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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 138


Chapter 138: The Rescue, and A Mother and Child Reunion

On the biggest Island in the west called the Parunie Island exists two nations dividing it by two. To the North is the Kingdom of Paluf while to the South is the Kingdom of Rynie.

The two countries had repeated skirmishes all the time, but it never developed into a large scale war. They have a skirmish and then do a ceasefire. And then, they have a skirmish again and then do a ceasefire again. The war happens this way because the two countries know that both of their national strengths are just about the same, and if any one of them declares war for example, the winning side will still suffer major damage to their own country even if they emerge victorious.

However, in recent years this balance has been crumbling. The King who ruled the Paluf Kingdom passed away and then next the Prime Minister who was called his right hand also passed away. Also, due to the bad luck, bad crops caused by cold weather had hit Paluf. Rynie also suffered damage for the same reason, but because it wasn't as bad as in Paluf. At this time Rynie Prime Minister Wardak started to mobilize in order to unify Parunie Island.

Wardak who has been preparing steadily since sometime ago will declare war against Paluf;it seems he wants to inflict them a heavy blow.

[However, Is the declaration of war usually done by the second prince?]

[It only looks like a delivery of a personal letter on the surface, but its content is a declaration of war. The addressee will be angered and will kill the second prince acting as messenger. Is that the kind of plot they are scheming?] - (Yae)

[It is not impossible. That is probably not the objective by itself. But even if they do kill me, I can clearly see Wardak shamelessly shouting: [we can't forgive Paluf who has killed the second prince]]

Prince Cloud laughs in self-ridicule as he imagines Wardak's conspiracy. He is thinking that 'They consider my usefulness only about that much'.

[In any case, let's start mobilizing. Prince Cloud, I will ask once more. From this point on, it will be a complete confrontation with the Prime Minister's group. Are you okay with this?]

[I understand. I will have to fight the Prime Minister to rescue my mother]

The eyes that looked at me shined with unshakable determinations.

First, we have decided to go to the previous Prime Minister Kupo who could turn into our power. As Marquis, he could probably persuade other nobles and organize a second Prince's faction, and what is most important he may know the situation of Prince's captured mother.

We have to act quickly from here on out.

========================SCENE CHANGE=================

[It is good you have become determined, Prince Cloud. Furthermore, there is nothing to be afraid of now that you have gained the cooperation of various western countries]

Marquis Kupo kneels in front of Prince Cloud and deeply bows. This is the first time I see this person being treated like a prince. As expected, they don't seem to care about the foolish prince's opinion if it's a province this far away from the capital. We are discussing our future plans inside the Kupo mansion which gives off a strong countryside feeling.

[Even If I say that I will cooperate, I don't want to cause damage to this country as much as possible. I would like to avoid gaining control by force if possible]

[In that case, restraining the Prime Minister and depriving Prince Zabun of his succession rights to the throne will make them the obstacles, as expected]

Marquis Kupo stands up and turns towards me. Is this person really older than 60 years? Then what's with this muscles he has? His receding hair and white beard seems suitable for his age, but I totally can't see an image of an old man in him with such a tough body.

[I don't think restraining the Prime Minister is that big of a problem, you know. If I have to say, maybe depriving Prince Zabun of his rights to the throne will be harder]

[Isn't it possible to decide on his disinheritance from his deeds up until now?]

Marquis Kupo shakes his head weakly towards Yae who is expressing her objective opinion.

[There is no clear evidence. Since the Prime Minister has disposed all of it. Also, the people are afraid of Prince Zabun or the Prime Minister's retaliation, so they will not testify or present any evidence. With that in mind, if King himself doesn't order the disinheritance towards the prince.........]

However, this King probably can't go against the mother of Prince Zabun, Queen Dakia. But why? She does actually hold his weakness after all, doesn't she?

[At worst, we can threaten the King to forcibly give the throne to Prince Cloud ... but then, we will look like scoundrels, I guess]

[...... I would like that things wouldn't come to that as well if circumstances would allow it, because the Prince would be cursed in the future as the one who had stolen his father's throne]

This outcome is something not desirable to end up with as much as possible. However, the war with the Paluf Kingdom to the north will happen if we don't do something. Hmm, in the end, everything will settle down if we quickly get rid of the stupid Prince as Shizuka's groups has advised.

[More importantly, we should start from rescuing Prince Cloud's mother]

[Queen Aria was placed under house arrest inside Galia fortress within Prime Minister Wardak's territory. One of my subordinates has infiltrated there, but Queen Aria doesn't have any kind of illness like what the Prime Minister has said. However, the environment there isn't good. She may really get sick eventually]

I should hurry up if the situation is just as how Marquis Kupo has described. We decide to get into that Galia Fortress quickly.

Yeah, but I must still use [Recall] to receive the memory from Marquis this time. Why do I have to hold hands with this muscled old man and place our foreheads together?

After getting the memory, I started to desire girls and hugged Elsie unconsciously. Ah~, I am healed........

I got beaten.

