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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 14


*A note: Jammerg55 here: I just wanted to take a moment and say a few things. I’ve basically assumed command over Smarthphone, with Cyro as our slave driv-, I mean, master overseer, so everyone can expect regular releases from now on. Kirihito and I have a backlog of translated chapters so we will be releasing one chapter a day until we get caught up and then go to a chapter per week as per the normal release schedule. Cyro, Kirihito, and I all want to thank everyone for their patience while waiting for chapters to be released.

Translator : Kirihito TLC/Editor : Jammerg55 #14 A daughter and escort request.

We also helped bury the corpses of the seven soldiers who died in the forest nearby. We can’t take them with us and we couldn’t leave them here either.

Among the three soldiers who survived, the youngest soldier continued to make a grave silently. His older brother seems to be among the soldiers who died, we bowed our heads silently to the grave that we’d made.

The white haired old man besides us also bows his head.

[You’ve really helped us. How can we possibly repay this gratitude……]

[No, please don’t worry. However, please don’t overdo it too much because even though you’ve been healed, the blood you lost won’t return yet.]

I voiced out in a panic to the old man who kept bowing his head. I’m weak against elderly people, it was the same with God.

[I am grateful to you, the one called Touya! you are Jii’s, no not only Jii, but myself’s saviour!] (TLN: ye I wanted to keep it how she’s saying it. Prime example I know is Boa Hancock, she uses warawa and ja at the end of the sentence.)

The blond young girl gives her words of gratitude in a prideful speech. Thinking while giving a wry smile, this child is probably the daughter of a noble family.

In a carriage that’s looks a higher quality more so than Zanuck-san’s from before, numerous escort soldiers, an old man that appears to be the butler, a young girl with a big attitude, there’s no doubt about it.

[Apologies for the late greeting. I am called Reim and the steward serving under the house of Duke Ortlinde. And this lady here is the daughter of the Duke, Sussie Elnea Ortlinde-sama de gozai masu]

[Sussie Elnea Ortlinde! Please take care of me!]

Duke? A noble’s daughter after all huh. No wonder. It’s probably because of this that the twins and the samurai girl beside me who understood this are stiff like bricks.

[……What’s wrong?]

[What’s wrong you say…How can you remain so calm?! It’s the Duke family, Duke!]

[…The Duke, is the highest court rank….unlike the other titles, That title is fundamentally only given to members of the royal family, desu…]

Royalty…. eh?

[Indeed. My father, Duke Alfred Ernes Ortlinde is the younger brother of his majesty the king]

[So that means you’re the king’s niece right. That’s amazing]

[…You do not look very much surprised Touya. You must be an important person]

Eh? The twins and the samurai girl together get down on their knees when I turned to look behind me, bowing their heads. Eh, dogeza? Is it no good if we don’t go to that extent?.

[eーtto, Sussie…sama? should I also….better do that?]

[Sue is fine. This is not a place for formalities, it is not needed. Keigo is not needed. As I have declared before, Touya and everyone is my life saver. Truthfully is should be us bowing our heads. Everyone, you can raise your heads] (EN: Formal tone)

The three raised their heads and got up when Sue said as such. They’ve relieved some tension, but their appearance still shows stiffness.

[Even so, why is the daughter of a Duke in such a place?]

[I was returning from my Grandmother-sama’s, my mother’s mother, place. There was something that I wanted to investigate little bit. I stayed for about one month, and on my way back to the royal capital.]

[That’s when you got attacked….It wasn’t mere bandits…after all, as expected]

To be attacked by thieves that even use summoning magic, it’s a little difficult to imagine. Moreover, there were so many lizard men, but in reality it was just the lone black robed man. If you think that the attack was aimed at the Duke’s daughter then it fits. Their aim was probably something like assassination or abduction.

[Because the assailant is already dead, who he was and who ordered him, it is all obscured now]

[My apologies……]

Yae droops her head with a ‘shun’. Ah, it was Yae who sent his head flying. Certainly, if he had been caught and made to confess various things, we might be able to find out any schemes behind the scenes.

[Do no worry. I am thankful to you. You defeated him admirably]

[Such thankful words…I am grateful]

Yae deeply bows her head again.

[And? What are you going to do from now on?]

[Regarding that matter de gozaimasu ga]

Reim who was close to the front opens his mouth apologetically.

[More than half of the guards have been defeated, if it stays like this and we are attacked in a similar way, we cannot protect ojou-sama. Therefore, I would like to ask Touya-san to escort us. The pay will depend upon reaching the royal capital, can we ask this request?]

[Escort is it…]

Well.., our destination is the same anyway;it would feel awkward to leave like this. I suppose there’s no problem for me, but I wonder about the others.

[Isn’t it fine? We’re going to the royal capital anyways]

[…I do not mind either]

[I am just along for the ride. I shall entrust it to Touya-dono de gozaru yo]

It appears there’s no objection.

[Understood. We will accept. Until the royal capital yoroshiku onegaishimasu]

[Umu! Likewise, best regards !]

I smile floats on her whole face while saying so.

Our two carriages (one wagon) continued. At the front is the Duke family’s and behind is our wagon as well as the three soldiers and single horsemen guiding it.

I boarded the Duke family’s carriage and it was decided for me to become Sue’s personal guard. It was preferred this way because I can use magic as well as the sword.

Sitting on a first class seat that I can’t get used to, Suu is sat in front of me with Reim-san beside her.

[…And, that’s how the Knight Momotarou splendidly eliminated the bad ogre, obtained numerous treasures and returned to the village]

[Ooh! That’s excellent!]

Sue claps in delight. I wonder if this will be fine. I decided to talk about heroic tales passed down in my hometown because I was asked to tell her stories and so I told her about Momotarou. I was worried if she would like it, but it seems she is pleased with it.

[Can you let me hear more stories?]

[Let me see…This is also a tale of long long ago…in a castle town in a certain country, lives Cinderella…]

In a world where magic is common, I didn’t think I would be telling a story where a witch comes out. It appears she’s pleased, I guess it’s ok.

Afterwards, I told all the fairy tales I know and on top of that, I ended up talking about the other world’s famous mangas and popular anime movies while changing the setting.

I’m going to look for the castle in the sky! I was honestly surprised when I started telling that but Reim-san calmed her down.

In spite of being an ojou-sama she likes adventure stories. She’s different.

The carriage that is carrying us turns towards the royal capital and so to the north, to the north we advance.


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