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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 137


Arc 18: Two Princes

Chapter 137: The Idiot Prince, the Rotten Queen, and the Wicked Prime Minister

I have to receive Prince Cloud's memory with [Recall] to open a [Gate] to the Rynie Kingdom. Honestly, I don't really want to use this magic when the other party is male. It is already somewhat depressing to hold another man's hand, so won't it work not unless we also put our forehead together?

The members of the rescue effort for Queen Aria, Prince Cloud's mother, includes Prince Cloud himself, me, Elsie, Yae and Kohaku. Rather than calling it a combat unit, we are making use of our mobility. The remaining members will be staying at home. A small group of people is better for these kinds of infiltration tactics.

We jump to the Capital of Rynie, Nimue, in just one go with [Gate]. Prince Cloud looked around restlessly because it is his first transition.

[Amazing...... It really is in an instant going to Rynie......]

I came out in a back alley in the city in order for me not to be seen. It also looked like I didn't attract someone's attention.

From here on out, we will go to the castle at once. I am having Prince Cloud report the results of the marriage proposal.

It's because we haven't seen yet the first prince or the prime minister. I must ascertain with my own two eyes what kind of persons they are. I, Elsie, Yae, Kohaku disappear with [Invisible] magic except Prince Cloud.

[It is an amazing magic...... I can't tell at all where you are.]

[We are only being invisible, but we will be noticed if we get touched by someone. I would like your assistance to guide us since we also can't see each other]

Prince Cloud quietly nods and starts walking to the castle slower than usual as if tracing his route.

We walked at the edge of the street where fewer people are walking, and entered the Royal Castle. The gatekeeper only glanced at Prince Cloud and didn't say anything. How do I say this? It feels like he is being ignored. Even if he is tentatively a prince of this country, it seems he is truly receiving the cold treatment.

I saw a person coming from the opposite side once we entered the castle hall. Prince Cloud stiffened for a moment, and then lowered his head without moving.

[......I came home, Elder Brother]

[Cloud? Isn't it very early? It is rare for you who is such a slowpoke. I wonder if it will rains tomorrow]

He is a little shorter than Prince Cloud and he is a thin man with a bowl haircut. The edges of his mouth raise as he laughs. Is this guy the first prince, Zabun? He is wearing a full body Laméclothes accompanied with a high-class scarf and golden boots.

[A bad taste~......]

I heard Elsie's whisper. But fortunately, it didn't reach Prince Zabun. Don't talk because they might hear us!

Behind him, there is a woman looking down and two men wearing a disgusting grin on their faces while they are looking at Prince Cloud. Are those men Prince Zabun followers? As for the woman...... she is a slave. There is a [Slavery Collar] around her neck. However, this country shouldn't have slavery.

[And, what was the reply of the other party? Of course, you got a good answer, didn't you?]

[No...... regrettably, Duke Ortlinde's daughter seems to already have a fiance, and I was declined]

[......Ha? Excuse me, I didn't hear you. What did you say?]

[As I said the marriage proposal was declin......]

Pang! Before Cloud finished his sentence, Zabun slapped his face.

[You are useless! In that case, you could have snatched the Duke's daughter or something! Think about it for a little! If you brought her, she would have become my slave once I placed a [Slavery Collar] on her!]

What the heck is this fool saying!? Is he making Suu a slave? Was he planning to do something like that?

[That kid looked at me and laughed at the party in Rifurisu despite her being just a mere Duke's daughter. I was supposed to train her throughout her entire life so that she would never defy me!]

Such a thing..... If he also came wearing those kinds of clothes on that party, it wouldn't end with just Suu laughing. No, maybe the others wouldn't laugh because they are adults. However, Suu is a child. Can't he forgive that much?

[Shit, to think you can't even be used to this extent. Problems really don't end when I have such a useless younger brother. And? Who is the Duke's daughter fiance?]

[....... The Sovereign King of Brunhild Dukedom, his Majesty Mochizuki Touya]

[Brunhild.......? Ah, is it that upstart country that has been created recently? What kind of profit will they get If she is married to such a tiny country?]

Well, sorry for my country being tiny. It's fine if I say it myself, but I will only get angry if others say it.

Prince Zibun seemed disinterested and clicked his tongue while staring at Prince Cloud. What have he thought of after that? He shows a lascivious smile.

[Hey, Cloud, You, go to Belfast once again and spread a rumor]

[A rumor?]

[Spread a rumor that says ’’Brunhild Sovereign King is a lustful man, who has left a lot of women crying. If the Duke daughter is married to him, she will be unhappy’’. Perhaps the engagement will be canceled if that's the case, don't you think so? Isn't it an excellent idea?]

It's fine if I hit this guy, isn't it?! I, it's fine for me to hit him, isn't it? Damn it, just wait till later.

[......Will you let me meet my mother if I spread such rumor?]

[Huh? Haven't I told you already? Your mother is sick. Since her condition is contagious, what are you going to do about it? It's thanks for your elder brother's consideration. Well, I understand you want to meet her since you don't know when she may die]

Prince Cloud clenched his fist tightly while staring at Zabun who showed a grin and a faint smile. Moreover, Zabun's expression drastically changed when he noticed that.

[What's with those eyes!?]

Suddenly, a kick from the enraged Zabun pierced Cloud's belly. Zabun mercilessly hit the crouching Cloud a second time, and continue kicking him for the third time.

[Even though you are a low-born garbage, learn your place! It's fine for you to just follow my orders silently! You should be grateful just for being alive! Did you understand that, hah!??]

When the attacks of the foolish prince finally stopped as expected, another person appeared.

[Zabun? What are you doing?]

[Ah, Mother. It is unpleasant, but I was educating my disobedient little brother!]

