end, his power is nothing but the King's power with the King as a puppet. They expected to manipulate a new puppet called Zabun this time since the manipulation string called Queen Aria was cut. And now this collapsed as well. Wouldn't it of course turn like this?

[Now that Aria has been rescued, there is no longer any reason to hesitate with you. Wardak. From this moment on, I deprive you of the position of the Prime Minister. I should have given priority to the nation while I'm still a King. But I was worried about Aria's condition, so I became a puppet for you, bastard, for ten years..... I can't stop regretting no matter how much I regret it. I don't have the qualifications to be a King. But you, bastard, also don't have the qualification to be the Prime Minister]


Without being able to say anything, Prince Cloud stares with sour expression at the King who was looking down in shame. Queen Dakia, who was next to the king, sat down without any power and was stunned.

The Queen's infidelity invited this situation. Unlike the world where I came from, it might be difficult to completely prevent something like this in this world where magic exist. Actually, I have also made it here by using [Invisible]. Normally, such matters usually might not be leaked. There is nothing like a DNA examination too.

From the prospect of me who came from modern Japan, it does not affect me that much because I am not familiar with the monarchy system. I wonder if things would also be different if I was born and lived in a country which has a king.

If Brunhild as a country also able to keep going without me, there might eventually be a time when people will elect a person like a president or a prime minister to shoulder the leadership. It may not be bad if I retire myself to Babylon and spend there the rest of my life.

Well, I don't know what will happen in the future. It is not like I can peek into it like that perverted professor.

Rather, a fool yelled again while I was having these thoughts.

[What's with this random talk! The first prince is me! I am the one who will become the King! Like I can allow someone like Cloud to be the King! Isn't it Wardak and mother who plotted the assassination!? I didn't do it! It has nothing to do with me!]

[...... You are truly an irredeemable fool]

I am amazed and only my sigh comes out. The son yells that he is unrelated to his mother's crime. I can only sense a self-indulgent child that only thinks about himself there. He is way too foolish.

[Stupid, you say! A King of a tiny country like you have no right to say that! Don't look proud because you have snatched away the daughter of the Duke of Belfast away from me!]



The idiotic prince falls down due to the weight magic. Oops, he is no longer a prince now, isn't he? The idiot was pressed to the floor and I stitched him there like he was a toad that was ran over by a car.

It seems I became crazy when I heard it again. Does this guy really not understand the situation at all? Prince Cloud called out to me who was sighing.

[Your Majesty, can I ask you to cancel your magic?]

[Eh? But...]


I cancel [Gravity] as per Prince Cloud's request. Zabun vigorously stood up immediately afterwards and expressed a little smile towards Cloud.

[You did well, Cloud! You understand well that I am the one best suited to become the King! I will forgive you for everything till now, so hand over the throne to me]

[Shut up]

Prince Cloud stands in front of Zabun while shaking with calm anger. The foolish laugh Zabun was expressing froze, and a single line of sweat flowed on his cheek. Cloud slowly raised his right fist.

[......Hey, what's with this hand? You want to hit me!? I will not excuse you for hitting me who is your older brother!]

[I have never thought that you are my older brother. Not even once]

Bakiiiiiiii!! Prince Cloud swung his right fist with all his power and it landed on the fools face. The fool then flipped in a somersault and fell to the floor. Oou, it's decided.


Queen Dakia rushed to her son who had fallen down and had a nosebleed. The King of Rynie watched that with cold eyes.

[Even a woman like you still adores her own son, aren't you? I understand it well. My very own son is also very precious to me after all. Perhaps it can't be helped since you guys are giving Cloud a cold treatment like an outsider. Even I didn't feel anything when Zabun got hit]

Wardak and Queen Dakia did all of Zabun education and the King was not allowed to do anything.

They only met several times a year and king was only being told the rumors of his misbehavior. Wardak even prevented the king from scolding Zabun. It seems that the king almost never felt the feelings of a parent and child relationship towards Zabun.

This situation, the king would have raised Zabun with love if the he had more chances to interact with him. He probably wouldn't have such cold eyes, even if the he knew Zabun was someone else's child.


Wardak turns over his body while trying to escape from the audience room. Ooops, Like I would let you get away.



The Bulldog collapses on the ground, and it's the exact same reaction as with Zabun. How should I say this? Is it as expected of the parent and the child?

[We have also searched your mansion. It looked very gaudy. Bribery, money embezzlement, smuggling, and so on and on. Ah, I have already passed all the evidence to his Majesty the King]

[In addition, we also know about the people who are following you. Do not think you can excuse yourselves now]

Marquis Kupo glares at the noisy nobles. There were some people whose eyes were swimming while averting their eyes.

