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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 136


Arc 18: Two Princes

Chapter 136: Rynie, and the Alliance Conference

It is said that the life of the Second Prince of Rynie Kingdom, Cloud Zeff Rynie, was that of an outcast.

From the time he was born, he was already no longer next to his father and mother and spent his time in a small manor away from the castle. By the time he found out that he was a prince, his brother who was constantly pestering him would always interfere one way or another. Depending on the first prince's mood during the day, the second prince could get beaten, kicked or insulted.

It was fine if it was only him being insulted, but he couldn't endure if his older brother slandered his mother. He would be held down by the escort guards and the surrounding sons of nobles as they moved to hit him.

Even if Prince Cloud's mother could be considered an aristocrat, she was originally a daughter of a merchant family. Her circumstances were that she became an adopted daughter of a certain couple with the rank of a baron in the country who didn't have children. For that reason, his elder brother was told to despise the lowly born prince upon his birth.

[Frankly, I wanted to leave the country wherein I had an elder brother like that. However, I couldn't leave my mother and they probably foresaw that. She was given a false diagnosis and they isolated her. They said not to go near because she might be contagious.]

They made his mother a shield, and he was being used daily and as much as how his elder brother liked with no ways to leave a country. By the time he noticed his mother was fully confined, it's became impossible to see her.

[She's still alive, isn't she?]

[Yes. There is a girl who has taken care of my mother in the place she was previously confined. This girl is a subordinate of an aristocrat who is looking after me, and they indirectly told me about my mother]

However, for them to go so far... Although I can't say it with confidence, I can only see this as the first prince being jealous of his younger brother who was brought up well.

[My elder brother likes tormenting the weak. I suppose that him sending me away is a way to show others my miserable state. Even this time, to nominate me as a messenger for the engagement is likely a way to show the others that the younger brother is only running errands for his elder brother.]

He is too distorted. He is a guy that I have yet to meet, but I already hate him just from hearing the stories about him.

[To go that far...... Doesn't the King of Rynie say anything?]

[My father can't go against Prime Minister Wardak. I think he even may be killed if he shows even an ounce of resistance. The nobles protecting my father are being driven out from the castle one after the other. Currently, it's almost to the point where he virtually no longer has any friends]

The Prince's hands are shaking while he's answering the Duke's question. The situation is certainly dangerous. The prime minister is probably thinking of replacing the sovereign ruler with the first prince who shares his family's blood like it is natural. Huh? Wait a minute?

[Don't tell me the marriage proposal this time.......]

[Probably, the aim is the announcement of the marriage along with the inheritance of the throne]

Ahhh, is that it? Don't tell me that perhaps anyone would have been fine as an engagement partner. No, on the contrary, there is even the possibility he has chosen and deemed Suu as a weak person who wouldn't ever go against him. Despite being a married couple, a guy with such personality won't allow her to be equal with him. Should Suu marry him, she will be abused and it might end with something like 'death because of illness'.

[I conversely thought that it was an opportunity when he ordered me to be the messenger for this engagement. When I heard that the Duke of Ortlinde and his Majesty the King of Brunhild are close friends, I thought I might be able to request a meeting with His Majesty somehow. By no means I thought my wish would come this fast.......]

[So, you want me to lend a hand to help your mother, right?]

[Yes! By all means!]

Prince Cloud began kneeling down again. Hmm, what should I do? I think I can easily do it using [Gate]. It's especially fine to help his mother, but I wonder whether it will later be complicated in various ways?

[If his Majesty the King of Brunhild Dukedom allows me]

The Duke suddenly opened his mouth. What? His tone suddenly changed. Perhaps this talk in front of a third party is bad.

[From here on out, we should immediately call for an emergency meeting of the Western Alliance. I think it is desirable for you to consider not only the opinions of Belfast but also that of Regulus, Misumido, and Rifurisu, and for you to be in contact with them regarding this matter]

Eh!? Is the matter regarding this talk that grand!? Well, I certainly would like to hear the opinions of other people here. But still!

