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In A Different World With A Smartphone - Chapter 135


Arc 18: Two Princes

Chapter 135: First Prince, and the second Prince

[Isn't it fine? Why bring it this late?] - (Lindsey)

[...And, I don't think there is any problem] - (Elsie)

[My humble self, I had a feeling it would turn out like this somehow] - (Yae)

[I am happy that the number of our companions will increase.] - (Rue)

[See, Touya-san. Did it not turn out just as I have said?] - (Yumina)

Huh~? Why does everybody have this kind of reaction!?

I tried to consult with Yumina and the girls about Suu's engagement, but when everyone heard about Suu, they had a long face and simply accepted it.

[W-well, Let's put this talk aside for now]

I can't afford to accept it right here just like that. That's not the problem in the first place.

[Though the issue is how to decline the marriage proposal from that Prince Zabun of Rynie Kingdom]

[Then, it will be fine to refuse them by saying that she will be moving to Touya's place as a bride]

[It can be slightly troublesome for the side of the Kingdom of Belfast. I have heard Prince Zabun has a persistent personality. The worst case scenario will likely be him proclaiming the end of diplomatic relations with our country if he becomes a king. It will be a severe blow to the kingdom]

Reimu-san frowns and makes a remark. Though, I don't think it will go that far as a retaliation.

However, what a terrible guy to get caught up with. As for me, I am also against Suu marrying such a stupid prince. Isn't there any good trick to use?

Though it would be nice if the other side disliked taking Suu as a bride.

[Either way, the problem is how to handle the matter of refusal. When thinking about it from the perspective of a country, it makes one wonder if it's fine to listen to uncalled opinions of outsiders like us....]

Mmm, what should I do? Shizuka raises her hand to me who's crossing arms and sighing.

[Everything will be settled if the life of that prince ends]

[That's dangerous!]

What a thing to propose, robomaid! Unquestionably, it may solve it, but it will cause more troublesome problems later!

[It will be good to quickly finish that annoying thirty year-old man who's a perverted lo*ic*n, who's toying with women, and who's a stupid whimsical prince that only brings harm no matter how old he gets]

[Don't say absurd things!..... How are you going to kill him?]

When I stare with scornful eyes at Shizuka due to her shocking statement, the other robo-girls opened their mouths one after another.

[I will prepare a sniper rifle] - (Rosetta)

[Potassium cyanide] - (Flora)

[One hit with the pipe wrench!] - (Monica)

Seriously? Shooting, poisoning and beating to death? It's scary because they look serious......

Well, leaving the foolish girls aside

[In any case, let's head to the Duke's place first. I will convey Suu's feelings and come up with one way or another. Perhaps there is something we may be able to do]

[....... yea]

Suu quietly nods. Since it is decided, let's hurry up. Without delay, I opened [Gate] to Ortlinde mansion in Belfast Kingdom Capital.

======================Scene Change=======================

[I am tearing my hair out over this problem too]

Fuuu. The Duke sank deeply into the back of the sofa while sighing. There is only me and his Highness the Duke in the reception room of the Duke's mansion. Though I am more or less a king, the honorifics are ignored. But on official occasions they will be required, this late in the game.

[I only wish for Suu's happiness, so this engagement can f*k off. There is a limit on how shameless he can be. I would most certainly punch this stupid prince if he was in front of me]

Still, I don't think he would do it since it would turn to an international problem, but I could feel a fit of anger that is capable of doing anything. Well, if this prince was here, I might hit him as well.

[However, it's not a bad proposal if the relationship between the two countries is being considered. On the contrary, it is a proposal that can produce significant profit for our nation. Engagements between nobles are also comprised of political marriages. In that case, it's just as wonderful]

[The matter of Yumina engagement is not yet known to the other countries, right? Don't these kinds of proposals usually come to her?]

[It's because this girl currently has the most rights for the succession of the throne. Other countries are probably thinking it's impossible for her to be married to a foreign country. But in reality, she naturally should have been married already]

Indeed. Presently, the throne succession order is: Yumina is first and Duke Ortlinde is second, and that will make Suu - third. But, considering the baby who will be born soon, If it is a boy then Yumina becomes second and if it is girl then Yumina remains first, and that girl will be second.

If the other countries are aiming for a political marriage, they will probably make the proposal after the baby is born. If the baby is a boy, it will be possible for them to receive Yumina as a bride.

And this means that story sounds credible, but......

[I heard he fell in love with Suu at first sight in a party in Rifurisu or something......]