Wearing a flashy red dress, a gaudily thick painted make-up, barrel-like..... No, a female followed by several maids came down the stairs laid with a red carpet. Is that person this idiot's mother, Queen Dakia? Their figures are not similar at all, but the corrupted eyes and unpleasant mouth is the same.

[Cloud. You also should properly understand your social status. Unlike you, Zabun is the one who will eventually shoulder this country. Don't bother him with annoying matters. Is this also the fault of your lowly mother's blood?]

She glanced at Cloud with cold eyes that looked down at him like he was a stray dog, and then directed a smiling face to Zabun. This quick facial expression change feels gross.

[And what happened to the marriage talk? Zabun]

[It was rejected because of Cloud. He is totally useless]

[Oh, my poor thing. It can't be helped because Belfast is a stupid country. It's fine if it falls to ruin]

I am finding myself more and more amazed rather than angry towards this slow-paced conversation. So there are people like this as well!

[I will let you have a bitter experience once I become the King. I guess it's fine already, Mother. I can inherit the throne even without an engagement]

[You are right. Shall we go and talk with Wardak?]

[That's what I wanted to hear!]

Having already lost interest in Cloud, the two as well as their followers left one by one.

Well, what a hopeless mother and child in various ways. They are too crooked. I can't understand how the King could consider a marriage with that barrel woman! Was it a political marriage? I wonder, did they got hold of some of his weaknesses?

[O Light Come forth, tranquil healing, Cure heal]

Prince Cloud slowly stood up after recovery magic was casted upon him and breathed out heavily.

[Are you alright?]

[Yes...... Thank you very much. I don't feel pain anywhere]

The physical pain should have vanished, but the pain in his heart probably wouldn't disappear yet. The fist he had clenched was still shaking. I wonder, had he been receiving this kind of treatment since he became aware of himself? I think it's almost a miracle that this second prince's mind didn't get twisted.

[What a ridiculous foolish prince]

[As for me, I was about to cut him several times]

Only Elsie and Yae voices could be heard. Both had a voice filled with anger. In fact, I understood their feelings since I wanted to beat him as well.

[But, that [Slavery Collar]......]

[My elder brother had bought it from a merchant of Sandora Kingdom even though our country prohibits slavery]

One wrong move and Suu could have ended as a slave. That bastard, I will not let him off with a simple beating. But before that.

We moved to the shadow of a pillar and canceled [Invisible]. Then, I ’’Locked’’ on the female slave from a while ago as a target and activated [Gate].


I ignored her who was suddenly transferred and who panicked because she couldn't understand what happened, and this pulled the collar with [Aport] in one go.

She reached to her neck with her hands when she looked at the collar that appeared in my hand, and her tears in large drops started to flow out when she knew that the collar wasn't on her neck anymore.

[It came off...... The collar came off......]

After revealing our identities to her who was recently freed, we escorted her back to Brunhild using [Gate] for now. I roughly explained the situation to Yumina and jumped back to Rynie after I ask them to take care of her.

A short time later, the foolish Prince's group came back in panic, and we hid ourselves again with [Invisible].

[Oiii! Did my slave came this way?]

[No, I don't think so]

He clicked his tongue at the answer of Prince Cloud, and just like that, Zabun and his two followers ran up the castle stairs. Just when I thought of letting them fall from the highest step with ’’Slip’’, the foolish prince legs stopped.

[What's wrong, Prince Zabun?]

[Wardak! My slave disappeared! She suddenly vanished!]

Zabun called out to the 50 year old man wearing long black garments who appeared on top of the stairs. Is that Wardak?

[That is the Prime Minister, Wardak]

Prince Cloud whispered in a level so only we could hear it. How should I put it, Wardak's face is like that of a bulldog, you know. It's a face that looks evil I guess.

[Did you try to order her to come back?]

[I did! But she is not coming back!]

[Then kill her. Such a slave is not necessary, right? We will take care of her corpse when it's found]

The Prime Minister urges the prince like it's nothing. What a guy! Is he really the Prime Minister who is supporting this country?

[Shit! Even though I have not fully played with her yet! It would have been nice if I broke at least one leg!]

The collar in my hand shrunk and became smaller at the same time Zabun said that. Someone would definitely die due to suffocation if that person is still wearing this on his or her neck.

I felt angry to these guys whose actions don't even consider the life of others. These guys are doing things the other people would not do by themselves, and they probably wouldn't think of that. This lack of imagination becomes the cruelty to the others that starts to appear on the surface.

[Oya, Prince Cloud. When did you come back from Belfast? Was the marriage proposal settled?]

Prime Minister Wardak calls out from the top of the stairs after he becomes aware of our position. He doesn't show a sliver of manner towards his lord's son even as a joke. It's obviously an attitude that looks down on Prince Cloud.

[No, I'm sorry to say.......]

[Humph, well, that's fine. That's good. It has been decided that you will head to Paluf Kingdom soon]

[To Paluf? For what purpose........?]

Prime Minister Wardak grinned without answering Prince Cloud's question as he departed from our sight while he is accompanying the bad tempered Prince Zabun.

I summoned one mouse from summoning formation, applied [Invisible] on it and made it follow the prime minister. That was a smile of someone scheming something. My intuition tells me that it's better for me to investigate it.

The mouse caught up to the two people before long, and I started to hear Zabun and Wardak voices.

『Wardak, are you sending Cloud to the Paluf Kingdom as messenger this time? Are there any princess or noble girls I can like in that country?』

『No, It's not for a marriage proposal』

『Is it something else?』

『I will have Prince Cloud declare war against the Paluf Kingdom』

See, here it is. He came up with a good for nothing scheme.


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