======================SCENE CHANGE================

Galia fortress was large in its own way, but it was smaller than Brunhild Castle. It indeed gives off a feeling of a mountain castle, and it's also blocking the mountain pass.

A large tower is built beside the fortress where Prince Cloud's Mother, Queen Aria, is being confined on its top floor.

While watching the fortress from behind a rock, Prince Cloud starts to talk.

[It's a castle that's considerably strong. However, we can become invisible and sneak in by using your majesty's magic. I will feel relieved after we rescue my mother and transfer outside the country right away.....]

[Targets Lock-on, Stronghold Soldiers. Invoke [Paralysis]]

『Capturing targets, successful. Invoking [Paralysis]』

I heard short screams like [Guuu!] and [Hau!], and the soldiers at the front gate abruptly collapsed. They should be almost helpless by now. [Paralysis] may not work on some guys with high magic defense or guys wearing a talisman, but thankfully there are probably just two or three of them.

[Then, let's go.]


I start walking as I call out to Prince Cloud who is absent-mindedly looking at me. Yae pats his shoulder lightly with a comforting notion as if saying that [It will never end if you keep minding it]. What's does she mean?

We glance towards the collapsed soldiers as we go inside the fortress. However, it is surely being heavily guarded. Isn't it even more secure than the Royal Castle?

I understood it once we entered, but some humans like the stable boys and the cooks were still moving inside the fortress. It's understandable since the target was set to ’’Soldiers’’ after all.

Naturally, they panicked and ran towards us. They were screaming things like [It is an epidemic!]. I guess it did look like as if this was an epidemic.

We ignored them, entered the tower, took the keys from the soldiers laying down in the big room downstairs, opened the door, and went higher and higher along the lengthy stone spiral staircase.

And while we were in the middle climbing the stairs, we unexpectedly met a 20 year old black-haired woman who was wearing maid clothes. Ah~, she probably was not affected by [Paralysis] either. She also didn't look like [Soldier] no matter how much I looked at her.

[Who are you!? I will call the soldiers!]

[I am Cloud. The second prince of this country. I came to meet my mother residing in here. Won't you let me through?]

[Prince Cloud!?]

The long and black haired maid immediately kneeled and looked up. Oh, by any chance, is this person........

[Please excuse my rudeness. My name is Anjie and I am the person who was honored for being the personal attendant of Queen Aria. I have been protecting the queen as per Marquis Kupo's decree]

[Really? So you are that Anjie, aren't you? I heard about you from Marquis Kupo. I am grateful for always informing us about my mother's situation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart]

[Such words are more than what I deserve......]

It's just as how I thought it was, right? This person is the subordinate of Marquis Kubo who slipped inside, isn't she?

[The queen is at the top from here. Please, hurry......]

[Why, you guys!]

A single soldier who came down from upstairs saw us and readied his sword. Shit, so there was a soldier who can still move...

I was going to shoot his legs with Brunhild loaded with live ammunition to immobilize the solder. However, being even faster and jumping in front of the soldier in an instant, Anjie-san lowered her body and launched strong kick towards his chin. Oooh, amazing.

[Anjie-san, is a melee fighter. Furthermore, she is like an accomplished master]

Elsie mutters in a small voice. Melee maid, you say!? She definitely might not have been able to infiltrate this place if she doesn't have that much ability.

[Then, let's go]

Anjie-san ascends the stairs after taking a bundle of keys from the fallen man. We also follow behind without delay. After climbing the stairs for a while, we finally arrive at the stair with the small door. There are no more stairs after this one. Is this the top floor?

Anjie-san opens it with a key, and Prince Cloud jumps inside the room. There is a 40 year old woman sitting on a chair while knitting. Ah, she is definitely Prince Cloud's mother. Their eyes are similar.


[Cloud......? Are you really Cloud? Cloud!]

The parent and child shed tears while hugging each other from that reunion after a long time. When I turn around after hearing a voice from behind, Yae is crying in tears. Is she crying because of sympathy? It's not like I can't understand her feelings. Yae is a gentle girl after all.

As I hand a handkerchief taken from my pocket to Yae, she splendidly blow her nose after she wipes her tears with it. What the!? That's so cliche!

[Cloud, you became this big...... It was worth living until today]

[Mother, let's escape from here immediately. Your Majesty, Please!]


[Your Majesty?]

I open [Gate] in front of Queen Aria who is looking dubiously at me. I thought of going to Brunhild immediately, but I connected it to Marquis Kupo's mansion for now.

Prince Cloud takes his surprised mother's hand and goes through the [Gate]. We take along Anjie-san who is surprised the same way and transfer to the mansion of Marquis Kupo.

The rescue is complete. With this, there are no more shackles tieing Prince Cloud. Feeling relieved, we can raise the revolt flag against first prince's faction.

Now now, how should I deal with the guy who thought of making Suu a slave? I don't have any shred of intention to go easy on him. KuKuKuku~

[Touya is making an evil face] - (Elsie)

[He is probably planning another nasty scheme.......] - (Yae)

Leave me alone!


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