[How annoying. She shouldn't have appeared on something like a party]

His Highness the Duke folds his arms and frowns as not knowing what to do with his anger. Well, I understand his feelings. It's a nuisance from the perspective of her parent for a thirty year old man to fall in love with a little girl.

[If he is a thirty year old man and is respectable with the people, there might have been a room for consideration. However, the more I searched and investigated, the more I understood that this prince is no-good problem child. I can hardly believe he is the kind of person who can make Suu happy]

I guess it was expected that the Ossan who passed thirty years old and who is caught is called a problem [Child] just like that.

It seems this prince is quite self-indulgent. He toys with the daughters of nobles and the maids who caught his attention, and has sent the knight who remonstrated him to a remote region for some given reason. He also forcibly snatches money from merchant houses, plays as much as he likes while living in complete luxury and avoids paying money. And if those merchants go against him, he crushes them. He lays his hands on wives who have husbands, while those husbands commit suicide the next day because of despair. Whether it's really suicide or not is a question....

[It's strange how that kind of prince wasn't disinherited yet]

[Wardak, the Prime Minister of Rynie, has all the power and controls almost all of the authority of Rynie. It's rumored that the king is only a decoration]

Wardak, you say. Definitely, the name seems typically evil.

[This Wardak and Prince Zabun's mother, Queen Dacia, are cousins. He is doing as much as he likes using that as a shield. Queen Dacia dotes on prince Zabun, giving him everything he desires. As a result, such a foolish prince was born]

I see. It never goes well when one clan starts to hold all of the power in a country. It feels like the king probably can't raise his head to the Queen..... Let's make sure this won't happen in our household. (TL: too late for you:p) (tlc: doubt it happens so, Touya)

[And, about this engagement, what you will do?]

[...... What do you think is the best thing to do?]

And I am asked to my question in return. Well, personally, I am against it. I probably wouldn't be able to let Suu marry to such a fellow.

[........ Kill him?]

[..... thought you may be joking, I may feel like doing that]

[I guess so]

Well, it is only a joke though. I was corrupted by Shizuka. However, won't it be bad for Rynie kingdom if that stupid Prince becomes the king? Ah, it would probably be fine no matter who becomes the king since the prime minister is the one who holds power. It might be even easier to control such a foolish prince.

[Though there is also a way if Touya-dono is able to receive Suu as his bride]

[What will happen in that case?]

[All of that foolish prince's hatred will be directed towards Brunhild]

[That's wicked!]

If I am not mistaken, there is no exchange between us and Rynie Kingdom so there won't be much damage, but that way is a little too aggressive.

[Is it no good?]

[’’No good’’ you say.... Suu is like my little sister so I don't feel that way for her yet. Furthermore, I also have five fiancees currently]

[’’Yet’’? Does this mean there is a chance in the future? Moreover, there is no problem for a king of a country to have more than one wife as long as one has the ability to properly support them. After all, even His Majesty The Beast King of Misumido and His Majesty The Monarch of Rifurizu have concubines, and the king of Sandora Kingdom to the south also has 26 wives]

Seriously!? It surely is a harem. But even Tokugawa Shogunate had something like an inner palace wherein there were several concubines.

[On the contrary, you may be troubled with the next generation like our country if you don't have mistresses or concubines at all]

Hmmm, that may be so........ Though conversely, I have a feeling there will be a lot of problems with regards to the succession of the throne if there are too many.

[In order to thwart the engagement......after that.......that's right.......]

After pondering for a while, His Highness the Duke began talking seriously.

[It may be a thorough interference with the internal affairs of a foreign country, but...... There is this way of placing the second prince on the throne]

[The second prince? Is there another prince beside the foolish prince?]

[You see, he is the child of a mistress. It seems he is forced to live in a detached room even in the royal palace. the story is that he is a wonderful person even though it seems he is holding feelings of shame. Well, even a mediocre prince would look much better compared to that foolish prince]

Did you say that he has a different mother? Then doesn't it mean that he is not blood-related to Prime Minister Wardak? But, you know, since it is like this;good job surviving thus far. If he is really that great of a prince, then there should also be some people who would like for the first prince to be disinherited and to crown the second prince. Then, isn't he a hindrance from the point of view of the first prince?

[In fact, there seemed to be some nobles who suggested this too, but the prime minister crushed them. The second prince's mother is also sick and is being isolated. He doesn't have any backer as well so they can do whatever they want to him. It also looks like he is being kept as a useless person until he dies.]