[......Pathetic. All the responsibility is on me. You did whatever you want till now because I couldn't do anything. It would be better for the people as well to have Cloud become King rather than me. But I am sorry since it looks like I am pushing the cleaning afterwards to you......]

[What are you saying, father? There are places where I also shouldn't go. Please don't hesitate to scold me at that time]


Tears swelled in the King's eyes as he was looking down and took the hands of his only son. Good for you. With this, Prince Cloud who walked the life of a shadow can now find happiness.

[Stop joking around! This country is mine! Everyone of you, die! Hey, Guards! Kills these guys! I will reward you!]

Zabun, who stood up even while he still had his nose bleeding, screamed loudly. Did he also include the King when he said ’’these guys’’? Of course, no one followed that order and the voice only echoed in vain.

[I kinda feel pity now that it turned like this you know ~degozaru ......]

[Seriously. Raising children, I feel that you have do it properly, in that case you will reach them]

Definitely. When I think that could have been my son......uuu, I shiver.

[You are unsightly. You aren't my son anymore or a prince as well. Who will follow that kind of person? More than that, you will also be reflecting on everything you have done]

Zabun's face got bright red and his teeth were grinding from the King's last announcement. We have also learned everything that this fool did till now while investigating Wardak's crimes.

About the women he played with, merchants he killed for fun, and the many people he forcibly kidnapped and enslaved. It also stated that he hit the parents who cried and begged, while he raped their daughters in front of them.

He doesn't even have any shred of feelings that he did something bad. If he doesn't reflect, there won't be any regret. Whatever one says something that is right, he probably thinks the other party is wrong.

He is a fool who behaves like a baby. Is there really a need to show such a guy any mercy?

[Your Majesty King of Rynie, what do you intend to do with those three people?]

[Thinking about charges, it will be a death penalty for all of them. There is also no other way to keep appearances. We will be embarrassed once it gets exposed outside the county, but I will resign and accept it as natural]

Being deceived by the Queen who was having an affair, treating the child as a prince, and the Prime Minister who grasped the real power in the county. He would definitely be laughing stock. But if he says he has resigned himself to receive that then there is nothing I can say.

[Why do I also have to be executed!? Don't bullshit me!]

Zabun is still yelling and screaming even now. I can no longer bear to see his figure. Just shut up already.

[Who's the one bullshitting here!? Isn't it about time for you to receive the punishment for everything you have done so far? You're not a prince anymore. You're just a common criminal. There is nobody that will protect you. Accept it already]

[Shut up, shut up, shut up!! You! I will certainly kill you! Remember this! Your country, your women, I will mess up all of them!]


I slowly take Brunhild out and shoot a bullet at Zabun's right foot. The live bullet penetrated the foot and blood started to pour from the hole in his right leg. What did he just say?


Zabun collapses while holding his right foot that I've shot at. Be quiet! Don't let out your annoying voice.


[Are you saying you will mess with those I hold dear!? Do you think I will keep that kind of guy alive?]

I shot another round at his left foot this time.

[Ugyaaaaaaaaaaa! Stop, stop it! It hurts, hurtsssssssssssss! Do-don't kill me......! I don't want to die!]

[You murdered innocent people in the city and laughed when they told the same. Do you think you yourself will be forgiven?]

I pressed Zabun's right hand with my leg and shot a third round as he became stiff with fear.


Gakkk, and, was it because of the pain? Or was it the fear of death? Zabun quickly lost consciousness.

I cure that fool's wounds with healing magic. I didn't plan to kill him from the start. I simply threatened him because he pissed me off. It was just that, itt is not my duty to punish this bastard.

The bastard is definitely going to hell, but the people whose lives this idiot destroyed probably will not be satisfied with a quick death penalty. Well, Prince Cloud, nope, I will entrust this matter to the new the King of Rynie.

[I'm sorry. I did something unnecessary]

Turning around, I apologized to the former King of Rynie.

[No, it is necessary for Zabun to compensate for what he has done. Though I did say ’’death penalty’’, I'll leave what to do with them to Cloud because I am no longer the king]

[Palace Guard! Take those three to the prison!]

After hearing the voice of the new king, the palace guards came in like a burst and restricted those three even though they ignored Cloud just the other day.

[Are you alright, Touya?]

[...Sorry, I got a little upset]

Blood ran through my head unconsciously because that idiot said to me that he would mess up with the Dukedom and the girls. Even though there is no way that bastard could have such power.

It was also the same when the young knights' party picked a quarrel with me in Belfast. More than myself, I flip in rage when they say something about those around me. Even though it is not my intention to be so short-tempered. I will not be able to live on If I don't have more self-control.

While watching the three being detained and dragged to the dungeon, I was thinking about those things.


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