[If I have the determination of Prince Cloud, I believe the intervention of other countries is in order. The stupid first prince should be disowned, and Prince Cloud should assume the throne]

Huh!? Prince Cloud and I had no choice but to stare in amazement towards the Duke who was grinning and laughing.

======================Scene Change======================

[...... And, that's how it is]

The leaders of the Western Alliance are assembled in full force in the meeting room established in the Brunhild Castle. The ones present are Belfast Kingdom, Misumido Kingdom, Rifurisu Empire, Regulus Empire, and also Ramisshu Holy Kingdom who joined the alliance recently.

I have given them a rough explanation, but the notion is to consult on how to cope with that country.

[Fumu, certainly, the news our country acquired were also the same. In Rynie, the power of the Prime Minister surely surpasses that of the King as of the moment.]

His Majesty the Emperor of Regulus mutters so.

[As for our kingdom, there are hardly any diplomatic relations with Rynie, so there is nothing for me to say]

The Beast King of Misumido speaks this way while he puts his hand on his chin. Evidently, there seems to be frequent diplomatic relations between Rynie and Belfast, Rifurisu and Regulus, but you can say it is unrelated talk for Misumido and Ramisshu. At this point, it's also the same for our country.

[However, I personally am furious with the conduct of this Prime Minister and the first prince and I also feel sorrowful towards the citizens]

[Indeed. According to the story I have heard, heavy taxes and the like are being imposed for the past few years in order to prepare for the war with Paluf Kingdom. It's such a foolish thing to do]

Her Eminence Ramisshu Holy Kingdom Pope lightly shakes her head to the side while sighing.

[It's fine to have Prince Cloud assume the throne. However, will the country be settled with that? In the end, I don't think there's anyone who will listen to the prince since only those who follow the prime minister are being involved in the political affairs of the state]

I certainly understand what his Majesty Monarch of Rifurisu says. It's probably no good if the head alone is changed not unless you start going from the foundations.

[What do you think of this?]

When I spoke out, the struck dumbfounded Prince Cloud was startled and started talking in panic. Yumina's magic eye sees that the essence of Prince Cloud is not that of a bad person, and telling lies here will not work because of her Eminence the Pope.

[Y-yes. I intend to borrow the power of those people that had been shunned by the Prime Minister and had been excluded from the government. For more than ten years, many nobles who were treated coldly have dissatisfaction, and also, some of the competent people were kept away despite their abilities. At any rate, it's a scenario wherein you can't hold an official position unless you pay bribes to the prime minister first]

When the prince talked while sneering at himself, his Majesty the Beast King clicked his tongue.

[It is damn corrupt...... my bad, my tongue slipped. I didn't mean to speak ill about your country]

[Nope, it is true after all.]

Prince Cloud smiles wryly while concealing his sorrowful eyes. He looked more and more like a decent partner.

[Do you have seemingly powerful nobles who are on your side?]

[There is. Marquis Kupo had served as the previous prime minister. This person also has the trust of other local nobles, and he is an individual who had supported me from the shadow all the time]

Prince Cloud instantly answers the question of the King of Belfast. It's not like enemies are the only ones present. There are also powerful families and aristocrats who oppose the prime minister. If we can bring them together as allies, the country will also function well after placing Prince Cloud on the throne.

[But before all of that, what about you, Prince Cloud? If you're fine with only helping your mother, then escaping outside of the country is also a way, isn't it?]

[...... No. Up until now, I have seen people who suffered by the prime minister's and my older brother's hands. The helpless me wasn't able to help them. If I can do something even if it's a little late, I think I would like to achieve that]

[This means you raising a revolution in the present Rynie. Even if we assume that it's the prime minister who holds the real power, it also means that you will defy the king who is your father. Is that okay?]

[I have the determination to do so]

He clearly asserted his opinion. It's not against the king, but this is close to a coup d'etat. Though the intention is to do it without military suppression as much as possible.