That's also pitiful. Apparently, he is 22 years old but he is not yet married. This royal family seems unusual in this world including that stupid Prince. Just because one passes 20 years old, they already call it a ’’late marriage’’.

[And, in order to crown this second prince, the first prince will ’’have’’ to be disinherited, right?]

[Well, you can say that's the plan.]

Certainly, it is. It's a full conspiracy for people from other countries to interfere in these matters. Not to mention that I am more or less a king of a country.

Even so, it's not like I am a person with a broad-minded capacity. I also have to consider such matters in order to gain profit for my own country.

Either way, that's not a reason to abandon Suu.

[What does His Majesty say?]

[Reject it immediately. He has declared that we will show we don't need to depend on that country's goodwill to raise our country.]

The Duke proudly talks about his brother while smiling wryly. It is as expected of his Majesty the Belfast King. That's what I wanted to hear. Although it still not known whether the said diplomatic relations will completely break up. And even they do, it will happen either way after that foolish prince assumes the throne.

Even they should be profiting from the trade with Belfast, and If the prime minister is not stupid, it will not turn to that.

[Then, will the rejection be the reply?]

[Umu. I will be doing that after all. There will be some nobles saying this and that, but it will then be their turn to send their daughters as brides]

Definitely. With this, Suu will be able to have a peace of mind. When I was thinking of that, there was a knock on a door, and the Butler Reimu-san came in.

[Danna-sama. The messenger from Rynie has arrived]

[Did he grow impatient and sent one? Good timing. I will officially decline. Let him through]

[I understand]

I tried to leave since I thought that I would only be a hindrance, but the Duke came and stopped me.

A youth that's about 20 years old eventually appeared in the reception room. He lowered his tall body in a bow along with the chestnut hair that was tied behind.

[You Highness Ortlinde Duke. I would like to hear the answer to the engagement this time;please excuse me if I am being rude]

[For coming especially, I am obliged. Come inside first]

Both of them sat on sofas opposite from each other and a little away from the one I was sitting on. The Duke is on my right side, while the messenger of Rynie is on my left side. I feel like I am the referee for a soccer match before the start of a game.

The messenger of Rynie glanced at my direction, but the Duke began to talk before he even had the chance to ask who I am.

[While I am truly honored, I will have to decline the marriage proposal this time]

[...... Is it alright If I asked for the reason?]

Oya? I got a feeling the young messenger smiled a little. It was not a sneer, but rather it felt like a bitter smile. It seemed like he knew it would turn out like this.......

[Actually, it has been decided that my daughter will be marrying another person]

Buu!? What does this person say!? Don't tell me......

[...... May I enquire to whom she is marrying?]

[To the one sitting here, His Highness the King of Brunhild Dukedom, His Majesty Mochizuki Touya]

Waa, that's sneaky~!! He went and used another person just like that! If I deny it, the engagement will be seen as a lie. Do I have to admit it? I got played at!

[Is this person his majesty the King of Brunhild Dukedom.....!?]

The young messenger, who widened his eyes, stood up and kneeled down. Ah, no, you don't have to do that. This person even began to prostate himself!

[I had never thought that I would meet His Majesty The Dukedom King here..... Thank God for that!]

Nonono. You are exaggerating! Calm down a little. What is going on!?

[I have heard about the activity of his Majesty from different places. If I may boldly ask, is it true that his Majesty can use transfer magic?]

[Eh? Ah, yes, I can]

[Oh...... In this case, in this case, please save my mother!]

Eh-eh? Wa-wait a minute, I can't follow up. What mother? Or rather, where did he learn about the transfer magic? It may be at the time of the Coup d'etat in the Empire, or may be during the purchasing of the commodities. Well, it may have just recently when I stopped trying to hide it.

[My bad. Can you start from the beginning? What do you mean?]

[ name is Cloud Zefu Rynie. I am the second prince of Rynie Kingdom]


My voice and that of the Duke overlapped. Are you the second prince and the rumored illegitimate child who is being treated coldly? Why did such a person act as a messenger...... Is this the so-called cold treatment?

[If you are the second prince, then your mother is being isolated because of a sickness...... Do you want me to cure the disease?]

[My mother is not isolated because of a sickness. She is being confined by the hands of Prime Minister Wardak!]

The eyes of Cloud-san, who introduced himself as the second prince and who raised his head, were filled with anger.

Ha? Really? It has turned out quite suspiciously.


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