[Then how about the others? Rynie, no, regarding Prince Cloud request]

When I ask the question while looking at the heads of states who are sitting around the round table...

[Our country supports Prince Cloud. The harm of the corruption in Rynie may extend to our place before long]


The first to raise his hand was the King of Belfast, and following him afterwards was the Monarch of Rifurizu with his approval.

[It is not a problem that we can also overlook as an Empire. I can't say we will be active, but we will support as much as possible]

(TL: they will support but not take part in the fight)

His Majesty the Emperor said so. The Empire had also experienced a coup d'etat, and their national strength has not yet fully recovered. He probably can't do overdo it.

[Our home is not related, but we won't object. We agree as one of the allied countries. I can't get myself to like the current Rynie]

[Our holy country is the same in that respect. We also support Prince Cloud]

I guess his Majesty the Beast King of Misumido and her Eminence the Pope of Ramisshu agree as well. With this, all Western Alliance countries become the backers supporting Prince Cloud on becoming the King of Rynie. Now, all that's left is how to overthrow the Prime Minister and his followers.

If possible, I would like to avoid things like war or military conquest. When I was about to consult the others for this matter,

「「「「「Then for this, Touya-dono do something about it」」」」」

Ouiiiii!! You are totally leaving it all to me! Well, I thought I would only save Prince Cloud mother on my own. But this!?

[I am sorry for all the troubles! Thank you for your cooperation!]

[Ah, nope, well, it is fine, but you know.....]

I drew a stiff smile towards Prince Cloud who went and prostrated himself again. Damn them! I feel that I can't win against these people in this area. Is that something you acquire when you have been acting as head of state for many years? What shrewd people!

[Good! Then, it all comes down to the Western Alliance supporting Prince Cloud. And perhaps, all that's left is to continue ’’Deepening our friendship’’, maybe?]

[That's fine]

[I've been waiting!]


The Kings bustle and go out of the conference room after the remark of the King of Belfast. In the end, what they call ’’Deepening their friendship’’ is to ’’Play’’. Their destination is most certainly the playroom.

The ones left behind are me, Prince Cloud, and her Eminence the Pope who doesn't know playroom.

[Oh dear!...... Your Eminence the Pope should go as well since delicious tea and sweets have been prepared. It's also ’’His’’ favorite sweet]

[Well, that's something I would like to eat]

Of course, when I say ’’Him’’, I mean Kami-sama. Since that time, he has taken away sweets and the likes apart from dropping by sometimes. Where does he sniff them out from? Even the God of Love comes along and eats more than half of it.

Had they already found the frame unit as soon as they entered the playroom? Everyone boarded it and they were already playing with it. It looks like they found the method to operate it from Rosetta and Monica who were doing maintenance on the units.

Or rather, it has already reached the point where four people can play simultaneously. Four frames classified by the colors Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple are projected on the external monitor, but I can't differentiate who is the pilot from the others. Everyone attacks the wrong direction, looses their balance and falls.

[Your Highness, this is......]


Prince Cloud and also her Eminence the Pope seems surprised at the various things they see for the first time. Well, this would happen right?

[This here is the playroom. Well, It's room to have fun. Once a month, everybody plays here after the Western Alliance meeting before returning home]

Recently, are they gathering to hold a meeting, or are they coming together just to play? It's something debatable. I suppose at least it was an important meeting this time.

However, should I also consider raising pilots in other countries even if an attack from the Fureizu is not yet a certainty?

By any chance, Brunhild alone may not be able to cope up with the situation if a staggering number of Fureizu breaks through the world barrier and appears. Maybe we should lend out some frame units and to go as far as to install them over there in advance. I have a feeling that having only the Kings of those countries ride them will be bad.

While thinking about those things, I asked Shizuka and Lapis-san to bring Prince Cloud and her Eminence the Pope light snacks. There are a lot things to do. I have a feeling that the busiest King among those present is me.


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